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Shawn Lenz: Tennessee Teenager Arrested After School Shooting Threat Posted To Facebook

Shawn Lenz: Tennessee Teenager Arrested After School Shooting Threat Posted To Facebook

Shawn Lenz has been arrested in Tennessee and charged with terrorism after a post on his Facebook page said he would go on a shooting rampage like the one Friday in Connecticut.

The 19-year-old Lenz was arrested Sunday and taken to Maury County Jail on charges of terrorism, harassment and possession of drug paraphernalia, The Daily Herald reported. A police officials said his bond has been set at $757,500.

Police said they received several calls to 911 about a post to Shawn Lenz’s Facebook page that said he felt like “goin on a rampage, kinda like the school shooting were that one guy killed some teachers and a bunch of students,” Capt. Jimmy Tennyson said.

Some friends defended Shawn Lenz on Facebook, saying it was only a joke and that the teenager could never take a life. Others saw it as a cry for help.

“If someone took a stand against every Facebook post or comment like this one, think of how many horrific acts could be prevented,” one man wrote on the conversation thread. “Calling the police was the only right thing to do, regardless of whether or not it was a joke.”

Shawn Lenz’s arrest is one of many copycat incidents and frights in the wake of Friday’s school shooting in Connecticut. In nearby Ridgefield, police locked down schools because of a suspicious person near the Branchville train station, the Hartford Courant noted. And in Indiana, a man with 47 guns was arrested after making threats to his wife to shoot up a local school, mimicking the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in which 26 people were killed.

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5 Responses to “Shawn Lenz: Tennessee Teenager Arrested After School Shooting Threat Posted To Facebook”

  1. Terrell DaOne Jawan

    fuck em. they deserve any kinda backlash they get. can imagine them sitting there in jail around real men like the cowardly pussies they really are. now they can see how it feels to be in a vulnerable position and what it feels like to have real fear.

  2. Terrell DaOne Jawan

    good way for them to committ career suicide, or never get a stable career now everyone knows how reckless they are, heartless, and stupid. not to mention, they invited the police to search their hard drive and who knows what kinda illegal stuff they might find on it.

  3. Michelle Alley

    This is not a joking matter! What is wrong with this world! to think its funny to threaten children and to make light of what happened? Please Lord keep our innocent kids safe! super sad to see things like this. :( thanks to the ones who took the threat serious & took action to protect innocent lives!

  4. Gettin Bizzee

    The crazy part is that he may not be joking. All LOSERS love attention and want to outdo other losers like the murderer in CT. It's pathetic!

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