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No Guns Allowed: Buffalo Wild Wings Gun Ban Angers Some Customers

gun ban

Buffalo Wild Wings’ no guns policy has some patrons extremely angry. The restaurant reportedly believes that patron safety is enhanced when no one is packing while chowing down on some tasty wings and a cold drink.

Concealed carry permits make it legal to take a weapon into many public areas, but private property owners retain the right to post a no guns allowed on premises sign if they so choose. Buffalo Wild Wings representative Peter Helfrich explained the decision to prohibit gun during an interview with WHPTV:

“We want everyone to have fun but we want to keep everyone safe.”

Pennsylvania State Trooper Adam Reed reports that patrons carrying a gun into the Buffalo Wild Wings (or B-Dubs) restaurant can be asked to leave by staff even if the gun owner has a valid concealed carry permit. Those who refused to leave could be arrested for trespassing.

Buffalo Wild Wings has restaurants in 30 states, according to The High Road. The restaurant chain launched in 1982. Some states which offer concealed carry permits forbid taking guns into establishments which serve alcohol, so the official ban by the restaurant was not necessary in some regions to keep patrons gun free.

There has been some debate and complaints on the Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook page about the gun ban policy. One B-Dubs Facebook page visitor posted a photo with the caption, “We notice your sign and will respect your wishes by doing business elsewhere.”

Buffalo Wild Wings is not the only franchise which concealed carry permit holders problems, according to the Virginia Citizens Defense League. T.G.I. Fridays also reportedly has a no guns allowed policy chain-wide.

Do you think that prohibiting guns in restaurants make patrons safer or less likely to be able to defend themselves if a crime should occur?

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102 Responses to “No Guns Allowed: Buffalo Wild Wings Gun Ban Angers Some Customers”

  1. Akaos Longstead

    Makes absolutely no sense to ban weapons. It makes the establishment far more dangerous. Do you think someone who aims to shoot a person is going to obey this no gun policy? NO they aren't. The people who will protect fellow customers will NOT be armed and therefore can not intervene.

  2. Erik Dean Maddox

    This is the kinda stuff that pisses me off. Because the crazy people are actually going to abide by the sign right? Why do they think by saying 'no guns' that all the psychos out there give a damn what the sign says? Stupid liberal thinking makes me so mad.

  3. Jack Burton

    Virtually every mass shooting has taken place behind a "no guns allowed" sign. Ever wonder why it happens like that? If BW3 want to claim that they are going to guarantee, forever and ever, in every location, that I will be safe from social deviants with guns, knives, or numbers then I am up for that. If not… they they should take their signs down.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, too bad for B-Dubs. Our office personnel would normally go to B-Dubs on Friday while most of us carried. Imagine a group of 10-15 people with legal CCW on them most Fridays and nothing happened? Wait until I get to work this week and tell them these news. The money will be gladly spent elsewhere.

  5. Gordon Wojdyla

    You are not allowed to to bring firearms on the premises but the business can serve alcohol to patrons during multiple sporting events and release them onto public streets.

  6. Phillip Smith

    What makes you think a criminal or just some crazy person won't walk in packing and shoot up the place better to have guns then than not. Won't be eating here anymore

  7. Carrie Washburn-Donnelly

    Yep criminals will surely heed the sign! They just made their stores a target! How stupid!

  8. John Miller

    I hope they enjoy getting robbed. Hopefully no employees will be killed.

  9. Carrie Washburn-Donnelly

    Jonathan Bergstrom You really think someone who is bent on shooting the place up will read the sign and change their mind??

  10. Emilie Swett

    Alright I'm confused… As far as the Americans with Disabilities Act is concerned (this IS relevant, stick with me) any place that "serves the public" is a "public place". Meaning that when I go to a restaurant with my service dog, I can't be kicked out by a manager claiming "this is private property" because the public is generally allowed and to kick me out would be discrimination… So how is it that concerning gun laws, this is private property and they can directly conflict with local laws… Someone please explain…

  11. Carrie Washburn-Donnelly

    Jonathan Bergstrom With that "logic" they should not have a parking lot in front of their business, because no drivers should be allowed in, since cars and alcohol don't mix! …people who commit gun crimes DO NOT pay attention to GUN LAWS…what part of that is CONFUSING TO YOU???

  12. Rob Steger

    This is not all Buffalo Wild Wings. I am the GM of a Buffalo Wild Wings in one of the largest franchises in the and we respect the right of individuals to carry firearms. One of our top priorities is the comfort, safety and enjoyment of our Guest’s. Our independently owned and operated franchised restaurants in Saginaw MI, have elected to exercise their right to allow the carrying of firearms when legal under the state’s law. This position may vary in other locations.”.

