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Newtown Second Shooter, LIBOR Connection Enthralls Web Conspiracists

newtown conspiracy theories

The school shooting that left 20 students and six educators dead at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday was one of the most traumatic incidents in modern memory for Americans, and in the frenzied hours after the murders, reporting on the incident was spotty for some very good reasons — unfortunately, this circumstance has given rise to a number of Newtown conspiracy theories on the web including that of a second shooter at Sandy Hook as well as a connection to the global LIBOR scandal.

Before the internet, the horrible incident at Sandy Hook would have been reported and processed far differently — and therein lies a reason for the initial ambiguity. As we reported on the tragedy Friday, it immediately became clear that press knowledge of the events that day was actively being suppressed by first responders. The reason why seemed to become heartbreakingly discernable between one and two PM that afternoon when the number of victims was first reported — and around this time, reports of a second shooter in Newtown began to “fall off” from mainstream news sites.

Several hours after reports of a shooting at Sandy Hook materialized on the web, we learned that 20 children had been killed in the massacre. And it all slid into place as the scope of the grief to come became visible. For those 20 children, 40 parents had to be gathered and assembled — and it seems this correct measure taken to protect the families has helped give rise to Newtown web conspiracies, at least in part.

For many years, it has been standard law enforcement practice to never inform loved ones of deaths or serious accidents over the phone. Cops likely knew Newtown reports would be quickly spread through other means such as Twitter and Facebook, and presumably hoped to spare these 40 parents as well as the families of the six adult women killed the heartache of learning their child, wife or mother had been brutally murdered on a social network.

This cautious approach spread to all areas of the investigation, and media sources reporting on Newtown were subsequently tasked with reporting a breaking story in real time with scant information. Adding to both the confusion and reports of a second shooter at Sandy Hook elementary was the initial chaos at the scene as well as reports Adam Lanza carried brother Ryan Lanza’s identification — possibly leading to the initial misidentification of Ryan Lanza as the gunman.

Below, four of the most prominent Newtown conspiracy theories, and why they don’t wash.

A Second Shooter At Newtown

Above all, this is the most understandable yet still easily debunked aspects of the Sandy Hook Elementary School conspiracies. In the horrible first hours after the Newtown shootings, reports both from eyewitnesses as well as aerial view cameras on the scene seemed to indicate that a second shooter had been chased into the woods near Sandy Hook Elementary and apprehended.

An eyewitness report is often considered irrefutable, but the chaos and confusion that day is more than enough to account for many reports a second shooter was involved. Children who recalled seeing a man with a gun still patrolling after Adam Lanza died by his own hand could easily have confused similarly clad SWAT team members for shooters, particularly given the trauma they witnessed that day.

Conspiracy merchants InfoWars posted yesterday when claiming a Facebook user was banned for “questioning the narrative” of the Newtown tragedy:

“Initial reports that a ‘second gunman’ arrested in the woods behind the school was involved in the massacre were later dropped without explanation.”

Several commenters on The Inquisitr have also indicated suspicion over these early reports, and the most simple explanation is that a story of this magnitude would be impossible to suppress. The scene that day was immediately descended upon by press, first responders, terrified school children and grieving parents.

It is in fact a parent that is believed to have inadvertently started the rumor about a Newtown second shooter, via actions any parent can fully understand. The Atlantic comes to the rescue:

“We admit it took a bit of digging to discover that others had figured out that the man in question was most likely Chris Manfredonia, the father of a Sandy Hook student, who attempted to sneak into the school after the shooting started. Police can be heard relaying his name over their radios, but few outlets managed to follow up with that detail.”

[Edit for clarity: The bit of information was a newsworthy addendum that was understandably lost in the massive amount of information since reported from Newtown. The “second shooter” issue also was not really a focal point for reporting after we learned there was one shooter, and at this point, the receding attention understandably given the aspect of the shooting’s timeline serves to “bolster” the intrigue about what was actually a very explainable misunderstanding.

The distraught parent also explains initial reports the shooter was a parent of a Sandy Hook student. Again, none of these things indicate anything other than initial reporting of an incomplete picture that had emerged, a circumstance the Connecticut State Police actively tried to prevent for this reason.]

Even if the Sandy Hook second shooter hadn’t been debunked, how would all those in view of the alleged Newtown second shooter be persuaded to keep quiet about the man who allegedly had a hand in this tragedy? To silence the hundreds present would assume none would ever confide to press, to a spouse or a close friend that the second culprit was kept secret. The sheer impossibility seems its own defense to the second shooter at Newtown claims.

Connecticut State Police Spokesman, Lt J. Paul Vance, detailed the firearms arsenal that Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children, 6 adults, his mother, and himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The Newtown, Aurora and CNBC LIBOR Connection

Another pervasive rumor that has gripped the conspirirati of America is the alleged Newtown LIBOR connection, which is the snowballing of two other, earlier tragedy-linked rumors.

