lego mistake neon green stephen king's it remake trailer

Some People Actually Feel As If A LEGO Mistake Could Absolutely Ruin The Remake Of Stephen King’s ‘IT’

One of the most anticipated movies of the entire year is the remake of Stephen King‘s IT which is set to hit theaters next month, but some people feel as if it may already be doomed. When a new trailer was released last week, horror fans began analyzing it and watching it repeatedly, but there was one person who saw a glaring problem. It is now believed that a timeline error with neon green LEGOs could be what is the downfall of Pennywise the clown and the Losers Club.

Yes, the biggest issues aren’t with Bill Skarsgard taking over for Tim Curry as Pennywise. The biggest issue isn’t that there may not be a huge spider to terrify the entire world as there was in the IT mini-series from 1990.

The biggest problem at hand is that there is a LEGO piece in the wrong era.

Whenever there is a remake made of any cherished film, there will be doubters and those who think it is destined to fail. Movie Web noticed a bit of an uproar on Twitter as a big LEGO fan by the name of Nathan Wells realized there was a problem in the newest trailer for Stephen King’s IT.

At one point in the trailer, “the turtle” appears in Stephen King’s IT, and while director Andres Muschetti isn’t big on the mythology of that creature, it is in there as Screen Rant reported. Still, it will be referenced and make a couple of appearances in the movie, one of which is the LEGO creation which smashes to pieces.

A LEGO creation which includes neon green 2×2 slope pieces which weren’t released until 2010…at least 20 years after the latest events in the movie. There are a number of people who agree with Nathan Wells, whether it is in a serious or sarcastic fashion.

There are also others who aren’t quite as keen to the claims or research done for these incorrectly placed LEGOs in the trailer for IT.

lego mistake neon green stephen king's it remake trailer
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When the remake of Stephen King’s IT hits theaters on September 8, many people will go to partake in the fear and terrifying happenings on screen. The true enthusiasts of the horror author will go to see how much respect the remake pays to the book and 1990 miniseries. The hope of everyone is that it is a good movie more than anything and it is hard to believe that this possible LEGO mistake will end up bringing doom to IT‘s box office take.

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