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‘BB19’ Spoilers: Josh Martinez Succeeding At Flipping House For Eviction Vote, Pawn Plan Ready To Go?

BB19 spoilers paint an interesting picture for Josh Martinez. Josh is going off script, as evidenced by prior Big Brother 19 spoilers, which is something that could put him at odds with Paul Abrahamian. On Sunday (August 6), Josh convinced Jason Dent to join his side of the equation this week, making good points about why Jessica Graf needs to be saved.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the last installment of Big Brother 19 spoilers indicated that Josh Martinez wants to get Elena Davies evicted this week. It’s a bold move, especially since it seemed for a long time like Josh had a crush on Elena. Everything on the live feeds pointed toward him even wanting to have a relationship with her. Now he wants Elena to not even make the BB19 jury.

The problem for Josh is that Paul wants to keep Elena in the BB19 house, making it a difficult endeavor to get her evicted this week. While Josh made the bold game move to nominate Mark Jansen and Elena Davies for eviction, Jessica Graf is still on the block as the third nominee. As seen on the CBS live feeds Sunday, Paul is working hard to keep Elena, as he feels now is the opportune time to evict Jessica. Christmas Abbott was just seen talking to Josh about keeping his plans quiet.

As for the Big Brother 19 spoilers about a replacement nominee, Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian already have a volunteer to use as the pawn. Raven Walton is currently slated to be the pawn for that side of the BB19 house. She has enough allies to make sure that she survives the Eviction Ceremony, so she isn’t too worried about volunteering for it. Raven does have reservations, but anyone who gets asked to go up on the block already knows that the saying is, “pawns go home.”

Mark Jansen won the Power of Veto this week and has stated that he will use it to save himself. He had been mulling over the idea of using the Veto to save Elena Davies and even told her that idea. It seems now, though, that Mark is going to take the safer route and simply guarantee that he survives for another week. That would leave Elena Davies, Jessica Graf, and Raven Walton as the Week 6 nominations for eviction. At that point, the next round of BB19 spoilers could get very interesting.

Josh Martinez thinks that Christmas Abbott is on his side and that she will vote against Elena Davies. That may not be the case, as she has worked very closely with Paul Abrahamian for most of the season. Josh is currently working on Kevin Schlehuber to join Jason Dent in voting against Elena, though, so he might be making progress. The problem is that Josh not only doesn’t have a vote, but he holds no real power to get the rest of the BB19 house to do what he wants.

Alex Ow may be close to agreeing with Josh as well because it would keep Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson as the primary targets for everyone else. This might be their real shot at getting Elena Davies evicted, but could this be a line in the sand regarding Paul Abrahamian? The conversations on the live feeds are going to be really important over the next 24 hours and that could lead to a lot of additional Big Brother 19 spoilers getting revealed.

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