Hours after Adam Lanza’s father was confirmed to be living rather than killed before the attack as initially reported, web sleuths began buzzing that the elder Lanza had been scheduled to testify in the LIBOR scandal in coming weeks. (Peter Lanza is vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services.)

Not only that, they added, Aurora shooter James Holmes’ dad worked for FICO, and previously many had stated that he too had been slated to testify in the LIBOR scandal. It gets worse. CNBC exec Kevin Krim, father of two slain New York City children was also connected to the LIBOR scandal.

Krim was said to have been retaliated against by unknown parties connected to LIBOR for publicizing the scandal on CNBC. How a living witness was allegedly persuaded to carry out these horrible crimes has yet to be explained.

Krim holds her daughter, Nessie, while the bodies of her children Lucia and Leo are removed from their Manhattan apartment.

It all falls apart, however, as TPM ascertained that not only did the elder Holmes and elder Lanza not have a connection to the scandal, their respective companies were also not linked with LIBOR. Further, neither man was slated to testify in any LIBOR hearing, as no such hearing has been scheduled.

Upon first glance, the story sounds perhaps slightly eerie in coincidence had it been true, but given the fact there is no evidence for it, those who believe it should probably watch fewer Jason Bourne movies.

Rumors like this may seem harmless, but in actuality, can cause very real anguish for the families of those involved in the Newtown shootings. These are real people, and they have very real grief with which to contend. Baseless speculation can compound their pain should they come across careless comments on the web.

Which brings us to the most upsetting and contemptible Newtown rumor, concerning the father of a victim.

Robbie Parker Was An “Actor”

Taking off my news hat for a second, when I read the following assertion about Robbie Parker this morning, I was actually sickened.

To take interest in a crime is human, but to be willing entertain such a notion seems, to me, to be bordering on deeply disturbed. The “Robbie Parker is an actor” rumor seems to be circulating mainly in YouTube comments on clips of the grieving father’s amazingly forgiving yet incredibly heartbreaking comments on CNN the night after his daughter Emilie Parker was killed.

Parker cried as he described his beautiful little girl, and many of us cried as well. But like Dr. Wayne Carver (the medical examiner who unfortunately laughed a few times at press conference at which he spoke after performing more than half a dozen autopsies on tiny victims), Parker is human, and was afflicted with nervous laughter ahead of that was probably one of the worst moments of his life.

Imagine for a second you were forced to address the country on CNN to talk about the death of your child, who you’d watched be born, taught to walk and talk, loved more than any living, breathing thing on Earth.

How would you “act?” None of us can fathom it, because it is unfathomable. And grief is not a blanket of tears, and nervous laughter is a well-known and much-observed phenomenon. Psychology Today explains:

“Interestingly, this same nervous laughter has been noted to occur in many psychological experiments when subjects have found themselves placed under a high degree of emotional stress specifically involving perceived harm to others… We’re signaling ourselves that whatever horrible thing we’ve just encountered isn’t really as horrible as it appears, something we often desperately want to believe.”

Out of respect for the Parker family, we will not link to the clip nor add a picture. Robbie Parker displayed excessive courage and strength to simply stand that day, much less address the press, and this particular theory goes hand in hand with another and equally disgusting Newtown conspiracy.

The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Was A False Flag Operation

The Newtown, Connecticut shooting has predictably provoked a strong reaction in Americans regarding gun control — many Americans are horrified we still allow for such massacres to occur when similar incidents in Scotland and Australia prompted bans that prevented them from occurring again, while many others feel the horror at Sandy Hook will be “used” as a pretext to disarm America.

Both are politically valid positions meriting conversation and not an issue for this topic. However, the latter camp has in small parts suggested the Newtown murders were staged as a false flag operation to deliberately rob Americans of their guns.

newtown school shooting

To believe this theory, you have to believe that our government is willing to shoot 20 children to achieve this end, to engage in a conspiracy of unprecedented scope to carry out the goal. Further, you have to accept that every person who learned of the plan was either on board with the initiative or disposed of forthwith to prevent anyone from learning of the dastardly plot and preventing it.

You have to also accept that this was successful, that no moles pretended to be involved while harboring furtive plans to foil the scheme, and that no leaks would ever occur now or later. You have to believe the government planted people like the Parker family in Utah and then in Connecticut, deliberately, perpetuating this “plan” for years to carry it out now — which would, of course, pre-date the Obama administration given the children’s ages. (Blowing the theory of Obama “taking our guns” out of the water.)

Earlier this week, my ten-year-old daughter said frightened children in her class believed that the disaster of Hurricane Sandy and subsequent shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary — connected by a single word — clearly portended the end of the world. These ranging and legion Newtown conspiracies seem, alas, to be the same kind of childlike magical thinking.

