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Tantrum Over Burger: Man Assaults McDonald’s Employee


A Pennsylvania man is facing several criminal charges after throwing a tantrum over a burger at McDonald’s.

Brought about by his dissatisfaction at cheese being incorrectly added to his order, the outburst snowballed into an assault on an employee at the restaurant.

An article in The York Dispatch states that a complaint was filed on December 18 against 35-year-old Sean Varone of Dover Township in Pennsylvania. Springettsbury Township police say the man is being charged with disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and simple assault for his actions.

According to Pennsylvania authorities, the incident took place on November 30, 2012 at approximately 11 am. After receiving his order at the McDonald’s restaurant Varone was upset to find cheese on his hamburger. Police allege that he proceeded to throw one of the restaurant’s highchairs and knock over a trash bin before going outside.

The Associated Press writes that one of the McDonald’s employees followed Varone into the parking lot in an effort to secure his license plate number. The complaint claims that as the employee attempted to dial 911 for police assistance the angry customer attacked her.

Police allege that during the attack Varone wrapped his arms around the worker causing physical restraint. The struggle culminated with the accused man yanking the employee’s cell phone from her hand and throwing the device across the lot. Authorities have indicated that the altercation caused minor injuries to the employee.

Court documents indicate that dates have not yet been scheduled for Varone’s informal arraignment and preliminary hearing.

Tell us what you think of a grown man throwing a tantrum over a burger?

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94 Responses to “Tantrum Over Burger: Man Assaults McDonald’s Employee”

  1. Tom Giles

    This grown man obviously needs to grow up.
    And how can anyone eat a burger with no cheese? It's downright un-American.

  2. Sharon Evans

    Peter Pan is alive and well. Anger management classes will be ordered, and probably do no good. How sad. Hope the employee is ok and MCD helps the employee.

  3. Anonymous

    A three year old throw a tantrum. This is a full on rage and he should be punished to the full extent of the law for such menacing.

  4. Cathy Rhyne

    shame a few desent men don't throw him acxross the lot back & forth till he acts desent Bet his family proud of him.

  5. Anonymous

    There are a growing number of incidents involving cheese and this can no longer be tolerated. We need stronger cheese control laws to prevent this type of behavior. The opponents say that "cheese doesn't hurt people, people hurt people". But if cheese were outlawed, this specific act of harm would not have happened. Add cheese to the growing government restrictions on Americans' freedoms and no one will ever suffer because of cheese again, except that only the criminals will still have cheese and be able to use it against us. But better for everyone else to suffer at the hands of criminals who will no longer have any threats against them by the common citizen. The criminal economy will be boosted, more people will be able to work as criminals, and the booming industry will encourage immigration and make us a more tolerant society.

  6. Anonymous

    Jim, You are way too radical. Consider this: there are a growing number of incidents involving cheese and this can no longer be tolerated. We need stronger cheese control laws to prevent this type of behavior. The opponents say that "cheese doesn't hurt people, people hurt people". But if cheese were outlawed, this specific act of harm would not have happened. Add cheese to the growing government restrictions on Americans' freedoms and no one will ever suffer because of cheese again, except that only the criminals will still have cheese and be able to use it against us. But better for everyone else to suffer at the hands of criminals who will no longer have any threats against them by the common citizen. The criminal economy will be boosted, more people will be able to work as criminals, and the booming industry will encourage immigration and make us a more tolerant society.

  7. Blake Yogi Nance

    Its actually quite simple. Some people cant eat cheese. Mainly Native Americans. And the people who work at mcfuckups are idiots. Ive had to go back 6 times because they dont understand I cant eat cheese. But then again I diddnt assault anybody

  8. Daniel Martin

    All their crap is pre made, how hard would it be to just order the quarter pounder, or a regular burger, dan't ask the minimum wage people there to actually unwrap a burger and remove the cheese.

  9. Bernice Westover

    If he didn't want cheese, he should have gone to Burger King, he can have it his way there. Send him to elementary school so he can learn that tantrums are not appropriate actions, for a child, and no reason what so ever by an adult.

  10. Bernice Westover

    NO MORE BURGERS FOR YOU! -Burger Nazi They will have his face posted at all Mickey D's, he will be banned from all Mickey D's and maybe the other burger palaces will follow suit!

  11. Anonymous

    Just about everyone is going to be on the employee's side , and I agree violence is not the answer , but when you go into a fast food restaraunt , many times the employees are not paying attn. to the person who takes your order & speaks it into the microphone. You see this & you know your order is going to be screwed up , and sure enough , it is!

  12. Bob Taylor Jr.

    jail, huge fines, supervised probation, lots of court costs are in order.

  13. Anonymous

    Did the McDonald's manager order the employee out into parking lot to get the plate number instead of doing it him/her self? Is it standard policy for the employees to risk their lives like that? Or did she thoughtlessly do it on her own? That was a pretty crazy thing to do. Glad she wasn't badly hurt or killed.

