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Chelsea Clinton Future Could Involve Bigger Role In Politics

Chelsea Clinton Future Could Involve Bigger Role In Politics

Chelsea Clinton has a future that will be more involved in politics as the famous first daughter steps up into a bigger role as her mother steps back.

Hillary Clinton has planned to step aside from the Secretary of State position she held for the last four years, setting the stage for Chelsea Clinton’s future to include an increasingly public role, ANI reported. Chelsea has evolved into a confident, strong public figure of her own in recent years and is said to be ready to take a larger role in national debates.

Chelsea Clinton has strong backing, thanks in part to the connections of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, who backed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary campaign, called Chelsea a “person of considerable skill and competence” and a “powerhouse.”

“She has just, in my judgment, grown up into a person of considerable skill and competence,” Strickland told Politico. “I don’t know if she has a personal goal in elected politics or not, or exactly what her life goals may be, but she certainly has a lot of rich personal experience as a result of [her upbringing].”

Until recently, Chelsea Clinton had been more private. Her wedding drew big attention last year, but, other than that, her life was kept away from the public eye.

She took the initial steps into politics in New York in 2011, joining an effort to help pass the state’s gay marriage law. Chelsea Clinton was also credited with helping her father Bill Clinton change his mind on the issue, which Hillary Clinton was yet to weigh in on.

Chelsea Clinton’s future may not include candidacy for office but will likely include more similar political activity, Politico noted.

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83 Responses to “Chelsea Clinton Future Could Involve Bigger Role In Politics”

  1. Glenda Engel

    I remember when Rush Limbaugh made fun of her when she was a 9 year old girl for being homely. She is gorgeous now, and he is still fat and ugly. Life can be good!

  2. Anonymous

    No more Clinton's or Bush's.. we have had enough. And Lord help us, no more Obama's.

  3. Sara West

    Just a reminder, during the Clinton era our country was doing very well. get over yourselves. I hope in time she'll will run for presidency. Go Chelsea.

  4. Wendy Genua

    Chelsea Clinton has strong backing, thanks in part to the connections of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  5. Mort Kneff

    OMG Sara….I pray you dont vote……. We all suffered under clinton, he spent absolutely no money on the military so when Bush needed the military he had to spend billions to get it up to a sustainable fighting force…… You are such an IDIOT….

  6. Mort Kneff

    Wayne….did your mother have any kids that lived?????? Honestly…did she. You are an idiot and I hope you dont vote. The LAST thing this Country needs is another clinton or obama….

  7. Carolina Amelia Farias

    Chelsea can be a powerful as she wants, she has the background through her parents and through her education, BUT, being busy in her profession means her future children and husband will have a second spot in her life. She will not be able to be the happy wife. happy housewife, happy mother that will give her and her family number one place and happiness. Her children will miss her love and will have to settle to love their baby sitter, hopefully they won't go astray following other friend's popular but dangerous ideas. The husband will miss her presence and will have to accept the attention other ladies offer him in her absence. I think that her present outside political opportunity will be better after her children go away to school or get married and she and her husband can share their political life together. Words of wisdom of personal experience speaking.

  8. Susan Mudge

    I wish I could understand the need of some folks to be so unkind to this young woman. if she has her parents' intelligence, and it would seem she does, she will be an asset to our country. we need all the smarts we can get…

  9. Mort Kneff

    I can't believe all liberals just climbing all over her…..she has absolutely NO TALENT or the ability to lead this Country anywhere but down the road of destruction that the present piece of crap president you idiots re-elected is doing at a rapid rate of speed………

  10. Marlene Augst-Lott

    She was raised to be in politics, that's all she's known, she received her degree while on the road with her mom. Although worldly and living amongst the elites her entire life does not necessarily make her smart, competent or HONEST. Her parents HAVE AN HONESTY PROBLEM, THEY ALWAYS HAVE and STILL DO. I believe her morals with regard to honesty may have followed those of her parents. And please remember, the American people were DISGUSTED WITH THE POLICIES of the first two years of the Clinton presidency and as a result elected a Republican controlled Congress for the first time in 40 years, funny how people forget the little stuff that led to the BIG stuff. If was the REPUBLICAN PARTY AND THEIR BUDGET that created good times, Clinton passed the largest tax increase on the middle class in his first two years of office. Remember that too before WHOOOOOING over Chelsea. I myself AM SICK OF PROFESSIONAL politicians and think REAL WORLD people should start taking office, not those like Chelsea, prepped and primed to be a politician. No thank you.

  11. Michael J Plourde

    Those of you who don't approve of gay marriage: you don't have to like it but we should all be tolerant. Whomever a person loves is their business.

  12. Michael J Plourde

    Robin, it's easy to be cruel when you can remain anonymous. Chelsea is pretty but even if she wasn't, there's no reason to be mean. She has a sincere smile and comes across as a very smart young woman. I wish you all the best Chelsea.

  13. Derek Dreizen

    Hoity toity little beetch. I hope someday SHE'LL MAKE A GODDAMNED MISTAKE and wind up in the gutter. Silver spoon fed her whole life. Living up on a pedestal….FAEUCK HER! FAEUUUUUUUUUUCK HER, I SAY! Heh heh heh heh heh heh!

