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Peter Lanza, Father Of Sandy Hook Shooter, Offers Statement

Peter Lanza offers statement

Peter Lanza, the father of 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, offered a statement Saturday regarding the massacre, reports The Huffington Post.

“Our hearts go out to the families and friends who lost loved ones and to all those who were injured. Our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy. No words can truly express how heartbroken we are. We are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. We too are asking why. We have cooperated fully with law enforcement and will continue to do so. Like so many of you, we are saddened, but struggling to make sense of what has transpired.”

This week, Adam Lanza shot his own mother to death in their home, and then proceeded to Newtown, Connecticut where he killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Initial reporting held that Lanza had killed both his mother and his father.

The Stamford Advocate then confirmed that Adam’s father, Peter Lanza, was in fact alive, and shocked to learn of his family’s involvement in the tragedy mere hours after it happened.

Peter Lanza divorced from Nancy Lanza in 2009 due to”irreconcilable differences,” though agreed on joint custody of their son, Adam, who was 17-years-old at the time. Adam was to live primarily with Nancy, but Peter Lanza was allowed “liberal visitation and vacations.”

After a confrontation with a Stamford Advocate reporter at his own home, a horrified Peter Lanza retreated into his home, offering no comment. His statement above is his first to the media in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting. He and his son, Ryan Lanza, have been cooperating with law enforcement since the shooting.

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62 Responses to “Peter Lanza, Father Of Sandy Hook Shooter, Offers Statement”

  1. Marshall Phillips

    Listen, children, to a story.
    That was written long ago,
    'Bout a kingdom on a mountain.
    And the valley-folk below.

    On the mountain was a treasure.
    Buried deep beneath the stone,
    And the valley-people swore.
    They'd have it for their very own.

    Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
    Go ahead and cheat a friend.
    Do it in the name of Heaven,
    You can justify it in the end.
    There won't be any trumpets blowing.
    Come the judgement day,
    On the bloody morning after….
    One tin soldier rides away.

    So the people of the valley.
    Sent a message up the hill,
    Asking for the buried treasure,
    Tons of gold for which they'd kill.

    Came an answer from the kingdom,
    "With our brothers we will share.
    All the secrets of our mountain,
    All the riches buried there."

    Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
    Go ahead and cheat a friend.
    Do it in the name of Heaven,
    You can justify it in the end.
    There won't be any trumpets blowing.
    Come the judgement day,
    On the bloody morning after….
    One tin soldier rides away.

    Now the valley cried with anger,
    "Mount your horses! Draw your sword!"
    And they killed the mountain-people,
    So they won their just reward.

    Now they stood beside the treasure,
    On the mountain, dark and red.
    Turned the stone and looked beneath it…
    "Peace on Earth" was all it said.

    Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
    Go ahead and cheat a friend.
    Do it in the name of Heaven,
    You can justify it in the end.
    There won't be any trumpets blowing.
    Come the judgement day,
    On the bloody morning after….
    One tin soldier rides away.

    Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
    Go ahead and cheat a friend.
    Do it in the name of Heaven,
    You can justify it in the end.
    There won't be any trumpets blowing.
    Come the judgement day,
    On the bloody morning after….
    One tin soldier rides away.

  2. Linda Seel

    This has got to be the most horrible nightmare, not only for the victims, but also the shooter's father and brother. God have mercy.

  3. Rose Teodosio

    The failure of kids came from their parents, we should shape up our kids. We believe charity begins at home meaning we should orient our children the way they knows what is right and what is wrong, and how to be productive and responsible person in their community.

  4. George Delaney

    Little consolation for the children of Conn. But you can be assured that Adam lanza won't be in heaven to gloat over the awful deed he has done.

  5. Molly G

    There is no true answer to mental illness. Until we take the stigma away from this disease we will truly be free. Let's treat mental illness like any other disease so these senseless acts can be treated with proper care and medication. I pray for all of the angls and wish all their family peace. Peace on earth and in our hearts.

  6. Margaret C Gayton

    He was an adult not a child. He had two years do to something with his life, either to leave home, get help or do something with his life there are many people with disabilities that lead a productive life. He chose to do this, for reasons we dont know yet. You cant explain crazy if you could then we would cure it and there would be no insane people in this world.

