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Morgan Freeman Didn’t Make Newtown Statement, Rep Confirms

A supposed “Morgan Freeman” statement on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut has gone viral in the wake of the tragedy, as people seek wise words of comfort and explanation to soothe their heartache.

The Morgan Freeman Newtown quote hoax, the text of which is copied below, pointed to media and sensationalism as the primary root cause of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, chiding people to “turn off” the news and not talk about gun control as Americans struggle to cope with a loss that is seemingly impossible to comprehend.

An earlier post on The Inquisitr about the Morgan Freeman Newtown hoax, published late Saturday night, surmised in the absence of confirmation from a rep for the venerated actor that all the hallmarks of game being run on you, the internet user, were apparent.

The Morgan Freeman Newtown hoax quote had no traceable source, rare in this era of the social web. In the case of a legitimate statement, it is usually the work of seconds to track down an original interview, no matter the age. This quote, purported to be railing against the sensationalism of the media, was never traceable to Morgan Freeman.

What’s more is when Freeman does speak about politics, he nearly always espouses a liberal point-of-view and is a vocal supporter of Barack Obama. In our estimation, Freeman is unlikely to try to halt a discussion on gun control in the wake of the 27 murders in Newtown, Connecticut.

Now The Wrap has confirmed what we suspected to be true all along — Morgan Freeman didn’t use the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy as occasion to indict the media for glorifying crimes.

And whether or not you believe the statement to be true, using someone’s authority or trust to push forward an opinion is wrong and unfair to that person, famous or not. Teddy Roosevelt said that.

No, he didn’t, but surely you get the point.

Stan Rosenfield, a publicist for Freeman, confirms that the actor didn’t make the statement and says his camp is trying to determine the origin of the hoax. And The Wrap links back to a screengrab we obtained from Reddit, on which a user says that the viral “Morgan Freeman” Newtown statement stemmed from a Facebook joke between friends that attaching “Morgan Freeman” or “Betty White” to a post gives it credibility.

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