'Below Deck Mediterranean' Stars Malia And Wes Reveal If They Are Still Together [Featured Images by Bravo]

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Stars Malia And Wes Reveal Whether They Are Still Together

Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean is officially over but are Malia and Wes still together? The reality stars recently sat down with Hollywood Life and admitted their romance is stronger than ever, despite all the drama that unfolded in the season finale.

Malia’s relationship with Wes did not come easy. The two found themselves locked in a heated love triangle with Adam all season long. Fortunately, the drama cooled down once the cameras turned off and Malia was able to connect with Wes on a deeper level.

“Once the season came to a wrap and the cameras disappeared, Wes and I were lucky enough to get to know who one another without all the drama and outside influences. He’s an amazing guy, and we are having fun seeing where things go!” Malia shared.

For Wes, the key was not having the rest of cast causing constant interference. With the charter season over, Bravo TV reports that Wes and Malia were able to share some alone time on land and discover new things about each other. As far as the Below Deck love triangle is concerned, Malia was hesitant to use the label and blamed cabin fever lust on what happened in front of the cameras. Wes couldn’t agree more.

“Haha, I think the term ‘love’ misrepresented what was going on. A few guys on the boat had an interest in Malia and pursued that, knowingly that other guys on the boat were doing the same,” Wes explained.

“It was more a bunch of people fumbling around trying to figure out their emotions.”

Wes believes that Adam was misguided in his attempts to hook up with Malia. Instead of searching for love, Wes thinks that Adam was trying to play the heartbreak card too much. He also said that Adam should have told him about his feelings for Malia a lot sooner than towards the end of the season.

Malia, meanwhile, also cleared up the notion that she was playing Wes and Adam the entire time. Malia explained how she liked Adam until she discovered he was looking for a more serious and long-term relationship. That’s when she started falling for Wes, who was more laid back and shares similar interests.

“It was hard not to fall for him,” Malia added. “When the ‘love triangle’ drama came to a peak both guys showed their true characters in their reactions to one another and myself. It’s safe to say, after that, the decision was easy to make.”

While Season 2 is officially in the books, we still have a reunion special to look forward to. It isn’t clear how Adam reacted to Wes and Malia’s romance outside of the show, but Malia assured fans that everyone is ready to move on past the drama during the reunion. Whether or not this means that Adam will keep his cool is another matter entirely.

The Season 2 reunion, Watch What Happens Live: Below Deck Mediterranean, airs August 15 on Bravo.

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