Is it easier to believe that a shadowy, undetected secret government carried off this particular tragedy to disarm Americans when simply purchasing legislation would have been far less detectable and sociopathic, particularly now that Citizens United simplifies making a secret donation to legislators? Or does it seem more likely one mentally unbalanced individual did the unpredictable and unthinkable, in a country where access to lethally efficient weapons is rife and similar events occurred on American soil in the same week?

Perhaps the former way of thinking is a comfort to some, as the latter tells us all something we don’t like to admit — that random events are scarier than explainable ones, no matter how convoluted the reasoning may be, and we are ultimately powerless to spare our fellow humans and ourselves pain when tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting occur.

A resource for updated Newtown conspiracy theories is Snopes, where a page listing them together has been continuously updated.

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75 Responses to “Newtown Second Shooter, LIBOR Connection Enthralls Web Conspiracists”

  1. Antonia Cubino

    Caveat: written by my friend, Kim LaCapria, but worth it if you actually believe the "gubment" is out to get us and Obama is trying to take all our guns away. If you argue with me, after reading this, that the government does not have the right to take our guns away, please unfriend me now.

  2. Brad Denham

    I would love to unfriend you, but first I would have to give a fuck.

  3. Jorge Shackelford Sr.

    She is wrong his name is in the Libor report, and when you talk in the trillions of dollars in fraud with help from Washington Agencies to cover it up its gets scary. 20 kids or 3000 office workers murdered makes no difference to the Elite.

  4. Antonia Cubino

    And you've seen the Libor report, when? Oh that's right–you have not. Nor has anyone else who has nothing to do with it. Damn Conspiracy Theorists..

  5. Kim LaCapria

    What no one has posited, however, is how this sort of event would in any way affect the LIBOR scandal. Had someone wanted to silence Lanza, it would be far easier to murder one man than 28 people.

    Jorge, if you have information linking Lanza to LIBOR, I would be happy to add it if it is credible. It must be a credible source. But again, no clear motive exists for anyone connected to orchestrate this crime to cover up that scandal. No matter how many trillions of dollars are at stake.

  6. Billy Pilgrim

    In the first Paradise Lost documentary near the start there is a moment that shows one of the mothers of the dead children laughing and smiling before being interviewed on camera, it always stuck with me as I just couldn't understand what she could possible be smiling and laughing about. It never occurred to me until I read your explanation what it could have been.

    I enjoyed your article, sad that you have to write something like this, though.

  7. Sal Baldovinos

    "To believe this theory, you have to believe that our government is willing to shoot 20 children to achieve this end, to engage in a conspiracy of unprecedented scope to carry out the goal." — You mean like drone stikes that have killed 100s of kids? But hey, thanks for linking to InfoSalvo ;).

  8. James Graham

    I read this and laugh. Our government is more than capable of doing this than anyone here is allowing to comprehend.. this could stem from twenty years of planning, and to think no-one is capable including our government your an idiot! I hate that twenty children were involved in this wether by higher sources or a lone gunner, it makes me sick. Never however sell our government short. Who is easier to control? Armed citizens or unarmed? Not enough money is produced to take citizen fire arms.. knowing this you have to let the citizens give up the rights.. and after 20 beautiful children are murdered he has a huge following of support for it now! Good read, don't appreciate your lack of understanding though.

  9. Denise Ward

    Those who think the government is good, and that the government protects us are under a delusion. It's because we don't have confidence in the government that people with the "conspiracy theories" give one pause to consider. And the People are right to no have confidence in government: they didn't have a proper investigation of 9/11, they continue to kill children in other countries, they refuse to mention climate change because they are bought by the fossil fuel industry, they tanked our economy and now want to remove earned benefits from the People (not themselves of course). Those who think that our government protects us don't have a basis for thinking so, if they do I'd like to hear it. But to have faith in those who kill right now, deliberately, and kill children, do not deserve respect let alone confidence in them and that's what our government does with drones. But those who believe that they are looking out for the People endanger themselves and everyone else. I am all for gun control because it's insane letting the gun lobby to dominate the agenda, but because of the low integrity of the people in government, I strongly believe now is not the time. And yes, I wouldn't even put it past the government to stage something like this. I'm still not convinced they didn't collude for 9/11 just to concoct an enemy since Communism no longer was one. Profits, they are addicted to profits above all else.