  14. Keith Fredrickson

    David Crossley take a spelling course before you respond on here – your looking like a fool!!!

  15. Allen Mong

    This is why this country is in trouble they breed these politicians I personal would like some new blood of we the people in it for us not them.

  16. Thomas Sands

    Check your facts Dave, check an impartial source. Clinton was an excellent president because he was a smart, liberal president and was not afraid of Republicans, Communist or any other misguided group.

  17. Thomas Sands

    I hope we don't have anymore retarded Republican presidents like we have recently had. Then we will have to pray for brilliant Democrats like Clinton or Obama to save the Country like these two Democrats have done in spite of the hateful pressure of the Republicans

  18. Marlene Augst-Lott

    None of those statements are true, Fox News has nothing to do with, a degree in Political Science has a little bit to do with it, I served in the military under Bill Clinton and Fox really wasn't around then. So again, there are no lies, go find your self a book and READ IT!

  19. Thomas Sands

    I would rather have a very wise lady that was raised to be as skillful as her father at solving economic problems and other problems than just sticking a class "C" actor in as president that was mentally handicapped when he took office. Raegan's morals were terrible as was the alcoholic Bush or the bully Romney.

  20. Edward Martin

    Who really gives a rat's @$$ about this totally dysfunctional, egotistical, self-serving family. Her dad was a whoremonger and her old lady fakes concussions to avoid reponsibility.

  21. Harry Jones

    gay people should be allowed to get married why should they be happy…

  22. Jeff Martin

    My.. why is it the Republicans who spread so much hate? Merry Christmas anyway. If the Grinch can learn to be tolerant, so should you.

  23. Leann Sherman

    That young lady has a curt, abrasive side that's very unattractive and worrisome.

  24. John Herold

    It's called growth, Michael. Some of us continue to improve in our lives and careers, and I certainly think she has the skills.

  25. John Herold

    Carolina, everyone makes choices based on their priorities. Many successful women have juggled both. If we wait until this or wait until that, life passes us by. Glad it worked for you, but I think she can do both.

  26. John Herold

    They are/were great politicians and their contacts would be very valuable.

  27. John Herold

    No they weren't DISGUSTED WITH ……., it's always a battle in the house every two years. A degree in Poly Sci is just that – no more, no less. It certainly does not make you an expert. You simply learned and regurgitated. Dare say you're not running for office to make things better, just criticizing. There are positive and negative aspects to lineage and experience.

  28. John Herold

    Don't need to be sorry, Randy, because it is supported already. I'll certainly support her for that.

  29. John Herold

    David Crossley facts have little to do with your arguments either, or does spelling

  30. Brenda Hiser Wilson

    She has as much training and qualifications as Obama. Libs, Dems and those who want something for nothing don't care if they are qualified. Go ahead, call me a republican, hater, whatever. I am an independent thinker who works hard and does not lie to get through life.

  31. Anonymous

    Doesn't anyone recall that both Bill and Hillary blatently lied to the American people? These were her "role models".

  32. Suzanne Rosenorn

    This should come as no suprize. She grew up surrounded by politcians. Someday she will probably run for president. Politics has taken their toll on her parents.

  33. Kelly Trotter

    Liars lie..and that is all that she has been taught. I would never follow a leader that is full of lies like her Mother and.
    Father. She is doomed to fail in politics if that is the road that she chooses. Maybe a life as an attorney will get her to her goal of lying and cheating. Or…maybe she can say "Mommy, come clean on Benghazi so that I can run for a Congressional Office" and stop faking the sickness that does not exist.

  34. Joan M Jung

    Oh, "traditional" marriage is perfect? Look, study, take note of statistics, be educated.

  35. Anonymous

    lord help us, Haven't we had enough Clintons and Bushs and Kennedys and 1 Obama is enough too. Why can't we have a Smith or jones or somebody else that is not part of a whole family of politicians.

  36. Carolina Amelia Farias

    Easier said than done. Children and husband's love and attention cannot be juggled around. And, it did NOT work for me! You learn too late that what really matters is your family. And, its a constant responsibility that should definitely come first for the sake of the happiness of the family.Fame & fortune must wait for the sake & happiness of the family and of the successful business lady!

  37. Anonymous

    what else is new……….she is a woman and will take anything DAD builds himself…….he did the dirty work and the woman again will take over LOL……… why not huh, that is how woman work…….same in a DIVORCE…..the men will work their as#@# OFF and they will clean you OUT of everything you ever worked for or dreamed of. Merry Christmas Everyone and stay SINGLE……. and DO NOT QUIT YOU JOB to be a stay at home dad………..cause she will build her world while you are left without a penny cause SHE STILL THINKS EVEN with the rolls REVERSED to suite her……… she will not have to share with you as the mom role. So why wouldn't she take over her dads place…..cause her mom wants to be THE PRESIDENT…..NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES…just so SHE can be the FIRST woman in office……..and if SHE can't…She will make sure her Daughter will do it in her family……It's all about WINNING at ANY PRICE for a woman……….

  38. Marc Solomon

    "I remember when Rush Limbaugh made fun of her when she was a 9 year old girl for being homely."

    You remember nothing. Chelsea was 9 in 1989. No one had yet heard of the Clintons on a national scale. And rushs national radio show was only a year old.

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