  13. Cherry Zablocki

    I don't believe it's the guns of the authorized to carry we need to worry about.. but the ones unauthorized. Those trained are there to protect. I won't frequent any establishment which does not allow guns…..

  14. Jacob Turtle Major

    The law, at least in Ky is that a certain percentage of sales (equivilant to a bar or liquor store) has to be from alcohol. In other words, I can sit in a booth or table, so long as I am not in the "bar" area or order alcohol.

  15. Nick Crawford

    I refuse to support these anti constitution and anti 2nd amendment establishments. Even though in the state of Nevada it is not enforceable to post gun free zones like public places, all they can do is ask you to leave. Funny how these anti gun people who hate guns their first action when crap hits the fan is they call a guy who shows up with a gun…. If I were a cop if stop at the door and say "oops sorry I can't come in… No guns allowed"…

  16. Keith McDermott

    Rob even though you state that in your establishment you can carry. I will never eat at another one again simply for the fact that one jumped on the Anti 2A movement that seems to be sweeping the country, I will also write a letter to corporate as well as many others I know will explaining our dis-approval.

  17. Kevin Coons

    So you want to keep your right to choose whether or not to carry a gun but want to take somebody else's right to choose whether or not to have one on their business away? Lil hypocritical ya?

  18. Nick Crawford

    My right to carry a gun is granted by the state and by the constitution. Bww does not have the right to infringe on my right to bear arms just like the government has no right to do so.

  19. Nick Crawford

    That's why the sign saying no guns allowed is not enforceable by law. The only thing they can do is ask you to leave, so if its concealed they will never know if you have it cause they can't see it.

  20. Dawn Lancaster

    The company policy is gun owner friendly and follows local laws. Individual franchise owners can be more restrictive if they choose, but it is misleading to label all BWWs as gun free zones.

  21. Dawn Lancaster

    The official BWW policy statement does not ban guns. Individual franchise owners may set more restrictive policy, so I will only go to the gun owner friendly franchises.

  22. Kevin Coons

    "We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody". Absolutely their right. If you really feel like you need to make a big deal about bringing a gun into a family sports bar, then be my guest, that's your right. However, I can see a point where if a sports bar decides they don't want guns in an environment where tempers fire high and alcoholic drinks are poured nonstop and kids are walking around, I GET THAT. How about instead of trying to argue EVERY SINGLE story by referring to the 2nd amendment, you take a step back and try to see it from a businesses or individuals angle? And their RIGHT to have an opinion on the matter.

    Matter of fact, argue this (as you haven't yet): guns are not allowed on airplanes. How many shooting have you seen on planes? Second amendment right, isn't it? Go ahead. Make your case!

  23. Nick Crawford

    People who have CCW permits are some of the most responsible citizens in our nation, you may hear 1 case a year if that where a CCW holder gets drunk and pulls a gun and shoots someone. They are people who never been in trouble with the law.

  24. Teresa Kimbler-Liberatore

    Ok guess we are done with this resturant after learning this. People need to take a stand and quit allowing our rights to be removed. So what do they plan to do if a criminal starts shooting their guests from outside the building? Tell him his illegal gun is not allowed after the criminal has shot more of their guests than if someone was there to protect them with gun stopped it? NO THANKS BUFFALO WILD WINGS!

  25. Teresa Kimbler-Liberatore

    Dawn Lancaster I will not go to any of them in support of our fellow Americans in PA. ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED and see how long it takes them to stop this bunch of BS. We have the right to protect ourselves. Also done with TGI Fridays as well.

  26. Nick Crawford

    Remember the IHOP shooting in Carson city? That can happen anywhere at any time. That had kids in there, the theater had kids in there, the schools which are all gun free zones had kids killed. If one CCW holder was there maybe there is a lot less casualties, it sure increases odds for survival. You are not allowed guns in planes for several reasons: remember 9-11? A airplane is extremely sensative because of the pressure built in the cabin, there are guns on planes but in the hands of US Marshals who have special ammo that kills without piercing the cabin and they are trained to shoot in that environment. The key to carrying CCW "responsibly" is practice and training. This massacre was stopped by a CCW holder before they could kill anyone…

  27. Christopher Robin Schoonover

    Because everyone who goes to a restaurant that also serves alcohol is there to drink, right? Virginia defends to the right to concealed carry in bars, and crime hasn't gone up here.

  28. Shawn Michael Webb

    Don't you still pay a franchise fee? Is it the franchise making the decisions for gun bans at, for example, a corporate owned store?

