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Anonymous Hacks The Westboro Baptist Church: Posts All Their Personal Information

Anonymous Publishes Westboro Baptist Church personal files

Commentary – Updated | The hacking collective known as Anonymous renewed their war on the Westboro Baptist Church today. After the haters from the infamous church posted their intentions to picket the funerals of the twenty children killed in the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Anonymous responded by re-posting the personal and professional information for members of the church on the Internet. Now the general public can contact the church members directly and tell them what they think about people who would desecrate the funerals of murdered children.

Westboro Baptist Church has been irritating Americans for years with venom filled message about their demented version of God. According to the many closely related and intermarried members of the Phelps family who make up the majority of the congregation of the so-called church, God enjoys killing children and soldiers. They constantly proclaim God hates homosexuals and plans to destroy America for not following the Westboro Baptist Church’s twisted version of Christianity. The incredible obsession with homosexuality expressed by Fred and family seems to many as a sure fire case of “thou dost protest too much.”

Anonymous has been after the Westboro Baptist Church for several months now, hacking their websites repeatedly. Recently, they accused the church of creating a fake letter from the hacking group in order to trick other hackers into attacking the website. Anonymous warned their supporters the church planned to harvest internet addresses and sue people. Suing people is apparently the primary activity of the Westboro Baptist Church when they aren’t screaming hate at funerals.

Of course, Westboro denied the charges and taunted Anonymous as incompetent hackers. They claimed their website was protected by God. Big mistake. A few days later, while a Westboro spokeswoman was boasting about how the church foiled Anonymous on a radio talk show, an Anonymous spokesman called in and hacked the church’s website in real time on the air.

Hopefully saner heads will prevail and nothing terrible will occur if the Westboro Baptist Church shows up in Newtown, Connecticut. The State Police made the extraordinary decision to assign a trooper to each of the victim’s families to prevent unwelcome idiots from tormenting them and to protect their privacy.

It is hard to imagine what kind of person would attend the funerals for these children and promote the hate filled message of the Phelps family and their followers. While we certainly do not condone illegal activity, it is hard not to root for Anonymous as they take it to these sad, pathetic excuses for human beings from the Westboro Baptist Church. If the Church’s website is offline forever, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon for most Americans.

UPDATE 4:00 am CST:

A few minutes after the original commentary was published, The Inquisitr received an email from a sender who claimed to represent Anonymous. The email is similar in content to many other “official” Anonymous emails and we decided to share it with our readers. The email included the following statement:

“Just hacked Westboro’s site. Freedom of speech is one thing. But freedom to hate is another. A domain such as “ should not exist despite rumblings of members picketing Sandy Hook. Those families have enough anguish to deal with.”

The conflict between Anonymous and the Westboro Baptist Church is building to a fever pitch and judging from the multitude of reader comments on several prominent social media websites, the public strongly supports Anonymous by a ninety nine to one majority.

How do you feel about the war between Anonymous and the Westboro Baptist Church? Do you think Anonymous is doing a good deed by hacking the Church’s website or should everyone respect their First Amendment rights and just try to ignore them?

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916 Responses to “Anonymous Hacks The Westboro Baptist Church: Posts All Their Personal Information”

  1. Heather Schulte

    I don't usually make snap judgments about groups of people, but the WBC can take their hate and shove it.

  2. Jason Deak

    Anyone can hack their site… go through multiple proxies and use a "public" network connection. It's really not that hard to hide. I would but, I have better things to do with my time. These asshats need to be beaten physically. Preferably with nail studded baseball bats and chains.

  3. Brandon Gilliam

    Not really anonymous if you go around posting comments like that attached to your Facebook profile.

  4. Zeferino Lara

    "…twisted version of Christianity"? They're sharing the TRUE version of Christianity. If people would just read the Bible they'll see that they WBC is only taking the literal message from their "god". God does hate fags! And I'm saying that objectively, as a gay man and Atheist. It's funny to see how pseudo-Christians have tried to "liberalize" Christianity so that it fits their morals. It's called cherry-picking. "Let's skip all this about God killing and hating and go to the part that says 'Love thy neighbor". Don't hate the WBC, hate the Bible that they preach from.

  5. Josh Blakeley

    I honestly cannot understand why someone has not murdered the members of this hate group. You could be a mass murderer and a hero at the same time!

  6. Jeanette Dunphy

    The Westboro crowd are taking the word of their god literally. If all churches followed their bible to the letter they would be doing the same. PLus they are exercising their "right! to free speech. albeit highly toxic free speech.
    If the US people don't like it, they should change their constitution so they can actually lock these ignorant hateful scum of the earth up in jail for publicly inciting a riot and for publicly making hate speeches.
    We won't even let them in the country here in Australia.

  7. Jeanette Dunphy

    They won't disappear until someone gets the balls to do something about making what they do illegal.
    But they won't . This all sacred "freedom of speech" protects the Westboror crew as well as many other sordid disgusting types. :(

  8. Jeanette Dunphy

    They won't disappear until someone gets the balls to do something about making what they do illegal.
    But they won't . This all sacred "freedom of speech" protects the Westboror crew as well as many other sordid disgusting types. :(

  9. Qua Couron

    Fuck YEAH Anon! I can't even begin to understand how someone could even THINK about protesting at a funeral for a bunch of children who were brutally slain at an elementary school for no fucking reason! Anon is the best group of people that exist these days and I commend them for everything they do. Keep it up guys!

  10. April Reid

    if I were a believer in god I'd say these fucks will burn in hell…I have 2 children of my own, both boys and they are 5 and 11 years old…you just don't torment parents or humanity in general the way these clowns do.

  11. Jimmy Stavros

    I don't think you understand. Freedom of speech is pretty much the basis of American law and society. While it can and has been abused as the Westboro Baptist Church has clearly exhibited, we must not alter the first amendment and the rights it grants us. That will only give the government more power over our lives and not fix anything.

  12. Jeanette Dunphy

    The only freedom of speech you would lose is the right to spew forth the sort of shyte that the Westboro chuch does.
    Australia and and UK, New Zealand etc, we all have such restrictions on free speech. And I'm forever grateful, knowing that my kids won't be poisoned but such hate.

  13. Jason Arceneaux

    and technically serpents can talk.. and Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth.. Cain killed Abel but where did the rest of humanity arise?.. Noah was eaten by whale.. Moses parted a sea.

    Technically from a fundamentalist view- eyes should be gouged at for looking at a beautiful woman, eating meat on certain days elicits death, getting a tatoo insta hell, calling out against God insta-hell, not honoring your parents elicits death and hell, touching another man or woman with a sensual mind means you must cut off your hands.

    DON'T TAKE THE BIBLE LITERALLY. People that don't take it literally are not psuedo-Christians. Never say something that stupid again. We understand and interpret the bible in a way that is free. Jesus would never go around killing ANYONE. Nor would God. God didn't write the Bible remember this. It was first orally taught through generations, then written, translated countless of times, so this 'Bible' cannot be taken literally for everything.

    Dude seriously God doesn't hate. You sir, should read the bible. 80% of it is a parable (a moral story) 20% a historical literature. If any religious group *fundamentalists take this seriously they cannot be taken seriously. God doesn't hate gays, or anybody for that matter.

  14. Finn Easterly

    The law can't cover everything. American citizens are supposed to protect their country from its enemies, both foreign and domestic. We've gotten lazy, always depending on laws to keep us safe.
    We need to handle this as citizens and remove them and their poison from our country.

  15. Carl Tanner

    Freedoms come with responsibilities. If you're not capable or willing to exercise those responsibilities, then you don't deserve those freedoms. Simple as that. Far too much is let get by in the name of "freedom", and whilst I would defend anyone's right to their opinions and the right to air them, I will not defend anyone's rights to spew hate and other nonsense in the name of "freedom of speech".

  16. Paul Grant

    "cherry-picking". Wow I could go two ways with that:

    1.) The straight up irony of a fundie talking about cherry-picking.

    2.) *ding* Things the church has been doing for years.

  17. Jack Carlson

    No, they hardly care about religion. The entire Phelps family is more concerned with suing for capital gain. They stroll around trying to offend people with bigoted, hatful signs, hoping to provoke conflict worthy of a lawsuit. They are such twisted, sick individuals to involve themselves in such a horrible tragedy. That cult has no soul to show.

  18. Jimmy Stavros

    Jeanette, you obviously don't get it. You've always lived under a censorship system in Australia where the government censors the internet, censors forms of media, and censors what you can and cannot say. I completely understand why you wouldn't understand why Americans cherish their sacred first amendment. I'll tell you why, because we don't want to end up like you. We like our freedom, all of it. We don't want to give up any of it. People are always going to say things you disagree with, that doesn't mean you let the government step in to restrict speech.

  19. Jennifer Simon

    You forget, in the bible it's okay to marry your cousin, get married at age 13 when puberty hits…and the bible was written in a time where they seriously believed in superstitions (mirror breaking – 7 years bad luck, etc.) As well as the fact bible was written by men of stores handed down from generation to generation (have we forgotten that fun old game in Elementary "Telephone"?). My Grandmother was a Catholic… and the one thing she STRONGLY believed in, was Jesus preached of love, not HATE…and only God himself may judge. So basically Westboro is a bunch of Hypocrites that's probably making Jesus go "There isn't a facepalm big enough for these morons…"

  20. Joshua James Covey

    Maybe we should worry about building a better society, not restricting the one we have because it's inconvenient. You honestly think free speech is the issue here, and not the fact that these people are just terrible human beings? Also there is plenty of intolerance in Australia. The country's history is riddled with racism, and I believe it was just a couple weeks ago that a french woman was threatened with a knife on a bus there for not speaking English. America has a lot of problems but so does your country. And the UK? My god that place is a cesspool of misplaced nationalism and white pride. You might have a nice little law regarding hate speech but your country is still full of racist morons, and that is the real problem. Worry about educating your populace and embracing diversity and you won't need to restrict the rights of your citizens in some bs orwellian sense of order.

  21. Leah Carey

    Thank you, Anonymous! I can't think of a group of people more deplorable, disgusting and derranged who deserves the honor of being hacked and humiliated!

  22. Joshua James Covey

    Carl Tanner that's lovely theory that's not how laws work in america. You can't just arrest people for doing legal things you dislike, and it makes no sense to restrict an entire countries rights because a couple dozen people are idiots. You can re-define what is considered harmful to others and augment the free speech laws to suit that or you could change protesting and gathering laws. The issue is that those changes are now blanket and can be used by anyone against anyone. We've already seen protest suppression through misuse of current laws, and a lot of the things you would use to stop these people could also be used to arrest someone protesting a business or a political protester. I do want to do something to stop these people but it's nowhere near as simple as everyone loves to suggest.

  23. Joe Mckenna

    Well, speech still seems pretty free in Oz; despite them not suffering venomous psychopaths.

  24. Joseph Valles

    If it wasn't for government restricting our freedom to smack their shit up, they would have been taken care of by now. We don't need more restrictions on our freedom, that's ridiculous.

  25. Giselle Perez

    If only signing a petition could keep them away, I'd sign it in a heart beat. Freedom of speech gives them the right to protest the funeral.

  26. James Rooney

    "Idk what bible they read" – They are following it verbatim, that's the problem. I take it you haven't read such pearls of wisdom about how you aren't allowed to eat shellfish and such. Leviticus 11:10 "But anything in the seas or the rivers that has not fins and scales, of the swarming creatures in the waters and of the living creatures that are in the waters, is detestable to you." The bible is a storybook.

  27. Christian Salas

    "Of course, Westboro denied the charges and taunted Anonymous as incompetent hackers. They claimed their website was protected by God. Big mistake." Lol.

  28. Anonymous

    Jason Arceneaux – Why are you getting bitchy because someone called out you and your ilk for cherry picking the good stuff, yet leaving out all the slavery and other nonsense thats packed in there? You obviously can't take the fact your moronic storybook is about as intellectual as a steamy turd. Grow up. Your fables won't wash in the real world.

