Star Trek Into Darkness trailer exposes Kirks flaws

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer Exposes Captain James Kirk’s Flaws

The latest trailer for “Star Trek Into Darkness” gives us a peek into Captain James T. Kirk‘s character flaws, says Yahoo News.

The first Star Trek trailer showed us the mass destruction and pure villainy of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in J. J. Abrams’ infamous sequel to the highly successful “Star Trek”.

Many old Star Trek movie fans have been put off by the Michael Bay style explosion-heavy scenes that the previous film gave us in sheer contrast to the calmer, more cerebral films most of us grew up with.

The new trailer takes us aboard the U. S. S. Enterprise with concerned characters as the voice-over of Federation Admiral Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) offers criticism toward the ship’s hot-headed Captain Kirk. In the previous film he was reintroduced with daddy issues that the previous incarnation of Kirk didn’t have, and this makes him a bit more edgy.

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