  29. Shawn Michael Webb

    ^Terea, if the corporate office isn't the one putting the gun ban, then it is individually owned stores. I.E., Guy A owns the names and recipes to BWW … well, Guy A can front some of the money to Guy B to open his own BWW in his local area, and essentially Guy B gets a majortiy of the profit. He still has to pay a franchise fee to Guy A though. That's in super, super laymans terms. There is obviously more that oges in to it, but that's the way I understand. What I'm getting at is if the gun bans aren't sponsored by the corporate entity, BWW, then it is the individual who is franchising the name, that's all. It would be certain locations that don't allow guns.

  30. Shawn Michael Webb

    Neither do cars and drinks.. nor do cars and dudebros with affliction shirts. So… your arguement is invalid.

  31. Shawn Michael Webb

    My dad's friend, who was a police officer at the time, stopped a robbery of a Fudrucker's burger restaurant, where they serve beer, one night. So, yes, a shoot out in a restaurant can end ideally with some training. Idiot.

  32. Nichole Sovey

    What if you just carried yours concealed? What would happen if for some odd reason you did get caught in this establishment with a concealed? Would they just ask you to leave, or could you really get in trouble?

  33. Nichole Sovey

    What if you just carried yours concealed? What would happen if for some odd reason you did get caught in this establishment with a concealed? Would they just ask you to leave, or could you really get in trouble?

  34. Paul Drake

    Question posed was:
    Do you think that prohibiting guns in restaurants make patrons safer or less likely to be able to defend themselves if a crime should occur?
    My answer: If a crime is occuring, most likely the criminal has a gun or knife and is a little wacky to be doing so anyway. What am I to do? Throw wings at em yeah! WTH! I hope someone takes care of that criminal before non carry innocent people get hurt. I don't think guns are allowed in an establishment that serves alcohol but that doesn't change the theme for the question.


  35. Skip Neel

    Rob, good for you. I'm glad someone has some sense. I don't advocate anyone drinking alcohol to be carrying a weapon of any kind. But businesses that have posted these types of signs are doing nothing more than inviting the crazies that want to be IDIOTS in. I wouldn't go in to a business that posted this type of sign without a gun.

  36. Skip Neel

    I don't advocate anyone drinking alcohol to be carrying a weapon of any kind. But businesses that have posted these types of signs are doing nothing more than inviting the crazies that want to be IDIOTS in. I wouldn't go in to a business that posted this type of sign without a gun.

  37. Lance Stallberg

    See the incident at a Luby's in Killeen, TX before there was a concealed law in Texas. No it doesn't make you safer! The bad guys don't give a crap about the rules/laws. Idiots at BWW that made this rule!

  38. James B McCrystal Sr.

    I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer.
    I have a 50-state CCW.
    I do NOT drink and carry.
    I LOVE their food……and due to their new policy, I will no longer spend a single dime at Buffalo Wild Wings.

    Whether or not I am carrying firearm at any time is really none of anyone's business. That's why it's called "CONCEALED".

    Even here in Georgia, where there's "open carry" permitted – I choose to carry concealed because I don't want to agitate others or be considered any form of threat.

    But as a company -they need to be aware of this: there are plenty of "wing places" out there that I am more than willing to give my, my family's, and my friends patronage.

    There are hundreds of thousands of CCW permit holders nationwide that they have suddenly alienated with their new policy.

    It appears that BWW forgot the 1st rule of customer service: 1 happy customer leads to 3 positive views – but one negative review leads to a hundred negative views. Multiply that 100 by the thousands of customers they have alienated, and their loss of potential revenue is on the magnitude of catastrophic.

    I hope they stop and reconsider.

  39. Mike Menke

    i'm packin' heat as we speak..
    bossman clearly saw it and didn't say a thing but sat me down and asked what i was drinkin'.

  40. Zach Josebeck

    Franchises still have the right to make their own decisions on property rules. This decision was made for all corperate owned chains. Good for you Rob Steger!

  41. Anonymous

    To Buffalo Wild Wings,

    I now feel very unsafe eating at your establishments because the only people who will carry guns will be the people you just invited to give your money to, knowing that they are safe from other law abiding citizens who have carry permits. If you think I am going to chance a nut or robber entering your facilities and trapping my family there with a gun you need a reality check.

    Do you really think the President and his family would enter your facility without people carrying guns to protect his family? Not a chance! What’s so special about his family over mine? I will pass the word and my family will never eat at Buffalo Wild Wings again and I assure you my friends will feel the same way. You just lost hundreds of thousands of patrons per year.

