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Pumpkin carving, decorating comes to Xbox Live

Want to get some pumpkin carving practice in before Hallowe’en hits, without all the mess and expense?

Then I recommend Pumpkin Chop, a topical little piece of software that just got released on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Indie Games store. The price? A mere – and I mean mere – 80 Microsoft Points. That’s under two bucks. Under two bucks to ensure you’re not the LAUGHING STOCK of the entire neighborhood.

Kotaku has a brief review up, and it seems to be a winner:

“As virtual arts and crafts go, it’s a pretty satisfying experience. There’s spooky music, a lot of freedom with the carving function and a Show Off! mode that features eerie settings in which to view your finished jack-o-lantern.”

[Pumpkin Chop, via Kotaku]