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Rapper Nas Sued For $10 Million By Promoter Who Was Kidnapped In Angola

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Hip Hop legend Nas is reportedly the subject of a federal lawsuit filed Friday.

According to Contact Music, Nas, considered one of the greatest lyricists ever, is being sued by a concert promoter who claims he was kidnapped because the rapper failed to show up for a concert in Angola last year.

The New York Daily reports Nas got a $300,000 advance to perform two New Year’s shows in Luanda, the South African nation’s capital. Nas skipped the scheduled performances and instead attended a New Year’s Eve engagement party at the home of hoops star LeBron James, the Daily notes.

In the lawsuit Patrick Allocco, the promoter in question, claims he and his son were held by gunpoint with a ransom placed on his head by Angolan promoters who were demanding their money back.

Allocco says that he remained in their custody for 50 days until the State Department finally intervened and Nas paid back the $300k.

Allocco is now demanding $10 million from Nas, claiming he suffered psychologically, physically and financially, whilst he was held for ransom.

He also claims that during his absence he was unable to conduct business anymore and, as a result, lost both his home and his company.

While Nas has not made any recent comments on the pending lawsuit, he did speak to MTV News about the matter in March 2012, stating that he was being used as a scapegoat by the promoter, and that the concert had significant planning issues.

“He wanted me to come to Africa for New Year’s. Which to me I thought would be the best way to spend New Year’s,” Nas said at the time. “You booked the flight, but no return flight. I didn’t have a visa. You didn’t send money til after I was supposed to jump on the plane to another country.”

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4 Responses to “Rapper Nas Sued For $10 Million By Promoter Who Was Kidnapped In Angola”

  1. Jeremy Parks

    I keep hearing every week about some rapper who I have never heard of doing something stupid. Who are these people and why are they rich?

  2. Anonymous

    "one of the greatest lyricists ever"… could we keep the grandiose ass-kissing statements to a minimum whilst we're attempting to report "news" like a big boy? if you can't think of any -factual- statements to attribute to the entity in question just skip it. these grown-ass men who act like spoiled children who were raised by wolves that are in the news for doing something STUPID or selfish or something that highlights their cultural lack of impulse control every other week. and they feel entitled to do so because they have millions of dollars for some inexplicable reason as the ability to stand in front of a microphone and spout the equivalent of bad poetry to a bass line that's the musical equivalent of a grand mal seizure. much like with athletes I feel that if these men, and I use the term loosely as they -act- like children, actually had real jobs that forced them to have educated skills and proper social interactions instead of a freudian field day pack mentality they seem to develop, they might have grown up to be less of a spectacle than they are. and yet these are role models, no wonder america's youth is as fucked as it is.

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