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Mike Busey Arrested For Selling Alcohol At House Party

Mike Busey Arrested Party

Orlando, FL – Mike Busey was arrested on Saturday morning during a house party in Orlando, Florida, apparently showing the world that the “King of Rock and Roll Debauchery” can also be the king of Osceola County jail.

Busey, the nephew of actor Gary Busey, was arrested at his home, which he nicknamed the Sausage Castle, and was booked into the jail for selling alcohol without a license.

CNews notes that an undercover officer with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Narcotics Enforcement Ream visited the Sausage Castle on Friday night. The officer paid the $20 cover charge that got him in the door to the party, called “Mike Busey’s End of the World Sexy Santa Holiday B-Day.”

Upon entering, the deputy bought a beer at the bar, according to the arrest report for Busey, whose real name is Michael Andrew Ward. The report adds that Busey stood next to the unlicensed bar but that he made no effort to stop the bartender from illegally selling alcohol to the undercover officer and other party guests.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Busey also allowed several guests to smoke marijuana at the party, a fact that the deputy noted the party’s host made no attempt to stop. After his arrest, Mike Busey bonded out of jail and was returned to the Sausage Castle via patrol car. The constant partier tweeted to his almost 9,000 followers. He stated, “Last Night I Got Arrested For Throwing A EPIC Party!” and added a photo of himself dressed in a Santa costume in the back of the police car.

The investigation that prompted Busey’s arrest over the weekend was started after a neighbor complained — a situation that is not unusual for the party king, who has been evicted five times over constant partying and neighbor and/or landlord complaints.

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20 Responses to “Mike Busey Arrested For Selling Alcohol At House Party”

  1. Mark Wahlund

    If he was in his own house. He can do what he wants in the privacy of his house.All officers should be in uniform and not be able to go undercover.

  2. Anonymous

    I totally disagree with you. So I can start a meth lab and sell in my house? Nope. What he did was illegal and he got caught. I guarantee somebody ratted him out.

  3. Ray Smith

    The police need to be doing something a little more productive with their time. Plain & simple. Go catch rapists & murderers & thieves. Simple as that.

  4. Lee Grimm

    O.K. People this is exactly what is meant by enabling by the press…..Give the idiot the attention and it just makes $#it worse.

  5. Ray Smith

    I disagree with you. Anybody who just says "The law is the law, durp" is a complete jackass & a sheep. There are plenty of laws that shouldn't be laws. What the cops did in this situation is so wrong in so many ways. It's that simple. They should be out there trying to catch murderers & rapists & thieves – not fucking with people over partying or smoking some harmless pot. It's as simple as that. The cops were wrong in this situation & they wasted my tax money. Police need to do more productive stuff with their time. It's as simple as that, son.

  6. Susan Owens Wise

    "Narcotics Enforcement REAM" at Th Sausage Castle. You gotta love that typo!

  7. Mark C Krug

    So I can get away with any illegal activity I want simply by rationalizing that 'illegals came across the border…", cool!

  8. Jeff Gales

    if that will help you sleep ??? since what busey did is a misdemenor !!! and illegal crossings and drug trafficking is a federal offense ??? maybe you should spend sometime on the texas and arizona borders and get a better understanding of the problems my family and friends face everyday because of the illegals crossing of our lands and borders to bring this shit into this country !!! maybe you better just stay in your lil world of rationalization like the other activist/liberalist who think there is no problem with illegal aliens in this country !!!! cool !

  9. Pat Parola

    should of grab him by the neck and woung him out the door fuckin narc!!

  10. Alxandra Neas

    I was at the "sausage" party and I can say it was pretty lame. There were about 12 dudes and maybe 3 chix drinking warm piss and smoking some bad home grown, eating a couple frozen pizzas, watching video of a couple motorcycle dikes suckin titties in his pool with some fat dude yankin his soggy meat in the deep end. I bet the cop was the guy in the poncho and cowboy hat with a parrot named "fuzz"… who asked me "where can a homie get in on some dewbie action" and " who's got the MFing GLASS" waving a hundred dollar bill in the air…. Oh his name was Slong Johnston…. I left after the beer bong "contest" when some dude started running around naked and farting…eventually barfing in the pool and writing this Party rules with the blood from a skinned knee. I thought I was being punked or it was a sad, lame A sexual gathering to discuss a group suicide.

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