Nathan Ward: Utah Doctor Allegedly Sexually Abused, Sodomized Young Girls, Viewed Explicit Photos Of Children

Dr. Nathan Ward, a Utah gynecologist who has been in practice for 25 years, has been charged with sexually abusing and sodomizing young girls in his care, including victims as young as 13, the Desert News is reporting. He’s also facing multiple counts of child pornography-related charges.

According to a criminal complaint issued this week, Ward, 55, was charged with 11 felonies involving sexual crimes against children in his care. A few weeks earlier, on July 20, Ward had been arrested on child pornography charges. He posted bail on those charges but was rearrested this week on the new charges.

Between 2012 and 2015, according to the documents, he repeatedly sexually abused a young girl in his care, described only as “a minor female.”

“[Ward] occupied a position of special trust to this minor female.”

It appears as if Ward was done in by his inability to keep the details of his alleged crimes to himself.

In November of 2016, authorities began to investigate the computer activity at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah, where Ward worked. Officials detected that images of children being sexually exploited were being uploaded to an email address associated with that hospital. That address belonged to Ward.

Another email address, attached to an IP address in Idaho, was also linked to Ward.

Nathan Ward is accused of using workplace emails to upload child pornography.

Using online instant messaging, as well as Craigslist ads, Ward allegedly bragged about his sexual exploits with minor girls.

“The suspect discloses that he has raped a 15-year-old who was drunk on vodka, after her father ‘set it up.’ The suspect also states he raped a 13-year-old.”

Back in July, following his arrest on child pornography charges, former patients of Ward spoke to KSTU-TV (Salt Lake City).

Megan Jeppson said she was “shocked and disgusted.” However, she also said that she had a troubling feeling about him from the start.

“Something about him really left me disturbed.”

Former patient Angeli Cruz, however, never suspected anything about the doctor.

“It just blows my mind, I never thought of him being a person like that,” she said. “He kinda made me feel like family, like I was safe.”

A Utah gynecologist is accused of sexually abusing young patients.

Another patient, who asked not to be identified, spoke highly of the doctor but was understandably jarred by the notion that she was under his care while he was alleged to be sexually abusing young girls.

“He was an amazing doctor. With that being said, it appears this investigation has been going on November of last year until now.. which was my entire pregnancy. I’m extremely upset that they would let him still practice while finding out about all these horrible things… I feel violated and sick about the whole thing if all allegations are true.”

If convicted on all criminal counts against him, Ward could face life in prison.

[Featured Image by Davis County Jail]