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Ke$ha Song Pulled From Playlists Following Newtown Shooting

Ke$ha Die Young

A popular Ke$sha song has been pulled from playlists following the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last week, according to AceShowbiz.

The singer’s hit song “Die Young” has experienced a sharp decline after the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. The song was reportedly number three on radio charts on December 14, the same day the shooting took place.

However, the song began tumbling drastically as the weekend wore on. By Monday, it was clear the song’s dip in popularity was directly related to the Newtown shooting.

Ke$sha previously described the tune as follows:

“It’s a celebration song, which I’m obviously known for writing those, but this one, the concept of it was to live each and every single day like it’s your last and to always remain having a youthful spirit no matter how old I get.”

TMZ reports radio stations began pulling the song from playlists in order to avoid offending any listeners. Although Ke$sha may see the song as a celebration, most folks might be offended by the title alone.

The website explained the last time a song dropped this drastically was when the Dixie Chicks were banned from country radio after coming out against President Bush.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ke$sha’s “Die Young” was number three on the Billboard Hot 100 charts prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. In the wake of this terrible tragedy, the song is rocketing towards the very bottom.

“My heart goes out deeply to the people of Newtown, Connecticut,” the singer said in a statement on Twitter.

Ke$sha certainly isn’t the only one who experienced some unexpected changes following the shooting. SyFy previously yanked an episode of Haven they felt was too violent, while FOX moved ahead with plans to scrap potentially offensive episodes of Family Guy and American Dad.

The official video for “Die Young” has been included below.

What do you think about the Ke$ha song being pulled from radio playlists? Do you think the song is offensive?

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231 Responses to “Ke$ha Song Pulled From Playlists Following Newtown Shooting”

  1. Anonymous

    I think it's garbage to pull a song because of its title. People get upset and have no idea what the song is about. Rather than take care of problems, our society does the quick fix by blaming others or removing something that suddenly disturbs them. No one has to listen to the song. If they're so disturbed why don't they write their congressman and make changes in mental health funding and/or gun laws? Leave the artists alone. Take responsibility, rather than shoving it off onto a song. How pathetic is that?

  2. Dawn Lemke Schultz

    I don't find it offensive-the song has nothing to do with children or shootings. It's horrible and devastating that babies were murdered but this song has nothing to do with it or even related to it. It's about wanting someone who is with someone else.

  3. David Edwards

    Talk about knee jerk reactions. I am NOT a Ke$ha fan, I do kind of like that song. It is in no way offensive and any one that has listened to it that thinks it is, is just looking for something to be offended by.

  4. Bill Birkman

    Panic is setting in! Gun sales are through the roof and now radio stations are dropping a song that has nothing to do with the tragedy.

  5. Ray Cameron

    This song has nothing to do with the senseless killing of innocent people, it has to do with living each day as if it were your last.

  6. Marian Chaplin

    It's not telling anyone to do anything violent. It's just telling people to enjoy themselves.

  7. Jeremy Ilang-Ilang

    ALL her songs are garbage, specifically her lyrics. You guys are out of your minds if you don't think this song is garbage. Ke$ha is an example of this corrupted society and the downfall of music.

  8. Ryan Wallace Johnson

    good grief, people need to remove that big stick out of their ass! just like the knee-jerk reeaction to just ban all guns, I really wish this country would divide! in one group- all the dumbfuck obama voters who lack any sense of intelligent thought, and the rest of us who actually have a functioning brain!

  9. Lisa Coniglio

    I found the song disturbing BEFORE the shooting. Sorry, I'm not easily offended, just didn't like that saying, made me think of Amy Winehouse and glorifying that lifestyle. But it looks like others have lost their stomach for glorifying violence and dying young as well. Love KeSha – just a bad choice of words, no I'm not 'blaming her' for societies evils. But the people complaining about her taking a hit for this, telling everyone to ignore the shooting and keep on consuming violence, it's your choice, but I have no stomach for it at all right now.

  10. Anonymous

    It's not pathetic. Ke$ha shouldn't even be on the radio in the first place. You know it's interesting we put these artists on a pedestal like they are God's gift to man and yet when shit hits the fan and it really counts they do nothing and are virtually senseless as to what has happened.

  11. Anonymous

    If you think this is a great song you are the audio version of Mr. Magoo and you wouldn't know the difference between a sandwich with cold cuts and a sandwich with dog shit on it.

  12. Anonymous

    Immaturity and popular culture have always romanticized the words and ideas about dying young. Her fans will grow out of the concept about the same time she falls from the…spotlight? (who the ____ is she again?)

  13. Michael Hill

    Why was this piece of worthless upscale trailer park trash even given a contract? Oh. I forgot her talent on the casting couch got her the contract.

  14. Cody Stafford

    here we go again , with the blame game ,,,, blame the pencil for misspelling words, blame a kid with problems for killing kids,,, here is who you blame,, THE mother who knew her kids brain was toast and left assault weapons so he could get to them…

  15. Anonymous

    I think all of kesha's songs are garbage, especially when she is shown on nickelodeon specials and the kids choice awards.

  16. Sharon Montella

    Why punish Ke$ha – may as well pull 75% of the hip hop/R&B out there then – it's ALL about guns and violence. Ke$ha shouldn't be made to pay for what the industry has done to promote these images.