    If you don’t think it happens at fast food places, check out this link…

    If these employees were armed or a patron happened in who was carrying a gun, these people may still be alive today! Oh, that’s right, no one is allowed to carry a concealed weapon in Illinois so these people were defenseless! Over 500 Murders by gun in Chicago last year! Oh, that’s right, you aren’t allowed to own or carry a handgun in Chicago!

  42. Enoch Chipukaizer

    Good to hear Rob. Unfortunately the corporate position is likely to have an effect on your store's sales. There is starting to be a lot of negative publicity associated with the brand. Are you able to do any local marketing to draw the distinction between your franchise and the company?

  43. Steven Dyszkewicz

    Problem with your position, Rob? Now that it has been sent out as a corporate policy, you are in the minority..Patrons will not care if you, and some others in your area, have decided to forego company policy and allow legal concealed carry..Most patrons will simply avoid ALL establishments of this type as a form of protest..I know I will not be supporting Buffalo Wild Wings anytime in the near future! This corporate policy, as well as that of T.G.I Friday's, is literally a slap in the face to all NRA members and weapons carrying individuals everywhere..Prepare for the repercussions!

  44. Steven Dyszkewicz

    They should just open the doors and welcome the criminal element in! 'Come on in, rob the place blind..Noone will stop you because noone is armed!!!'

  45. Steven Dyszkewicz

    Dawn, according to what I'm reading it is a Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. policy, not a franchisee choice! BWW, inc. spokesman Peter Helfrich explained the reason CORPORATE made the policy..No mention of it being a franchisee option..Regardless, any BWW or TGIFriday's is now off limits to me and my family as it has become personal!!!

  46. Tom Anundson

    I will carry mine wherever I am, including BWW's. Its concealed, you will never know, but you will thank me if I stop a criminal from killing a bunch of your patrons!!

  47. Tom Lambert

    The problem is that these policies target legal gun carriers just like the gun ban we potentially face in congress. Criminals eat wings and drink beer believe it or not. So they will be the only ones that have a gun? I think not!

  48. Denise Calvo Lambert

    I thought you'd like this article….. I'll send u the other one in a few.

  49. Julie Theiss

    But that's an ignorant standpoint because you're admitting you are willing to punish the private business owners and employees who may also be NRA members….. It's time to stand TOGETHER, not against one another. I was a manager as well for two different franchise owners. I know many franchisees who continue to vote on the right, and a few who have served our country as well. They have no control over what Corporate does with the money they are required to give them (4% royalties to be exact). It's in the franchise agreement they have to sign before they can use the brand. Many franchisees are selling out due to Obamacare, taxes, royalties, etc. It's just not worth it anymore to them. But I do not know one franchisee who has these signs posted. They may exist, but not in Florida or Ohio that I know of. That doesn't mean you get waisted and still pack heat though. There are laws forbidding that already.

  50. Valerie Winn

    you go Buffalo Wild Wings! I only partonize restaurants who have a no carry rule. In Tennessee each establishment must post their individual rule about guns at the front door. If there is no rule against gun carrying, I don't go in. There are many, many restaurants that don't allow guns in their establishments. I don't have a problem with individuals owning guns and rifles, I don't like the thought that a the gun fight at the OK Corral could break out at any minute. Besides how many restaurants have had mass shootings?

  51. James Agee

    I'll bet the families of the 50 people killed and injured in Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, TX wished Suzanna Hupp had the gun in her purse that day instead of in her car. She has spoken many times of that day and of her wish to have been carrying her 38 special. What about the 40 people killed and injured in a San Ysidro, CA McDonald's in 1984? Those wanting to perpetuate evil will NOT respect a sign.

  52. David Fausett

    Policies like this only invite gun violence. Case in point, with only one single exception, every single public shooting since at least 1950, where more than three people were killed happened in a gun free zone

  53. Melissa McCann

    Shawn Michael Webb You're exactly right. Your dad's friend *who was a police officer* stopped a robbery–because he was trained not only how to use a gun but when and why, and he was trained and conditioned to react without panic and explicitly taught how to respond in a wide variety of situations. I would have no problem with an armed off-duty police officer sitting next to me in a restaurant.

    I have a HUGE problem sitting next to an untrained person who has to have a gun because he thinks danger lurks around every corner. Or who thinks he is Dirty Harry–hero vigilante who will bravely protect me and all the other patrons. God forbid I should sneeze! He might think I am reaching for a gun! At last, an opportunity to grab his own gun and start blasting like the hero he is.

