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Kailyn Lowry Talks Custody Of Baby Lo And Baby Daddy Chris Lopez’s Involvement

It’s been almost a week since Kailyn Lowry gave birth to Baby Lo, though the mother-of-three has yet to settle on a name for her newest child. She has discussed previously that she was reluctant to name the father of the baby, given the fact that the pair weren’t on the greatest terms to begin with. She stated that she didn’t know how involved he would be in the baby’s life, and wasn’t even sure if he would attend the labor and delivery.

Rumors swirled that Chris Lopez, Baby Lo’s father, had actually blocked Kail’s number and that many people were worried he would be a no-show to the big event. However, Kailyn Lowry was relieved that in the end, he did decide to show up to his son’s birth.

Since Kail wasn’t sure how involved Chris would be in Baby Lo’s life, many have wondered about their custody agreement and whether or not he would be involved at all. Much to Kail’s relief, it seems like Chris is actually stepping up to the plate and that the pair are going to work on co-parenting their newest addition instead of leaving it all on Kailyn’s shoulders, as she likely expected.

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Kailyn Lowry has stated that the pair haven’t worked out a legal agreement at the moment, which is partially because they have verbally agreed to allow Chris to see the child whenever he wants to. Kail revealed that she isn’t even thinking about making a custody agreement at this point in time because the pair are doing so well together that she doesn’t think they’ll need to put anything in writing. Hopefully, that will stick for the pair.

Kail got candid with Radar Online when she discussed the details of Baby Lo’s birth. Kailyn Lowry said that her entire labor was only about two hours, which is relatively short. She was able to contact Chris as soon as the labor pains started and he met her there, and the pair were seen exiting the hospital together. Both were all smiles as Kail shielded Baby Lo from the waiting paparazzi, as she revealed his photo on her own terms.

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