  10. Denise Ward

    Also I'd like to add, there still hasn't been a proper explanation of the guy they found in the woods except for"the man in question was most likely Chris Manfredonia, the father of a Sandy Hook student, who attempted to sneak into the school after the shooting started. Police can be heard relaying his name over their radios, but few outlets managed to follow up with that detail.” Well that's not much of an explanation is it (most likely?) Yes information can get lost in the confusion of that initial chaos but what was he doing there? Was he armed? Why is he no longer under suspicion and was he actually Chris Manifredonia? Surely by now it is known? With all the surveillance on people, why can we not know for sure it was this man and why he was there? This media outlet was one of the first to report the story about a second shooter. I know the press gets carried away trying to win eyeballs but now this same outlet is pooh-poohing the story as a conspiracy. Is it any wonder the People have lost trust in just about every institution. And rightly so.

  11. Kim LaCapria

    I am not disputing the terrible continuing practice of drone strikes, with which I fully disagree. What I do not see is motive here even if our government has been guilty of killing children in other countries accidentally when using drones.

    Can you explain what the motive would be to deliberately storm a first-grade class and shoot children? I see none.

  12. Kim LaCapria

    Denise, at the time, the story was widely reported. We were one of the first to report it because we were one of the first to report many of the angles, and as I said it was later confirmed that there was only one shooter.

    It is entirely plausible given the coverage at the time that it was Manfredonia who fled into the woods after attempting to liberate his frightened daughter from the school.

    Unfortunately, we are entitled to certain details and not others in the course of an investigation. And again, zero compelling motives exist to explain the coverup of a second shooter.

    Let's entertain for a second this is some black ops stuff. Do you HONESTLY think a killer on a job this big would allow himself to get caught in the woods by the local police?

    It would be up to police to disclose the information about Manfredonia, or the man himself, but if neither talks these are elements of an ongoing investigation and we are not entitled to know them unless there is a trial related to the shooting and they become public record.

  13. Matthew McCarson

    …uh, so the criminal hijacked government can disarm its population of slaves so that we can be more easily exterminated.

  14. Matthew McCarson

    Exactly. Gulf of Tonkin was a staged event as well. How many people died in Vietnam? Whats a few kids to the government. They don't care…..

  15. Matthew McCarson

    The LIBOR scandal connection IS a red herring, Ben Swann broke it down really well if you can find the video on google its worth a watch.

  16. Matthew McCarson

    …and I would like to add that the LIBOR connection originated with Sorcha Faal, a known disinformation agent. He puts out bad info and conspiracy people pick it up not knowing its disinfo and run with it. It serves to discredit anyone who questions the official story.

  17. Matthew McCarson

    ….I mean it's plain as day, turn on the TV. LOL. They are coming for the guns….

  18. Brad Patterson Pga

    Funny…you've only managed to match up with Snopes on the LIBOR connection. Many people trust SNOPES and even their assorted topics regarding this situation offer"percentages of happening" versus pure fact. I'd say there is much work to do…on your end.

  19. Lee Allen Storbakken

    Kim LaCapria MOTIVE???? We drone strike other countries and kids etc and no motive? We have many COUNTRIES and religions and peoples who would want revenge for what we've done. remember when we were caught TORTURNING detained people ABU GARAIB!!! HOw about drone attacks accidentaly killing civilians, including children. NO MOTIVE!!!!????

  20. Rollin Colmenares

    Kim LaCapria, we're not entitled to know details of a man who was apprehended after running out of the school and fleeing police? In that case we're not even entitled to discuss this story, and you shouldn't be "debunking" claims with your ridiculous fact-lacking assumptions. Why don't you just tell us who paid you to write this disgusting piece of misinformation? You give ZERO answers, only ask us to disregard "outrageous" conclusions about facts that were reported by eyewitnesses due to their "trauma," or to put ourselves in the shoes of a father who lost "what he loved more than anything," playing to our emotions; emotions Robbie Parker clearly doesn't possess, otherwise he'd have mustered at least one tear. How are you a journalist in any sense of the word? You're a puppet.

  21. Kim LaCapria

    I cannot prove a negative. All I can do is point out inconsistencies in the conspiracy as well as offer supplemental information that suggests why these reports spread.

    How did you react when your child was killed? I have not experienced that pain myself but I do know I have experienced nervous laughter when faced with grief and it is a well-documented phenomenon. Also a far more plausible reason for Parker's demeanor considering the family was again well-known in Utah, their state of origin, until moving to Newtown.

  22. Pete Barron

    To upset the people enough to get them behind gun control is all I can think of. I know that our government has some very cold hearted people that care only for power and nothing else and they love to abuse that power. There is an entire faction of our government that wants us to lose our freedoms. If we allow them they will one by one take away our freedom. They are already doing it.

  23. Kim LaCapria

    Let's assume that this is not something contraindicated by basic human morality. Let's assume that there is validity to the pretext of banning "assault rifles." Would there not be a FAR less expensive and involved way to do it than staging a massacre? It defies all reasoning.

    If the goal was to take guns, even IF loss of life was not a deterrent, it could have been accomplished in a million less detectable, murderous and expensive ways.