  17. Terri Keffer

    what happens when you play country song backwards? you get your girl back your car back your dog back! pick on all the songwriters not just one they are songs of feeling which is an acceptoble form of expression not an act of violence….first ammendmant people come on. Newtown is a second ammendment grievance.

  18. Brandon Cleary

    While I think all of Ke$ha's songs are garbage and really cannot stand to hear her voice, I think this is BS. This song was #1: Out prior to this terrible event, #2: Has absolutely nothing to do with it, and #3: I am willing to bet that 50% of that school listened to that song on a daily basis prior to the tragedy.

    America: Catering to everyone's feelings since 1776.

  19. David Lightfoot

    What! The! Hell! This is a party song, and nowhere in the lyrics does Ke$ha talk about people actually dying young, like being killed in wars! The song's message is you must live every day like it is your last, so we all need to get out there. While we're at it, why not pull Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" off country radio, even though that song was, like, FOREVER AGO! I know it's a terrible tragedy, and my hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Sandy Hook. But last time I checked, this constitues as censorship, which everyone is trying to fight, right? So why the political correctness?

    This is so far from what happened to the Dixie Chicks, the two can't even be compared. Ke$ha never insulted anyone in the White House. This is just like what happened to the Black Eyed Peas, having to change the title to "Let's Get It Started" when, as a cerebral Palsic, I would've much preferred "Let's Get Retarded" because translated, it meant, "Let's go out on the dance floor and get crazy and nuts." Seriously, you guys, GTFU!

  20. Matt Shriver

    The article is talking about the song being offensive and being yanked, yet they promote the music video in the article. Makes no sense.

  21. Carice McKinney

    If that's the case, then let's just turn off all radio stations and TV too. It's a tragedy in CT, no argument. But this woman nor any other performer had anything to do with it. America loves to complicate the easiest of issues and point the finger at anybody BUT the person responsible. That was Adam Lanza.

  22. Anonymous

    Um, that song came out way before that shooting, what they going to remove the song "I Feel Like Dying" by Lil' Wayne because of the latest suicide too? People have no common sense for anything, they're just stupid. No excuse.

  23. Anonymous

    The song was written WEEKS before the shooting, what the hell does the song have to do with the shooting? Ke$ha is a very good musical artist and I honestly think its ridiculous to take her song off of the radio stations and charts.

  24. Eve Shumpert

    This song should have been pulled period. It's a horrible message anyway and this type of junk along with a lot of rap music and even some country should not be allowed to hit the airwaves. We have to start allowing better music to takeover the culture of the youth. If we stop supporting trash, then we will start to enjoy treasure.

  25. Anonymous

    No one is disputing the fact that what happened in Newtown, Connecticut was awful in every way and unforgivable but you're going a little far by taking songs/tv shows/movies away just because they might be construed as offensive. It's not the songs/tv shows/movies fault that the nutjob decided to take 27 innocent lives. If someone doesn't like a song due to the title or lyrics…change the station. Don't like a tv show/movie due to it being offensive? Change the channel/turn it off. Simple as that. People look for something/someone to blame but they don't do it in the correct way. For example, the Aurora movie theater shooting…the future movie Gangster Squad had it's entire ending changed because apparently it had several people shooting their way through the screen and into the audience. Now while that may be a hard scene to watch to some, there shouldn't be any reason to change an entire ending…DON'T GO SEE THE MOVIE! And then the people who survived the Aurora shooting and their families wanted to sue the theater. How is it the theaters fault? They couldn't possibly predict some nutcase shooting people in a theater.

  26. Christine Wang

    I can understand if it was pulled from radio stations near the area affected by the tragedy as it might bring out PTSD syndromes in children but since I live in California, people aren't grieving as much. Still, it is a nice, although misguided, tribute from radio stations.

  27. Laquinton DeShawn Wagner

    You folks are retarded if you think this song is about living everyday to the fullest….its a slut song… that is all it is! And the title is offensive as hell… it has NOTHING to do with the message this song holds so therefore, it seems a bit blatant on its offensiveness. PULL IT! "cELEBRATION SONG" my ass Kesha… its a fuck song…

  28. IInferno Blaze

    I agree. The radio is crap these days anyway. So many people brain washed to believe that what is on the radio is actually good. Maybe for Rock. But I think Hip-Hop (Rap) and Pop are definitely worse than they were in the 90's.

  29. Anonymous

    Entertainers are responsible for influencing entire generations etc…good and evil are realities…with wisdom one can easily listen to lyrics to determine what legacy an entertainer is leaving behind their path in life.

  30. Suzanne Arenz Patterson

    I am sure that at a time like this, the people involved get upset from almost anything the see or hear. It is a tragedy the people were killed. This song has nothing to do with it. Should we pull every song that about young people having fun and songs about people who love? Interpretation is up to the individual.

  31. Dana Richmond Magarian

    Extremely offensive, it's not the title, it's the whole Satanic video. Pentagrams? A hearse? People, male & female licking and pawing all over each other, gee not sure why anyone would think that is offensive?

