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Samuel L. Jackson: Don’t Blame Shootings On Movies, Games

Samuel L. Jackson - Don't Blame Shootings On Movies

Samuel L. Jackson has insisted that violent movies and videogames should not be blamed for atrocities such as the Newtown school massacre.

Speaking to The Los Angeles Times, the 63-year-old star of gun-heavy movies such as Pulp Fiction and new revenge fantasy Django Unchained, said:

“I don’t think movies or video games have anything to do with it.”

Though Samuel L. Jackson’s argument was not expanded upon – the quote was a sample from an upcoming Times article about him – the actor also believes reducing the number of guns is not the answer:

“I don’t think it’s about more gun control, I grew up in the South with guns everywhere and we never shot anyone. This (shooting) is about people who aren’t taught the value of life […] We need to stop deranged people from getting access to guns.”

Jackson believes that parents and role models have a crucial role in teaching the importance of life and that such action will achieve more than a reduction in the number of firearms.

In the days since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, many Hollywood stars have called for tighter controls over access to guns and firearms:

Jackson seemed to echo this sentiment when he told The Times:

“We need to stop deranged people from getting access to guns.”

Do you agree with Samuel L. Jackson?

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31 Responses to “Samuel L. Jackson: Don’t Blame Shootings On Movies, Games”

  1. Chris Sheppard

    fully agree with him. Gun control at this point will not work. Too many guns in circulation. Gun control will just hurt our economy by killing businesses. These kinda people will still find ways to get guns. What we need to do is fix mental health care and find these killers before they kill.

  2. Andre Jitta

    I agree with him. Gun control is not the answer! criminals are going to get a gun, all gun control is going to do is empower the criminal becuse he knows the law abiding citizen is going to follow the law and he is not going to follow the law. This is not a left vs right issue. If yu give the gov the power to rewrite the 2nd amendment. Well who is to say that they wont rewrite or even abolish amendments! The consituion is the law of this land, and if you start to change it well you might as well build your own prison! Power corupts, absolute power corupts absolutly!

  3. Eddie Garcia

    Gun control will only effect those who own guns legally. It will not stop criminals from obtaining them illegally. Pretty simple. Morals and the value of a life start in the home.

  4. Laurence Socci

    Wow! An actor who makes a living off violent movies and video games says violent movies and video games are not the problem. Next thing you know, the people at the NRA will say guns are not the problem.

  5. Patrick Turner

    Samuel Jackson is an avowed racist. Anything that comes out of his mouth, no matter now useful, should be carefully analyzed. Although I own some guns, like many people, I would have to listen to responsible other parties who do not hate white people with such passion.

  6. Brenda Wooten

    hmmm…and here I thought the subject of this article was video games…which, in my opinion, have desensitized a nation of young people to the value of life. and when mentally ill or socially ostracized young men play these games that allow them to feel all powerful instead of powerless and justified in their actions because they have a mission to complete onscreen which can only be accomplished by gathering weapons, plotting a strategy and then implementing it, killing the most people or aliens or whatever, it eventually gets in their heads that that's how I can show em…i'll just kill em all and then I'll be important and then they'll know I'm not weak, I'm stronger than "them".

  7. Elijah Horn

    Regulating guns is not the ansewer there are guns other than assault rifles that have multiple round magizines. I how ever disagree with Mr Jackson. We do not fully undrestand the effects that long term exposure to violent video games has on a developing mind. Especially if the child has some sort of a mental illness or a learning dissability. When I was a kid we went out side to play, we used our imagination to play. Today kids seldom do that, video games in particular do not allow a kid to use his or her imagination the video game is the imagination for the child. There is a disconnect in my opinion with playing video games that carrys over to reality for some kids. In other words,, violence and killing are are normal ways to solve problems. Most kids play video games of all kinds with no problems the line of fantasy and reality are well defined. But for some children and adults for that matter especially those who may have a mental illness of some sort. We really don't know the effect these things have on childrens developing minds.

  8. Blank Page

    Kids, gun control is the beginning to the answer. Criminals currently can carry concealed weapons legally, and purchase assault weapons legally, which have clips of 30 or more rounds. Law abidding people who own guns, and follow the rules, are usually not the ones who commit these types of murderous acts. it is someone with a problem of one type or another. It has been increasingly become more difficult to identify these people, and gun laws have allowed them to purchase weapons which are designed to kill many PEOPLE in a very short amount of time..thus calling them Assault rifles. Granted, one could use other methods, which has been the most common argument, but the other methods make their task very difficult, and limits them to a smaller number of attacks.
    The Right To bare Arms is a heavy responsibility, and part of that responsibility is to recognize that these weapons are not appropiate for civilian use, just as a howitzer would not be, or a rocket launcher. Guns are not toys, and anyone who shoots "Because it is fun" owns a deadly weapon for the wrong reason.

  9. Blank Page

    If these businesses are the only concern, then to hell with them…they can still sell rifles, and handguns…they don't need to sell weapons designed to kill people…that is what an assault rifle is. If you are worried someone is going to attack you, get a dog, and a hand gun…you don't need much else, unless you intend to kill everyone in the path.

  10. Blank Page

    The problem with that logic, is that assult weapons are very easy to track if limited by law. If someone purchases one on the internet, it could be from the ATF, who could then find the person, and question them.
    Laws right now protect the shooters, and do nothing for the innocent people who become victims of these attacks.

  11. Blank Page

    If you have ever seen the movie Jackie Brown…the logic of many "Gun Enthusiasts " is expressed by Jackson in that movie.