  29. Anonymous

    Prayers are meaningless and hell doesn't exist. You just managed to produce the most meaningless statement on the Internet of all time.

  30. Terrance J Hestand

    The reason they get around most legal issues is because they have like 3-4 lawyers in their family with one in school at the moment. Fred's daughter, who is becoming more and more of the matriarch as he becomes older and frailer, was the first lawyer in the family with her children to follow suit. One can only think she became the first to help protect her daddy from fines and jail time here within the country.

  31. Jeanette Dunphy

    I didn't realise that Australia was perceived that way over seas. If we don't like what the government says or does, we are famous for 'taking it to the streets'. We stand up to corrupt politicians. If a politician makes a racist or sexest statement, it's more than likely that he will be stood down from his position of power.
    We parody our leaders, we mock their foibles. We don't put up with any sort of shit.
    But then being a socialist country, we are more concerned with the People. We care about everyone having access to health care. It's not every man for himself over here.
    I truly believe we live in one of the greatest nations on Earth.

  32. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    I dunno what the death of these children has to do with any religious book, teaching or ministry. Children are innocents. They are too young to be classified into any category other than innocent. If you are at odds with the parents values, it is most certainly not the children's fault. Just a bunch of zealots who like to see themselves on TV

  33. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    I dunno what the death of these children has to do with any religious book, teaching or ministry. Children are innocents. They are too young to be classified into any category other than innocent. If you are at odds with the parents values, it is most certainly not the children's fault. Just a bunch of zealots who like to see themselves on TV

  34. Adam Laughlin

    These guys are going to protest the Newtown Children funerals. Gotta love Ananomous

  35. Adam Laughlin

    These guys are going to protest the Children's funerals in Newtown. You gotta love Anonymous.

  36. Eduardo Villa Jr

    fixed_news_channel: its not that people cherry pick, but that over time people understand that many things are wrong with what was said in the bible. Now SOME people are competent enough to use all those stories as what they are meant to be, allegories for being good people and spreading those stories as examples to do so.

  37. Lauren Lansdowne

    While the bible does say gay sex is wrong (interesting side note: no mention of lesbians at all) it also says shellfish are wrong, wearing mixed fabrics is wrong, and that slaves are totally fine. I'm pretty sure the Westbro lot are happy to wear their modern clothing and eat shrimp, therefore they are not following 'truely' following the bible. They are focusing on one point in the bible to obsessive levels. I can't say what God actually does or does not like. It may be that he considers being gay a sin. However, He DOES NOT HATE ANYONE, and certainly doesn't want his 'followers' saying those kids died because he's angry. Their message is one of hate, not love.

  38. Tj Crickmore

    Violence is not th e answer as they will sue you anyways fight back with words the same way they preach their b.s.

  39. Alistair Westwood

    Bree: Just sayin'…they're reading the Bible as it was meant to be read. Your God might love everyone, but the God of the Bible certainly doesn't.

  40. Paul Hering

    They are a extreme hate group. and should be prosecuted as such. I recommend arresting and then sending them to Guantanamo for the damage that they intentionally do to the many grieving family's

  41. Craig Bomberger

    Granted, I don't totally agree with some things that Anonymous has done, but overall, I guess I can't really complain too much about them! Now on to those asswipes from the w.b.c., I would hate to see someone get charged with murder for taking them out, but a baseball bat to the kneecaps, I think I would find that worth watching! But even if someone were to kill one of those scumbags, why should they complain, wouldn't that just get them to "their" heaven that much quicker? But whatever Anonymous can do to ruin the day of those satan-spawned, frothing at the mouth, sub-human beings from westboro is just fine by me!

  42. Laurie Mann

    While I don't approve of hacking and releasing person info in general, there are times when it's necessary. The WBC must be fought with any tool available (short of guns, of course).

  43. Jason Arceneaux

    @fixed_news_channel: …How is slavery nonsense? The historical factual aspects of the bible are specifically packed into the bible in certain portions as this. The Egyptians clearly did in fact force the Israelites and Jews into a position of enslavement through coercion.

    I never was cherry picking, good sir. I was pointing out the flaws I find in fundamentalist ideals when you take out certain aspects of the Bible. Slavery in fact is not nonsense. America itself was built and fortified through this idea of slavery; Asian slave labor, African slave labor, Native American slave labor, and etc.

    You are funny, but let me entertain your idea.

    The Bible does in fact have certain qualities and aspects that many people may find as you put it "moronic." But I disagree to the extent that the bible was written in a contextual manner which at the time was present 900 years ago. The bible was never meant to be taken as an intellectual token of property, but more as of piece of literature.

    Next your critique of my idea vis-á-vis "leaving out the good stuff?" What is this good stuff? I was merely pointing out the similes the Bible utilizes. The Bible was not intended to be taken completely literally. Although the main points that are represented through the parables, and 613 commandments can be a model to follow through with when living your life.

    The other religions have similar models as well, Bhagavad Gita, Torah, Qur'an, as well as other religious literature have very similar ideals. Ideas of 'unnecessary' rape, murder, as well as other acts are presented as being negative and should be acts that are never committed nor entertained by thought. It's funny that you mention that the Bible is as you say, "as intellectual as a steamy turd," because in fact the Bible was grounds for the framework of John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, as well works our founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Franklin.

    I did not cherry pick, I mentioned various sources that fundamentalists might take literally. But there are hundreds of other cases which I could draw on however. Such as from Revelations; pale horsemen, division of fish and bread amongst hundreds, etc. But I chose not to.

    And besides I don't think "my fables" could wash your mouth in my world sir.

    Next time instead of thinking I was offended, and assuming I was "bitchy for someone calling me out," don't. Your feebleminded psychological characteristics have already expelled themselves due to assuming I was offended. I was not in fact not offended, I just like having intellectual debates and talks regarding the Bible.

    This never offended me, nor do your comments.

    But seems my comments offended you. So how about we have an adult conversation, without throwing in elementary terms such as "steamy turd" and "bitchy" then I might take you in a decent conversation based on a priori evidence.

    In response, me grow up? You may be older than me physically, but I am light years ahead of you mentally.

  44. Laurie Mann

    Josh, I think it's because right-wing nut jobs are more likely to use guns against people who make them angry than liberals are. Guns aren't the answer. Making matyrs out of sociopaths is not the answer. Fighting them in every legal way is the answer. For example, is WBC tax-exempt? Why? There's no evidence it's a real church, it's basically a focal point for hate-mongering and suing people.

  45. Laurie Mann

    This group has been around since at least the '90s, if not longer. So we're not making a "snap judgement" about them. The group is filled with lawsuit-happy sociopaths. The big question is, are they still tax-exempt? They really shouldn't be. The government should fight them by taking away their tax-exemption, if it still exists.

  46. Paul Hering

    I f that doesn't work, drag there slimy asses through civil court sue them for everything they have and shut those cretins down. I mean really, If those assholes showed up for my Daughters/sons/family members funeral, given the same circumstances. I guarantee my community would see to it that they would all die of lead poisoning, Or lets be humane and buy them kool-aid Jim Jones had a special formula that's guaranteed to send them to a better place, as it appears that their not very happy here. It is our moral obligation as a society to see that they no longer suffer from their chronic anguish. Lets just help them get there heavenly rewards, and take a few sins off our own account at the same time. Seems like a real WIN! WIN!

  47. Pablo Kang

    Well, not technically, since Vigilantism requires fighting crime and technically the WBC have committed none (as atrociously ignorant and inhuman as they are). Anonymous is more like a collective entity that specializes in making life hell for those in society who would lead humanity down dark paths and commit atrocities.

  48. Barnaby Rose

    surely america has a law against inciting hatred? youd think somewhere which so freely uses police violence would at least direct it in the right direction for once?!

  49. Kacee McCoy

    Those people are spawns of Satan who hide under the cover of God. My God would never accept or condone what those sick puppies are doing. You are supposed to love thy neighbor, not harass them or condemn then to hell during one of the hardest times of their lives. I just want to know who made them judge, jury, and executetionor? In fact, if they went back and actually read the bible, they would know that God says not to judge, lest he be judged. Or those who live without sin shall cast the first stone. Just saying….maybe when they lose someone they love people will go and picket that funeral, then they will know what they have put countless families through.

  50. Dinakar Geddapu

    "the public strongly supports Anonymous by a ninety nine to one majority" – I'm pretty sure the other one percent are internet trolls.

  51. Jess Armstrong

    Jimmy Stavros, no need for the condescension. Of course Australians understand why people appreciate freedom of speech. We all 'like our freedom, all of it' and none of us want to 'give up any of it'. But your implication that Australia is backwards and the US completely free when it comes to speech is simply not true – there are restrictions for all of us: So, to reply to your last line – the government has already stepped in to restrict speech many times in response to disagreeable words.

  52. Clayton Winters

    To my good friends Anonymous. Thank you for this. You already know I still call for Scientology to be improved or removed also….

    They will not win.
    We are not alone.

    Here is Love's truth for WBC which they must read because even the foulest monster deserves to know what is real:

    Once upon a time, a righteous man spoke loudly about the sin of homosexuality to all who would listen and many who would not. He bothered many people with his words from God. Many people did not believe this man spoke for God in the matter of homosexual sin, and so they did not repent. Other people, very tragically, did believe the hateful homophobia and declared God Himself to be a delusion, a falsehood, and a lie to justify hate. And so many people became atheists who hated God.

    One day, Jesus came to visit the loud angry righteous man in his house. Jesus said to this man, "You are right. Homosexuality is forbidden by God in your village. Now follow me so I can show you why."

    The Christian righteous man followed Jesus to the house next door where Jesus knocked. When the neighbor answered, Jesus asked him a question:

    "Do you recognize this man beside me?" but the neighbor did not.

    "I have never seen this person in my life. Is he important?"

    Jesus said, "This man is your neighbor. Has he not loved you with open arms of charitable mercy as he loves himself… as if you are his brother?"

    The neighbor said, "Oh… I have seen him sometimes… walking to his car and driving away in the morning. Once I saw him grilling hot dogs."

    Jesus asked, "Did this righteous man invite you to share his hot dogs?"

    "No," said the neighbor.

    Jesus painted a red line of blood between the righteous man's front yard and his neighbor's front yard. Then he said "Follow me" and the righteous man followed Jesus to his other neighbor's house.

    Jesus asked the second neighbor similar questions. "Has this man loved you?"

    The second neighbor said, "I have no idea. He has never even spoken to me. Except that one time my music was too loud. I'm still sorry about that, by the way."

    Jesus painted another boundary line in blood separating the righteous man's front yard from his other neighbor's front yard. Then Jesus asked the righteous man, "Have you loved your neighbors across the street as you love yourself… or at least in the manner you love your brother? Or failing that… did you at least try to love your neighbors across the street like a friend?"

    The righteous man said, "I hate those fags. The faggots across the street are gay."

    So Jesus painted another boundary in blood across the righteous man's front lawn. Jesus said, "follow me" and they went to the back yard. Jesus saw the tall fence and security cameras and motion-sensing lights and looked at the righteous man.

    "Is there a reason you build a wall of fear between yourself and these neighbors whom you should love as yourself, if you can, or as a brother or even like a friend or at least try?"

    The righteous man began to answer and Jesus listened to three sentences and silenced the righteous man. "I understand… you do not trust these neighbors because you are afraid they will sneak into your back door. Love will not grow where there is no trust." Then Jesus finished painting the boundary of blood so that only the righteous man's house and yard were inside. Then Jesus looked the righteous man in the eye and said these words.