  32. Stankonia Roberts

    It's just being about respectful to the emotions of the survivors and their families. Some little kid who escaped that shooting could have heard the song and, in his or her child-like mind, make a correlation. It's called being sensitive to others. Nothing wrong with that.

  33. Andrew Martin

    People are to fast to judge on something they have no true understanding about. Yes the whole Connecticut ordeal was a tragedy. But it should have no feedback on a artist's song they wrote before it all happened.

  34. Anonymous

    Not offensive, and I just heard it on the air in Omaha, Ne five minutes ago. We can't stop listening and censoring everything because of this tragedy. It's up to us parents to teach our kids the best we can, and their free will take over from there.

  35. Anonymous

    Well put. But it's really not since 1776—this is the legacy of the 60s: putting mindless sentiments ahead of rational thinking. Emotion has it place in human endeavors—just not as the final world in forming legal & political policies.

  36. Mark Sixtus Delotto

    The ironic twist to this story, is that "most" of these horrific crimes are committed by YOUNG people, who seem to be the most miserable age group of all – Maybe Kesha can write a song about that obvious fact – Sometimes older is better & happier & more sane!

  37. Cheryl Justice

    You ever wonder why our young people have no morals or decency about themselves. Look who their role models are! I found this disgusting.

  38. Papool Chaudhari

    Pulling "Pumped Up Kicks" a song about actually doing a school shooting, would make sense. Not this song that has nothing to do with school or shooting.

  39. Brandy Smithson

    what about the other die young songs like the band perrys? "ive never known the loving of a man but it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand"..i feel like tht song is more age range appropriate for the young victims of sandy if its still playing keshas should be to.

  40. Susan Winters

    do not be silly, the song is actually very good. Go back to listening to Sandy Patty, the xtians singer that slept around.

  41. Susan Winters

    Yes you are easily offended, if you had actually paid attention to the song you would realize what a doozus you are.

  42. Mayra Torres

    Crappy lyrics and violence should not be sold to young audiences. When you are an adult you are formed and you know what information is "real" and what information you should just view as entertainment. Young don't know and get influenced by what they listed and watch. So sad.

  43. Parker Campbell

    I can understand how some would be offended by the title, but what about the "Pumped Up Kicks" song by Foster the People, I just heard that on the radio yesterday and that song is about someone going into a school and shooting students. The radio station was running off of a network, so it is not the local dj's fault, but I say if you are going to pull a song with an offensive title then pull a song that actually is offensive to the events of Sandy Hook Elementary.

  44. June Kovac

    This song is totally demonic…for you people who must be completely zoned out, it is loaded with ILLUMINATI/OCCULT/DEATH symbology and flaunts satan worship in your face. OPEN YOUR EYES..kE$HA PROMOTES SATANISM and she's proud of it, obviously.

  45. Christopher Holmes

    This song should have been pulled way before the shooting. It sucks and isn't worthy of radio play in my opinion. It declined in the charts because people don't like the annoying lyrics, not because of the shooting.

  46. Josh Tex Freerks

    Same thing happened when we bombed Baghdad and Outkast had their hit B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) pulled when those events unfolded. Once you set a precedent, you got to abide by it.

  47. Alex Crouch

    Is "Pumped UP Kicks" banned for life now? "All the other kids with pumped up kicks better run baby run faster than my bullet" "Out run my gun"? That's the real problem.

  48. Anonymous

    Illuminati C*nt! She is trash just like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perrfy etc etc.. and all her songs should be pulled. Shes a devil worshipping whore who sold out for Fame and fortune and deserves no recognition. Don't believe me? check out her Music Video breakdown at or just google Kesha Illuminati.

  49. Brooke Dennies

    OMFG this is so stupid… Here we go again blaming the entertainment business for people's stupidity. Seriously why cant we all take responsability for our actions.

  50. Sydney Schallock

    Its not like this song was written ABOUT the shooting. If you listen to the words, I think they can be applied positively. Hopefully those kiids and teachers were able to make the most of their lives and live the way they wanted to, with no regrets.

  51. Christopher Strickland

    Kesha sucks anyways, what she does isn't music. Its over produced autotoned garbage. And anyone who listens to it, has been brainwashed because they think they have to because she is so popular. Only followers listen to garbage like this. She doesn't even sing she fuckin talks. How is that music? Real music is Bon Jovi, Journey, Foreigner, Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Mary J Blaige, Queen, Aerosmith, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, U2, Elton John AND ELVIS! I could go on but all those artists, HAVE REAL VOICES, MADE THE TOP 100 GREATEST SINGERS LIST AND don't need the help of some stuido to make them sound good. Sure I admit that the studio does clean up, but these artists can sing LIVE. All the artists of today like Kesha and Beiber, DOn't SING live, they use their album recordings. THANK GOD, I didn't grow up in this generation, I feel for the kids today. The world is suffering, the tragedy in CT is an example. When I was young we had columbine I admit, the world wasnt perfect in my youth, but it was way better than then the kids have today. But music is dead as far as I see it, I'm so thankful that I can go back and listen to real music. And on top of it all Kesha is one of the ugliest women ive ever seen.