    Everybody dies. Better to have some courage and only die once than live in fear and die a thousand times.

  54. DirtyDog Cigars

    Although I have a ccw permit and ALWAYS carry because I spent over 20 years working with very violent criminal idiots, I respect BWW'S choice. HOWEVER, I DON'T have to respect the stupidity of their management. They will never see me again. And to think I thought the criminals were the dumb a@@#@. They can spot a soft target before the target knows he is a target. FYI: QUAKER STATE LUBE AND OIL HAS GREAT WINGS.

  55. Bone Crusher Smith

    I live in Rochester, NY, there is no sign there and the host said he didn't know what I was talking about. I do not believe that posting a sing carries "force of Law" at least in NY. If there was a "No Gun" policy in any business I just would not go there. Simple.

  56. Dennis Day

    Or better yet, prop the doors open and leave the register drawers stocked and open each night.

  57. Dennis Day

    They can tell you to leave. If you refuse, you can find yourself in a very bad position of being arrested for trespassing. If you have your CCW, you should know this already as it is one of the topics that every state CCW program covers.

  58. Dennis Day

    @Jonathan Bergstrom, It is Buffalo Wild Wings. Not Buffalo Alcohol Drinks. Most CCW states regulate the tavern clause based on the percentage of business that is based on food sales. BWW is a restaurant in this case. Educate yourself and research before popping off at the mouth. Thank you for your time. :)

  59. Dennis Day

    Emilie Swett As a lawyer who helped write the CCW laws in Missouri says, "It doesn't have to make sense. It's the law."n As a CCW holder, it is always best to respect the wishes of the property owners and just go elsewhere. It sucks sometimes but it is better than becoming a criminal by carrying where guns are not allowed.

  60. Dennis Day

    Please don't. That will make you a criminal by not obeying the CCW laws and you make you out to be the bad guy that you may be carrying to protect the public from .

  61. Dennis Day

    No. Criminals ALWAYS obey signs. They'll go somewhere else because the sign says no guns allowed.

  62. Dennis Day

    Criminals don't respect the signs. Duh! It is this kind of thinking that scares me. Because there is a sign that says "no guns allowed", that is going to deter a criminal from entering the restaurant? Think about it.

  63. Dennis Day

    It's a restaurant that servers alcohol. Not a bar. There is a difference in the eyes of the law.

  64. Annita Menogan

    You don't understand that constitutional rights are all BALANCED. There are tests that the courts use to determine where and when these rights can be exercised. You gun 2nd amendment folks need to understand that it does not trump other rights under the constitution. So yes, nick, BWW DOES have the right to "infringe" on your 2nd amendment rights. They are called property rights as well as freedom of speech. Your right is to not patronize them. Also, infringement relates SOLELY to government action.

  65. William Brown

    If you're in the restaurant and some comes in shooting and you get shot. Can you sue the restaurant because you could've defended yourself if they didn't have a no gun policy?

  66. Rick Povich

    Perhaps this is a Pennsylvania franchise located near Philthadelphia? If the manager establishes a no-guns policy in PA, you get asked to leave or, as the article states, you get a trespass fine. Standard penalty in PA.

  67. Cristy Schrott

    we have Buffalo Wild Wings here – I know of at least 2 of them just north of Pittsburgh, pa.

  68. Psych's Repairs

    Here is my scenerio. I ride motorcycle. Me and my friends enjoy going to the range. We normally take our bikes. I used to frequent the establishment of BWW. Now your saying that if I wanted to stop in while I was out riding. I would first have to go home and drop off my firearm to have some wings? Negative… I will just take my business elsewhere.

    Further more, since BWW feels the need to post signs of their stand point. I feel the need to show my stand point and not go to the establishment at all. Nor do I feel the need to drive out and look for a sign that says I can or cannot carry.

    There were many Jews that didn't agree with what the Nazi's were doing. But the teamed up with them cause they were benefiting from them. Just because you are benefiting from the establishment… doesn't make it ok that your paying the people that don't believe in our rights.

  69. Andrea Botts Seeds

    So you patronize Violent Criminal Empowerment restaurants. I support your choice.

  70. Tami Moneymaker

    again if a person means to do harm he will carry a gun in anyway or weapon of choice. It's not the inanimate object that kills but the human holding that object. Evil heart, evil deeds

  71. Robert Gould

    Making the law-abiding helpless does no make the criminals harmless. I wouldn't want to take on the liability risk of preventing people from being able to defend themselves. Because if they are going to disarm the law abiding they had better have enough security and metal detectors at the doors to make sure nobody gets in with a gun.

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