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Teen Shot Dead After Paintball Game

teen shot dead

A teen was shot dead after a paintball game earlier this week in South Dakota.

According to police, a 16-year-old boy shot and killed Dalton Williams with a shotgun after a friendly argument following a paintball game. The accused shooter was arrested and will be charged as an adult. The name of the shooter has not been released yet, however, since he is still a minor.

Fox News reports that the incident occurred shortly after a “friendly argument” at a home in South Dakota. The argument escalated when the accused shooter retrieved a semi-automatic shotgun and pointed it at one of his Riggs High School classmates.

The shooter allegedly loaded the gun in front of his friends as he continued to argue with another boy. Williams stepped between the two teenage boys as the shooter pulled the trigger.

Pierre Police Chief Bob Grandpre said:

“We’re continuing the investigation to make sure we understand everything that we believe happened inside the house.”

Police found Williams in the entryway of the house and rushed him to the hospital but paramedics were not able to save his life.

The shooter was arrested at the home. CBS reports that he has not been arraigned or indicted yet. The alleged shooter is facing first degree murder charges, however, and will be charged as an adult.

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56 Responses to “Teen Shot Dead After Paintball Game”

  1. De Robinson

    Again poor parental supervision. Guns should be locked with GUN LOCKS..AND in a safe…not readily accessible to kids…….Parents fault.

  2. Robert Haley

    We never see reports on the hundreds of stabbings.Do you ever wonder why? Or does the media pushing gun control come to mind.

  3. Anonymous

    That kid should never see the light of day again. Put him in a locked hole in the ground and forget about him.

  4. ImOld Greg

    This is another mental health related death. Poor reasoning skills, terrible emotional control, awful social interaction. Mr. President…focus on MENTAL HEALTH funding. Many people need help!

  5. John Sheridan

    Morons – with guns……….welcome to America. In a super-competitive and dog-eat-dog society, everyone is your enemy at some level, and I think the plays into a lot of the danger gun wielding individuals pose in society.

  6. Martin OBrien

    Family values are nowhere to be seen , like in the past. Politicians pandering for the vote , so tradition and values go out the window.

  7. Rick Garcia

    had he stabbed the kid with a knife, what then? Again, another damn Knife handy for someone to stab with! I don't think this will EVER END! How about a pencil, last year over 6000 american kids were stabbed on school grounds, their assailants utilizing pencils. I don't suppose we could ban pencils from schools could we, or maybe just the pencil sharpeners…the kids could maybe just hold the pencils without actually writing. Here's an idea, silly me, how about we stop blaming the gun…and blame the the person behind the gun, say, maybe, THE CRIMINAL, just a though for thoughtless fools.

  8. Rick Garcia

    I agree! and when the criminal comes busting in, maybe we could just ask him to wait a second, while I go get my gun from the safe…PLEASE HOLD.

  9. Megan Charles

    That is far from a friendly argument. It is ridiculous that these kids haven't learned proper conflict resolution. Instead he shot him with a SHOTGUN? Really? Doesn't help the gun debate.

  10. Wolfgang Binky

    Rick Garcia Sure you've got the right to say any moronic thing you want, just don't get bent out of shape when you're called on saying some moronic thing. Knives cut food, or twine, or foliage, or other necessities. Pencils write letters, or term papers, or phone numbers, or other necessities. GUNS ONLY DAMAGE THINGS, USUALLY TO DEATH, like this poor CHILD who seems to have only been trying to stop a conflict! Being a self-centered, callous, unfeeling husk of a human is bad enough, but if you're going to defend those murder weapons, at least fake some effort. What a lame, empty response, "stop blaming the gun". Post some links, fatmouth, about a pencil-related death…EVER! Breaking news, murder advocate: America's not listening to you savages anymore! Turn on a news station. Gun laws are FINALLY on their way. And, thank God in Heaven, there's not a thing you're going to do about it………..

  11. Anonymous

    In this bullying culture I am not surprised; give them guns until they all kill each other.The country is bullying smaller countries, the news anchors their guests, the government the unions, the rich are bullying the poor, the investors their clients, the banks the home owners, and the private insurance companies everyone else. Give them all guns.

  12. Daniel Ketchum

    Rick, it is much harder to kill with a knife and easier to defend yourself against one.

  13. Toby Haire

    I think back in the days when the death penalties were carried out as soon as the trial was over this kind of thing happened alot less often. There is something about administring Justice quickly and effenciently that stops people and makes them think about what they are doing.

  14. Rick Garcia

    because the criminal doesn't give a crap when you or your kids go to bed. Home invasion happens when the criminal says so. But the media doesn't highlight stories about parent saving their family with a gun, So I'll tell you mine,

    stop Googe searching the negative and start researching the positive, guns save lives, and you owe your freedom to guns alone, along with the brave that carry them in self defense. Freedom means to have a choice, not to have you idea forced upon me. If your not comfortable with a gun, then you deal with that when a criminal points his at you, maybe you can talk him down, but be warned, the stats say you will die, and there is a 30% chance your killer will be found. You comfortable with that?

  15. John Gray

    Exactly the point I've been trying to make since the Connecticut shooting. It's not so much about the guns as it is about parenting children and a focus on helping people with mental health issues that might actually have good parents, but can't be helped by them alone.

  16. John Gray

    How many mass stabbings have you heard of? If I'm in a public place and some nut starts attacking people with a knife I'm pretty confident I'll be able to either run away and save my own life, or find a way to take him down and put a stop to it. Neither of those options are very likely when a nut opens fire on that same public place. Bias goes both ways friend. Don't ignore common sense every time it tries to connect with your brain to mouth transit system.

