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Confederate Flag Ban Approved By Texas School Board

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The confederate flag has been banned from a school district in Texas.

The school board members in Hays County voted 5-2 today to ban the confederate flag from school grounds. According to ABC News, the bars and stars will no longer be allowed on district property or district-sponsored events.

The Hays school district is currently comprised of 68% minority students.

According to UPI, Hays High School in San Marcos, Texas, used the confederate flag on team uniforms up until 2000. The flag was removed from uniforms but students were still allowed to display the flag at sporting events. In addition to banning the confederate flag, the school board has also decided to ban any imagery that is deemed “racially hostile, offensive or intolerant.”

Outgoing Superintendent Jeremy Lyon called for the ban after two students vandalized a black teacher’s classroom earlier this year. The student’s wrote racial slurs in the classroom and urinated on the door.

Lyon said:

“I have the utmost respect for history, but we need to make sure that we are creating school districts that are welcoming and inviting to all students.”

The school board voted earlier this year to keep Dixie as the school fight song. Dixie, like the confederate flag, represents southern tradition but also recalls painful memories of slavery.

Country singer Trace Adkins recently stirred up a controversy over the confederate flag.

At the time, Adkins said:

“As a proud American I object to oppression of any kind. To me, the battle flag represents remembrance of my Southern lineage – I am a descendant of Confederate soldiers who followed that flag into battle. I advocate for the preservation of America’s battlefields and honest conversation about our Country’s history. To those who view the flag as a symbol of racism, that was not my message and I did not intend offense.”

Do you think the school made the right decision to ban the confederate flag? Do you think other schools will do the same?

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34 Responses to “Confederate Flag Ban Approved By Texas School Board”

  1. Kevin Retcho

    Don't they still have flag day in Arkansas signed by Bill Clit -Ton Anyway the American flag was flying under slavery also so what the big deal it called showing heritage nothing more liberals suck.

  2. Omar Alvarez

    Texas has been under Six Flags, one of them the Confederate flag, Let it wave proudly over Texas………….

  3. Jim Blankenship

    And once again, trying to sweep under the rug" our past, & pretend like it never happened. *SIGH*

  4. Israel Yzaguirre,r:16,s:0,i:204&tx=77&ty=78

  5. Robert Litman

    Kevin, you sound and look like a MORON!!! Oh wait, YOU ARE A MORON!

  6. Lori L Licause

    So, if I understand this, they have decided that this isn't the Confederate flag, it's a symbol of slavery? Wonder if the soldiers who died for it understand. Guess when you get enough inbreds complaining, you can get anything done. They probably still believe the civil war was about slavery…. HINT— it was about states rights to decide how each state wanted to run their state not matter what the vocal (make that bitching) minority wants the books to read.

  7. Robert Litman

    Another Freedom denied by a minority group. I did not serve my country to cater to a third world governmental beliefs. If they want to fly the Confederate flag, let them fly it, who are we to dictate what a person is entitled to promote. I've never flown the Confederate Flag but I sure as hell will now. You've pissed this Yankee off!

  8. Gregory Johnson

    Thanks Lori, yes the civil war was more about states rights, and guess what, all 50 states have recently sent a petition to the Government asking to seceed because of states rights.

  9. Deb Mavrick

    I'm so proud that my great great granddad went down to Atlanta, killed rebels and their families, freed their slaves, burned their cities, and destroy their "way of life." I hope I did not offend anyone but if I did I'm sorry your offended.

  10. Brandon Spears

    The war was fought primarily over the tariff tax imposed by the north. The Confederate flag has nothing to do with racism; and it's probably the most aesthetically-beautiful flag there is.

  11. Elijah Black

    It was also about economics and having a national currency instead of local $ that was not recognized anywhere outside that local area. Part of why America thrived after the Civil War was due to this policy change. Basically making all money outside the U.S currency insignificant. People could basically no longer print up their own money. One major reason Abraham Lincoln was hated like he was and for dozens of years they had to hide his body after he was assassinated. I'm a history buff as you may recognize.. LOL

  12. Eric Ekstrand

    Yes, the CONfederate flag was and is a symbol of oppression and slavery. State's rights my ass. The state's rights for its citizens to own slaves! The south lost the civil war. GET OVER IT!

  13. Bill Markus

    Or,,, secede!!!!! theres plenty room in Texas for everyone that hates our country!!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    states rights to enslave blacks is what you mean by the war being about states rights.