  52. Anonymous

    I personally am not feeling the "TITLE" I'm a person that are careful with words such as thinking them, speaking them and writing them because our words holds power. Also, I saw the symbol of the illuminati and or a witchcraft symbol which to me are both negative. So yes, they did the right thing. Now let me go clean up my underground bunker. KadenXL1

  53. Christopher Strickland

    No the song is about wanting to go out, party, get high and drunk and meet up with some random person and have sex. This song is a joke, from an artist who cant sing a lick, talks in her songs, and is ugly as heck. This garbage doesnt belong on the radio to brainwash kids into thinking its music.

  54. Haruka Tenou

    First freedom to bear arms will be taken, I can understand that, now you're after my freedom of speech and expression? Really? I'm about ready to expatriate.

  55. Haruka Tenou

    I can't stand her music either, but she has the freedom of speech and self expression and shoudn't be targeted for that. Ban her songs because they're crap, not associate them with a tragedy that she has nothing to do with.

  56. Louie Louielouie

    It's full of illuminati all seeing eyes and satanic symbolism.. These people don't even try to hide it anymore. The music industry is controlled by satanists. How long til' she is sacrificed like Amy Winehouse was?

  57. Milton Willis

    Man is like a dog chasing it's tail or a blind man behind the wheel of a speeding car when it comes to solving his greatest problem which is himself. And for all who would disagree with what I'm saying ask yourself this question, " how is it that with all the advances we have made in science and technology over the centuries do we still have war, starvation, rape, murder, envy, hatred , jealousy, greed, adultery , fornication and homosexuality" along with every other act that violates god laws which is the root cause of all our ills. So we can twist, deny or reject the truth all in the hell we want too but the truth ( the word of God ) will not return unto him void.

  58. Megan Pedersen Crosley

    It is not talking about killing people. "Lets make the most of tonight like we're going to die young" Not grab guns and kill people….people need to stop blaming songs and games for violence. I play call of duty and listen to music but I DONT kill people…my goodness!!!!

  59. Megan Pedersen Crosley

    It is not talking about killing people. "Lets make the most of tonight like we're going to die young" Not grab guns and kill people….people need to stop blaming songs and games for violence. I play call of duty and listen to music but I DOn't kill people…my goodness!

  60. Kylie Thompson

    Hi, maybe they should focus on things like "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People, considering the song is about school shootings… Just saying

  61. Louie Louielouie

    It's full of illuminati all seeing eyes and satanic symbolism.. These people don't even try to hide it anymore. The music industry is controlled by satanists. How long til' she is sacrificed like Amy Winehouse was? We know Corey Feildman and Corey Haim were both molested by them as young kids in the industry. Basically these are real sick people who worship owls n' sht.

  62. Anonymous

    it should have been pulled she is apart of the Illuminati (devil worshiping cult) I don't support devil worshipers at all so pull all her songs and everyone else that is apart of the Illuminati. God is more powerful than the devil that's y he was cast out of heaven.

  63. Kevin Abke

    try stating facts instead of your opinion. YOU dont like the song, the fact stands that it is NOT about shootings. YOU think she cant sing, YOU think she is ugly, YOU think its garbage. You are dangerous to real freedom when you think we should censor music to fit YOUR opinions!

  64. Anonymous

    If they should pull any song from the radio in general, it should be "pumped up kicks" by Foster the People because the song is actually about a school shooting.

  65. Sarah Melton

    @ Domenic – And you're young, and don't realize how to tell the difference between "your" and "you're". But seriously, as much as I don't care for Ke$ha, I think it's an overreaction to pull the song entirely. It's a song about teens/twenty-somethings living it up, whose only possible offense in relation to the shooting are the words "Die Young". Should we pull "Live and Let Die" too? Crap, did I just mention a GnR song as if it were current? Ok, never mind. I'M old.

  66. Kevin Abke

    so stan, because 1 or maybe a few people MIGHT be reminded of a tragic event, the remaining 300 Million residents of this FREE country can go on living our way? Free to listen to any music, regardless?

  67. Ashley Nalley

    Domenic Rossi your not even old enough to know what taste is. The radio has turned into another way to brainwash and distract America to death. You're still a child. When you grow up and get a real job other than working at The Krusty Krab you will understand. I have faith in you little one!

  68. Dan Torchio

    Honestly…this is nothing more than a SEX VIDEO! I mean…Holy Cow! The SAME BEAT, THE SAME LYRICS to sexy, provocative video snipets…this trash is nothing more than a tool to make teen boys horny and promote teen girls to dress like tramps to be 'popular'. And we wonder why these newer generations have lower and lower moral values. Shit! And we thought Madonna was provocative when we were growing up?

  69. Rebekah Gayle Davis

    Everyone wonders what's wrong with people…They don't have God in their life. That's what's wrong…take this song for example have you seen the is horrible, has a pentagram on the wall, is that God? NO!

  70. Pamela S Smith

    The song has nothing to do with the tradegy that happened in CT. It's talking about enjoying life. I like the song, the video sucks, though.

  71. Angela Pirosko

    Really? HOw stupid. Its an expression and is obviously not about shooting kids. LAME. Might as well pull billy joel's "only the good die young"…

  72. Anonymous

    I happen to think it's the best song Ke$ha has done so far…but in good taste, yes, it should be pulled for a couple of weeks but not permanently.

