‘BB19’ Spoilers: Paul Abrahamian Flips The House Against Kevin Schlehuber, Who Is The Double Eviction Target?

BB19 spoilers reveal that Paul Abrahamian has turned the Big Brother house against fan-favorite, Kevin Schlehuber. It wasn’t easy to do, but Kevin’s recent sketchy behavior gave the BB18 vet an opening to turn the BB19 house against the stay at home dad.

Kevin’s biggest problem is he runs his mouth way too much. He reveals too much about his game and unknowingly hurts the game of his alliance int he process. BB19 spoilers indicate that Kevin told Paul that Cody Nickson respects him (Kevin) the most in the game. He disclosed one of his biggest strategies in Big Brother. Online Big Brother shared that Kevin told Paul that he acts dumb so people say things that they wouldn’t ordinarily reveal to him.

Paul explained to Alex Ow that Josh Martinez stated that Kevin won the $25,000. Of course, the Big Brother fans know that Paul told Josh that juicy tidbit a few weeks ago. Paul asked Alex to not tell anyone about the $25,000 yet. Alex didn’t appear to believe Paul completely about the money.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Alex wondered why Mark Jansen believes that it was Ramses Soto that won the money. In fact, Alex remembers Mark saying that he knew for a fact that it was Ramses. Paul recalls Mark saying the same thing and wonders if he has a deal with Kevin, too.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Paul broke down Kevin’s winnings to Alex. He said that Kevin won the $25,000 plus $15,000 stipend, which Paul pointed out is only $10,000 less than the BB19 second place winner’s prize. Alex agreed if the information is correct, it may be time to let Kevin go. Paul’s biggest hurdle is that Alex doesn’t completely believe him. He really needs her to trust him completely moving into the first double eviction of the season.

So far, Alex and Paul agree that Cody Nickson will leave for Week 7’s eviction. Then, they planned to go after Mark and Matt Clines, but Paul proposed going after Kevin next instead. Alex isn’t sure about getting rid of Kevin before Mark but would consider it.

Big Brother 19 fans, who do you think will go home on Thursday after Cody — Mark, Matt, or Kevin? Do you think the BB19 house could flip and take Paul out of the BB19 game?

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings on CBS.

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