  14. Dawn Rice

    That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the headline. I just finished reading a story about a man in Florida who shot another customer in line at a pizza place in Florida and tried to cite the stand your ground law, all because the customer was complaining about his order and the shooter didn't want to wait. Whatever happened to behaving like a civilized adult?

  15. Anonymous

    I don't condone this man's extreme reaction, but I have to say that I'm thoroughly fed up with having my food screwed up by employees who don't seem to care about getting your order right the first time. It really boils me to get a few miles down the road, or even all the way home, to discover that what I ordered and paid for wasn't what was put in my bag. This has happened to me on numerous occasions, and I can see where a person would get really frustrated at some point.

  16. Benny Wilson

    This has nothing to do with any kind of gun control issue, so leave that s**t out of this. There was no gun, so don't bring it up. (Anti-gun bleeding heart liberal bulls**t ).

  17. Anonymous

    Yes, it would be much better if guns were outlawed and then he could have an illegal gun while all the law abiding citizens would not have any. That would be much better, and safer, for him. It's refreshing to have people who think that issue through.

  18. Ann Miller

    While the man's actions are way out of line, it is very disappointing to discover what you've been given isn't what you've ordered. People of dietary restrictions and allergies and it's negligent to give them something they can't eat after they've gone to the trouble to order it in a specific way. People do it all the time though. I've seen caffeinated coffee added to decaf, people being given a regular soda instead of diet (say what you want, those are unaccounted for carbs that the person didn't know about), we have people who are lactose intolerant, people with wheat allergies. I had a student who could die if he had too many proteins in a day. It was a pain in the butt to get him full enough and the other staff members regularly feed him cake without documenting the eggs and jello without thinking it comes from animals.

  19. Nevada Gross

    Although I think this man's reactions are waaaaaay too extreme & out of control, I have to say that I have been that upset several times, and usually at a McDonald's drive thru. Why do they have the speaker, the screen to verify the order, the 2 people at the 1st window who repeats the order & collects the money, and then the people at the 2nd window who "deliver" your order? What is the purpose of this charade? Because none of those people are the ones who fill the order. No- it's the horde of illegals hidden in the back who neither speak, read, or understand English. Who don't understand what "well done" means. They don't get "no onions" or "extra pickles". Who think it's funny if you take the time to park and go inside to return the wrong food and complain about their ignorance. Then the most you will get is MAYBE the correct order that you should have already received, plenty of wasted time, and a higher level of stress. No apologies. No professional anywhere in sight who actually understands customer service. Yes, you will say I am over-estimating the abilities of them, and , after all, it is only Mc Donalds… NO. I expect courteous & correct service, no matter where I am. There are too many other places up & down those same locations where I can get similar food. So price is not the deciding factor…. it is the service. And Mc Donalds LOSES my money. I'm sure they don't care. After all, I am only one little consumer.

  20. Anonymous

    mountainpixie: 95% of the world does not even have a refrigerator with food in it, and 2/3's of the world does not have anything to eat. Quit whining and appreciate that they only left the pickles off your burger. If you get boiled over something like this, you're in need of a reality check.

  21. Anonymous

    Yes, it really does. Cheese can be shaped into a gun and so should be banned. Gun control is actually the core issue here.

  22. Anonymous

    Like most chronically inflamed loudmouths, you miss the point notthecraw. The point is not how many refrigerators are distributed throughout the globe, but how a refrigerator met your expectations (and the manufacturer's guarantees) after it was paid for and delivered. If I ordered an LG stainless frost-free side-by-side, and instead was delivered a lime-green Hotpoint topfreezer, you can bet I'm not going to be happy. If that offends your sensibilities, that's just too bad.

  23. Anonymous

    Yeah, he could have had that thing hidden anywhere. We'll have to count on luck when gun control kicks in, cause there will be no stopping someone with a gun then.

  24. Reece Why

    You know why his mug is not plastered all over. When a lady did similar her mug was on the afternoon news. We all know why.

  25. Jason Young

    Is "notthecraw" serious? What does cheese have to do with decaying society? I've read dumb things on Mlive, this tops them all!

  26. William Williams

    This guy who went Apeshit over his hamburger with cheese on it, I can relate, that's why I stay away from McDonalds, they have the worst service ever! Why don't these people pay attention to what's ordered, I've gotten food there that had the McDonalds Doublecheck sticker on it and it would still be wrong! It seems everyone there is too busy talking or on there cell phones to do their jobs. Most fast food places end up with job hoppers anyway, who go from job to job , and don't know how to really work and do a good job to serve the public, like it use to be done.

  27. Nancy Hutchins

    You know what? Give the guy a break. Do any of us know what had gone on in his personal life that may have lead up to this bread down? We've all had our last straw, maybe this was his. Not saying he was right by any means but just saying, he is human. Let's wait for the why he lost it.