    "Never allow a homosexual union within the boundaries of this village I have marked out. The people of this nation inside the border I have made are too weak in faith, small in heart, and simple of mind… homosexual love inside this country would be poison to the people who dwell here. It would be a sickness of spirit on the homosexual person who lived within these borders. Remain vigilant over this kingdom and do not worry about other nations with different ways. Leave their hearts to God. Your job is inside this small nation I have marked out for you. This is your community to police. If a homosexual person lives among you in this one house village… cast him out into the world to fend for himself. Do not allow him back into this house in this village in this nation I have marked out with borders of my own blood where homosexuality is an alien perversion which does not belong."

    The next day, the righteous man's son told his righteous father that he liked men and was thinking about moving into his gay lover's house. The righteous man told his son to get out and never come back, just like Jesus asked. The son of the righteous man lived a much happier life with his new family in his new village than he ever could have in his home. Perhaps his life was imperfect in some small detail of biological gender, but the Lord forgave this tiny mistake and smiled down upon him and other people who choose Love instead of Fear.

    That night, Jesus came to the righteous man in a dream and said,

    "A person must learn to love his neighbor with whom he has much in common before he can love somebody who is different to the core. When you truly love your neighbors who are like you in most ways, maybe then you will develop the heart to love homosexuals who are very different to you. When you earn the privilege of loving homosexuals who are alien to you now by proving that you can love your neighbor with whom you have much in common… then I will lift the curse of hate and erase the boundary of blood that limits your village to one single house."

    In the righteous man's dream, he stood before Jesus the Christ and began quoting scripture as Pharisees had done once before. Jesus held up his hand and said only this:

    "Read Ecclesiastes over and over until you know that there is a time for EVERY purpose under heaven… even two men butt-fucking."

    There are atheists who are right with God and Christians who do Satan's work. You shall know them by their fruits.

    This is Love's truth for Westboro Baptist Church… they deserve to know it before God strikes them down.

  53. Clayton Winters

    Wolff… my good friends Anonymous have been at war with the Church of Scientology for many years… if Scientology's lawyers haven't hurt Anonymous yet… I don't think they have much to fear from a one family church who are their own legal representation. That being said… yes, we are better off just laughing from a distance and letting the experts do their thing.

  54. Victoria McCormick

    that's not the true Christianity, you're quite a large base your opinion on hateful christians and then lump the compassionate, kind ones in there. as a gay man you should've learned a long time ago to not judge a group like that. it's unfair unless you've met EVERY christian there is.

  55. Victoria McCormick

    and that's MY objective opinion as an atheist. stop giving us a bad name with your hate spewing.

  56. John S Sotos

    This is great. I don't know which is better though this or the time they protested I think it was in Topeka and their tires got slashed and everyone refused to sell them tires.

  57. Jesse Leon Guerrero

    That's a fair point, Pablo. As easy as it is to detest WBC, it seems even easier for some to forget that WBC haven't actually committed any crimes AFAIK. It is deplorable though that WBC would even consider picketing the upcoming funerals.

  58. Kevin Havens

    THANK YOU!!! As an Atheist, these "Christians" think that they have free will to do whatever they please. A lot of psychologists have determined that sexuality is in the brain and NOT caused by any disbelief in any deity. Anyway religion is a community poison and causes good people to do evil things. Take a look at my Facebook profile in the "About" section and you will see some neat quotes disproving Christianity. Some words to ponder. The list has been saved, I'm about to do something about it.

  59. Wolff Bachner

    i was saying the exact same thing. don't get mad and try to hack them on your own. im sure the pros know what to do. lol.

    btw, the real gig with westboro isnt about god. most of the members are lawyers and they make a fortune suing everyone in sight.

  60. Rory Kilkenny Paddock

    I don't know if anyone else can tell me if there is an "Anti-WBC" group or organisation? Surely with the media and press attention they get and knowledge of the hideous words they utter there must be some sort of fight against them? Was just wondering what America as a whole would think about on one solitary day just turning up at there addresses and picketing their homes with anti WBC signs. Sort of a taste of their own medicine. I don't believe in an "eye for an eye" but surely with the amount of support against WBC something CAN be done. Or would that just lead to more media exposure for WBC? All I know is that in the majority of the western world most countries would not stand for this behaviour I live in the UK and we had people arrested for starting a group on Facebook that encouraged people to loot and riot. (There was no riot but the fact they encouraged this behaviour was enough to arrest them) All in all though there isn't just one failing here. The American constitution has not only let the WBC say the awful things they do without any repercussions but it also gives everyone the right to bare arms which undoubtedly lead to the deaths of those innocent children. Just like The Bible, The Constitution is out dated and needs to adapt to the modern world we live in today. Both scripts mean well and have great intentions but as we can see, both can have dire consequences. Lets not let these children die in vain. But great work anonymous!

  61. Malevolent Deception

    Right on. I support and stand by this… <3 Anonymous.. You have the support of the many with this and the few… from around the world I say they should continue. Those little ones did not deserve to die… It was an act of senseless violence from a person who never should of been able to get his hands on those weapons… again.. those little ones should never have died… This is something I will never forget..I will never forgive.. <3 to all the families and the ones not here <3.

  62. Mark Legion

    Jess, that's true. As it harms none, WBC's freedom of speech should be protected. Sure, it's in bad taste and some folks are getting their feelings hurt. Anon, in this case, is just making it obvious (to everyone *but* WBC, it seems) that WBC can't just walk around making sweeping interpretations of God's word without answering to somebody. As WBC has shown in the past, this is just how they try to make friends and generate funds/lawsuits for themselves.

  63. Adam Scheinberg

    Translation: I couldn't hack into a properly configured Windows box if my life depended on it.

  64. Kate Miotto

    1st amendment rights protect you from prosecution from the gov't, NOT from response from your fellow citizens. Their rights end where mine begin, at the tip of my nose and skin of my mouth. Since Anonymous is not the Gov't I say Go Go Gadget Anonymous! The Westboro Baptist Cult is pure hate.

  65. Troy Kotanen

    Bunch of fucking whackos. The WBC in my opinion are a hate cult, and if they came here I promise I would get a piece of a few of these whackos. Do come to Wisconsin WBC I'm itching to use my old baseball bat.

  66. Vanja Stanic

    Go anonymous! You people call this a religion site? You all SUCK! You're all twisted-minded!

  67. Kate Miotto

    If they were taking their bible literally, they wouldn't be able to eat shell fish, wear fabric blends, and would spend most of their time stoning people, and that is just a cross section of taking Leviticus literally. Their piety is a crock and they cherry pick their bible. They are bible frauds: evil, despicable frauds, as are most extreme right wingnut 'Christians'.

  68. Clayton Winters

    Science atheist minded person who reads bible as literal fact instead of poem truth makes exact same mistake as WBC people and other ignorant fundamentalist. Who thinks Bible is about correspondence of mundane facts to literal conditions ? Crazy people. Atheist people read Bible just like crazy WBC person but are smart enough to reject the obvious stupidity literal interpretation reveals. Maybe Bible is poem/myth metaphor with many truths for many people in many times in many circumstances and that might be why it contradicts itself -huh ? Maybe it is not self-contradiction of literal facts but relativity dependent on context with abstracted truth.

    People are ignorant of truth and eager to do harm and will use science like they used religion until they invent an even better way of helping/harming each other with two edged swords or stop making me/us/friend versus you/them/enemy distinction/assumption in monkey brain and cease believing my idea/our idea/must be best idea/should be only idea delusion. Religious people who think Bible says literal facts about physical world better than science might be dumbest of all but who cares… see with your both your eyes if you can. If are religious person with keen left eye vision… don't blind your right eye and stop trying to blind everybody else's right eye. Atheist people… how you come you so smart but want to blind other people's left eye just because your right eye vision is so keen. Two eyes are better than one… right ?

    I do not hate or judge the sinner… I ask for listening with both ears instead of just your favorite one. If I tell you LHC is 9 billion dollar Cathedral where we smash tiny pieces of probability that are not even real until we see them into each other to make a pattern that has not been real in over 4 billion years while people starve every day… will think that is jugement on Science for having same self-blind weakness Religion has ? Or will you say instead… LHC is place where we do Science equivalent of sing hymns to God which gives Science people knowledge just like true worship gives religious people wisdom….

    Atheist man is monkey-man just like Religion man is and honestly, should probably be more willing to admit that since his creation myth has room for facts like evolution instead of being poem/metaphor wisdom story which does not even care about facts because it is telling us truth instead.

    God is not threatened by us using Science to gradually get closer to Him by making more knowing. Why are science people threatened by a phantom they do not even think is real ? I will tell you why. Because monkey men use religion for selfish lazy things… if religion is so much bad -then I say it is equally good with analogy that the sharper a surgeon's scalpel is, the keener the assassin's blade will also be. Making claim that Science is always forever superior to religion and religion should die is clear case of cleverly rationalized and non-cognitively sublimated chimpanzee-style dominance/submission behavior… just like religious people have done.

    Am I sorry to say so much but I have passionate shame for my so-called religious brothers whose -ism I reject because I believe in Love and also, great fear and impatience if even Science cannot see truth and leads men into even more darker version of the same trap religion was.

    Sorry about wasting many words going off-topic.

  69. Mark Johnson

    On Punishing ‘Immorality’

    Leviticus 20:9
    If anyone curses his father or mother, he must be put to death.
    20:10 If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife—with the wife of his neighbor—both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death.
    20:13 If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death.
    Deuteronomy 22:20-1 If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the girl’s virginity can be found, she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done a disgraceful thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house.

    Exodus 35:2
    For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a Sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it must be put to death.

    On Destroying Other People
    Deuteronomy 7:1-2 When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations . . . then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.
    20:10-17 When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you. If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city. When the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. . . . This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to the nations nearby.

    However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you.

    On the Evil of Biblical Law
    Ezekiel 20:25-26 I also gave them over to statutes that were not good and laws they could not live by; I let them become defiled through their gifts—the sacrifice of every firstborn—that I might fill them with horror so they would know that I am the LORD.

    On Slavery & Subjugation of Women
    Ephesians 5:22-24 Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.
    Exodus 21:20-21 If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property.
    1 Peter 2:13 Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men.
    2:18 Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.

    Leviticus 25:44-45
    Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.

  70. Kate Miotto

    They have been denied entry to my country, Canada for which I am eternally thankful. Perhaps a protective wall of silence between them and the bereaved is a better application of sanity than simply ignoring them. It protects the families of the lost ones. It's been done, and I hope it is done at these funerals.

  71. Jason Deak

    Properly configured Windows box? Does such a thing exist? If so, show me this mythical creature!

  72. Deb Vaughn

    The Bible doesn't say anything, anywhere, about God "hating" any man, gay or otherwise. It may make reference to God hating an ACT, but not a man. Every person who claims Christianity, but uses the old covenant laws to incite ugliness is committing an act God doesn't approve of, yet he doesn't smite them. God loves ALL men. He gave man free will, and expects him to use it, but hopes he will use it to promote the Good News, not stalk others and commit acts that bring Christians a black eye. There is nothing Christian about what this church does.

  73. Anne Egan-Plaizier

    I stopped reading the bible when I read the book of Paul. Certainly did not reflect what I had been taught at Sunday School. The bible was written by 3 Greek scholars appointed by Constantine.

  74. Cassie Logan

    Anonymous has done more good in this world than Westboro Baptist Church could ever dream of. :/

  75. Morgen Dunn

    I think the group of anti WBC is called 'the rest of the world' 😛 But you do get loads of anti-protests, it is nice to see =]

    On of the problems with fighting the WBC is that there are a lot of powerful members – people with money, lawyers etc. Makes it that much more difficult. It is so wrong. I guess it depends where you draw the 'free speech line' – here, i feel that the WBC have been given much more room to voice their opinions than is fair and it imposes on the other people's rights.

  76. Tom Koop

    These religious freaks are one of the many reasons I stopped going to church and listening to those who go to church. I like living outside of a box.

  77. Anne Egan-Plaizier

    Prayers are only affirmations and affirmations work. But you are right Hell doesn't exist.

