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Joe Scarborough, Piers Morgan Talk Gun Control, Assault Weapons This Morning [Video]

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Commentary | Piers Morgan’s gun control tweets have taken the Twitter-osphere by storm, and the CNN anchor should be praised for his bravery above all else here — for a man who adopted America as his career home, he is not allowing his status as a Brit to slow his roll when it comes to pointing out America’s flawed gun policy and the necessity of limiting access to assault weapons.

Piers Morgan is not the only voice in American media speaking up about gun control, but the fact he won’t be cowed due to his home of origin is striking. Now Joe Scarborough — traditionally a pro-gun rights conservative — is echoing the British expat in his call for a re-examination of the guns we allow civilians to carry in the US to devastating effect.

Could this horrible event really be the one that causes Americans to shed their team colors and really work together on better gun laws? Maybe.

One factor is the continual assertion that discussing guns and gun policy is disrespectful to families of victims, with calls not to “politicize” the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary — but as the conversation about guns dubbed “assault weapons” continues, it’s impossible to untie the Newtown school shooting from the very real and relevant issue of combat weapons in the hands of civilians.

Both Joe Scarborough and Piers Morgan seem to be saying the same things about gun control, — and hopefully the outcome here is that both sides of American politics can come together and hammer out a reasonable approach to the Second Amendment that protects from needless loss of life more intuitively. (And that lobbyists and special interest groups will take a back seat to the safety of all Americans.)

America is divided on commentary like Piers Morgan’s gun control stance — many feel now is not the time to discuss guns, but at least an equal number believe that to accept such a notion is to tacitly accept that we can’t change the gun problem in America.

Morgan tweeted this morning about gun control, opining that an assault weapons ban is the only way forward for the US, saying:

The CNN anchor also tipped his hat to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who perhaps even more bravely than Morgan spoke as a Republican about gun control this morning (embedded below), saying:

“I am a conservative Republican who received the NRA’s highest ratings over four terms in Congress .. I saw this debate over guns as a powerful, symbolic struggle between individual rights and government control… I’ve spent the last few days grasping for solutions and struggling for answers, while daring to question my long-held beliefs on these subjects.”

Morgan tweeted after Scarborough’s comments:

Piers Morgan’s gun control bent over the past few days has certainly angered very many Americans, who don’t want to discuss gun policy in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary, particularly with a guy from England.

But Scarborough’s words in contrast with Morgan’s really drive the point home. There is no single solution to this issue, but as Piers Morgan keeps arguing, we must consider exactly how these identical massacres occur and how we can proactively prevent them instead of accepting what has become an unwelcome American tradition.

Do you agree with Piers Morgan that gun control needs to be discussed now?

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17 Responses to “Joe Scarborough, Piers Morgan Talk Gun Control, Assault Weapons This Morning [Video]”

  1. Betty Taylor Lowden

    Piers keeps comparing statistics with the U.S. & other countries. Doesn't he realize that the U.S. cover much more territory & has many more like him living in this country.

  2. Connie Carter

    AGAIN – PIERS THANK YOU FOR YOUR STANCE! For standing firm in the face of that idiot Pratt. I can tell you firsthand, I have been a former victim of violent crime (though nothing as horrific as the poor people of Newtown were subjected to). I can tell you without question, having a concealed weapon would NOT have prevented the incident that happened to me. I KNOW of which I speak. I am SO SICK of these people who keep parroting "if they had a weapon etc". If I had had a concealed weapon at the time and in the specific situation this happened to me, it would be been WORTHLESS! Thank you for standing strong – most all of us in the US are fed up with this culture of violence! ok, been listening in – in answer to your question about why don't the politicans take a stand – as the gentleman on your show said, it would be political suicide. Having recently retired from state government and spending a short period of that time in the executive branch, I can tell you 96% of professional politicans have one uppermost agenda – getting re-elected. In any event, thank you again for standing strong!

  3. Charlie Manning

    @ Carter – No one is claiming that an individual with a CHL would have prevented the incident. Instead, the message is or has been, had an individual been present with a firearm, the threat could have been stopped before further lifes were taken. Get a clue and some reason before sounding off. Our schools are defenseless institutes that are being attacked by senseless psychos. What would you perfer: a school that has zero means of defense (largely our current state) or a school that harbors responsible concealed handgun licensees that can potentially save lifes? Please explain how an individual with CHL would have been worthless in that situation? I guess offering ZERO resistance is a wonderful idea.

  4. Tom Moore

    Until we get the guns away from the gangs and thugs, we need to be able to protect ourselves. This should include citizens that have a permit to carry, including school personal.

  5. Jr Long

    Instead of giving these psychos attention, which is what they crave, they shouldn't give them any attention whatsoever.

  6. Anonymous

    Why doesn't Piers ever cover the Fast and Furious scandal under Obama's watch? ( Guns from this op have been used to kill Us patrolman Brian Terry and several others) Why doesn't Piers cover Obama's drone attacks which have killed hundreds of children? ( As documented by NYU student Josh Begley over a 12 hour period) Why doesn't Piers Morgan cover the fact that nearly all mass shooters in the past 15 years have been in therapy or on some sort of psychotropic drug? ( Could it be CNN is largely funded by big pharma?) Please don't call me a liar all the facts I've stated are easily found. Funny thing is Piers has been asked to cover these issues.

  7. Robin Compton

    Believe me, I feel so sorry for the victims and their families… I did my share of crying and lost sleep staying up and watching the news while all of this was unfolding… However, that's nothing compared to those families and the local community who were directly affected by this sensless tradegy… Again, my HEART goes out to those people and I will continue to share their grief for many years to come… We need to look at the root cause of this event. It's just not the assault weapons to blame! Family values have gone out the window and the upbringing of children have taken a back seat for many years… No discipline for those kids who get into trouble now days, instead parents rush to protect them from punishment that they deserve. So many young adults are souped up on energy drinks, medications they swipe from the medicine cabinets, the endless hours they spend alone and behind the controls of a video games that is now the modern day babysitter! Does anyone realize what one matchstick can do if applied in the wrong matter? Do we ban all matches if someone goes on an Arson rampage? Again, parents need to take action and control their kids behavior at an early stage… Unfortunatly, the MOTHER of this COWARD was the enabling person who shared a common practice just to win love and affection from her Son and in return took her life… Please, let's look at the whole picture here not a knee jerk reaction that will not be that effective down the road. It's ashame now days that families only gather around the dinner table once a year instead of every evening when I was growing up… RLC

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