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Cox Email Outage Enters Third Day

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Cox Communications claims to be “your friend in the digital age,” but things have gotten mighty unfriendly this weekend when it comes to email.

The Cox email service went down Friday afternoon or evening, and there appears to be no end to the outage in sight.

The “global” outage appears to affect Cox residential internet customers in 11 states, including Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Virginia, according to KAKE TV. The email crash may also have affected Cox subscribers in Arizona, Iowa, and California.

Cox posted this noncommittal update on its residential support page as of 9:30 am Eastern time:

“Since our update at 1:00 a.m., our teams continue to make progress in restoring email service to our customers in the Midwest and East Coast regions. Teams across all levels of our organization are focused on the recovery and we truly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. At this time we cannot provide an estimated time for recovery, but will continue to work around the clock until email service is restored.”

Many understandably unhappy customers have posted to the Cox Facebook page demanding answers and expressing their frustration. This is a typical entry:

“My patience went out the window this morning after waking up to no email yet again. Unacceptable! Lack of communication between Cox and the customer is my biggest complaint over the last year. If it wasn’t for high speed internet, our services would have been changed a long time ago!”

Cox evidently has yet to specifically explain why the email servers went down in the first place. The company insists that there has been no security breach, however. The Cox internet service is working normally.

Are you a customer of Cox Communications who has lost email functionality this weekend? Do you think that Cox at the very least should issue refunds for this weekend’s email outage?

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30 Responses to “Cox Email Outage Enters Third Day”

  1. Jon Overturf

    I want a refund..who wouldn't? When you pay for a service you expect to get it. Likewise, if I failed to pay for a service Cox provided, I know they wouldn't hesitate to cancel that service.

  2. Mongoose Maelstrom

    A refund is certainly warranted but I'm concerned about their lack of information as to why this has happened, what they're doing to make sure it never happens again and how safe we are to continue using Cox as an email provider. They are not acting like a "friend" at all.

  3. Deb Ortiz Hernandez

    I am furious and their evasiveness about what is behind this ongoing situation is compounding the issue.

  4. David Hall

    they are giving no details. this is why there is so much frustration. being down three days is pretty extraordinary and then no real communication from a communication company on why it is happening. if I can match my internet speeds somewhere else I'm switching.

  5. Mike Scattergood

    Except you can't match the speeds unless you're talking about the lower tiers…

  6. Richard S. Drake

    We've had bad service in the past, but NOTHING to match this! This is just incredible. I am sure sure that Cox will make the claim that these are "personal" accounts, and not "business," and so no refund is needed, but many of us STILL use our personal accounts to conduct business over.

  7. Marti Campbell

    Suffice it to say they've had a CATASTROPHIC failure. I've not worked for a cable company but I have worked for telephone companies. When a catastrophe of this magnitude happens, resources are pulled in from multiple resources, including employees from non-effected states as well as hardware and/or software vendors as appropriate. I'm not defending Cox per se, but I'm sure they're working around the clock and in panic mode trying to get service restored. I do know they've pulled in resources from Pennsylvania. I don't look forward to the 100's of emails we'll have to slog through when we're up and running, but I also don't envy the long hours they're working trying to restore us.

  8. David M. Heck

    I emailed them regarding a refund for the outage. Below is the response I received. Be sure to contact them and demand compensation – you should get it.

    "We're very sorry for any and all inconvenience this has caused. At this time, there is no estimated time of repair. However, we are working as quickly as we can to restore e-mail service. We will continue to work around the clock until email service is restored. Once the service is restored, please contact us and we will credit the account accordingly."

  9. Lennie Ehlers Sortino

    Looks like some are receiving refunds……wonder what three days of utter frustration is worth? Maybe we have been warned about something like this but never took heed! Far more important happening in this world today but makes one wonder.

  10. Lennie Ehlers Sortino

    LOVE your grey Schnauzer…………………..just beautiful.

  11. Ron Poirier

    Refunds? REFUNDS? Refunds are for UNIONS and COMMIES! This is the private sector — the PRIVATE SECTOR! If you want something, EARN the MONEY to PAY for it! That INCLUDES uninterrupted e-mail service!

  12. Dave Romano

    What a joke! Just about 2 weeks ago Cox notified us that, due to an error on their part, any email older than 150 days was permanently lost. Now this. This is the last straw. I am now dumping Cox as my email provider.

  13. Cynthia Judd Chetelat

    I understand the frustration of not having your email. And I am not defending Cox…but the service you pay for is internet not email. Cox provides you email service free of charge. I am posting this using Cox internet and what I am paying for is working just fine. Again, the ability to have email through Cox is a free service!

  14. Mark Sylvestre

    I contacted their online live service and they said that they will be issuing refunds to all customers for all the time the e-mail system has been down. They said it will be automatically deducted from our accounts. Let's see if that happens.

  15. Amy Lynn McCoskey

    So someone who doesn't pay for Cox Internet access is allowed to have a Cox email account? Yeah, the answer to that is no. Just because there isn't a little line on my bill that says "email account" with a set price doesn't mean that I am not paying for that service.

  16. Anonymous

    Who cares about a refund, heads need to roll, Jobs Lost, People put in Prison. I have the same email address for over a decade, this is more serious than just a refund. Should be impossible to happen. I'm missing out on all those great holiday discount shopping codes. Really Pisssssssssssed!

  17. David Turner

    I would like more details on how and why this happened. I don't understand how your main and backup servers all failed at the same time. That seems very unlikely without external interference. DO NOT make the mistake that Sony made and withhold information from the people that keep you in business. I am waiting patiently but I'll be damned if I will continue to be a cox customer if I am lied to.

  18. Roland Chirico

    Huh? What's your point? This is the PRIVATE SECTOR. We EARNED the money, we PAID for the service, and we ARE NOT RECEIVING WHAT WE PAID FOR. In the private sector, your are entitled to a refund for the services paid for but not rendered.

  19. Kathy Kuehn

    My service must have gone down sometime Sunday night. Still cannot get into webmail. Absolutely should issue refunds. I am in Peoria, Arizona.

  20. Kathy Kuehn

    I did notice the email would freeze up and take forever to do anything since Friday so they obviously knew there was an issue. Not keeping customers in the loop and apparently lying to us is inexcusable.

  21. Papa Paul

    I just found out my "Friend in the Digital Age" is an idiot. Email- fail, Cox Connect -fail. How we going to fix this, lets raise our customers rates on top of it all.

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