‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden’s A Runaway Bride, Rebecca Budig Back Soon

General Hospital spoilers from the latest soap magazines reveal that Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) are heading for an uncomfortable date with destiny. Hayden’s ex-husband, Jared (Matt Corboy), continues to threaten their happiness, and Hayden knows her entire life is unraveling. The latest info says on the eve before their wedding day, Hayden and Finn have a blistering argument that could tear them apart, and it’s all about her old life as Rachel Berlin.

The truth did not set them free

On Friday’s GH, Finn heard Hayden on the phone with the bank using her real name, Rachel Berlin, in connection with the fake company she set up to steal money from General Hospital. That shady activity, combined with Hayden lying about going to see her dad, Raymond Berlin (Robert Curtis Brown), had Finn questioning his fiancee. Hayden responded to Finn’s questions with anger and frustration, but she finally came clean about her DUI hit and run and Jared going to prison to pay for her crime.

GH fans saw Finn respond supportively, and he reminded her that she stood by him at his lowest point and got him through addiction. Finn was hurt that she didn’t turn to him and let him support her. He was also angry that she thought he would slide back into drug abuse over her bad news. The argument went nuclear when Hayden began saying nasty things about Finn’s dead wife, Reiko. Hayden expected Finn to dump her for how she treated him and all of her lies and then walked out on his declaration of love.

Hayden disappears on her wedding day

New General Hospital spoilers for Monday, August 14 promise that Finn turns to his pal Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) to talk about the argument with Hayden. Curtis knows Hayden is up to something after he caught her in the park with smarmy Jared. After talking with Curtis, Finn is angry because he discovers Curtis knew Jared was in town and hassling Hayden. Finn is harder hit when he learns Hayden is missing and won’t make it to the church on time.

Other GH spoilers for Monday promise Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) meets up with Jared and encourages him to ruin Hayden and Finn’s lives. Franco (Roger Howarth) is back in town but won’t enjoy a lengthy reunion with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) because of the wedding disaster. Liz finds out Hayden is missing and goes looking for her sister — and finds her. While Liz finds her sister, Franco finds someone else that played a big role in what’s happening now: his BFF Liesl.

Obrecht hit by karma, will Fayden wedding happen?

Franco encounters Dr. O, and she’s giddy with joy that Hayden and Finn’s happiness was crushed. However, General Hospital spoilers from TV Source say Obrecht’s glee at the misfortunes of others will come back to bite her. Franco realizes Obrecht knows something about what’s going on with Hayden when she should not. That sparks Franco’s curiosity. It seems that Obrecht will get to see Finn’s life devastated, but she won’t come out unscathed.

In a new interview with ABC Soaps in Depth, GH writer Shelly Altman promised there’s a last twist coming in the tale of Finn and Hayden. This begs the question of whether Hayden will show up at the church, say “I do” to Finn, but then run out of town. The same day Hayden leaves Port Charles, so does her ex-husband Jared, and that guy is rumored not to be seen again. But what about Hayden? Rebecca Budig is done shooting scenes, so will next week be Hayden’s last in Port Charles?

Hayden leaves, but returns, here’s what you must know

Although Hayden falls off the General Hospital character canvas next week, Rebecca Budig said she was open to coming back, and executive producer Frank Valentini said it could happen. What’s not clear is exactly how Hayden exits and whether she runs away to spare Finn from more trouble or if she’s forcibly taken by her vengeful ex Jared. Either way, the latest SID spilled the news that we will get one last look at Hayden in a few weeks.

So, for now, she’s gone from Port Charles probably without a ring on her finger, according to these GH spoilers, and seemingly disappears before she pops up one more time and then is gone for good.

Will you be sad to see Hayden go for good? Will you miss Rebecca Budig? Don’t miss any of the action on GH as Hayden’s fate in Port Charles comes to a riveting conclusion in these General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 14.

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