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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Haircut Leaves Actor With Big Bald Spot

arnold schwarzenegger haircut

It’s been a big day for bad celebrity haircuts (and a pretty slow news day in general). Not only did the world get it’s first glimpse of Amir Johnson’s ridiculous Toronto Raptors buzz but Arnold Schwarzenegger’s haircut also got people talking.

The Governator was spotted as he left an event in New York city earlier this week.

TMZ was able to capture a video of the actor / politician and it looks like Arnie’s barbie missed a spot while giving him his new haircut.

The haircut doesn’t look too bad from the front but when Arnie turns his head it looks like there’s a big bald.

Arnie is 65-years-old now so it wouldn’t be surprising if he was going bald but this doesn’t look like a natural receding hairline. It looks like the barber’s hand slipped and cut a chunk out of the actor’s head.

In addition to the unnatural buzz spot, Arnie’s haircut also features an interesting, Mitt Romney style, dye job. The Terminator star’s new look features dark hair on top and grey along the bottom.

Here’s a video from Splash News about the Schwarzenegger’s haircut.

What do you think? Do you like Schwarzenegger’s new haircut?

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10 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Haircut Leaves Actor With Big Bald Spot”

  1. Michael Burdick

    This is big news…. someones new haircut… wow america… just wow lol.

  2. Thomas Richard Bush

    Horrible hair cut! I hope he didn't pay for that.Looks like a soup bowl was put on his dome and the clippers never tapered anything,,, just followed the soup bowls line. Shades of his Austrian childhood I guess.

  3. Karen Ann Buttemer

    He cut it too short…It does not look good for him been in the spot light…esp with a bald spot…he looks older then he already is…wow…i think for all the money he makes his hair cut could have been much better….just saying.

  4. Anonymous

    Give Arnold a break! he's 60 fricken 5! Everyone I know who is 65+ has no hair!

  5. Anonymous

    I used to be a hairstylist, and that is the worst haircut I have ever seen! Looks like his kid did it. You NEVER leave someone's bald spot exposed, and look how uneven it is on the sides. If he paid for that, he got screwed.

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