NRA CEO, Wayne LaPierre's Claim That "Most Of The Media" Have Armed Guards Has Been Refuted By Journalists

Journalists Expose Wayne LaPierre’s Claim That ‘Most’ Of The Media Are Protected By Armed Guards As Nonsense

Wayne LaPierre’s Sunday Meet the Press interview inspired almost instant criticism the moment the program was aired.

One of the criticism’s leveled at the National Rifle Association’s Chief Executive related to his on-air claim that:

“Most of the media — I know you don’t have armed guards here — but most of the media, when I go around this country, they’re protected by armed guards.”

Easily refuted by a number of journalists on Twitter and elsewhere, the above claim by LaPierre is by no means the only contentious statement he has made over the last few days, the Huffington Post reports.

After a press conference on Friday in which the NRA CEO condemned media bias, video games, and politicans for the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, LaPierre called for armed teachers and security guards in every US school.

But it was LaPierre’s “armed guard” claim that prompted an immediate response from journalists:

Matt Sugam, writer for Sports Net New York, tweeted:

“Guess I’m not ‘most.’ Time to rework my contract RT @jonathanweisman: “Most of the media, they’re protected by armed guards,” Wayne LaPierre.”

Jill Lawrence, freelance journalist at National Journal, USA TODAY, Associated Press and Politics Daily, posted:

“Calling all factcheckers RT @mpoindc LaPierre says that ‘most of the media’ are protected by armed guards. We are?”

Rob Zerwekh, sports writer at WDAF-TV FOX 4 All-Star wrote:

“Wayne LaPierre thinks most of the media is protected by armed guards. It’s true. Our secretary wields the deadliest plastic forks in town.”

Brian Stelter, New York Times reporter, said:

“Untrue. RT @jonathanweisman: ‘Most of the media, they’re protected by armed guards,’ Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press.”

The rest of the tweets can be read at The Huffington Post.

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