  78. Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe

    This little cult thrives on attention and lawsuits. I'm all for what the hacker did, but best way to handle them is taking Lisa simpson's advice and "Just don't look".

  79. Marci Kaczynski

    Seriously, they are just following the bible. Word for word. You know, the book your entire religion is based on? Btw, god killed 42 children with bears in the bible.

  80. Brian Hale

    Anyone who would even think to intrude on the unthinkable grief of these families is simply sick and twisted! Anything anyone does to stop this I wholeheartedly condone and support, there is more than enough hate in this world to go around without these sick f**** from the westboro church adding to it. GO ANONYMOUS!

  81. Bogdan Baba

    I totally approve of this! Go Anonymous! Fire the Ion Cannon at these horrible human beings.

  82. Rod Cardenas

    God doesn't hate gay people. Sin is sin. That's what God hates. That's what the bible says, that God hates sin. God hates lies, theft, adultery, as much as any other sin. There's no sin greater than another. That's what the Bible says. God loves us. All of us.

  83. Matt Haynes

    If WBC goes to these victims' funerals to protest, I vote that the police officers at the funeral are given the authority to introduce them to these children and God at point blank range.

  84. Nana K. Boateng

    @Zeferino you're wrong. You can say God hates fags, and allude to it being physically stated in the Bible, but you can't say judging or condemning them is Christian in any way, and that's what the Westboro Church does.
    Luke 6:37 – "Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;"
    James 4:12 – "There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?"

    So yes the Bible condemns homosexuality and the right Christians have is to tell a person what they're doing is wrong, and try to get them to live according to the Bible, but they have no right to condemn or judge a person and tell them they're going to hell. Jesus saved a lifelong criminal at his last breath on the cross, all because he repented at the last minute, so sin is very in the moment. Anyone can repent if you go by Christianity in its truest sense, so if you find being gay as wrong, then you can't tell someone they're going to hell, you are not God.

    On another note, them saying that God likes killing children and protesting this funeral is also nonsensical and has no biblical basis so I miss their argument…

  85. Scot Skipper

    God does not hate fags. He hates sin. All sin. They are a misguided group.

  86. Thomas Hill

    Yes Freedom of Speech, defender by our military which gets picked by WBC as well. While their hate speech is despicable, training their children to hate with such vehemence should be criminal child abuse. However, Freedom of Speech works both way. So there will be a lot of good people building shields/walls to protect the families to grief in private. If I was closer I would be there.

  87. Scot Skipper

    Wrong. They are not taking God literally. They are perverting it.

  88. Abel DaCorte

    Zeferino Lara, you may be a gay man and an Atheist, but before you open your mouth (or keyboard in this case) do a little research. The one verse in the bible quoted over and over to disparage laying with a man is from a long list of do's and don'ts of a specific old testament order of priest…it has nothing to with regular people- says the Agnostic gay man

  89. Jayson West

    You are mistaken God still loves even if you consider yourself to be gay God hates the sin that you live in but not you as a person also i as a christian dont believe at all what this church does is right it gives christians a bad name what there doing is not what God would want God does not want us to judge anyone but to love one another thats all we have to do and accept Christ Im a sinner im not perfect but no one is and the bible recoginises that for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and another verse its says no one is without sin if you say you are without sin then you are a lier and you put God out to be a lier i can go all day about speaking Gods word but all i want to point out is that God doesnt hate anyone he is incapable He is Love what you need to do is read your bible a little more and quit listening to the wolves in sheeps clothing a true Christian will judge anyone remember that but you must ask forgivness of the sin that you live in.

  90. Alexandra Liane

    You're a disgusting excuse for a human being. You people are so fucking stupid and ignorant I can't stand it. Please all go to some deserted island to live with each other so no SANE loving HUMAN beings have to listen to your bullshit you sick fuck. I bet you'd be singing a different tune if your child was murdered

  91. Bryan Bronnert

    I'm with Anonymous on this. We see these random acts of violence…I want to know what keeps these whack jobs from attacking this freakshow church. The world would be a much better place without these effed up ppl that would protest the funerals of innocent children. Sometimes I wish the ATF would go all branch dividian on their dumb asses!

  92. Drew Christiansen

    Zef, I disagree with you wholeheartedly. You can be an intelligent Christian who does not believe the Scriptures are innerrant. You can be a Christian that is not "Bible-based". Also you can be a Christian who recognizes that each and every book of the Bible is written at a different time, in separate contexts, but different authors with different agendas. You can be a Christian and recognize that certain verses should be left in the past because their allegory no longer make sense to the 21st century mind, and can only be xenophobic, sexist, hateful, if applied literally today. You can be a Christian, that recognizes Jesus was a Jew who hung out with Jews, with a Jewish perspective, who did not differ from the Law and whose ethics and morals he preached were authentically Jewish, and so therefore the anti-semitism that has snuck its ugly self into a religion centered on Christ that moved itself away from its Jewish roots in the first century, should be abandoned. You breed of all-or-nothing atheism that stems from people like Hitchens or Carrier, is just as bad as its counterpart Christian-fundamentalism, that people like Pat Robertson preach. I see plenty of religious groups, and religious leaders, especially people from Sojourners, World Council of Churches, mainline groups, modern theologians, organizing heavily to preach tolerance, love, put up billboards reminding people to love their Muslim and Sikh neighbors, encourage inclusitivity of the LGBTQ community, and they relate it in their minds and hearts all back to the core message of Jesus. Funny, that I don't see atheists coming together on this big of a scale to work for charity, progress, fairness, etc. There are atheist groups that do it, but they do it from an angle on "look at all this stuff you get from religion, you wouldn't have it if it weren't for religion", so their primary goal is just to sham on religions, which is offensive because it shams on people's spirituality, which in a way is denying them dignity. I appreciate what atheist groups do, if its for a cause other than bashing religion. Look at the history, abolitionists were black protestants and christian socialists. Civil rights activists were largely religious organizations and liberation-theologians like C.K. Steele and MLK. Any ideology, can promote viewing another fellow human as only "sub-human" if taken a certain way, that can include any belief system based believing in a Deity, or a system based on not believing (hence to why you saw persecution of religious by anti-religionist governments like the soviets, whose ideas stem from the anti-clericalism of the past, HATE to bring that up, I love atheists, my brother is one, my best friend is one, most of my ex's are-the ones who aren't Catholic or Lutheran that is lol, but it's not like it's the ultimate answer to bring peace on earth and resolve conflict..)

  93. S.r. Young IV

    If stupid inbreds like the WBC are allowed to open their mouths, then Anon is allowed to close them (figuratively speaking, of course). In a way, Anon's hacking of the WBC site is their version of free speech. They speak the language of computers and the internet. This is no different IMO than WBC protesting funerals.

  94. Richard Paez

    Reducing this issue to a binary dichotomy, which is more frightening: the reality in which a cohesive, non-anonymous group like the WBC preaches and practices hate under the dubious claim that they are operating under freedom of speech and religion, or the reality in which an anonymous and amorphous group like Anon not only picks and chooses but enforces what they believe constitutes free speech and assembly? While diametrically opposed and perfectly opposite, at their core, both groups are frighteningly Orwellian: each represents and is attempting to enforce a zeitgeist of their choosing. This is how reality gets made, folks: we are witnessing a "big bang" in which the laws of language — the fundamental laws by which the functioning of reality is determined — are being set. Note that each side will point out the obvious and simple fact that truth, justice, and logic are on their side.

    While I do not want to live in a reality where the Anon hive-mind, at its various whim, can decide that I am the enemy and silence me, there is a fundamental difference between Anon and WBC that will always make me happy and comfortable siding with Anon. It is not the horrible, perverse morality of the WBC, or the fact that I disagree with the WBC from the core of my being, or the fact that I sympathize with each and every single one of their victims (and yes, the people and families against which the WBC have set themselves are victims of their perverse actions). And it is not because I have always agreed with Anon — no one can always agree with a group that, by definition, doesn't really exist: Anon is everyone and no one, me and not me, you and not you, always at the same time. It is because WBC is a centralized entity, a cult of personality, a single path through a single door, the single choice, while Anon is the plurality, the democracy, the voice that doesn't want to speak, the action that doesn't want to be taken. Anon wants one thing, as a shifting collective, more than anything: to not need to exist. It is the aggregation that only makes sense when considered in light of the individual attempting to force the multiplicity to identify with itself. It is the pressure that only exists when an unnatural force like the WBC attempts to squeeze reality into a particular shape. Anon comes into being because we want and need freedom, and entities like the WBC want to take that away from us.

    It was a false question I opened with. There is no dichotomy. Comparing Anon to WBC as one would compare one presidential candidate to another is not a real question. The real question is: how long will we abide being denied the freedom to determine our own realities by groups like the WBC? The answer is: not any longer.

  95. Christopher Hyer

    The Bill of Rights only grants that you can say what you want. It does not, however, guarantee that you are free from the implications of what you say.

  96. Devin Herrera

    Thomas Hill If am not mistaken FoS is overruled if it endangers a minor, so it is quite possible to get them that way. I mean isn't telling your kid to go hate on some specific, people ,or group ,or funeral liable to get them hurt? From there they could be slowly forced back into their church to stay.

  97. Kevin W. Scott


  98. Jayson West

    you are mstaken the bible does not Hate fags he hates the sin and this in not true christianity the bible says not to judge alls the WBC is give real christians a bad name the bible also says to watch our for wolves in sheeps clothing if you believe they take literal you need to actually read the bible you just might find that God still loves you and you can turn from your sin if you say your born with it well i dont think so i dont think anyone is born that way its a misconception somthing went wrong as a child that made you think you where gay but its not for me to sit here and try to analize this and convince you to go straight what you do is your business but i just want to point there is happiness in the bible and there is happiness when you accept Christ

  99. Dog Supplies Site

    I agree – if their extreme hatred does not qualify as "Hate Crimes" what does? I hope another human barricade is present at the funerals so that not even a glimpse of these cowards are seen by the families.

  100. Jayson West

    My God loves everyone too he doesnt like sin though but im not going to protest beliefs my heart cries out to the families who lost loved ones during this tragic event no parant should ever have to burry there child.

  101. Jay Procter

    I am kinda torn on this a big part of me wants to say that's awesome. The wbc deserves it, but then I think we are giving them what they want. They want to be out there in the media getting attention. They are thriving on it. It is free plublisity and will eventually help make their church bigger with like minded individuals. Sooner or later we will have to ignore them and smother their fire. And if you don't see what they are doing look at it like this. They want to protest something that has nothing to do with homosexuality or a war they don't agree with. They want to get their name envolved in the biggest story of the year.

  102. Jay Procter

    I am kinda torn on this a big part of me wants to say that's awesome. The wbc deserves it, but then I think we are giving them what they want. They want to be out there in the media getting attention. They are thriving on it. It is free plublisity and will eventually help make their church bigger with like minded individuals. Sooner or later we will have to ignore them and smother their fire. And if you don't see what they are doing look at it like this. They want to protest something that has nothing to do with homosexuality or a war they don't agree with. They want to get their name envolved in the biggest story of the year.

  103. Jay Procter

    I am kinda torn on this a big part of me wants to say that's awesome. The wbc deserves it, but then I think we are giving them what they want. They want to be out there in the media getting attention. They are thriving on it. It is free plublisity and will eventually help make their church bigger with like minded individuals. Sooner or later we will have to ignore them and smother their fire. And if you don't see what they are doing look at it like this. They want to protest something that has nothing to do with homosexuality or a war they don't agree with. They want to get their name envolved in the biggest story of the year.

  104. Simon Miner

    By giving those people any attention you are giving them power. They got so much press when they were protesting at soldiers funerals. It's a group made up of like 20 inbreds. If people would just ignore them they will go away.

  105. Rhonda Loyd

    no they are NOT sharing the true version of Christianity! The true version is LOVE not hate. GOD HATES NO ONE! GOD LOVES ALL! People are the ones who hate. A church teaching it's congregation to hate is WRONG! A real church teaches love regardless, for that is what God and Jesus are , love regardless!

