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Chicago Pigeon Feeding Ban Seeks To Penalize Bird Lovers


Chicago, IL – If you enjoy feeding the countless pigeons you encounter on your daily adventures, you may want to start tossing food to your feathery friends on the sly.

According to The Huffington Post, Alderman James Cappleman of Chicago’s 46th ward said he wants to impose stricter penalties for those individuals who keep feeding the bothersome birds. In short, tossing bread to the pigeons would become illegal.

The proposed ordinance would certainly make someone think twice before throwing bread crumbs to a loft of pigeons on the sidewalk. In addition to a $1,000 fine, the offender may cool his or her heels behind bars for roughly six months.

“This is our way of saying this is really hurting the community. It’s hurting the businesses. We have to put a stop to it,” Cappleman explained to the Chicago Sun-Times. He added the pigeon population in his ward is growing to the point that some people are afraid to walk through L train stations.

“[The Chicago Transit Authority] has said the pigeon excrement is about a fourth of an inch thick and they’ll clean it and within a week, it’s back to the way it was before,” Cappleman said.

According to UPI, the alderman isn’t alone in his opinion regarding those who continue to feed the pigeons. Bobby Williams said he too feels these people are only adding to the problem.

“They’re a nuisance,” the concerned citizen explained. “They’re everywhere. You know, you could stand there waiting on the bus and they’re all over your feet. I think it should be illegal to feed them.”

NBC Chicago reports that some folks don’t feel the pigeons are as big of a problem as others claim. In their eyes, it just comes with the territory.

“I don’t see the problem with it. The birds stay in one area, that’s it,” resident Chuck Brown said.

Do you think the proposed Chicago pigeon feeding ban is fair?

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4 Responses to “Chicago Pigeon Feeding Ban Seeks To Penalize Bird Lovers”

  1. James Cappleman

    A judge makes the decision to what type of punishment is needed to discourage this, but the threat of 6 months is there to get the attention of anyone who has been ticketed over and over again. There are some individuals who go to a number of areas to dump 3 large bags of bread at each site, 4 times a day, 7 days a week. I wish we were talking about 50 to 70 pigeons, but we're not. We're talking about several hundred.

    The 2 hardest hit areas are a handicapped parking area and a local school playground. Pigeon guano exacerbates asthma in children, which makes this especially bad. CTA has informed me they can no longer clean the sidewalk because the guano builds up so quickly after a week. When the sidewalk is wet, people must walk very slowly in order to avoid falling. Pigeon guano has an especially high acidic content that greatly shortens the life of a roof membrane, especially when there are hundreds and hundreds of pigeons involved. The Aragon Ballroom had over 8 feet of pigeon guano in its marquee alone, which caused thousands of dollars in damages and clean up costs.

    Should someone doing this have a severe mental illness, this ordinance will give the judge greater flexibility with requiring mandated treatment. Until then, many of the small businesses are getting hard hit with clean up costs and repair to their buildings. They've come to me to ask for help.

  2. Anonymous

    another know it all lefty telling people what they should do

    all sorts of justifications for your actions

    we know we know the CHILDREN your protecting the children

    god love ya

    we know you already took care of the gun toting thugs who hurt THE CHILDREN and you have nothing else to do , other than want to deny LAW ABIDING CITIZENS their rights to weapons

    how many women have to be hurt before the Dems want them to be able to fight back?

    oh, thats right this is about the pigeons

    no, not the voters but the real pigeons that fly and hurt children

    so while no one is arguing the pigeon guano issue

    stop limiting what people can do



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