  73. Anonymous

    Actually I thought the song was in poor taste prior to the shooting. I lost my dad young and the song constantly reminds me of his early passing. It is a fun, upbeat song but, the words could rub anyone who has lost someone too soon the wrong way.

  74. Brittany Clark

    Doesnt matter if the song is garbage. The point is the song has nothing to do with children or shootings. Anyone who is offended by this song is just trying to start drama. It's ridiculous that we sensor everything that offends people…while in England they have nudity and profanity on their TV. Guess its just america.

  75. Maddie Connell

    It's just on the radio, Kevin. It's not like they are completely getting rid of it and taking it off of YouTube and Itunes, ect.

  76. Anonymous

    this song sucks big time on any level! The title and lyrics are in terribly bad taste at this point and time!

  77. Kara Lynn

    thinking ahead that maybe we could sacrifice a little to spare the feelings of someone from being remind of a tragic event isn't a lot to ask, maybe we don't connect that song that way but someone could and there's a lot to hear on the radio and I'm sure she makes enough money so this hit wont hurt her too bad. its best until this situation is a little less fresh.

  78. Anonymous

    Jesus…are we a complete and total nation of Pussies now? What's next? Banning the letters D, I,and E from the alphabet lest someone get offended and cry? Grow the fuck up America!

  79. Anonymous

    anyway we can just pull her off the planet? she obviously wants to go back to the mother ship-why not find a way to help her?

  80. Chris Crush

    that's so stupid… its a song. its a title she chose. those are not in any way related to the shooting.

  81. Melinda Roberts

    I heard Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People (You Better Run Run Faster Than my Bullet) on the radio the day of the shooting. It made me very uncomfortable and I had to change the station.

  82. Kevin Ciccone

    what a joke, you were offended by a song about living life and having fun like it's your last night on earth, how is that offensive??? I guess you were also offended by Billy Joel – Only the Good Die Young and If I Die Young – The Band Perry??? I'm sorry but none of these songs are about shooting children and even though i can't stand the song by Ke$ha, there is no reason why it should be pulled from the radio.

  83. Anonymous

    You can still hear Die Young on the Best Station, (, on the Best 10 Countdown, at least until Thursday when the new Best 10 is released.

  84. Anonymous

    I guess I can kind of see this – but if you're going to pull this because of the title when the song doesn't have anything to do with killing anyone, they should be pulling Foster The People's Pumped Up Kicks as well. That song IS about shooting kids.

  85. Anonymous

    I am not a great fan of CESHA , but she is pretty and has a good voice. The song has a nice beat. It doesn't talk about mental illness , guns or mass murders. Just leave the song alone. RIP Newtown.

  86. Anonymous

    I am not a great fan of CESHA , but she is pretty and has a good voice. The song has a nice beat. It doesn't talk about mental illness , guns or mass murders. Just leave the song alone. RIP Newtown.

  87. Austin White

    I thought her music was pretty bad influence on young women. Of course my generation was 90s rap but it was about the struggles of urban areas. Sure some lyrics may be bad but they didn't play the bad stuff on the radio.

  88. Jamie Dunwell

    Censorship at it's finest! That song is not related to the tragedy at hand, had been out for months and the lyrics have absolutely no bearing on that or any future situation of coincidence to the title! The phrase "Die Young" has been around for ages with no ill effect!

  89. Lucian Hughes

    its no different then when Pam Tillis pulled her hit song "I was blown away" after the Oklahouma City Federal Building bombing, it was done out of respect,,, so you all should respect the decision,

  90. Lucian Hughes

    um Brandon, you are saying that 50% of Newtons 6 and 7 year olds listened to that song, I doubt it. It is not about what the song is about it is about the title and the artist and radio agreed that the best thing to do was pull the song off of the airwaves, and take it off of the radios playlist out of respect and in light of the implications of the title of the song,

  91. Jamie Dunwell

    Why not throw out all of our amended rights because some wacko went off his meds and conducted a heinous act of violence… Public radio has pulled Ke$ias song "I want to die young" based solely on the title… I don't like the artist or the song, and I had to look it up on YouTube… That song has absolutely no bearing on children of the effected age. Kids that age should not be listening to that crap… the lyrics are about 21+ up "kids" who are meeting in a club partying and hooking up or whatever… a sample of the lyrics "That magic in your pants is makin' me blush". – Censorship at it's finest – govt influencing peer groups to control what they think is best for me! I'm tempted to go buy her album in support of the hit she's taking from a song that's been on the radio for months and has been removed by no fault of the artist! Is this still America?

  92. Anonymous

    The further sterilization of what used to be a free American society.

  93. Liam Stokley

    wow u guys obviously don't know good music. I agree this song didn't hve anything to do with the shooting cuz it dosent.the song has to with living in the moment which all u people who hate on others cant find anything to do besides trashing her fuckin AWESOME music.Its called if u don't have anything good to say don't say it at all K. so if your opinions are bad then don't say, type them at all K Bai.