  106. Ian Donovan Hyland

    I'm not christian. No even close. But this ideology that you're preaching is not the point. What's wrong with people saying, "I don't like that this book says killing gay people is a good thing, so I'm going to not do that"? Some people need religion, and MOST christians don't abuse it, you just only hear the loudest, most hypocritical ones that give the good christians a bad name.

  107. Cam Brunner

    The Westboro Baptist Church is not affiliated with any known Baptist convention or associations but is part of Phelps-Chartered Co., the Phelps family’s law firm. This is a family of lawyers using this “god hates you” thing to make money. It is time for this scam and the hate to end. They are NOT what they say they are! THEY ARE NOT A church, THIS IS A HATE GROUP!

  108. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  109. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  110. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  111. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  112. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  113. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  114. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  115. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  116. Chris Box

    WAY TO GO ANONYMOUS! Only a sick, sadistic group of THUGS could ever bring themselves halfway across our great country to TORMENT THE FAMILIES OF THESE INNOCENT CHILDREN! Just the thought of these interbreeding morons yelling at grieving parents MAKES ME SICK! Don't know who anonymous is, but you have my FULL SUPPORT FOR THIS AWESOME, HEAVENLY DEED! I

  117. Colleen C Thulhu

    How about making it illegal to picket funerals. Freedom of speach (horrible hateful speach) remains just not at a mofo'n funeral.

  118. Debbie Freeman Taylor

    I agree Josh. They murder presidents, I don't understand why people don't kill them instead. I HATE THESE PEOPLE. i LOVE the people that block them from funerals. I don't think they should even be let in to the town in conn.

  119. Debbie Freeman Taylor

    But the experts don't, I think their afraid of the idiots. I don't know why. I see them on a corner all the time in Kansas. I yell at them, thats all I know to do. It pisses me off so bad when I she them.

  120. Henri Pankkonen

    Well if you really take all of the bible literally then I don't think there is a single person on earth who isn't cherry picking their bible. For example the same book of Leviticus that people so like to quote includes rules such as not eating blood, cursing your father/mother should be punished by death, you are not allowed to have sex with a woman that is on her period, you are not allowed to have tattoos, psychics and the like should be put to death, you are not allowed to kill a cow/sheep and it's calf/lamb on the same day and these are just to list a few from one single book in the bible.

    When you find a human on this earth who manages to follow all the rules even in the book of Leviticus come find me and I'll give you whatever you want.

    No one's religion should allow them to tell others what they can and cannot do.

  121. Mary K. Frauenhofer

    The WBC is a treasonous bunch, they hate America yet they stay in this country. They should leave! We don't want their hatred here. America is a great country, we have our flaws like everyone else, but basically we are a great country. Hatred, greed, etc is coming in and trying to ruin this country. We need to cut the crap and get down to basics and start by being good neighbors, friends, lovers, whatever brings peace and harmony to this great land.

  122. Catherine Lynch Monks

    Kai- I lived in Topeka for 8 years. Don't think they're ignorant- most of them are attorneys. It would be easier if they were ignorant. They're just nasty hateful people who make a living suing people. That's the basis to the protests- brush against one and you'll be inundated with lawsuits.

  123. Jim Gardner

    I think violence breeds violence. But I also think that's exactly what the WBC are hoping for. The only way to truly crush these vermin is to remove their oxygen supply and unfortunately that means ignoring them, no matter how hard that is to do.

  124. Rolando Jesus Feliciano

    I agree with the fact that should not and deserves not to exist. If god truly hated them why does he also forgive them? I mean the reason for the new testament is to combat all the wrong done in the old testament cause those who followed it messed up and did just as westboro did just now. I mean if I caught two people in the act of fornication am I supposed to stone them to death? If I caught two men sharing intimate relations as one with a man and woman am I allowed to kill them in God's name? What about if one disagrees with my views of religion? Am I allowed to cut off the ear of the one in disagreement because that is God's will? I personally accept the love thy enemy as you would thy neighbor preached in the new testament.

  125. Tuomas Rimppi

    I'd rather ignore them and give the WBC the right to be jerks if they so choose. On the other hand, I also enjoy seeing dickheads like them suffer. So, I'm a bit undecided here.

  126. Sean Huxter

    Well, there are crimes against law, but there are also crimes against humanity which extend beyond regional law. Those people commit crimes against humanity. I have no pity for those who get their eventual, rightful punishment.

  127. Bret R. Wright

    It's too bad there isn't a hack to turn Westboros's own electronics into fireballs in their pockets. Overheat and explode the power supplies on their iPhones, or in some way turn the batteries into mini-lithium bombs. I know that's not "correct" thinking, but I just want those sick, twisted people to go meet their hell.

  128. Ernie Koehler

    Murder is murder no matter the reason… I may not agree with their beliefs but killing them is not the answer…

  129. Deborah Irish Cornaire

    These people amd their so-called church needs to be burned to the ground!

  130. Lisa Ann Hayes

    Justin Julian That's what the Terrorist manifestos state – and that's why there are "suicide bombers" they want to become martyrs for their cause. And there will be more where they came from as we can see from Foreign terrorist networks and organizations who spout this policy to their already incensed Islamic followers. Tearing a page from their rule (?) book is how they get their attention fix – so if the media and social networking sites like this and others would quit giving them their so called "15 minutes of fame", perhaps they would just dry up and blow away – or we can only hope that the avenging God they advertise and portray because they are so bigoted, will come down and "smite them mightily" and get rid of them as he did those in the Bible who tried is patience way too much and for too long a time!

  131. LeighAna Celeste Saunders

    Wasn't there something in there about a bunch of children being mauled by bears? A bunch of the firstborn in Egypt being given up to wholesale slaughter? The God of the Bible has never minded killing children. I look at the whole hate speech thing like this: If they are not inciting violence, then they cannot be prosecuted. Period. Yes, it exposes my children to hate, but I see it as innoculation. Exposure to the evil in humanity is a MUST for humans to understand the lowest common denominator. The key is having someone there to answer my chidren's questions. Namely me as their mother and my husband as well as their surrounding supportive family.

  132. Comrade John Thorpe

    I wish someone would just kill these assholes and be done with it. They're always congregating in one place. They're usually unarmed. How hard can it be to shoot fat morons?

    Can't we for once get one of these psychopaths to shoot the assholes instead of little kids or people at the movies?

  133. John Dalco

    WBC needs to be classified as a terror group for the intimidation they try to push, then let the law have them.. I would love to see them rotting in Gitmo forever…. I normally don't back Anonymous but I have to on this one. WBC is evil.

  134. Dj Kunec

    first ammendment rights are one thing, first ammendment ABUSE is totally different and these horrible things that consider themselves members of the westboro asshole commune have done enough to lose those rights……if yelling fire in a crowded theater is a crime then it should absolutely be a crime to protest funerals….id love for anonymous to take their hacking a step further, they clearly aren't an organization to be trifled with, hack into wetsboros monetary accounts and steal all their funds, and disperse them to the victims of sandy hook or set up a charitable fund for deceased soldiers that all proceeds are publicly donated by westboro(anonymous) in order to further publicly humiliate those bastards……

  135. Ann M Halvorson

    Somehow these fools need to be publically shamed in a severe enough manner as to cause them to think very carefully about their next protests. How about placing the now-exposed info with a picture of their faces on Facebook or national papers everywhere?

  136. Amy Pike


  137. Sandy Bee

    As much as Westboro has the right to say/do what they say/do, so does Anonymous. Westboro invites confrontation with their actions… they should expect retaliation for their cruelty. I support Anonymous for being against Westboro's cruelty.

  138. Rebecca Elizabeth Bradshaw

    Hacking for the greater good. Now that I can get behind. I completely support Anonymous and applaud their efforts. The church that shall not be named is not a religious organization. It is a hate group, plain and simple.

  139. Priscilla Albano

    Rofl, if somebody did end up murdering them, I wonder if everybody could then come and picket at their funerals? :3 Saying that God wanted them to die. ^^

  140. Priscilla Albano

    Rofl, if somebody really did end up murdering them, I wonder if everybody could then come and picket at their funerals? :3 Saying that God wanted them to die. OR would it end up being a 'tragedy' to them because it was one of THEIR members that was killed and they wouldn't want anybody to picket at their funerals because they'd find it disrespectful…then they'd know how it feels to be such terrible people going to fallen soldiers funerals. And especially if they DARE go to the funerals of these babies.

  141. Erica Givens

    WBC are not "christians". Christian implies you are "christ like". Christ didn't go around hating people, if anything he was about acceptance. Plus if they follow the bible so to the T why is Phelp's daughter not stoned to death and her son allowed to be in the church? He is a child out of "wedlock". Any woman who isn't a virgin at the time of being wed would be stoned and her kid up until the 10th generation wouldn't be allowed into the church. So why do they get to pick and choose what fits them?

  142. Juliana Bellinger

    I've looked everywhere to find the names/addresses of WBC people to write to- though of course, I realize now, it wouldn't matter. every letter wd be seen as the devil's work. all those people turned toward evil by one insane leader. insanity is contagious I guess…

  143. Mark Lysle

    Now someone needs to inform Sully Erna of the band Godsmack and let him know that the WBC referred to this shooting as a "Godsmack." Sue the hell out of them!

  144. Warriors of the Weird

    It would do no good to contact these "church" members personally. They thrive on the vilification of other people. I guess they think they earn more heavenly brownie points that way. Speaking only for myself, I cannot condone Anonymous' illegal activity, regardless of their motives. I also cannot condone Westboro's hate-filled actions. I think it would be better to ignore them, not publicize any of their activities unless they make a positive contribution to humanity. Like a fire needs oxygen, these people need publicity. Deprived of publicity for their heinous acts, they will eventually be snuffed out.

  145. Emily Allard

    Anonymous are the Avengers of the internet. You can't yell "fire" in a movie theater to purportedly cause panic, you shouldn't be able to harass grieving families either.

  146. Mark Lysle

    It (WBC) is not a Church, it's a cult consisting PRINCIPALLY of the members of the same family.

    I won't say it, but the word begins with an "I" and ends with a "G" and contains the letters "N-B-R-E-E-D-I-N" in between….

  147. Barry Albin

    The first amendment right to freedom of religion is a right that protects a church from GOVERNMENT interference. There is no right to protection from private interference. I support Anonymous actions as lawful.

  148. Mark Lysle

    Hack into their bank accounts, too, Anonymous. Then donate their "Church" earnings to the families of the Sandy Hook victims.

    THAT would be poetic justice, and if Shirley Phelps-Roeper wants to file lawsuits, put them in front of a judge who won't take any of her bullshite, and throw her ass into the pokey – a cell full of lesbians, at that! – for contempt of court.

  149. Tony Clevenger

    What has the world come to?!?
    Nothing but discussed!!!!
    Lets show respect for the young ones, the teachers and the family's that have to live through this….
    As far as this so called church group, not real sure where your god is from or who it even is?!? But my God doesn't judge and loves all!!!
    My God be with these little ones and their family's!!
    God bless you all!!!!!

  150. Mark Lysle

    Jason, I prefer using a cattle prod on the lawsuit-happy daughter, and electrodes on Fred's scrotum, attached to a 480-Volt power source.

  151. Pablo Quinones

    Unfortunately, then Westboro would claim those killed as martyrs and new scum would rise to fill their positions….

  152. Andre Guillory

    It's time these disgusting, pathetic excuses for humans are brought to their knees and destroyed. We don't need their kind in this or any world.

  153. Angel Brown

    Bullying is illegal on the internet…taking people's money for one thing and doing another is financial fraud and the FBI should look into this…financial fraud is the biggest crime in America…I wish anonymous could hack into our congress people and others who are leading the citizens of America by abusing their power and harming the american people…it is time for all to come together and start at the grass roots level…we must take back our government legally, but together.

