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Florida Governor Asks Obama To Stop Longshoremen Strike

Florida Shipping Port Work Stoppage

Florida Republican governor Rick Scott has asked President Obama in invoke federal law in an attempt to halt more than 15,000 longshoremen from walking off the job. The Florida policymaker sent a letter to the President this past week in which he outlined the economic impact such a strike would have on Florida and the rest of the country.

State officials have been at the bargaining table with the The International Longshoremen’s Association union and the US Maritime Alliance since May. However, a deal regarding 15 ports and its workers has not been reached.

The ports in question are responsible for many cargo shipments throughout the US Gulf and eastern coasts. Scott argues that losing those workers would deal an economic blow to Florida and other states.

Workers are currently employed under a 90-day extension of terms, which occurred after their original contract expired in October 2012. If a new deal is not reached or President Obama refuses to initiate federal laws, workers could strike after December 29.

Governor Scott argues that closing ports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale would put 550,000 jobs in jeopardy. Jobs put on hiatus would include workers in the transport and trade sectors. A strike could ultimately cost the US economy upwards of $66 million, says the Governors office.

In his letter to President Obama, the Governor writes:

“The threat to national safety and security that would result from mass closure of ports cannot be overstated.”

President Obama could follow in the footsteps of President Nixon and President George W. Bush in enacting the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act to prevent a worker stoppage for a short period of time. Should the 1947 Act be used, an 80-day cooling-off period will be called for, and mediation would begin immediately.

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6 Responses to “Florida Governor Asks Obama To Stop Longshoremen Strike”

  1. Matt R

    here's an idea… Florida and other states should start hosting open house employment drives for people that Want to work to become longshoremen.. and notify the unions that every worker that decides to go on strike, will be permanently replaced, and all applicable licenses that are issued by the state will not be renewable. If the unions want to push and threaten the states, and the economy then I say Show them what its like to get Shoved.

  2. James Hawk

    Hello Matt,

    I believe you need a history lesson. As an organized proletariat, I would like to say that maybe it is time the benefactors of our Plutocracy are held accountable for their effects on the economy. 2/3 of our economy is based on consumerism. This of course requires consumers. According to U.S. Census data, from 1980 c.e. to 2008 c.e. the average income of Americans increased to $31,244 from $30,941–that's $303 dude. Average income in America is "low income"–this does not support our use it and throw it away products. So we are inundated with credit offers, government programs, and B.S. stories to keep the wealthy wealthy and the rest of us have hope, strength, and opportunity. Before you come with any more bad ideas, you need to grasp an understanding of fiat currency, worker/human rights, and the propaganda machine that has created these erronious influences. Before you decide what is good for Florida, please consider first what is good for Oklahoma–$5.00 an hour maximum wages would be a good start don't you think?

  3. Matt R

    that has absolutely nothing to do with the current topic at hand in this case. the fact is that these unions are threatening to shut down ports that Millions of Americans Rely on for the transfer and continuation of commerce. no matter how you slice it.. thats a Direct threat tot he Economy of This nation. the way i see it.. the unions by far have Become what they were formed to protect against. Gangsters, thugs, and Elites raping the workers. do you think for one second that a unions boss is going to lose HIS paycheck if a worker loses theres? Nope.. they will get paid regardless (and often they get paid 10's or 100's of times what the Workers they supposedly represent get paid.. how many $$$ Millions did Trumpka get paid again?) do you think the union bosses lost their paychecks when they forced Hostess to go out of business and 1000's of workers all over the country lost Their jobs because of it? NOPE… unions Had their time and place when we had a society that Didnt have easy access to information to Check competing job wages, benefits etc.. those times are Over.. and now as i said the unions have grown into being the Exact thing they were founded to protect against. if you want to not work and go on strike… fine.. thats your right to do so.. just dont expect to have a Job when your temper tantrum is over.. if i was in charge.. you wouldnt, and it wouldnt be Anyones fault but your own. if you dont like your job or the pay offered.. or whatever.. then Quit and go find another one.

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