  28. Christopher Patrick MacMillan

    it seems to me to follow someone who threw a fit and stormed out; WAS STUPID; I blame Mcdonalds and it's employee for following the man who was leaving. The Police didn't see anything so they charged a man hoping He would admit to what He was clamined to have done; If I paid for something and it was wrong and I stormed out without the item I paid for; I would be pissed too.

  29. David Blair

    Jason Young: "notthecraw" is being very intelligently satirical. He's actually making fun of the Democrats' desires to ban guns (or at least "assault weapons" and introduce stronger gun control) and how that would somehow stop crime when it would actually increase crime by disarming law abiding citizens and criminals don't care about gun laws. He's also ridiculing the increasing power of the government. I couldn't have said it better than "notthecraw" did.

  30. Frederick Pulda

    over cheese misunderstanding! wonder what he would of done if was in my situation at wendy's on washington ave in racine.a big blob of dark short hair on my fish sandwich! I showed it to manager and peuked.

  31. Frederick Pulda

    wait till he sits in jail for awhile he'll be wishing he had that burger even though messed up.

  32. Frederick Pulda

    wish I could afford to get that burger at mcdonalds, I have to wait for the discarded food on the way to dumpster mmmm mcdonalds been so long.

  33. Anonymous

    must have had a bad hair day. and everybody's luckY the SOB didn't have a gun with him. he needs to be institutionalized NOW.

  34. Mary Rogers

    Hate to say it Ann…but public establishments are a very far cry from what they uesed to be so….message being – buyer be ware. Perhaps anyone with this issues to certain ingredients needs to avoid these places altogether. Not ideal – I KNOW! but…having been a training Mgr for Mcdonalds a couple decades a go – I can tell you that the care and concern of today's wordstaff work ethic has gone to *#@#$%! and they could care less (for the most part) whether they give you the right order in an expeditios fashion or not. Not to mention, that McDonalds has been a leader in "automating' how their food is processed in the store and maintained – very sad indeed. The only way to be certain that you will not experience recieving – not only blatent items that you have asked to be excluded such as cheeze – AND….ensure a better chance that there is no cross contamination….is to preapre your meals at home!!!!! Sorry…sad but factual truty… they always say and is no truer statement be said that now adays……..YOU DO NOT want to know what happens behind the scenes in restaurants….cause if you did…you would NEVER eat out!!! (17 years in the industry – in the kitchen..

  35. Robin Barber

    it just goes to show that more people need to just get a grip. I heard on the radio today that someone at a denny's restaurant got mad because he didn't get his check for his meal when he wanted it…so he set fire to their christmas tree and caused $125,000 worth of damage….some people need to be taking anti-psychotic drugs, lol…

  36. Alan Choong

    a man of 10 years old mentality. Must be grounded for one month. No burger, no hot dog. Only mlk and mashed potato. Better end him to elementary school for counselling. Detention class with some school bullies.

  37. Wade Seay III

    he did go overboard but what if he was allergic? what if u had a peanut allergy and asked for a cookie without them and got them anyway? u would die if u didn't notice. how pissed would you be? someone taking your life cause they cant read a screen?

  38. Patricia Gaffney

    I would do same! Of course he should not have assaulted the employee, but my God a burger with cheese – especially that disgusting American plastic stuff they call "cheese" – is vile.
    Who can blame him for going ballistic? "Cheeseburger" is a classic example of American excess and conspicuous consumption. Why meat AND cheese? No wonder people's arteries get clogged well before middle age over there. I say McDonald's is at fault here for assuming all people like this high fat concoction and they should instruct their staff to listen carefully to customer's orders least this odious event occur again.
    Or perhaps she misheard this gent's order and he actually said "please" and she mistook it for "cheese", such politeness being rare these days. Thank goodness the chap did not have a gun, is all I can think.

  39. Patricia Gaffney

    Benny Wilson, get a sense of irony why don't you? Like most gun enthusiasts, you are not very bright. Some of these replies here are very witty.

  40. Richard Willey

    how very glib….while i agree that the sarcasm is lost on Benny Wilson, i would venture to guess that YOU aren't very bright just from reading your comment. maybe you don't like gun enthusiasts, but people aren't stupid just because you don't like them, don't like their beliefs or just because you want them to be.

  41. Anonymous

    A cheese atheist! Thank god it wasn't a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, Oh the carnage that could have happened!

  42. Mark Speck

    Good point, Ann…but why couldn't the guy just go back to the counter and say, "Excuse me, but I didn't want cheese on this" like a rational human being?

  43. Benny Wilson

    I guess you missed the point I was trying to make, or really I guess you missed the comment I was commenting on, and you just decided to say I'm not an intelligent person Patricia Gaffney. So instead of asking why I said it, you pass judgment, like saying I'm a gun enthusiast. Get a sense of humor why don't you? Thumbs up to you. Oh and to those of you who "unfriended" me becuase of that, "LOL".

  44. Benny Wilson

    Oh and thank you Richard Willey for chosing not to being narrow in the head

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