  154. Chris DiLisio

    Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and thoughts, but when those thoughts and beliefs turn to negative actions, something needs to be done. It is deplorable that a so-called "church" would stoop so low as to antagonize the families that have been put through a horrendous ordeal that should never have occurred in the first place. Anonymous is doing a good deed in this case.

  155. Greta Ratliff

    Anonymous rocks! It is ashame Westboro Baptist Church is actually a "church". Do they hold legitimate Christian services, where they preach about God's love? It doesn't sound like it, so are they a church in name only? Close the hate-filled morons down. I am glad anonymous keeps hacking away. GEAUX onward!

  156. Kim Brooks

    Anonymous seems to be proving themselves as a much needed force of Good/God. I don't know a lot about them but everything I see they are like guardians of justice and truth. thank you Anonymous, keep it up, we need you!

  157. Paul R. NIgel Cote

    Sadly, Ernie Koehler, I have to agree with you. I can, however, wish that someone would blow up their meeting hall, at the very least. It won't stop these raging douche-waffles, but it might slow them down a bit.

  158. Tonya Russ Price

    I love this post, in my fairytale land- I wish we would NEVER give this church any news coverage, no mention of their name in the papers, NOTHING. Just totally ignore them. Wouldn't that be grand?

  159. Debbie Smith Garcia

    We can go back to the old addage,"Two wrongs don't make a right,"but in this case, I think Anon's work is commendable! Wish I could be there and not suffer being incarcerated for saving humanity from these vultures! And let me get this straight—-INBREEDING fine, homosexuality NOT fine? Someone from this hate group, please explain!

  160. Tina Canon

    And to think that because they are a church they are tax exempt. They are the poster children for why these exemptions should be discontinued. In essence we are financing their actions by allowing them to keep their money instead of paying their fair share of taxes. It's disgusting!

  161. Sean Franco

    Both sides are wrong! The WBC is the posterchild of what is wrong with religion and why I am not religious (by the way, all you bible thumpers, how do you know that they aren't right and you're wrong in their interpretation).
    Secondly, although Anonymous has good intentions, illegal is illegal! Everyone is hypocrites when they condone one but denounce the other.

  162. James Lucke

    This almost makes me overlook the fact that anonymous hacked the PSN. As much as I was annoyed by that, ignorant hate breeding dumbasses like the WBC annoy me more. I do love the ballsy approach they took. WBC are the bane of existence for Christian pr. Lol this is the reason I don't go to a church. XD

  163. Elizabeth Short

    HACK THE BASTARDS! Hack them and slay them with rusty spoons coated in salt and vinegar starting with their toes first. Anonymous, you are amazing. Your "hacking" does for us what our governments refuse to do. Blessed be and thank you.

  164. Holly Equality Homan

    I think their actions should be labeled as harrassment. Harrassment is illegal. Granted it's a misdemeanor, but if it's considered harrassment, it is still illegal. The law should state no protesters at funerals within one mile of the funeral setting (s)

  165. Holly Equality Homan

    Why does religion attract so many crazies? And why are crazies allowed to own guns? I say go, Anonymous. I put you on the same pedestal as Julian Assange and Bradley Manning (who shoul be released from jail as he did nothing wrong).

  166. Matthew Rutherford

    I just want to say, as a soldier who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, that I salute Anonymous!

  167. Matthew Rutherford

    If they were taking the word of God literally, then how come shirley has a kid out of wedlock?

  168. Chris Owens

    What does the First Amendment have to do with anything? Last time I checked, Anonymous wasn't a part of the US Congress.

  169. William Vitalec

    Outstanding. If this group of cowards has nothing to hide than there would be no issue here. Hack them and post it all. Big win for those who have had to suffer because of these terrorists. We fight terrorism overseas but what about these domestic terrorists? When is someone going to send a drone up their asses???

  170. Michael Bray

    Fucking Right, Go Anonymous! These church members are disgusting pieces of Trash and deserve everything they get!

  171. Jesse Cataldo

    fuck the WBC I will be in newtown if I hear they are going there and I will make sure their voices are never heard.

  172. Dave Allen

    Many of the WBC members have law degrees. They work the system to make money. Taking their actions to the limits of the law and then suing the people they upset enough to step over that line. Be very careful dealing with them. If actions speak louder than words, they worship money and a god of hate and evil.

  173. Alicia Beyer

    This is about the only time I fully agree with Anonymous. IF those ****ers actually do show up anyway, I hope they get the crap beat out of 'em.

  174. October Rayne

    This list needs to be re-posted everyday… Till everyone know's their name's…

  175. Joshua Niebrzydowski

    These west boro bitches need knocked down many pegs. For someone to picket the funerals of dead soliders is one form of getting yourself hated. yet to picket the funerals of mass murdered children innocent children? Get real people, West Boro Baptist Church needs to be disbanded and abolished. Go back to your God hats fags and be the normal insane religious people. Leave the fucking kids alone.

  176. Leo Sapphire

    Getting rid of the hate mongers should be seen as a public service

  177. Jeri Jo Thomas

    if there were really a god that old, evil patriarch of wbc would've died a long time ago.

  178. Sherry Gilles

    I hope they are met with such a presence, if they dare show up, that it truly makes them think really hard about who they are and what they say…… Loved this part of the story"….while a Westboro spokeswoman was boasting about how the church foiled Anonymous on a radio talk show, an Anonymous spokesman called in and hacked the church’s website in real time on the air."

  179. Cindy Kril Rose

    Good job, Anonymous! The Westboro Baptist Church needs to be shut down and run out of the country. How can they call themselves Christians? Absolutely disgusting!

  180. October Rayne

    The first amendment was never meant to intentionally hurt/harass anyone…
    When was it decided that it was? Who decided that? Was it voted on by the "public", no one ever asked me… Was it an elected official that ruled this type of propaganda is all right? If so, we need to "replace" that elected official with someone who reflects the morals of the American people as a whole…

  181. Fred E. Burrows

    They should have left a virus for this plague of a church. For an innocent victim to be taunted by those maggots is sickening. There will be a special place in Hell for the sick bastards known as wbc.

  182. Michael Fack

    If it was in the middle east, that church would be the equivalent of the terrorist.

  183. Will Checchi

    I think the Westboro Baptist Church should be public executed. "Freedom of speech is one thing, but freedom of hate is another." That's perfect. The First Amendment does have it's limits, and these people have gone well beyond it.

  184. Colleen Maguire

    Anonymous Team: Perhaps you can arrange it so that any time a variant of WBC/Westboro Baptist Church/any-other-hate-filled-acroynym-they-use comes up on a site, it is automatically corrupted and invisible? They subsist on notoriety and funding of its members. We now know who the members are: everyone in the public should make sure that these people don't get funding FROM US. No shopping at their store. No hiring them. If you currently employ a member – fire them for discrimination and hate crimes. Let's be proactive in eradicating their hate. This group should not be allowed to continue this behavior and activity in this day and age. You are entitled to your opinion, you are even allowed to voice it. However – you are not permitted to cause pain, anguish, heartache and instill hate and fear. That's called TERRORISM. Sometimes, folks need to learn the hard way. Maybe *they* need to experience being a victim, before they will truly understand what it means. I'm NOT advocating violence, only that we use our real power – the monetary kind – to reduce them to nonexistence.

  185. Pamela Kirk

    all the innocents being swept away by violence and westboro group still draws air and walks around freely spewing hate……I just don't get it…..

  186. Kim Wilson

    I watched that radio bit…. all I can say is WTG Anonymous – when we all go to hell, I want to be in your cell block <3.

  187. Colleen Maguire

    Apparently the list of members and info has been removed? I can't find it anywhere. Anyone hve a copy of it?

    And now, I have to go format the hate filth off my computer.

  188. Courtney Smith

    WBC has gone too far this time.
    This is mild compared to what they deserve.
    If anyone needs a psycho with a gun let loose on their property, it is WBC.

  189. Leon R. Mattson

    Hack 'em. I guarantee they (Westboro Babtist Church members) have skeletons in their closets. God will deal with them when their time comes. Until then, Anonymous will shine golden in my book.

  190. Robert Archibald

    I like seeing the Westboro nuts tormented as much as anyone, but who polices Anonymous?

  191. Thomas Anons

    #TeamSt34m & #KnightSec are at the frontlines of this attack. We are currently working on taking down was taken down last night. I repeat, as I'm typing this, #TeamSt34m and #KnightSec are attacking

    We are TeamSt34m,
    We Are Anonymous,
    WBC, too late to expect us.

  192. Marci DiLisio

    They are sick, sick people and if there is a God, they will incur his wrath when the time comes.

  193. Lorelei D Siddall

    Go anonymous, go! If only shutting down their online presence could also shut them down. They've been a black eye to my home state for decades now.

  194. Nicole Marcellus Green

    I know this isn't right to say as a Christian but I hope Anonymous rips them a new one. These WBC people do not represent the God I know. God loves everyone and created all of us. He doesn't hate "fags". He doesn't hate anyone. I dare any one of those idiots to find where in the Bible it says God hates fags, loves killing children and soldiers. In fact, God reveres soldiers and thinks children are our most precious resource. WBC goers are not Christians. They're idiots and hatemongers, plain and simple. They are the exact people that will go to the pearly gates saying let me in and Jesus will look at them and say, "Who are you? I don't know you. Get out of here."

  195. Furthea ThreeTails

    Personally I think that keeping them from getting a good nights sleep is a good idea. Don't stay on the line to spew or hear the hatred, just wake them up and hang up. It'll keep them busy for a bit changing phone lines and emails and snail mail. Heck I think the best solution is tranquilizer dart guns. When they show up somewhere and start screaming their hate just tranquilize them, make sure the unconscious bodies aren't where they are going to get run over or injured then just ignore them. I don't support the murder that so many seem to think is the solution, particularly since the kids raised by these foul adults have had no choice in how they see the world.

  196. Troy Kotanen

    The Bible wasn't written by God, so it gives whackos like this all the room to flip it and twist it around all they want, that's why I don't go to or belong to any church.

  197. Michael BlowerWhine DeStefano

    They should hack it again and put up pictures of gay porn!

  198. Steve Jones

    As a Christian, I believe WBC are thoroughly misguided in their concept of Christianity. It's about spreading love, peace and hope, not hatred and bigotry. I'm rooting for Anonymous!

  199. Jessica Mae Babcock

    I respect their first amendment rights as much as they respect the first amendment rights of the people calling, texting, and emailing them right now.

  200. Melissa Mclin

    God loves is love not hate. therefore he is incapable of hating. however his revenge is grate and his wrath is unforgettable. God loves innocent childrenso much that he refers to them as gifts from heaven. the ones who deny this will pay by gods own mighty hand.

  201. Marla Stormwolf Patty

    The majority of comments I have been reading is about killing the WBC members. Children are already dead by an unbalanced individual and the very people outraged by the childrens deaths are now sprouting off murdering the Cult group WBS, which includes children.
    Anyone thinking of beating the cult members to death, re-consider. If anyone goes after the trapped kids in that Cult WBC, and hurts them, we as activists will find you and bring you to justice.
    We have gone after the WBC for years and will continue to do so, we do not condone any violence however and if some idiot is reading violent suggestions to murder people and thinks killing the members is a good idea based on some persons suggestion, don't do it. And do NOT go after the kids. They are trapped in that cult and child protective services needs to help aid in getting them out of there. Preferably with a raid of their camp.
    Do not harm the kids.

  202. Furthea ThreeTails

    Better solution is to not give them the attention they are after. Use tranquilizer darts, knock the adults unconscious, ensure their bodies aren't where they are going to get injured by passing vehicles, put the kids somewhere safe out of the way and then just ignore them.

  203. James Putman

    Okay, you can say hacking is wrong. But, I applaud Anonymous!, and I agree in more than one way, “Those families have enough anguish to deal with.”.

