Duggar Family News: Fans Call On Duggars To Put Faith Into Action Amidst Family’s Silence On Charlottesville

The official Duggar family Facebook page recently uploaded a post about the importance of maintaining people’s love for God. Citing Matthew 24:12, the iconic conservative Christian family referenced a line in the New Testament verse about the love of many going cold. Responses to the status update were mostly positive, with many agreeing with the theme of the Duggars’ post. Some of the family’s social media followers, however, noticed something missing from the Duggars so far — a statement on the tragedy that unfolded in Charlottesville, VA.

The Duggars have always been quite unspoken about various issues plaguing the United States and the world. Being pro-life, anti-contraception, and anti-evolution, the Duggars have courted controversy in the past, especially with matriarch Michelle Duggar’s stance that abortion today is killing roughly the same amount of babies as the Holocaust in World War 2.

As noticed by the family’s social media followers, however, the family has been quite silent about the events in Charlottesville, VA, where groups of white supremacists were involved in violent demonstrations against anti-racism protesters. The clashes became so violent that it claimed the life of Heather Heyer, who was killed when a car driven by one of the white nationalists plowed through protesters, as noted in this ABC News report.

Immediately after the Duggars posted the message about man’s love for God growing cold, several of their followers immediately called on the family to denounce the racism and hate that is plaguing the country anew. Some even went bolder, telling the Duggars that the time is right to put faith into action and take a stance.

“Please focus on the world now. Please denounce racism and hatred. Jesus focused on the world and made it better every day. As a family that many admire, you can do the Lord’s work by speaking out about hate,” one of the Duggars’ Facebook followers wrote.

Other members of the Duggars’ Facebook community also mentioned that the family has always been quite outspoken about pertinent issues in the country. One particular follower even noted that when the tragic shooting of Republicans on a baseball diamond happened in the past, the Duggars immediately issued a statement to denounce the event. Thus, their silence about the Charlottesville event has been very noticeable.

“I do not want to bash the Duggars. I just think that this is a time to put faith into action. If we are quiet, then the white supremists [sic] and Nazis win. This family is very political and takes many stands. I am asking them to stand up against hatred. Surely the Lord would approve,” wrote one commenter.

“They had no problem speaking out against the horrible shooting of Republicans on the baseball diamond. So far their silence about Charlottesville speaks volumes,” wrote another.

So far, the Duggar family remains silent about the tragedy that unfolded in Charlottesville, VA. There has been no statement denouncing the events, nor has there been any posts suggesting the family’s stance on the matter. For now, fans and social media followers of the Duggars would simply have to wait and see if the family does indeed address the nation’s most pressing national issue to date.

[Featured Image by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]