Cody Nickson, BB19

‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Alex Considers A New Target, Cody Ups His Social Game, & Mark Is In Trouble

Big Brother 19 spoilers tease Cody Nickson may survive another week if he plays nice with Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez. The spoilers revealed that a rivalry between Alex Ow and Elena Davies is heating up. Cody realizes that to survive in the BB19 house, he must stop isolating himself and mingle with the other houseguests. Other Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Mark Jansen believes that if Cody leaves during Week 7 eviction, he would be the next big target.

To recap Week 7 so far, Alex won the HOH competition and nominated Jason and Elena. Matt lost the safety challenge, which made him the third nominee. Mark won the safety competition which guaranteed his safety for the week. Matt won the POV and hadn’t said what he plans to do just yet.

Online Big Brother shared that Elena wants to win the next HOH competition so she can target Alex. She muses that she hopes she can pull it off to get justice for Jessica Graf. Elena still believes that Cody is the target for the week. She has no idea that Alex was considering voting her out and keeping Cody.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Alex has a feeling that Elena is gunning for her. Paul isn’t sure if now is the time to cut Elena loose, but is willing to do whatever Alex wants to do. Matt Clines won the POV and will probably take himself off the block. If he takes himself off the block, there will be no option for a renomination since he was the third nominee.

Elena Davies, BB19
Elena Davies wants Alex Ow out of the house next. [Image by CBS]

There was some talk about Matt using the POV to save Jason so Alex can backdoor Cody, but to do that, Matt would have to stay on the block and risk being voted out. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that it seems unlikely that Matt would jeopardize his safety to get Cody out of the house. Right now, Elena is a much bigger threat in the Big Brother house. Elena told Mark that she wanted to get Alex out next week and then take out Paul. If Paul figures out that she’s gunning for him, she will be voted out this week.

Alex Ow, BB19
Alex considers Elena as Week 7’s target. [Image by CBS]

Big Brother 19 spoilers revealed that Mark realizes that when Cody is out of the house, he will be the number one target. He may want to keep Cody in the house to keep Paul from gunning for him. Of course, Mark hasn’t figured out that Elena is a bigger target than anyone in the house right now. Do you think Matt will use the POV to save himself? Do you think Elena could go home this week?

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