  204. Marla Stormwolf Patty

    Exactly. Its a mob mentality and more children are going to die because of these idiots sprouting out hate and violence. They are acting no better than the WBC.

  205. Evan Isaacs

    Thank you Anonymous for supporting my town against people who seek to further our anguish. NewtownStrong

  206. Aaron Kim Daniels


  207. Michael Jones

    When you find out where these WBC members are working don't confront them or challenge them at their workplace. That's what they want. Simple look at them and say "I'll take my business somewhere else." and walk away. Protest them with your money. Protest them with your indifference to them, they want you to get mad, they want you to react irrationally.
    Treat them as they don't matter.

  208. Greg Panek

    Anonymous is the true power of 98%. while politicians are stagnated and only invoke the will of the extremely wealthy, Anonymous get's things done with the interest of the common person and fairness at heart.

  209. Nora Kirgan Frank

    It would be great if we could take out the members of the Westboro Baptist church. Then we could go to their funerals and gleefully cheer that they're finally dead!!

  210. Steve Thompson

    Thank GOD for anonymous! Hack those twisted fuck! Why do gunmen target children when there are horrible, HORRIBLE people the world would be better off without?

  211. IC Thieves

    So….. where is the info posted with the info on these people. I have a throw away phone I want to use the minutes up on…..

  212. Cindy Lou

    Hack them and post scripture. Nothing like trying to show them God's real love while stopping them from posting their twisted ideas.

  213. Carmen Benito

    I say Hack away anonymous! Well Done! The members of that church should be put in a mental institution. They are a danger to society and their children.

  214. Melissa Milligan-Gunter

    WBC is nothing more than a terrorist organization hiding under the guise of a church they are no church there is NO God who would support these actions and back the hatred they spew. These people deserve to be ousted and they deserve the hell they wish upon others.
    I for one wish the government would STOP turning a blind eye to the hate they breed. They are truly disgusting. WBC should be held to the same standards that we hold all other terrorists to – terrorists do NOT have to be foreign to be a threat to the US.
    Bravo Anonymous for posting the names and contact info for their members! We do not forgive! We do not forget!

  215. Anonymous

    This "war" shouldn't even be happening. I like Anonymous, I really do, and I am glad they are sticking it to those hateful people out there, I personally think it would be better if we just left them alone; no media stories about westboro, no fighting, no nothing. Leave them completely alone, I would like to see what happens.

  216. Jim Taber

    Being from Kansas, I am so ashamed of the Westboro zealots. Please, people, understand, these insane idiots DO NOT represent the people of Kansas. I am sickened by their "teachings", their insensitivity to ALL people, past or present. My God does not recognize them as a religious group. Maybe a religious cult………

  217. Marlon Southall

    I'm with anonymous do everything you can to disrupt their agenda!

  218. Aaron Evony

    Dear Anonymous,
    Is there anything else you can do? Something that would end in all of them being in jail? E.g., flag their IP for child porn, have some orders for explosive precursors originate and ship to the church, etc. These assholes need to be taken down, and I'm completely okay with it being less than legal. Would love to see how the Phelps family does in prison…

  219. Clay Utley

    GO ANONYMOUS! I will support you all I can to deface Westboro Baptist "church". I have been in protest before to keep these hate filled demon's out and would gladly do it again. They have no right to picket the funerals of these innocent children at Sandy Hook. If they show up, I hope they are all arrested for disorderly conduct of something of that nature!

  220. Milky Killitz

    Anonymous win! If there is a god those cult fucks will be the first to burn in hell. Each and everyone of them deserves to have those hateful signs shoved forcefully up their asses. My thoughts are with everyone invovled with fridays tragidy. Keep up the good work Anonymous!

  221. Trevor Gruber

    Most "Baptist" churches are Black Nationalist front groups who are VERY political. They give Christians a bad name, if you voted for Obama you are standing right behind them.

  222. Jean Michel Yannick Veilex

    I think this is is freedom of speech let both side do their thing let everybody know what's going on and let the world decide the sake of both side….. one idea will eventually prevail…. and I can bet you it won't be the inbreeds.

  223. Will Howard

    HATE is the opposite of everything taught in the Bible. The greatest commandments that were given by Jesus was to "Love God" and to "Love your neighbor". I agree with Bree Felling – "Idk what Bible they read…" – It's definitely not the same as mine.

  224. Evin Carvill-Ziemer

    They would be better totally ignored. The media–and that includes websites–should STOP PUBLISHING ANY NEWS about the WBC. NONE AT ALL. All they want is the attention. Ignore them completely–except for the small announcements needed locally to turn out a loving witness to protect the grieving. Other than that–no media attention at all.

  225. Chris Weller

    Woo-Ho! Go Anonymous! Stick it to these self-righteous inbred douche bags! I only wish I was a hacker, myself, so I could contribute to this. :)

  226. Karen Winder

    I hope that Anonymous continues to act as the masked crusader, exposing corruption on all levels. Take down WBC and all the hatred they espouse.

  227. Pat Trish Chapman Ulin

    I'm from CT and I am siding with Anonymous! Go get 'em, Anonymous!

  228. Celena Muentes

    Those inbred bastard f*cktards.

    Too many ABUSE freedom of speech and religion, at what point is it going to be ok to shut these psychotic "phelps inbreeding church" zealots down?

  229. Jessica Erin Jones

    The best way to handle WBC is to act as if they do not exist. Any attention at all is dactyl what they want

  230. Jackie Hurt

    Social media is also a form of speech, they have the right to spew their hatred but anonymous has the right to speak out against them, as does everyone else who disagrees with the Westboro nuts. If they show up in Ct. They may have some surprises waiting. These people are in shock and grieving, I'm sure they aren't thinking straight and most feel they have nothing to live for. Westboro should tread lightly.

  231. Trevor Gruber

    Calling these people christian is an injustice to America, getting charity from the government because you hate Christians is despicable, Nationalism doesn't create socialism, ask the youth in France and Britain, it is destroying there country.

  232. Pat Trish Chapman Ulin

    I was happy to read this – hope it is true …The State Police made the extraordinary decision to assign a trooper to each of the victim’s families to prevent unwelcome idiots from tormenting them and to protect their privacy.
    God bless our State Police especially my nephew Steve

  233. James Rathmann

    Idiots like those from WBC can't be ignored for long. They make their living by getting under people's skins. If they are ignored, they escalate, in hopes that someone will break, just for a second, then they sue. They aren't a church. They are a lawyer scam, very similar to car insurance scams where you and someone else block a driver in, then the one in front
    breaks. Thet

  234. Nick Kaika

    Time and time again we as a people have seen love outweigh hate. We need not shutdown these lunatics site- If anonymous really wanted to stick it to them they would post tons of pictures of happy gay couples and a memorioum to the kids. Everything in life is balance. Eventualy what these hate mongerers put out will come back to them

  235. Kyle Wellington Hutslar

    If they're following the law then they do, sadly, have freedom of speech. I'm not going to deny them that just because I don't like the message. That being said, I'm also not going to protest Anonymous when they fuck with those assholes. What they're doing is illegal, but also hilarious.

  236. Carmen Knopfette Honacker

    GO, GO, GO ANONYMOUS! If there is a higher power he/she is definitely doing some awesome smiting through people like anonymous. Take those hateful, pathetic excuses of human beings and Christianity out. Karma sure as hell is a bitch <3.

  237. Grace Magnan Fox

    Their hate and the pain they cause is bad enough; that they so horribly misrepresent God and call themselves "Christians" is salt in the wound. God bless Anonymous for tearing them down!

  238. Carlo Fortunato

    The link to their personal info seems to not work (it's to some non-page on "Army WTF Moments"). I'd like to share this page, but not if that's broken.

  239. Fredrick Drager

    anonymous has there first admendment right to get the trueth out about these far right crazie people as much as west does have but protesting at a mass murder of children is going over the line.

  240. Kevin Spirz

    Kinda tiring to see hate filled people spewing their bile all over the place and we sit back and watch because they have the first amendment right to. This is NOT what our founding fathers intended when they wrote the bill of rights. Hell they probably would be the ones leading the mob to their houses and burning it down. Now that being said its kind of disappointing to see these comments about how they should get beaten up. Why do we have to stoop down to their level and answer hatred with hatred? all it does is fuel their cause, every punch thrown their way just makes them smile even more because it gets their message out into the world…they need to be stopped, but not with violence

  241. Heather Taylor

    I think the people of Newton should file a restraining order against every member of this cult, tie them up in the legal system till after the funerals, the people of Newton have the right to protect themselves from the verbal abuse of these sick people. a 20 mile ERO should work just fine.

  242. The-Laughing Undead-Meme

    There is a time to kill and a time to save. Now is the time to end the WBBC's blasphemous rampage. Do not kill them kill there voice. Reveal there shame, not there blood. Let their place of worship be brought to cinder and let the world mock them in the streets. We shall say to them, "you are a cult and have no God, for God does not mock the dead, but you who are wayward and wicked and use the Lord's name in vain do not speak for God. May you and the leader of you cult all die in shame and defeat."

  243. Kimberly Sims

    Freedom of speech is one thing, but physically going to someone's funeral and harassing them is not speech. Think what the hell you want, just don't invade my life with your bullshit.

  244. Amanda Hill

    My aunt and uncle's parents are wrongly placed on this list. Please, for the sake of others who might have been wrongly added for the mere crime of sharing a last name (and no blood) with these people, only contact the ones who we know for a FACT, via news stories and the like, are members of the church.

  245. Daryl McGonigle Logan

    I totally agree with anonymous! These sick people need to stop. I'm tired of them picketing soldiers funerals, gays funerals and now this??? If I were a parent and lost my child and saw them at the funeral it would be very hard to not inflict serious harm to any of those people.

  246. Our Mind's Meadow

    YaY Anonymous! Would love a copy of their names and addresses, I'd post it on every site possible. If they like attention and exposure…well, then…this is a wonderful way to give it to them.

  247. Zia Mia

    YaY Anonymous! Would love a copy of their personal info…names and addresses. I would post it on every site possible. If they want attention and exposure, this is a fabulous way to give it to them.

  248. Misty D. Dady

    Frankly I would love to see Anonymous do more than just hack this church of hate's website. Which is still up and running, as far as I can tell.

  249. Lexi Butler

    I'm all for Anonymous. My Dad was a pastor, and we were not taught this message of hate. I agree that the church should be disbanded, exposed, whatever we can do. They have officially gone to far- intending to preach hate at the funerals of those sweet babies. Keep up the good work, Anonymous!

  250. Ellen Archey

    Stop attacking Christians people. I am not one but comments on here are cruel and hateful. While not as extreme, these attitudes show hate and judgment too, the thing people hate about Westboro.

  251. Zia Mia

    To those arguing on the side of freedom of speech….you have it confused with harassment when it comes to these psychos.

  252. Larry Dillon

    May Anonymous be WBC's own Personal Devil that will roast them in their well deserved hell.Burn em alive Anonymous,burn em alive.

  253. Katherine Pietrycha

    I'm a HUGE fan of Anonymous. It seems like a small punishment but at least it''s SOMETHING. Why the IRS hasn't revoked the Tax-exempt status of Westboro is beyond me. GO ANONYMOUS.

  254. Brian Ressler

    I believe that it is a first amendment right to say what you want, but when horrible people like these actually start acting on their ignorance, that is most certainly not part of the first amendment right. Go anon, you're doing good to this world. I am happy to see that you are defending these children and their right to rest in peace.

  255. Carl Pilon

    "should everyone respect their First Amendment rights and just try to ignore them?"

    The only entity that is bound by the first amendment is Congress: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…". Everyone else can and should happily infringe on Westboro's 'right of free speech'.

  256. Lynda Meadows

    I doubt it will stop these over the top crazies, but GOOD JOB ANONYMOUS! Give them back some of the ridiculousness they give. God does not kill Children. These off the chain idiots need to be stopped. Let these people grieve without harassment.