  12. Blank Page

    You are dead wrong Eddie. If people who own guns legally follow the rules, they will be protected. Assault rifles are weapons designed to kill many people in a short period of time…nothing else. To own one because it is fun, is the wrong reason. Rifles are more than enough for the average person, as it stands right now, nothing can be done to curb assault weapon violence…laws need to change, and help protect innocent people.

  13. Yo Tega

    First and foremost I'm not a gun control freak nor am I an advocate for loose regulations. I have to comment on your "they don't need to sell weapons designed…" statement. If you are reffering to firearms then restricting the sale of firearms designed to "hurt people" would include ALL firearms. Make no mistake that a firearm's first and only use is to inflict damage. I know that statement will bring in the "self protection" bullshit argument. To that I ask this: How does a gun protect? Why does a gun protect in such a way? Let me answer: A firearm isn't a "tool" like a hammer. Yes, one can kill with a hammer, but a hammer has many other uses outside of damage infliction. A hammer was designed to help construct. Firearms, on the other hand, were designed to inflict damage. Can one build a house with a firearm? The point: We have to stop pretending that firearms are something other than weapons designed to inflict quick and lethal damage. If you disagree then you should not own a firearm.

  14. Kevin Briner

    Gun control isn't the answer but idiot actors who protray shooting people as cool, and then say not my fault isn't the answer either. Samuel L. Jackson has proven his lack of character over and over this year. While I agree that gun control isn't the issue these phony actors don't speak for me. For you ant-gun people I don't even own a gun but I do respect people's 2nd ammendment rights.

  15. Robert Tippett

    Every school should have a School Resource Officer (SRO), and, just in case, two or three armed staff members who have had firearms training. All new schools should be one-building schools with automatic lock-down systems. Fire doors and safety windows should be as close to impenetrable as possible. Drills should be conducted at least twice a month. Those teachers who volunteer for the security team should receive hazardous-duty pay (perhaps tax-free pay). Before and after school, the security team should be outside standing guard. Students should not be allowed to loiter outside the school. Playgrounds should have tall security fences, or, better yet, walls. Access to the school should be highly restricted.

  16. Brenda Wooten

    if Blank Page is full of sh/t, could you please let me know what reason a civilian would have to own an assault rifle? hunting deer by the mobful? geese by the gaggle? ducks by the brace? zombie apocalypse perhaps?

  17. Eddie Garcia

    Once again, it starts with your upbringing. Most people who own assault rifles have never gone on a rampage. Assault rifles are used in competitions. Access to them is probably to easy I'll admit, but I'm sorry, nobody is turning in their guns, including me.

  18. Kris Maness

    Gun control won't change a thing. What we need is CRAZY PEOPLE control. There are plenty of guns that are super dangerous in lots of homes. It's when unstable people have them that Columbine/Sandy Hook situations happen.

  19. Sharon Akins

    Gun control is not the answer. The answer is parents stepping up and telling their kids what is fantasy and what is reality, that there are consequences to their actions in the real world and teaching them right from wrong and taking an ACTIVE role in their life. Yeah, they may say they hate you for it, but in fact, its the best thing you could do. Taking guns from law abiding citizens isn't the answer as it not only destroys our constitutional right to bear arms, it leaves law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals because you can have all the laws and regulations on guns you want about criminals not being able to buy guns, but that won't stop them from stealing them or getting them illegally. The black market has been around for how many hundreds of years? There is always some sick person who will risk getting caught to start havoc somewhere and sell guns illegally to someone. Generally its all about greed. They make money off starting wars.

  20. Diane Biggerstaff Reno

    It doesn't help shape the young minds. And parents may control video games in the home and then they go to a friends home and those parents do not control violent video games. It is hard to police violent video games for our children. Sam Jackson, you have the money to control what goes on. You can afford to have someone in the home all the time…………but not the general public. So, I realize you make your living by Film. And it has been entertaining. all over the United States.. how do we control what young minds see? You tell me Samual I Jackson!

  21. Debbie Kilian

    movie, games dont help the learning process for a young child all it teaches is violence.

  22. Sharon Akins

    How can you call him racist when he WORKS with white people in all or most of his films?

  23. Keith Ringgenberg

    Blank Page can you even define the difference between my hunting guns and those so called assault weapons?

  24. Andy Womack

    Brenda Wooten, Contrary to poular oppinion we do not live in a democracy, we live in a republic where it isn't the majority who are given power to decide what is best for everyone, it is not the president or vice president, congress, the senate, or even the supreme court that is given the power to decide. In this country the power to make decisions is given by the constitution to every armed citizen who believes in freedom, and the government was set up to always be under the threat of the people, so that power mongers couldn't turn on the people, and the servile Tories couldn't hand the population over to tyrany. Lord Acton, John Locke, Age of Enlightenment, Social Contract Theory, Reason Religion & Enthusiasm, Knowledge and Probability, Lincoln, The Weak and the Strong, Covenant, do some reading.

  25. Andy Womack

    Blank Page Blank expression, on my face. How evil are you? Seriously Micheal Vick, you are going to use a dog as a indescriminate weapon? What if your attack dog mauls a little kid? That would be a lot worse than shooting some burglar with an AR 15. Even if that dog killed a buglar, how badly do you want a person to suffer before they die? Sick sick sick, and they would have to put the dog down afterwards either way. That is just terrible. Also all weapons are designed to kill, otherwise we wouldn't call them weapons. Please from here on out be either ignorant, or evil, just not both at the same time. Thank you.

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