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‘Time’ Person Of The Year: Short List Revealed

Time's Person of the Year 2012

Time will unveil 2012’s “Person of the Year” in less than 24 hours, but Today hosts revealed the eight frontrunners for the title Tuesday morning.

Eight names belonging to influential individuals in business, politics, and science are considered the likeliest contenders for Time‘s “Person of the Year” honor.

The list includes:

Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban for her fight for girls’ education.

US president Barack Obama.

Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

Bill and Hillary Clinton for global humanitarianism and political activism.

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

The three scientists who discovered the “particle of the year,” the Higgs Boson.

Following last year’s group choice, “The Protestor,” Time is including another group for “Person of the Year” in 2012: “Undocumented Americans.”

Tarsi Dunlop of PolicyMic hopes that Time‘s “Person of the Year” award will go to Malala Yousafzai this year. Dunlop argues:

“For millennials around the world, her actions are an inspiration and a reminder of how hard it can be to follow your dreams. We should all give thanks that, many of us, do not fight for certain rights with a gun to our head. Yet, we cannot shrink from what is hard, and turn our eyes from problems whose complexities mean there is no easy answer. Whenever we think our own work is hard or daunting, we should think of her story.”

Whoever gets it, we’re sure that Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly is probably more than thrilled that Sandra Fluke didn’t make the final cut. Then again, that all could change when the winner is revealed tomorrow morning.

Who do you think Time’s “Person of the Year” should be?

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8 Responses to “‘Time’ Person Of The Year: Short List Revealed”

  1. Anonymous

    The person of the year should be either "The Gunman" or "The innocent Victim".

  2. Pamela Townsend

    So confused. Is "Time" an international magazine? Let's start acknowledging some of our local heros who do good right here… at home. There are people and groups all over this country who give tirelessly to make positive change here. Let's give them the kudos and, perhaps, that will give others the motivation to do likewise. Our media can help to make things happen for the best… let's start to demand it. Our buying habits can make an impact.

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