  24. David Skeen

    That was not a nervous laugh, and him doing breathing exercises, before he starts talking (so he can get into character) is one of the first lessons in acting. There is much hiding in this that we are not being told, and if you believe the government and just chalk it up to coincidence you need to reevaluate your job.

  25. Denise Ward

    Well that's not what I call investigative journalism. You seem to be quite complacent about this incident and seem to lack journalistic curiosity. This is something the public must be assured is in the media, that's what we rely on you guys to do. Making up your own story is not journalism, and yes your story may be accurate but how do we know? It is just a story without any supporting evidence. Now I'm not saying this guy had anything to do with the shooting but why, why, why, do we not know that for sure? If your assertion is correct, that the second guy had nothing to do with the shooting, why do the "authorities" simply just say so? The media is the only bulwark between the government and the public. A complacent media means collusive media means no democracy. It could very well be that the "authorities" (I use this term tongue-in-cheek as they really do not deserve respect since they themselves engage in crimes against human rights so frequently) are merely keeping it secret in order to instill yet more confusion. That is what gives men superiority over others and has been used as a trick since time immemorial. You know, the old man behind the curtain technique…but that doesn't mean YOU have to be satisfied with their story. Maybe you can find out by asking the police department there what happened to the guy? If they say he wasn't connected, ask them what was he doing there. Don't let them fob you off. If you are frightened of repercussions from the "authorities" (scoff, scoff) then get some other journos on board or people here who may want to be part of the phone call on skype. The "authorities" work for us remember. As does the government.

  26. BobbiJo Pittman Christiansen

    The reason they can carry out these ridiculously heinous crimes and get away with it is.. Because they are so unbelievable and cold and calculated and heinous, the majority of the population will say exactly what you did, why would they do that, for what reason, and no one would believe it,, so they do it… They have been, and will continue to pull off these ridiculously insane and unbelievable attacks, whether real or fake, to further whichever agenda is in their sights. It's sick but it's true.

  27. BobbiJo Pittman Christiansen

    I personally believe they are trying to start a civil war. That's one theory… Either way, they are not nor have they ever been looking out for the good of the people, not the American people anyway…. There are other people they are looking out for, the ones that line their pockets and keep them in power… Open your eyes people, this goes way further than one school shooting. Sad as it is… It's sickening and Italy don't have words for just how disgusting it is,

  28. BobbiJo Pittman Christiansen

    Well, Italy might have words, sorry, dumb iPad. But I don't have words…

  29. Wayne Bauer

    Kim LaCapria You haven't recognized the all out assault on guns, claiming assault weapon, $53 million total dollars used for FAST and FURIOUS, you don't think they have agendas?? Did you notice all media immediate call to action? All unders AP "ALL PROPAGANDA" the dissemination of the white house

  30. Wayne Bauer

    Kim LaCapria You don't recognize that when the government tries to take citizens weapons there's going to be all out physical WAR, the second amendment gives citizens against TYRANNY of OUR GOVERNMENT. They KNEW what they were doing.

  31. Wayne Bauer

    BobbiJo Pittman Christiansen They are going to smooth into it with all the uneducated possible standing for government tyranny

  32. Mina Farahmandi Lewis

    Don't you think it just a tad odd that the 4 people that supposedly survived remain unidentified. No camping out of the media at the hospital? No reporting of their condition? All but one (The custodian who as of yet is unnamed….geez…every kid in the school usually knows the custodian's name! I know my kid does…."His name is Jerry she says and he tells us his birthday is every Friday", she laughs. )did not work for the school? Suppossedly..there is one little girl who survived by playing dead. Her family is not talking? No one knows her name? The family priest who tells their story always has the story followed up with…. "His contact with the family has not been confirmed" None of them have been named? Do they even exist? Everyone who saw anything is unnamed…but everyone who heard it over the intercom tells their dramatic tales of screaming and shooting. So…really how do even know it happened the way we it was reported? Everyone is dead. These unnamed 4 have no neighbors? No friends? No one who wants their 15 minutes of fame to say…" neighbor is the cusotodian or te school volunteer that they spoke of who got shot?" Doesn;t that seem a bit far fetched that not one of their supposed names have slipped out?

  33. Brad Patterson Pga

    Well, the LIBOR connection has completely been debunked. It was a pure false flag operation all the way around. Take the time to warch and read these and become enlightened….

    DHS Informant Interview:

  34. Denise Ward

    Kim I don't think your reasoning shows much journalistic curiosity. The public is supposed to depend on the press to act as the safeguard of our information for which we wouldn't have a democracy if that were not so. Well, you answered that well…simply by meekly letting the authorities off the hook without even a whimper. Surely the press should pose the question to the appropriate personnel, and if no darn good answer, repeat it limitless times. We can't depend on the press. They seem more like the spokespersons for the establishment. And once the press makes sloppy mistakes, that outlet should lose its credibility.