  7. Tony Moore

    I agree Linda…..his family not only has to deal with the death of him and his mother but the guilt
    that must come with knowing his son killed 26 other people….Terrible for everyone involved

  8. Todd Ka'imi Espinda

    what needs to be taught is responsibility & consequences for ones behavior not blaming & psycho-analyzing things to make excuses. Adam Lanza is responsible for the end result! Whether his parents were good parents or bad it still rests with him…, he wasn't a child he was an adult & if he displayed mental or emotional short comings many who ignored showed grave indifference & have that to live with their conscience.

  9. Lorri Woods

    With all due respect, I have to ask exactly how much exposure have you had to people who suffer a serious mental illness or are actively psychotic, Margaret?

  10. Maryann Hartman

    You can teach your children right from wrong and still this can and does happen. You can try your hardest but, when children become adults, they don't always choose to follow that teaching and advice. Since we don't know the why, how can you blame the parents? Evidentlly, something happened with his mother for him to shoot her first. She could have been trying to stop him, take him to get help, or whatever, and that could be the "why" it happened. An aunt supposedly said that he was raised well and they would have gotten him help if he needed it and that be very well be "why' he did it??? When children don't want help, they won't get it and you can't force it anymore than you can force an alcoholic, drug addict, smoker, or any other habit you have, to stop if you don't want to. There are many reasons why people do what they do. Blaming his father won't change anything, he wasn't even there, nor was the brother. And no one will probably never know why, being the only two who can tell us, are dead.

  11. Shelia Edmonds

    Maybe that's the problem, no Mayberry's. I grew up in a small town in the 50's and 60's and watched The Andy Griffith Show that took place in Mayberry. There was a lesson to learn in just about every show about good and evil. Maybe we should at least put back the Golden Rule in school. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

  12. Anonymous

    I don't think its fair what the press is doing will not let the people mourning have peace.

  13. Preston Pamela

    Put the blame where it belongs. On Adam Lanza. How was it his parents fault if he was mentally ill? 8 years ago my brother shot and killed his wife while she was sleeping and then killed himself. Was that my Mother's fault? Good grief!

  14. Cynthia Jackson

    To Rose: Mental Illness is NOT the fault nor failure of the parent; it is a Brain Disorder/disease. That's like blaming the parent for a child having cancer. I'm sure the father and brother are in pain as well; the guilt, shame and loss has to be just as overwhelming if not more. Educate instead of judging.

  15. Davida Johnson

    Being a parent of a senior, and a 4th grader. It is very had to put in words close to Christmas. I will continue to pray for these families who is grieving, along with the kids who will have to go back to school scared and do not know which way to go.

  16. Maggie Moore Poore

    How, as a parent, can you ever try to wrap your mind around one of your children doing something so horrible, that you know you will never find the answers. I HEART and SOUL goes out to the members of this family, that had NOTHING to do with the evil that their family member committed, yet they too will be vilified.

  17. Stepheny DeForest

    My heart goes out to this grieving father and brother, and to all the families of the victims. So many lives are forever changed. The loss of a child is the absolute worst experience of all. My sincere sympathies to all affected by this horrible tragedy.

  18. Deb Gath

    Some are beyond hope for reasons unknown and can have the greatest loving parents in the world. Some are born with mental problems just like some are born with physical problems.

  19. Andrew Bauer

    John Demirjian – Those are lyrics from the song "One Tin Soldier". It is a 1960s era anti-war song written by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter. Go read about it on Wikipedia. And "dude" you have wasted the time that is on your hands.

  20. Pd Hall

    Rose T, You are referring to families that do not have to deal with mental illness. The circumstances and ways in which parents deal with a mentally ill child cannot be understood nor judged unless you have experienced it. I have experienced it from 1958 until today with my own brother, so I know the difficulty, the heartbreak, the sadness, the fear, the frustration and the pain that my parents endured.

  21. Phil Mirand'a

    I know people who have parents who have committed cold blooded murder, yet their children are well respected professional members of society… You can't always blame the parents… This father is suffering as well not only for his personal loss, but for the horror his seed perpetrated which will haunt him for the rest of his life.

  22. Anonymous

    I too agree, this is a terrible ordeal to deal with for not only the victims families, but for the shooters family as well. I can not imagine what it is like for him and his son. The teachers and staff of that school that lost their lives and the beautiful babies that were robbed of their lives are in my prayers. I grieve for their lives and love ones. As I comment on this post, my eyes are full of tears and my heart just hurt for them. Although the Bible speak of things to come; it is still hard to take. Prayers are up right now.

