'Alaskan Bush People': Billy & Ami Brown pose with their seven children for a new season premiere photo

‘Alaskan Bush People’: How Did Ami Brown Get Lung Cancer, Will Billy & Ami Be Grandparents Soon? [Rumors]

Alaskan Bush People Brown family members have been flooded with rumors since the show aired on the Discovery Channel over three years ago. As Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People resumed on Wednesday with new episodes, rumors about the nine members of the Brown family have also resumed. Thanks to message boards and social media, Brown family rumors are now circulating about how Ami Brown might have gotten late stage lung cancer and whether Billy and Ami Brown will soon be grandparents.

Season 7, Episode 5 of Alaskan Bush People left off in July with the Brown family waiting for matriarch Ami Brown to receive cancer treatment. The Brown family children were also headed back to Alaska to pack up Browntown since Ami is reportedly receiving cancer treatment in California. Another new episode of Alaskan Bush People aired on Wednesday with the Brown family saying goodbye to Alaska and Ami Brown preparing to “undergo a radiation treatment and chemotherapy for her stage 3B lung cancer,” as shared by the Christian Post.

Several rumors began to swirl about Ami Brown having an illness weeks before Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People aired on the Discovery Channel in June, and a diagnosis of late stage lung cancer was confirmed on Season 7, Episode 3. While no new real updates on Ami’s health crisis have surfaced recently, rumors have started to swirl about how Ami Brown even managed to get lung cancer. The 53-year-old Brown family matriarch has had serious health issues as shown before on Alaskan Bush People. According to Radar Online in 2015, Ami Brown had been battling arthritis in her back and neck, which reportedly caused her to have to slow down work in Browntown and the Alaskan Bush.

Ami Brown confirmed to Radar Online that her arthritis was apparently caused by “working and injuries and things,” but the Brown family has yet to say how Ami got lung cancer. A fairly recent article on Secrets to School Success shared that rumors from Hoonah, Alaska, residents state that Ami Brown actually smoked cigarettes, adding that some of the Brown family brothers also reportedly smoked. Alaskan Bush People is filmed on location near Hoonah, Alaska, and residents reported they witnessed some of the Brown family members smoking — usually the same brand of cigarettes. Brown family cast members are reportedly free to smoke when they’re “away from the cameras” and not filming Alaskan Bush People.

Rumors have also begun to swirl recently that Billy and Ami Brown might soon be grandparents. A recent Brown family photo that was shared by the second oldest brother, Joshua ‘Bam’ Brown, on his personal social media accounts actually started the rumor that youngest Brown family brother, Noah Brown, is expecting his first child with longtime girlfriend Rhain Alicia Merrill. Another recent article on Secrets to School Success said that Rhain is now actually Noah’s wife, and “a closer look at Rhain” in the newest Brown family photo suggests that “she is pregnant,” a small detail that fans of Alaskan Bush People also picked up on.

Ami Brown admitted in one Season 7 episode of Alaskan Bush People that she would like to be around to hold her grandbabies. People Magazine shared in June that Ami Brown said she wants to fight her lung cancer because she wants to be there for her seven children and “hold their babies.” Was Ami Brown hinting that she might be a grandma soon, and did the recent Brown family photo confirm that a grandbaby is on the way? Or, are Alaskan Bush People fans just wishful thinking? Loyal viewers of the long-running reality TV series have said that they would watch an Alaskan Bush People spinoff featuring the Brown family children as two of the seven are already rumored to be married.

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Next Episode shows that another new episode of Alaskan Bush People Season 7 is supposed to air on Wednesday, August 16, at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel. In the meantime, fans of Alaskan Bush People can catch full episodes of Season 7 on the Discovery Channel website, and follow the Brown family children via social media. Gabe is active on Instagram. Rain is also active on Instagram, and Joshua is active on both Facebook and Twitter.

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