  35. Kim LaCapria

    I appreciate the links, Brad, but we can only link to major news sources, first-person information, medical journals or other vetted publications as a source. We will occasionally link to a blog to illustrate a perspective but never for factual backup.

  36. Kim LaCapria

    Mina, plenty of survivors have emerged, spoken and been identified. Their names are easily and freely available in the cases in which they have chosen to be identified.

    Most of the people who witnessed and survived the shooting are very young minor children. Do you honestly not understand why their parents don't want their names printed everywhere?

    For the most part, the media has complied with the wishes of the families to retain privacy, and in the event an outlet doesn't respect that, the CSP has assigned families officers to maintain victim privacy.

    I think the residents of Newtown have by and large kept quiet because they are shellshocked. I can't speak for the rest of the media but we here are not in the business of exposing names and identities of crime victims who wish to be not identified. The vast majority of Newtown survivors are minors as well. Just stop and think about what you are saying and asking for for a minute.

  37. Janelle Ellenaj

    Well only being able to link to "major news sources" seems extremely limited in this day and age of underground media. We have "major news sources" getting lower ratings that a lot of non-major news sources these days with half our population getting their news from non major news sources and "major" newspapers and magazines stopping their physical print or going out of business all together. SO….maybe it's time you journalists start doing a little investigative work like you used to do instead of lazily assuming whatever you're told by authorities must be the truth. We used to depend on you guys to dig for the truth for us! That's your job. The average America citizen does more investigative work than our journalists do nowadays and we aren't trained to do it, so of course it makes plenty of sense that conspiracy theorists are going to come up with their own narrative of what could have happened. Give us the answers to the major questions we are asking and we won't ave to imagine what could have happened. Since you can only link to major news sources (those same news sources usually being the kind that are pre-packaged news by one source for attractive news anchor actors to read to us), how about you actually find the news yourself? Why don't you go inteview the survivors and report back to us what they saw? Why don't you, yourself, list to the police scanner recording of the event as it went down and ask some follow up questions to the officers who chased after and took down TWO suspects fleeing the scene. One officer is heard clearly saying "they're coming at me! I got one proned out. I'm by the firehouse!" while the other officers run after another suspect into the woods and hancuff him. Why don't you do your job and ask these questions? PLEASE, do your jobs!

  38. Pj Venneman

    The motive is to institute gun control; to take guns off citizens. Meanwhile the DHS has been stockpiling millions upon millions of rounds of ammunition and weapons and helping out suburban police forces by giving them armoured personnel carriers. Tanks. I'm not saying there's any hard evidence to suggest CT was a false flag, but it is convenient for the US government.

  39. Denise Ward

    Well a motive could be the government wants to disarm the population. However I don't know why since they have control over nerve gas and the military and those kind of weapons can kill gun owners as well as non-owners. Another motive could be because someone had their kid in that school and didn't go along with operatives demands. Take an hour to watch this video if you haven't already. It's by John Perkins spilling the beans on the type of work he did for the government. It would be interesting to know how he's still around to tell this story:

  40. Denise Ward

    You still haven't answered why the name of the guy running into the woods was not named or even reported on his reasons for being there. Kim, too many excuses for simply caving to the establishment.

  41. Tom Younce

    YES! The U.S.GVT backed by that MUSLIM SHIT STAIN OBAMA would murder 20 small children to further his goal and outright agenda of disarming the United States so that we could in turn, be attacked. Every action that PUKE Obama has taken has been to destroy this Nation. YES the Fed's are directly behind this attack. Muslims have been BUTCHERING CHILDREN for their own cause for 5,000 plus years. This is Obama's push to disarm. Kim, if you can not see that forest through the trees???

  42. Candise Mcclary

    Wow. This guy is pretty ignorant if he doesn't think that people have the power to be psychologically manipulated through the use of drugs to do unspeakable things. And yes, money can buy a cover up even out of as family like the "parkers". What people don't realize is the level in which people will stoop in order to achieve what they believe is right. May I remind us all of Guantanamo Bay? If banning guns from the population is the goal then absolutely the government will kill 20 children. That's easy. How ignorant.

  43. Anthony Forwood

    Was this written specifically for those gullible masses who have an investment in the system and need to maintain their sense of innocence?

    I notice that, like with all CIA-approved scripted ‘news’ reports, the first responses to it are those that vehemently support it, which is the case here as well. The goal of this is to create the image for readers that everyone feels the same. Unfortunately for these nefarious intel agencies, their tricks are getting old.