  23. Marcus Davis

    Unfortunately Cynthia, It's easier for people to blame than to understand. Understanding comes with a level of acceptance of the current state of things. I think that is difficult because people feel helpless if they can not direct their anger at someone in a situation like this :-(

  24. Bling Leader

    Why do they always say the same thing? "Our hearts go out to you……" How about, "yeah, I fucked up as a dad, I wasn't there…….. where is the responsibility?

  25. Bling Leader

    The kid obviously needed help and it was easier to run and leave his instability to wreak havoc on innocent lives. Shame on you dad.

  26. Kara Oliver

    @Rose Teodosio…well, it seems like you need some education on mental health issues…go to the library, take a class, ask professionals knowledgeable to discuss the subject because obviously, you are not. For example, some mental health issues do not even surface in people until they reach their 20s, some their 30s, etc.

  27. Kara Oliver

    Margaret C Gayton it's difficult to get help if you're not even sure you need it or what you need, or where you should go to get what you need. Who died and made you God?

  28. Cheryl Johnson Sugamele

    I grew up with my mother being the mentally ill one/now that i am retired i should write a book-there hasn't been 1 person in my life that hasn't said that to me even my DR.=IF THEY STILL HAD PLACES FOR THE MENTALLY ILL COULD GO//AS MUCH AS I HATED VISITING THOSE PLACES TO SEE MY MOM//It was way better than them being in jail just to get out=i have never known a mentally ill person to not stop taking their MEDS they all do it==if they aren't in an institution the first thing they do is say hey i am home now and doing great so i don't need that shit it makes me tired or i can't think====GOOD THE MEDS ARE KEEPING YOU STABLE AND THE WORLD DOESN'T NEED YOU'RE WAY OF THINKING==IT IS DEMENTED OR PARANOID OR WRONG //BUT THEY STOP taking their meds and NOW THEIR ARE NO MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES LIKE WHEN I GREW UP–THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO DO A CRIME/then they go to jail get punked by the big bad boys/get their meds==then they are doing better ==yeah they then know what is happening to them but can't do anything about it/i hated institutions but jail is for criminals not people that are nuts and should be institutionalized for life/my poor father had to deal with my mothers condition after she came home again & again cause she was all better(she thinks) and after about 4 month's /it started all over again i lived with more aunts and uncles(that let you know your mom was nuts and killing your father with all her BS-and we didn't feel welcome either)and our dad was always there when he wasn't visiting my mom or at work=which was allot. IF MENTAL HEALTH CENTERS HAD REASONS TO KEEP YOU IN THEM/LIKE BEFORE/THE WORLD WOULD ALL STRAIGHTEN OUT/BECAUSE MENTALLY ILL ARE RUINING THIS WORLD NOW==NOT JUST THEIR FAMILIES & FRIENDS LIVES///IF THE MENTALLY ILL WERE TAKEN CARE OF AND OFF THE STREETS///MAYBE ALL THE STUFF THAT IS WRONG TODAY COULD BE FIXED AND IT COULD BE THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD AGAIN/LAND OF THE BIG PX/JOBS APLENTY/LOVE AND CARING/EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE EACH OTHERS BACKS/TREAT THEIR CHILDREN WONDERFUL BUT NOT LET THEM OFF MEDS IF THEY NEED THEM AFTER THEY ARE ADULTS /SOME SYSTEM SHOULD MAKE SURE THEY TAKE THEIR MEDS PLEASE EVERYONE LETS GET THE WORLD BACK ON TRACK/GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PLEASE STOP TRYING TO TAKE GOD FROM THOSE THAT WANT HIM/THAT SHOULD BE AN INDIVIDUAL CHOICE LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IS.

  29. Tasha Lynette Coleman

    I'm sorry but Mental Illness or not, if the guy had a Mental Illness, he should have sought help. You cannot sit here and excuse or take some of the blame off of him because he had a Mental Illness. There is a difference between Mentally Ill and just too lazy and bull headed to get help. Bull headed he was. That's not an excuse to explain to these grieving parents.