  94. Aymen Ouellet

    wow! they're basically saying that this song is the cause for the shooting. PEOPLE ARE STUPID AS FUCK! don't be blaming stuff on people, just because the song was very popular on the same day the shooting went down, you can't just make a conclusion that "OH THE SONG WAS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE SHOOTING" and for all of you are saying Ke$ha sucks, that's not what the topic is. It's very sad that people are blaming a fucking massacre on a song. Who the fuck would listen to that song and be like "oh yeaaaahhhhh, I'm going to get my gun, break into and elementary school, and kill me some children" that's extremely stupid and unnecessary to think of silly stuff like this. PEOPLE GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIVES!

  95. Anonymous

    R u kidding me! Pull a song because of what happen, yes what happen is a tragedy but its a F&$*ing song. REALLY. This is part of the problem people are to concerned with to many peoples feelings that are not protected by the Constitution, The Bill of Rights or the Preamble. If the parents of the children that were murdered so senslessly have an issue with the song then fine stop playing it in their area. Not the world.

  96. Sonja S Bagby

    What about the Band Perry's song about dying young? It glorified that awful prospect in a terrible way.

  97. Joseph Leone

    This is a little drastic, no? Is Billy Joel's "Only the good die young" next? The title of the song isn't about killing people so why don't we relax and stop the over-analyzing

  98. Jesse Armstrong

    Like alot of songs out there today this is a great example of what not to do. Its a good example of not painting up someones church and absolute disrespect to faith. As you watch the video you will notice a upside down cross in it.
    This is a sign of the satanic occult. I am not surprised because alot of pop artitis are into some form of the satanic occult or some related to the Egyptian Gods. It all about selfishness and selft worship. Many will not agree because they do not understand this reply but some will and agree with it. We live in a fallen world were sin reigns supreme and because of this bad thing happen to good people and bad choices are made where in the end many will pay for their own destructive ways or life style.

  99. Lauren Jones

    Lucian Hughes You have no idea what music kids listen to. Usually it's what their parents listen to and 6-7 year olds have parents that are still pretty young. I worked in a school for a few years and you're overestimating the musical tastes of parents by a long shot.

  100. Jeff Wanca

    I don't like her and I don't listen to radio so I never heard the song snd can't offer an opinion other than I don't like the title.

  101. Kayla Heart

    The song was shitty anyways that's good its off the radio.Keshia with her illuminati ass!

  102. Jennie Moore

    It's a good song and if people felt sad listening to it because of the horrific event in Ct they can turn it off. There was not reason to pull it.

  103. Kim Sterlin

    I think its a good song and I love it, it shouldn't have been pulled just because of someone is mentally sick. like Kesha said herself its a celebration song, to live each and every single day like its your last. I'm a HUGE fan of Kesha! She has her own way of expressing herself through her songs, and this is how she feels.

  104. Dee Morrissette

    Most of all todays music is garbage, what happened to music of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's?

  105. Anonymous

    Actually, I don't really think the song is offensive, however when I heard David Guetta's Bullet Proof song, where it said, Fire Away, Fire Away, I did feel goosebumps, & flip the station.

  106. Brian Poole

    You can find something offensive in almost every text, song, message, broadcast…whatever if you are looking for it. Where do we draw the line between desensitizing and being overly sensitive? I guess its up to whoever is perceiving it.

  107. Linda Drawdy

    I don't see why her song should be pulled. I feel badly for the people involved in the shooting but if anything it should add meaning to the song not make it undisirable. Ke$ha's songs are fun and have a positive feeling to them. People can't just pull it because the title "might offend" someone. You can't walk down th street without making someone upset so they should stop trying to please everyone.

  108. Jié Xīn

    Looks like all crime shows should be canceled, and every song out there having to do with violence, because that'll totally get rid of the problems. Yes this is horrible, but to avoid the problems and what happened isn't going to change that it happened. To put blame on songs and things that were written far before the shooting and pull them out will not change anything.

  109. Jenna Levinson

    I don't think that radio stations had to wait for a tragedy to occur to pull a kesha song off the air.

  110. Brandon Cleary

    @ Lucian: First, re-read my post, I said 50% of the SCHOOL not the 6-7 year old's. Second, what Lauren said is very true and it wouldn't surprise me if the 6-7 year old's parents were listening to this song. Hell my 8 year old likes that song and I have to change the station. Third, Ke$sha would have to be a moron not to agree to take it down, it would be like her committing career suicide! "EXTRA, Ke$sha says F-you Newtown" Yeah right. Now they are gonna take my reply down because I said suicide….

  111. Heidi Voss

    I work at an amusement park and a mall. I hear little kids sing popular songs on the radio ALL the time.

  112. Anonymous

    first of all for ke$ha to say she is "known" for writing certain types of songs I'm not sure what she means cause she has only had one hit! to stop pulling music though because it relates to a certain incident is ridiculous because if that was the case there would be no songs at all, every song…….except for some of today's trash…….has a meaning and deals with real life situations.

  113. Anonymous

    youre so fucking stupid, you have to nerve to call these demons ARTISTS?

  114. Anonymous

    you clearly don't see those symbols in the video, this is why we could never unite.America is in for a rude awakening.

  115. Marcus H Barnhill

    Really? I think it's ridiculous. It makes me want to download it just because of that.