    I have a contention about the point made regarding the Sandy Hook not being a false flag operation. Kim LaCapria states in the article:

    “To believe this theory, you have to believe that our government is willing to shoot 20 children to achieve this end, to engage in a conspiracy of unprecedented scope to carry out the goal. Further, you have to accept that every person who learned of the plan was either on board with the initiative or disposed of forthwith to prevent anyone from learning of the dastardly plot and preventing it. You have to also accept that this was successful, that no moles pretended to be involved while harboring furtive plans to foil the scheme, and that no leaks would ever occur now or later.”.

    Well. What immediately comes to my mind is the ease with which the US government can garner the support of the American population to kill THOUSANDS of innocent men, women, and, yes, even children, all for selfish US economic and political reasons. It’s far easier to ignore that little Iraqi babies are being slaughtered and trampled under the boots of US soldiers, or even being targeted and terminated in a more automated fashion by computerized drones that separate the murderers from their crimes only by distance and method.

    And even with a highly secret operation, such as the one that took out Osama bin Laden, they know exactly how to compartmentalize awareness of those involved and use secrecy oaths that incur harsh penalties if they’re broken, all to assure that an operation isn’t exposed. And what happened to those soldiers involved in the operation that crashed in that helicopter? What might they have known that never got said? We’ll never know, but perhaps it was discovered that there was a mole aboard, a loose cannon who might foil the plan or disclose certain secrets.

    Do some research on military psychological operations specialists. They are responsible for planning, execution, and clean-up. The job isn’t over when the main operation has been completed. They are also responsible for assuring that leaks are plugged – oftentimes by killing or threatening witnesses into silence, or by suppressing testimonies, or by changing stories, or by distracting discussions from the deeper aspects of the event by trying to keep people thinking in terms of the official story.

    There is a very real factor of mind-control techniques and technologies that needs to be considered, which are always laughed at by people who have never looked into the subject and therefore have no ability to form an intelligent opinion on it. These techniques have been around since the time of the ancient mystery schools, and they have been further refined and perfected in our own time, as the documented evidence reveals. That they can take a person and induce MPD, then mold an alter personality to think and act precisely how they wish, and train them with exceptional abilities, and trigger these people to act however and whenever desired, is a known fact. Not only that, but such an alter personality and the activities engaged in can be kept completely unknown to the original personality, before, during, and forever after.

    To sink to believing what’s easiest to believe, as Kim LaCapria does, is a calculated expectation of those who plot and plan these high-profile crimes on the population. The gullibility level of the masses, as well as the sheer shock value of these sorts of events, are predictably going to put the masses into a state of disbelief. It’s intentional.

    But Kim LaCapria gives this explanation:

    “Perhaps the former way of thinking is a comfort to some, as the latter tells us all something we don’t like to admit — that random events are scarier than explainable ones…”.

    In the real world, there are no random events. Science proves this. Randomness is only higher level of complexity that has yet to be discerned.

    Kim LaCapria also commented on the possibility of a conspiracy by asking:

    “Can you explain what the motive would be to deliberately storm a first-grade class and shoot children? I see none.”.

    You really have to understand the deeper aspects of these satanists operating through the government (and yes, they are definitely satanists in every sense of the word). To buy the official story that this was just some kid who went off the edge and did this is completely off the mark and has even less of an apparent motive than that this was a false flag incident. But I don’t think you have the ability to see this (as many people still don’t), and so you’ll remain ignorant of the true history of the satanic elite that lies buried in obscurity.

    It defies all reasoning only for those who are following the official line.

    This isn’t really about gun control either. It’s about creating fear. And chaos. Take out your wallet and look on the back of an American dollar bill. The message is right there, disguised in Latin: “Order Out of Chaos”. They use the Hegelian formula, as they always do… thesis + antithesis = synthesis. Divide and conquer.

    We don’t even know for certain that Adam Lanza did this – we’ve only been told that. We haven’t even seen any bodies to even be sure that all those people are dead – we’ve only been told that. We haven’t been given any access to any of the evidence, which the authorities quickly suppress. We’re moving rapidly towards a society where we have to take what’s told us without any proof whatsoever.

    Think about it. Think about it long and deep.

    Anthony Forwood

    P.S. – I agree with Rollin Colmenares that your article is trash, and only seems to be intended to set a particular perspective for the more ignorant readers, and is based on more assumptions than the perspective that Kim LaCapria is attempting to deny. I also agree with Denise Ward that this is extremely poor journalism, as we see too much of these days. No real investigation – just the reporter’s (scripted) opinion, based on the official story. Occam’s Razor has obviously not been used when researching or writing it. This article is a good example of the sort of routine opinion-molding tactic the intel agencies hire these sort of reporters to write and disseminate. Which agency is Kim LaCapria paid by? The CIA?