  30. Anonymous

    Cynthia it's your attitude that gets kids killed.

    parents with autistic children should not be allowed to have 6-8 registered guns in a house.

    I read somewhere the mother taught Adam how to shoot a rifle when he was 10 and if.
    the parents were divorced only 3 yrs ago then his father knew what was going on with his son.
    or he should have known.

    Both parents are at fault for not using a little bit of common sense there is just no reason.
    they have to have 6-8 assault weapons in a home with an unstable child that has.
    behavioral problems. its like they put it in front of him what did you expect him to.

  31. Michael Kilcullen

    Shocked family survivors have as awful a time dealing with such mass-shooting events too. At my univ, I was friends for a couple years with a lady/fellow student. Then her younger brother was admitted to our univ for his masters degree. I only met him once, didn't really know him. But everyone in his dept, and his sister, all thougth pretty highly of him. During his 2nd semester, he went back to his undergrad univ, and mass-shot in a large lecture hall, killing 5, and then killing himself too. Took his hard drive out of his left-behind computer, and it was never found, so no one ever really determined the real reasons.

    Although we were glad he chose not to stay home and do it at our own school, our univ had such a link to the other univ, and it affected us as well, as students. I felt more affected, bcs I saw how it absolutely devastated my friend, his sister. Their dad was elderly and retired, and about collapsed when being told the news about his son.

    The sister, who had no idea that her brother was going to off other students and himself, with no explanation or advance warning signs, had to actually deal with additional grief. Not only was she grieving publicly for the deaths of others, like the rest of us were, but she was also having two additional griefs that the rest of us don't have. She was grieving the personal loss of her only brother, someone she grew up with, and who had just come to town/univ that year to be back in the same area together, and he was only there 6 months before he killed himself.

    She also had the grief of knowing that her, students, and the public at large were all grieving BECAUSE of something her own brother, her own family member, did. And she double-guessed herself frequently, wondering what clues she missed, or if she should have said something to him, or anyone — blaming herself for somehow not recognizing her brother's horrible pain and issues.

    In the aftermath, she and dad chose to have him cremated, and ashes spread. Neither wanted him to have a plot, nor a tombstone, nor anything that would mark his final actions.

    It isn't a total memory wipe – you can't ever forget that he was a part of your life at some point, when times were good. You can't forget, also, that he did a horrible thing in the end.

    Even for me – I only met him once. I don't blame myself for not knowing him or picking up on anything. But, after everyone of these mass shootings since, my mind goes back to this one, and the fact that I had met a future mass-murderer. Sometimes, I'm glad I'm alive bcs he chose not to shoot at me or my school. And then I get upset bcs I am so still so mad that him, and all these guys since, keep doing this s**T and putting their families, their friends, and the public through this wringer – and then offing themselves to boot so as not to live with the consequences.

    It's very different when you are looking at a public event on the side of the surviving family. It just hits too close to home.

  32. Michael Kilcullen

    for some of you who wonder why I am writing about this CT thing…I actually personally have been affected by and touched by a mass murder case a couple years ago who was a UIUC student.

    Read my whole comment above.

  33. Rose Teodosio

    @Kara Oliver…Child and growth development started during pregnancy from (0 to 1 year old infancy stage), trust vs. mistrust Sigmund Freud Theory; this is oral gratification. Also, this is the critical stage of the child from 0 to 5 years old. The need to be fed, clothed, cleaned, bathed and comfortable keeps one or both parents busy for months. Although many parents don't actively think about their infant's mental health needs, most of them do an effective job of meeting them simply by focusing love and attention on their baby.

    The World Association for Infant Mental Health describes infant mental health as having social, physical, cognitive and emotional components. It involves being able to meet the challenges of infancy, such as the development of trust, and growing from a totally dependent infant into a less dependent, well-adjusted toddler. Infants with good mental health are better equipped to reach their physical and intellectual developmental milestones.

    Read more:

  34. Rose Teodosio

    @Cynthia Cabales… The child needs to be fed, clothed, cleaned, bathed and comfortable keeps one or both parents busy for months. Although many parents don't actively think about their infant's mental health needs, most of them do an effective job of meeting them simply by focusing love and attention on their baby. The Sigmund Freud theory (trust vs. mistrust), (Id, ego, and superego). All these develop during infancy, critical stage of the child from 1 to 5. All the needs to the child should be meet on that level; physically, socially, and mentally.