  116. Anonymous

    This is beyond ridiculous. There are several songs with the lyrics, "die young…" such as Icona Pop's "We Got The World". Artists have been writing songs the directly related to everyday life experiences since forever… this is just sending the wrong message to artists. On the other hand, I don't think the shooting had much to do with her track falling from the charts…after all that track has been out for awhile now. Maybe the track just fell because it's Ke$ha and people find more interesting music to hone in on.

  117. Tristan Shelley-Winishut

    You realize this is the oldest argument since radio began. This isn't the first time that a song or genre has been banned or pulled or even protested against for some assumed atrocity or affiliation with one. So bashing each other and one another's opinions doesn't change the fact its been pulled off the radio. You like it? Go buy it off iTunes. You don't? Celebrate the fact its tumbled off the charts. Either way QUIT YOUR BITCHING!

  118. Ali Andrews

    Her quote was on point about it celebrating the days you have, like they were the last. It has nothing about shooting or killing people. If anything people should be looking at other songs that are clearly talking about school shooting like Foster the people's hit song along with the popular song Titanium.

  119. Anonymous

    Stupid! In that case almost the whole Billboard charts…should be pulled from the radio stations…. Many movies, too… Books, places… How stupid… people are allowing evil to take over… But you are blaming things over a Kesha song…It's had been before a song…. Tell me is Kesha to blame because the mother of that killers used to collect guns? She should of have been collecting Music instead of guns!

  120. Anonymous

    in that case songs by Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga and many more should not be playing anywhere!

  121. Adnan Muhsen

    I'll keep my own views to myself on this one, but I must point out that it's pathetic that people base their opinions strictly on whether they previously liked Kesha or not.
    Almost everyone here that likes Kesha thinks the song has nothing to do with the tragedy and should be aired. Almost everyone who dislikes Kesha thinks it shouldn't. The only time people will progress is when they separate their views from their biases, or at least try to. Ill be surprised if someone on here likes kesha, and thinks the song shouldn't be aired, or vice versa.

  122. Nathaniel Pena

    Kesha is a bafoon, she obviously dont even know what her music is about, shes boo boo and im glad that crap is pulled . And yes that video song is very offensive its that bad…..that video is creepy and filled with evil. .

  123. Glenn Billingsley

    I am saddend and sick about what happend , but at the same time people have to stop having knee jerk reactions, There is no one to blame but the shooter and that is a touchy thing in itself because of his mentall health, maybe we need to stop ignoring people , there are other people who are mentally challenged or just Evil soo take time and get to know the people around you. STOP BLAMING AND START OBSERVING WE HAVE TO CHANGE OURSELVES.

  124. Nelson Verdejo

    ok now this is stupid… I always feel sorry for the victims, and I agree with the need to put more limits on guns, but now you just go to far when the world wants to somehow always find something in common with what the media is blasting…. this song has nothing to do with the shooting, its about living everyday like its your last… it has nothing violent but somehow just because of the coincidence of the title (which has nothing to do with the victims), they have to make this talented artist fall off the charts… violent lyrics are one thing, but a title that just happens to be coincidence is just stupid and the world is always trying to find something to associate extraneous pieces of work in order to find every little thing offensive… first at the dark knight shooting they kept blaming warner brothers saying its their fault for making the movie which is just absurd… there have been many dark and more violent movies in the past… just because the shooting occurred at a batman screening doesn't mean that the subject matter in a batman film provokes people…. now they have to look for anything to put the blame on… they blame guns, they blame mental illness, and its just not enough and theyre still offended so now they want to blame kesha? give me a break.

  125. Anonymous

    "Stripping down to dirty socks.."."That magic in your pants, it's making me blush…" Well, they certainly are not banning this song for being too profound.

  126. Ricky Enrique Velíz

    I had a best friend commit suicide a few months ago. Personally, I loved the song when it came out. It honestly was the perfect song for me in that it's just about living each moment like it's your last. I really don't think the song has a bad message at all, in fact it's quite positive. Our society tells its inhabitants to limit so many aspects of their lifestyles each day. Don't do this, don't do that, well if you're not satisfying yourself and having a good time and all you do is work work work, what are you really making out of your life? I guess the point of my post is I had a best friend who died, the song came out just a few months after and I thought it was great. I still think it is and whether or not you like the song, I think people need to think a bit more about whether or not they're fulfilling their own lives. You never know when life ends and you don't want to regret anything once it does.

  127. Anonymous

    Not to sound mean or anything but their are young people that die everyday and even when the song first came out I could turn on the news and here about another kid being killed in my area so I do not understand what is the difference now. Kids committing suicide or getting killed by other children and no one pulled any songs then.

  128. Patrick Jackson

    The only reason why Ke$ha's song was pulled from the radio was because the song began to drop on the charts drastically after the Connecticut tragedy. It was still in the top three when the shootings happened. If the song hadn't gone down on the charts, I still think radio stations would have kept playing it.

  129. Jaime Jones

    If you don't like it, change the channel. You don't have to listen. Its freedom of speech. Just because you think its garbage, doesn't make it garbage. Opinion does not make it fact. Brainwash? People have a brain to make a decision for themselves, they should use it! Its time we start blaming PEOPLE for their actions and not media and BRAINWASHING!