  44. Tom Thepear Joyce

    I have just listened to the actual police scanner audio tapes as recorded from 9:13am to 9:43am. At the 22:45 mark (22 minutes 45 seconds – which is 9:35am) the police response begins. At the 26:13 minute mark, there is a dispatcher report of 2 shooters "running past the building, past the gym -rear" and "they are still shooting" – then an officer with a stressed voice says "yea, we got then, they are comin at me Dom that's one" "come up the driveway left side". The audio is clear and uncut. Earlier in the audio – the police on the scene said "we have multiple guns, including a rifle and shotgun". Why hasn't the shotgun been reported? Why hasn't this actual account from the officer at the scene been reported? I am not a conspiracy person, and these recordings are from police officers who are trained to be calm under high stress situations. You can search on you tube 'sandy hook police scanner' and follow the link provided to listen to the actual police scanner recordings – from 9:13am to 11:13am.

  45. Kim LaCapria

    Your assertions are truly laughable given the wide range of reporting represented on this site by a vast array of political writers. Further, the piece is an op-ed and not an investigative piece. I don't personally feel that enough time has passed to properly analyze Newtown's handling as it has been just a month.

    If I'm being paid by the CIA, can you please tell them to cut me a check already? I could use a spa day.

  46. Anthony Forwood

    Yiou laugh because you are an intel asset, Kim. Just because other 'reporters' do the same, doesn't mean it's acceptable. If you feel that not enogh time has passed, you should state that in your piece, or not write about it at all, at this early point. Did I say you were paid? Perhaps you're just an asset who works for free.

  47. Jonathan Darrel Woodruff

    James, you're an unbelievably incurious man. I can't believe that so many people are buying into this. The pitiably low degree of skepticism with which this topic is being met is outrageous… Evidence to these regrettably cretinous buffoons seems to be unanswered questions – or in many cases questions for which they refuse to accept answers.

    There is absolutely no evidence for the government's involvment in this tragedy. The preponderance of evidence – rather, ALL of the evidence – suggests that this was just another tragic mass shooting.

    This movement has decided to defend itself by suggesting that it's a faction of impartial skeptics merely asking questions. It comes to us in this form because it can not stand up to scrutiny.

    A REAL skeptic once said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This claim is nothing if not extraordinary, and there hasn't been a shred of evidence presented to support it. The dumbest among the conspiracy theorists – which is like saying the most afflicted among the diseased – are already sold on this. They require no more evidence. There are so many incompatible theories out there about this that anyone willing to subscribe to any of it must be pathetically stupid.

    I'm sincerely in disbelief. I'm in awe of the idiocy.

    Another great skeptic said that which can be asserted without evidence can be rejected without evidence.

    This one has been rejected, and it will eventually fade into obscurity like all of the rest of these theories…

  48. Crisanto J. Jorda

    "It would be up to police to disclose the information about Manfredonia, or the man himself, but if neither talks these are elements of an ongoing investigation and we are not entitled to know them unless there is a trial related to the shooting and they become public record."

    Valid, but your claim is only viable under the pretenses that a) that EVERY police report abides by ALL lawful statues and disseminates ALL necessary information regarding said affairs, b) information conducive to fair trial, especially those regarding tragedies of this magnitude, is valid only if channeled through "qualified" authorities and, c) ALL public records are indeed factual, and not contaminated by ANY SORT of tampering, i.e. planted evidence, misinformation, or special interests.

    I love your idealism but, yeah, have you heard of this thing called "corruption…?" It kinda messes up good ideas…

  49. Eric Zeis

    Kim LaCapria ummmm seriously? the anti gun legislation sitting on the desk in new york which would not have passed if this didn't happen… its just on more incidence moving them closer to disarming us!

  50. Eric Zeis

    Antonia Cubino actually it is a public lawsuit they are required by law to release it… and they have… i requested a print copy of the disclosures from the company. Just had to pay shipping… damn sheep

  51. Eric Zeis

    haha this all coming from someone whose facebook is made up of all self shot pics in the mirror… have fun living your life in the shadows… haha no evidence of government involvement? haha yeah just like judge john roll wasn't assassinated

  52. Eric Zeis

    Kim LaCapria just like the principle who was "killed" in the shooting was quoted by the newtown bee afterwards talking about the shooting. It's a pretty small town… no one would mistake the principle for someone else. As a journalist in a situation like this… you make sure you have the right statements from the right people

  53. Anonymous

    There is good evidence for the demolition of the twin towers and building 7 :
    That is not the case with regard to the claims about Sandy Hook. (Robbie Parker laughs?? I mean gimme a break. It is one weak claim after the other and iH ave looked int it. The whole thing looks like a disinformation campaign to me. ' Extraordinary claim require extraordinary evidence.'

  54. Anonymous

    Veritas Fortitudo Sapientia ..and 3 million Vietnamese.. hello, the victims.

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