  15. Chris Johnson

    All you have to do is pull the race card and everyone will take a step back because they are afraid of what people think of them. That's the only reason Obama got re-elected. I do not approve.

  16. Kevin Retcho

    I wonder if the same liberal know history over 550 to 600 thousand white men sacrificed their lives to end slavery boy things they don't teach during black history month.

  17. Tommy Anderson

    There is no confederacy. It was erased in 1865. The flag they used should be banned over the whole world. Let this be a message to secessionists. Secession didn't work in 1861, and it will not be tolerated now. I would be proud to take up arms for the union to make sure if the fools in Texas, led by their teaparty governor try again. Bring it on.

  18. Nick Ames

    Robert E. Lee and the "Rebels" believed that their First Loyalty was to Virginia's or their state's government. A throwback to the Chaos and Bloodshed and Clan Warfare of Old Europe. How could that work today? Others believed in a Future where the Union is Indivisible, One Nation from Sea to Shining Sea, The Union Forever. Slavery was bound to fall and Poor Whites would have revolted. Lincoln was willing to continue the dialog on Slavery and other Issues, but the Demons and Monsters wanted Glorious War and they got it. Since then the Racists and Haters hijacked that flag and we all know it. The Klan rode out to kill under it all the time! Everybody knows when and where they're welcome or not, quit pretending. ALL the Veterans of both sides had regular Re-Unions through the years, so why can't we think straight today? People who CLAIM their Issue is State's Rights & Liberty can carry their State Flag 24/7 to show their "Pride" if they want. Be Real!

  19. Brad Fields

    ONCE AGAIN the proffessional VICTIMS get their way! I was NOT a SLAVE OWNER, my family DID NOT own SLAVES, and I'm PRETTY SURE There AREN'T any FORMER SLAVES ALIVE TODAY! OK, FAIR IS FAIR; IF YA' WANNA' be RACIALLY SENSITIVE let's just do that! The NEXT TIME a BLACK comedian uses words like CRACKER, HONKY, WHITE DEVIL SLAVE MASTER or uses the N. word towards HIS OWN race, he should be BANNED from the stage and ever performing again!

  20. Brad Fields

    HEY P.O.O.N.T.A.N.G, or whatever your name is, Read a few books BEFORE you open your BIG MOUTH!!

  21. Roy Maddox

    well gee………if the "African Americans" and the "latino's" and all the other "peoples" can fly their flags, even though they "might" be Americans, natural or made", I think this is a form of CENSORSHIP and FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Sorry but I for one think the Confederate Flag is beautiful and just like our own American Flag I think is beautiful AND the flag of the Great State Of Texas is as well. You tell me I can't fly that flag and you had damn well better tell all the others they can't fly theirs cause the first time I see you turn a blind eye…..I'm going to poke you in the other to make you look at what you created. You take those that did the wrong and you make them the goat…..the rest of us are getting sick and tired of taking the sh** for everyone else and having to suffer. PUNISH the OFFENDERS, not the law abiders.

  22. Christine Caviness Philpott

    Brandon you are so right! People and I mean people from all areas of this country, race, religion and personal beliefs seem to think this flag is a racist theme for all Southerners and even some from the North. This was a battle flag, just one of many that were used in the War. It would not have mattered if we flew any of the Confederate flags they would still scream racism. It is a beautiful flag, but still just a flag. People need to do some research on this subject and then have responsible responses not just hate mongering.

  23. Christine Caviness Philpott

    Its people like you Tommy that turn this entire subject into a screaming racist hate mongering issue. Suggestion : READ!! Take the time to research your information. Oh and just so you get this we will not tolerate the continued HATE and LIES that people such as your self would like us to subscribe to.Be careful what you say today because tomorrow you may have to back up those hateful words.

  24. Tommy Anderson

    My words should not be construed as hateful. I do mean what I say about taking up arms for the union to keep this republic that was once almost rent apart by slave owners. If you really have the conviction to start a revolution, then begin. You cant begin to know the power of the military that will be brought to bear against revolutionaries. There will be no peaceful secession, if thats what you think. A lot of blood was spilled to maintain this union. I served my country in the military for 6 years. I am a native Texan. But I am an AMERICAN FIRST, and a Texan second. If there is another civil war I will move to New York if I have to and stand with the Union. GOD Bless the USA.

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