  130. Anonymous

    She is a more trashy (if that's possible) version of Brittney. Song is dumb her video blows.

  131. Thomas Lee Turner

    I used to think most of 80's songs had no substance.Comapred to what has been going on for the last 15 yeas or so I now consider them Gold.There easy an way to tell this.Are people still paying money to buy music or see concert's of so called artists from this period.Not bloody likely.

  132. Amanda Dee Velasquez

    Sad, it's a catchy song but oh well we gotta do what we gotta do.

  133. Anonymous

    Man…that was awful. It isn't offensive, it's just bad. Why is this song so popular again?

  134. Sam Martin

    Ridiculous. Elementary school shootings are clearly not what she was singing about. The song was written long before this shooting. The meaning doesn't suddenly change because of this tragedy.

  135. Charlotte Torres

    This is no more offensive than any other Ke$ha song. I mean this is the girl singing about brushing her teeth with a bottle of gin – yes it's racy (antiquated understatement of the year) but I think we can't allow people to terrorize us.

  136. Julie Tower

    I don't like this song but this is ridiculous to pull it. I don't think every station is pulling it either because I heard it on XM this morning on my way in to work.

  137. Charlie Jolliffe

    Whether its a garbage song or not, ( I recently saw Kesha at the Jingle Ball and I assure she is gross) I think people just aren't in the mood to hear the words "we're going to die young" sung 50 times over. I am sure no one really wants to hear "If I Die Young" too much right now either. I never liked that song in the 1st place. I don't want to hear my kids walking around the house singing "If I Die Young" because it makes me think about it happening, which is a reality that I face too often as it is.

  138. Ray Acosta

    The song is garbage and looks more like an Illuminati/ Skull and Crossbones secret society meeting.

  139. Christina Ference

    I can't stand Ke$ha. Let's pull Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry too. However, we should pull them because they have no talent.

  140. Anonymous

    I do find this offensive to my ears and eyes. Not really music, but softcore porn with a mediocre soundtrack.

  141. Patrick Jackson

    Also, just wanted to mention the "Die Young" video is still being played on MTV. I just saw it this morning.

  142. Kevin Jones

    This is exactly what is wrong with America. Wah, Wah, Wah, I don't want to offend anyone, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, I'm special. F$ck this nonsense. Go soak your frickin head America.

  143. Kenea Dekle

    I don't think it is offensive because it was made before the incident happened, the message is very clear to live your life to the fullest each and everyday as if it were your last. However I can understand how the the title of the song could offend people based on the horrible incident that occurred in CT. But in no way should they make the connection between the song and the massacre.

  144. Amanda Emily

    I hear your heart beat beat beat to the beat of the drums.
    oh what a shame that you came here with someone.
    lets make the most of the night like were going to die young.

  145. Ronnie Monroe

    The song itself is pure trash and the symbolism in the video, what's that about… What are they REALLY saying? Think about it…

  146. Doreen Steinhauser

    wow I just listened to this song(i use the term loosely).. it's not music, and she can't sing, so who cares what it is about. I would have shut off immediately…

  147. Jennifer Lynn Lutz

    They pulled this song, but yet I was watching T.V. last night and saw a commercial for a new movie coming out where they were gunning people down with machine guns in the preview. That didn't get pulled. What in the hell is wrong with our society?

  148. Anonymous

    This is the perfect example of why people are going crazy and doing things like mass shootings. Pulling a song because it's called "Die Young"? This is the country we live in today. Every day you wake up to something stupid like this these days. Eventually you too will snap.

  149. Anonymous

    Most of the music on the radio these days is garbage (including this), but this country needs to grow some skin. We are TOO sensitive. Blaming someone else for something we do seems to be the norm these days. That is also another problem with American society. No one is at fault except Adam Lanza!

  150. Stefanie Coley

    I have a problem with her pawning this off on producers or somebody "forcing" her to sing that lyric. She's listed as a songwriter and it isn't just a lyric. The thing is titled "Die Young". How about refusing to do the song at all if you have issues with it? Just own it already.

  151. Anonymous

    I am so glad it has been pulled. Our society is totally and completely out of control on everything. This song makes me sick. Shame on all these artists that think this trash is acceptable.

  152. Anonymous

    I thought the song was stupid and terrible even before the tragedy. Glad they yanked it! Selling music about death deserves to get yanked from the airwaves.We are living in the last days indeed. Don't know when Jesus is going to show up or come back but he definitley is getting ready.

  153. Angela Pirosko

    I have heard the song twice on 103.5. Makes me happy that they dont cave in to pressure. I mean if you dont a song on the radio, turn it to something else. if i hear a song that reminds me of something bad in my life, i friggin change it.

  154. Harry Reyhing

    Just another satanic trash song.Cant believe our Country has fallen this far when absolute garbage like this is "entertainments'The song glorifies satanism and death.Just look at all the symbolism and tone.Its such a shame that our young people are exposed to this type of filth each day.These "artists" one day will give an account to God one day on how they spiritually helped destroy our youth.They are all a disgrace,

  155. Jimmy Dixon

    I have no problem with the song…but why is she throwing in illuminate signs in the video? the one eye and the pyramids all through the video and upside down crosses?

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