  17. Rick Garcia

    My post is my opinion, didn't call anyone names and used actual stats backed by intelligent research. But since you have stooped to that level I'll tell you why I carry my gun wherever I go. When you come at me the way you did, name calling and in a threatening manner, research has shown that YOU are the class of unstable persons that will result to violence to make your point, THANKS for showing all in this post area who you really are and how you handle yourself. You are unstable to debate, sarcasm, jokes or other. You are a ticking time bomb and is what America is bracing to defend against. I am pro-gun, but not for people who are unstable like yourself. I'm glad that your anti-gun, cause you and a gun would equal 10 o'clock news. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you should tell yourself "I need help with my anger" before you hurt some one. My point was it does't take a gun to kill. And I will defend myself with my gun whether I'm attacked with another gun or a garden hose. If I'm in fear for my life, wont matter what your weapon is. Get help.

  18. Rick Garcia

    Daniel Ketchum call the hospital and ask how long does it take some one to die when bleeding out from multiple cuts by defending against an attacker with a knife, you comment makes no sense.

  19. Rick Garcia

    I'm glad you made that point, China banned guns and the violence never stopped, it just got more painful as criminals now use knives more and society has no way to defend themselves…Good Job!

  20. Tina Everett

    There are a lot of other forms of weapons. For example BOMBS!! Where there is a will my friend there is a way. This is NOT just an american problem either. It is the lack of training.

  21. Lang Swenson

    john,move to mexico they have gun control there.see how long it takes for some crazy mexican to shoot you in the face.gun control only keeps guns away from the good some research before you open your liberal stink hole.

  22. John Gray

    You have the greatest respect for the Mexican people, so I'm surprised that you would compare how gun control works in Mexico's corrupt and impoverished government with how it could work in America. It's not apples and oranges to you at all. Kudos sir.

    So I've obviously been "owned" as those crazy internet kids would call it, because a single story about a mass knifing has been uncovered. How many of those victims died? What? You don't know because the story came from a communist China that's just a tad shy about releasing truthful, unaltered press coverage? Fair enough. It may also surprise that I'm not a radical liberal that wants to take away the right to bear arms. However I am a person that would like to see regulations (yes I know, got damn hippy!) in place that require people to prove they are responsible enough to own a gun as well as knowledgeable enough to use it properly. Not unlike the deadly weapons most of us use everyday. Cars.

    Ultimately guns are not the main reason for these tragedies, it's child rearing and mental health care. I simply take issue with the gun situation as it pertains to civilians having access to military, or military copycat weapons. As I said before, I stand a chance of escaping with my life when a knife or non automatic/semi automatic gun is involved, but the odds drop dramatically when one pull of a trigger turns a killer into a lawnmower and me a blade of grass.

  23. John Gray

    How is it that you are pro gun (can only assume you own one or two), I don't own guns, and you are scared to death of criminals? I know there are bad people out there but I still leave my house unarmed every day. How many people do you suppose have been killed by criminals while armed? Owning a gun doesn't guarantee safety from the bad guys, though there are certainly times when having one could come in handy, no doubt. But for your sake, stop worrying so much about the criminals, you're going to get an ulcer…

  24. John Gray

    And just to reiterate what's coming out of my stink hole. Gun control, which I do support, would NOT keep guns out of the good guy's hands. Outlawing and removing all guns from the marketplace would. There is a big difference and you shouldn't let your hemorrhoid swell up every time you hear the words gun control. All it would do as I'm suggesting it is to help keep guns out of the hands of the irresponsible "bad guys". What could possibly be wrong with that? How many times have you cussed another driver for doing something stupid behind the wheel of a car and uttered that they shouldn't have a license driving that way because they're going to get someone killed? (that's rhetorical)

    Yes I know the Connecticut shooter stole the guns he used, but if his mother had been a responsible owner he would never have had access to her guns. Much like a cop is responsible at all times for possession of his/her weapon. If they misplace it or are otherwise negligent, and someone uses it to commit a crime, then they are held accountable for their negligence. Should be no different for civilian gun owners, because a guns main purpose is to kill things. Knives, pencils, box cutters, etc. all have other functions besides killing. Yes you can target shoot with a gun, and I suppose you could even use a rifle or shotgun as a back scratcher in a pinch, but you get the point. I guess I should go brush my liberal teeth now.

  25. John Gray

    Wait just a daggone minute Mr. Swenson! You really had me fooled, but now I've got it figured out. You work for the Mexican board of tourism. God knows they could use some help on that front, things are rough down there.

  26. Denise Ratcliff-Kennedy

    Rick, none of them died. Unlike the 20 children in Connecticut. At least do your research before you foolishly comment.

  27. Maci Mas

    Mental Health my ass. Probably his upbringing. Kids these days are under more pressure than before to succeed from their parents. A good "You can't win all of the time" would've sufficed.

  28. El Le

    After reading sooooo many stories, sounds like 'shooting' is how most conflicts between teens and your adults are resolved now. This sucks that young people don't know anymore how to negotiate, compromise, share and take turns, being compassionate and just being happy for another… instead of learning life skills everyone (“firearms enthusiasts” and sufferers) is rushing to protect themselves using guns.

  29. Anonymous

    Well lets make it an education issue. Instead of making spanish a mandatory elementary school class.
    why not make gun safty a mandatory class in every school!

  30. Cameron Mahon

    Sheep acquiesce. I imagine a real patriot would make an effort to fix problems in the country they love.

  31. Anonymous

    Susan Wohlrabe or everyone reproducing children they cannot afford to raise could drop off a cliff. Or the people on disability for mental issues since they unemployment ran out could drop off a cliff. Or, you could drop off a cliff. All more viable solutions than anything Obama brings to the table.

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