    The World Association for Infant Mental Health describes infant mental health as having social, physical, cognitive and emotional components. It involves being able to meet the challenges of infancy, such as the development of trust, and growing from a totally dependent infant into a less dependent, well-adjusted toddler. Infants with good mental health are better equipped to reach their physical and intellectual developmental milestones.

  35. Dijana Veljkovic

    If he was responsible father how come he did not see his own son in years? Also how come his brother was not in touch with him since 2010? It seems to me that Adam Lanza was abandon by both his father and his brother. How can you abandon your kids? Also they must have known that Adam Lanza is mentally ill how come they did not do something about it like put him on therapies, give him emotional support, make sure he takes his meds etc. and/or just be there for him. It seems they were not there for him at all. Of course this doesn’t give an excuse to Adam Lanza to do what he did. What he did is the most horrific thing ever because it involves very young innocent children. I am just saying that mental illness is real and it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their kids no matter how old they are because mentally ill people are not able to take care of themselves!

  36. Cynthia Jackson

    Before you continue rattling off things you know nothing about, i.e. Mental Illness is real and one never knows if later in life your own child can be at risk for mental illness, educate yourself. Parents who don't educate themselves are NOT good parents and are doing their children and the country a disservice.

  37. Rose Teodosio

    @Kara Oliver… I think we have to learn the theory of Sigmund Frued which is the most significant to child growth and development especially (trust vs. mistrust) and (Id, ego, superego) during infancy period 0-1 and 1-5 which is the critical stage of child development.

  38. Rose Teodosio

    Theorist Erik Erikson also proposed a stage theory of development, but his theory encompassed human growth throughout the entire human lifespan. Erikson believed that each stage of development was focused on overcoming a conflict. For example, the primary conflict during the adolescent period involves establishing a sense of personal identity. Success or failure in dealing with the conflicts at each stage can impact overall functioning. During the adolescent stage, for example, failure to develop an identity results in role confusion. Learn more about this theory in this article on Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development.

  39. Rose Teodosio

    @Kara Oliver, this is what I learned long time ago. I don't need to go to the library since it was already informed in child psychology. General psychology is somewhat different than child psychology. We learn what are the physiologic needs of human being.

  40. Anonymous

    if he is like his son, he feels no shame..look at the photo above that is a social mask

  41. Anonymous

    what father would be smiling knowing his son is being blamed for this

  42. Valeria Ricciuti Conforti

    Why all those guns? Mental illness… and his mother takes him for shooting lessons? God help! She was more sick than him. Genetic?

  43. Phil Moreau

    Where were you Peter Lanza?

    You divorced his mom, you divorced him.

    You ran like a coward- you left him hanging from a string.
    Money in the place of a Father is a terrible thing.

    You moved an hour away.
    The further you moved- the more money it would pay.

    The draw of money was so strong for you.
    The price you will pay is more than money- so true.

    You left your home for a new wife- a new life.
    He wasn’t important- there was too much strife.

    You left him at a time when he needed you most.
    Your absence left him as a ghost.

    Where were you while he was slipping away?
    You turned your back on him- we NEED to say.

    Mom couldn’t do it alone.
    You walked away- so much indeed for the world to pay.

    From one Father to another- Sir, you have failed.
    The pain for so many will never be curtailed.

    He needed you- a Father- who abandoned his son.
    You turned your back, he grabbed the gun.

    You have failed the ultimate test.
    Now 27 innocents have been put to rest.

    What a world it could have been.
    Had this “Father” not committed the cardinal sin.

    Peter Lanza, the media says you wonder how it all came to be.
    Look into any mirror Peter and you will come to see!


  44. Andy R Biondi

    Peter Lanza you are a disgrace as a father and a human being. You created that bastard Damian-Binladen-lanza-hitler and then walked away from your pile os shit and made 2o kids pay for it. In short fuck you.

  45. Patricia Schwarber

    Who is he kidding? This is his way of getting him cleansed of these awful crimes! What a pathetic sad man. Turning on his very troubled son. Oh, let's not forge he left! He left his wife to handle a child who he knew had problems? Please! I hope he carries this awful mess to his grave. I wish he was never born? What a horrible, horrible father! Who ever says that about their child. This man needs help!!!!

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