  257. Charlotte Darwin

    Well done Anonymous. Westboro Baptist are the absolute scraping at the bottom of societies' barrel.

  258. Steven Dominic Castro Sr.

    Thank you anonymous you guys and girls rock.God loves everyone that's kind of his thang but it's people like the Phelps who need a kick in the ass.I say fight fire with fire protest the shit out of their church and homes

  259. Marla Stormwolf Patty

    Thats extreme Luke. Thats like saying MLK gave racism more attention by fighting against racism and so therefore by proxy he was on the side of racism. And that is patently illogical.

  260. Kimberley Rector

    My preferred response to this news would be to simply post the Grumpy Cat image declaring 'GOOD'.

  261. Xena Goddessoffire

    Anonymous is just f#@%king awesome!!! Go Anonymous! Humiliate these scumbags!

  262. Valarie Little

    go ANONYMOUS I wish I could be there to help ANONYMOUS this is sick leave them in newtown alone they are going through enough & don't need some sick twisted minds like westboro messing with & obviously know nothing about Christianity I fully support newtown ct I send my love heart thoughts & prayers to them & everyone effected by this may god be with them all with love from the cajun state ( Louisiana ).

  263. Adrian Tan

    Hang on… why doesn't freedom of speech include freedom to hate? Shouldn't people be free to hate the Westboro Church if they like, and to express it? Or war criminals, or people traffickers, or whatever else? And how can one person dictate to another what they should and should not hate? Isn't part of the point of freedom of speech that the truth should always be in contest?

  264. Lisa Pineau

    Yeah, GO ANONYMOUS. I'd love to be there to form a human wall against.

  265. Patty Gross

    Good job Anonymus! I am behind what you are doing all the way. Someone needs to stand up to those idiots from Westboro Baptist Church.

  266. Patrick J Murphy

    Of course, everybody realizes we're giving exactly what the Westboro Baptist Church wants, right? Publicity. They don't care about the hundreds of millions of people who hate them. They just want to get a few more into the fold here and there to perpetuate themselves.

    The faster we make them irrelevant, the faster they go away for good.

  267. Debbie Joubert

    Don't agree with hacking, but in this case – well done, Anonymous!

  268. Angela Brooks Blackmon

    There is a way to block your IP address. If the hacker is a good one no one will find them. I am behind Anonymous 100%! These people need to be stopped!

  269. Denise Bruno Bellingham

    Thank the real God for giving Anonymous the brains to be able to do this!!!

  270. Rich Whitehouse

    Patriot Guard Riders has done an excellent job of providing a non-violent human barrier between families attending military services and funerals from the hateful WBC scumbags. I bet they would jump at the chance to provide these families the same courtesy.

  271. Matt Kramer

    Life is stressful enough without disasters and tragedies. Trying to make a living, going into debt, dealing with bank overdraft charges, working at a job you don't like, etc.; all these things and more contribute to conditions that are chronically unhealthy. To endure the additional stress of those who intentionally and pathologically seek ways to harass, intimidate and proselytize you makes things intolerably worse. While the Wesboro cult has a right to free speech, when that speech contributes to exacerbating trauma, harm is being done that wasn't in the vison of our founding fathers when they wrote the Bill of Rights. If Westboro is behaving outside of the boundaries of good citizenship, and they do not respond to the majority public opinion, they lay themselves open to the retribution of others who will also operate outside of those boundaries. There are no civil rights being denied here; Westboro can end its behavior at any time. Pathologically, given that the behavior of the leaders is narcissistic, they are incapable of judging themselves at fault. The more they are harassed back, the more vindicated they feel to continue traumatizing innocents. It's a perfect formula that keeps them in the media, feeding their hunger for attention.

  272. Katherine Pietrycha

    I don't agree. The faster we petition the IRS to revoke their 501(c)(3) status, the quicker they will cease to exist. The Tax code is aiding and abetting these people.

  273. Cathy Baumgardner

    Just do like they did here in PA. A bunch of old biker dudes got together and met them on the road on the outside of town. They did not raise their voice but they told them, We came here to warn you that it is not a good idea for you to go on into town cause there are people in there with guns and ball bats waiting for you. You can turn around and quietly leave or we can let them come and meet you. They turned around and went home. We we show these assholes we are not going to stand by and let this happen then it will stop.

  274. Michael Haas

    it would be nice if they tore the site down leaving behind the cheeky grin of the Guy Fox mask in it's place.

  275. Katherine Pietrycha

    Read the Constitution. The First Amendment prohibit Congress for interfering with or punishing speech. It does NOT protect anyone from the consequences (litigation, economic boycotts, public ridicule) of making hateful and defamatory statements.

  276. Dallas Wiebelhaus

    eh' there's mighty good lulz to be had with these so called "Christians" so I'm all for it.

  277. Inappropirate Humor Goes Here

    Wonder what the bounty on their tongues would be? killing them makes them martyrs but removing their blasphemous tongues is just assault.

  278. Cory Dorsey

    The worst thing you can do to WBC is simply ignore them. They thrive on the attention and publicity.

  279. Stephen Boyhont

    Anonymous is a real life Batman. However, they are the hero we don't deserve, but the hero we need. I feel safer with Anonymous watching instead of a government.

  280. Gary Middleton

    who ever hacked the church good going.. those assholes needs to back the fuck off those familys don't need them protesting they need to be arrested and put in jail and never let out.

  281. Whitley Corrin

    I really wanted to hear more of what the hacktivist had to say but she would not SHUT UP! But I think he was laughing at this Shirley lady. David was certainly laughing. It's a little unnerving the hate she spoke with a big smile on her face…

  282. Cynthia Livingston

    Isn't ignoring the sick and twisted minds what caused this tragedy in the first place? It is time to quell the hate in this country and there is plenty of it? I don't really care what Amendment we trample to do it.

  283. Lynn Myerson

    Anonymous you rock! Hack their site and cause them as much grief as possible. They are hate mongers and should be shot one by one

  284. Marya Clare Predko Brown

    Meanwhile Louie Thoroueax debates whether or not there is enough to make another documentary.

  285. Donald Koller

    Anonymous is playing the vigilante and should bs who are note stopped. I do not agree with WBC they are nuts, but anonymous is a bunch of thug s who are not above the law. Both sides are wrong.

  286. Erik Lowell

    For all talk about "right-wing" nut jobs, I'm seeing far, far more death wishes coming from the leftists here. And oodly, all of the shooters in the recent spate of incidents are your liberal, hipster types; far from conservative.

  287. Mark Richardson

    The true Baptist Church does not share the beliefs of The Westboro Baptist Church. The Westboro Baptist Church has nothing to do with true Baptist Church. The Westboro Baptist Church is pure evil.

  288. Brandon Kennedy

    Is it bad if I was laughing about the fact the Church's website was getting hacked? Serves them right for having a domain name such as "", what I hate more than anything in this world is people who claim to be good people and they judge people for their differences to the point of stupidity. God doesn't hate anyone.

  289. Liz Burnside

    Thank you, anonymous. Go to it. If they manage to fix their website, go back and destroy it again. We're all pulling for you.

  290. Lovella Breen Bartlett

    Well, I cant say that I haven't ever prayed for this cult. Everyone needs to have a second chance, look how many chances God has given us. All I can say to what's going on is, God will have HIS revenge for it belongs to HIM and to HIM alone. When you go messing with the scriptures and twist them into something GOD is NOT. There will be a price to pay :)

  291. Dane Sucher

    go to town on them do more ruin there lives preaching that bs is uncalled for soldiers fight for them to have the ability to have that right if the have to bash and hate on everyone like that I say we as Americans should make them realize what kinda life it would be like without those freedoms they flaunt around so much anonymous go ahead show them do more! as for the kids that lost their lives out in CT my heart goes out to them nothing like that should ever happen I don't know what else to say on that…

  292. Dane Sucher

    go to town on them do more ruin there lives preaching that bs is uncalled for soldiers fight for them to have the ability to have that right if the have to bash and hate on everyone like that I say we as Americans should make them realize what kinda life it would be like without those freedoms they flaunt around so much anonymous go ahead show them do more! as for the kids that lost their lives out in CT my heart goes out to them nothing like that should ever happen I don't know what else to say on that…

  293. Donna Alldredge

    It saddens me to see Anonymous has gone to such lengths against the Westboro Church (WC). While I agree w/ the first amendment right of freedom of speech, I also believe in living by an honorable code of ethics, IE: "do unto others as you would have done unto you", an it harm none", etc. I wish I could understand what fuels such hatred by the WC so we could stop feeding it and work towards a global understanding of tolerance and love of one another. While I don't like Anonymous giving out the personal information, I do feel to some degree feel this is "an eye for an eye" which the WCs relentless hate mongering has promoted. I just hope this act by Anonymoust doesn't fuel Westboro Church even further and unfortunately given their track record it may do just that.

  294. Sum Goldgrillz

    Even if you don't like what they say, they should have a right to freedom of expression. God will judge us all.

  295. Patricia Scanlon

    Thank you for bringing us together to denounce such human evil and spare those poor families any further terrorism and trauma.

  296. Alex Atkins

    Justice? I do believe so :) :) Putting your faith into a higher power is wonderful, something I wouldn't ever want to take away from anyone. But using religion as an excuse for acts of hatred is something I am not okay with. So, go anonymous! I'm behind you 100% ;D.

  297. Ransom Stark

    When they show up in CT, someone Hack there face with a brick, fk playing games on the internet.
    show these mother fuckers that were not going to let there nasty bullshit fly anymore, ANYWHERE!

  298. Canadien Citoyen

    The first amendment only protects the people from the actions of the government, not from the actions of other people.

    All kudos to Anonymous.

  299. Draysen Foreman

    I'm glad that there are smart hackers within the Anonymous group to do things like these. People think that Anonymous is a group of horrible people but they really aren't. What would top this off would be someone on a dirtbike or any vehicle to drive by and shoot those Westboro Baptist church protestors with a high powered paintball gun, that or someone should burn their "church" down.

  300. James Albertini

    WBC is quite a miserable group of people. Anything detrimental to them should be considered an accomplishment.

  301. Philip Royse

    If…if I can be creepy for a moment…*Licks the tears of the WBBC members for complete humiliation* yes…yes, your defeat sustains me….

    Anonymous…keep doing what your doing, you have our support.

  302. David C. Herzog

    The westboro Baptist Church should have their church status revoked. Since this does not seem possible towns that might be picketed should enact emergency legistation that requires protestors to stay at lest one mile away from the funeral homes and cemetaries being used for the funerals. The Westboro Baptist Church is not a church but a cult of one large inbred extended family, and science has proved what happens when a gene pool gets too small. It breeds mentally defective people. Enough said Go get them Anonumous Good job!

  303. Rowena Riley

    It's funny, the more hate one spews, the more moronic they seem to be. They boast that god killed these children and these veterans because America has wronged him. Yet in their effort to prove god's mighty hatred, they add a verse from the bible they so righteously follow, that says god objects to acts of violence against the innocent.

  304. Courtney Allison

    You can't ignore the hate that is coming from this community of supposed "Christians". I am in full support of Anonomous! God is love<3.

  305. Melissa Johnson

    "Closely related and intermarried" Translation: No one will get near these wackos, so they have to marry each other to keep the hate alive.

  306. Rowena Riley

    My point is, if you choose to believe in god through any belief system, please so with only the best intentions. These hate mongers are just one more group of bitter, hateful people using the words "god" and "church" to hide behind so they can openly condemn behaviors they find so vile. Ya know, because being a 7 year old child, or crossing social boundaries in the name of love is on the top of god's no-no list. Murder and hatred clearly are god's new hobbies.

  307. Ryker Herrmann

    GOOD! Too long has Westboro made many people's lives miserable without punishment. I want Anonymous to be able to do more than this. I want the cult to be punished in every way possible.

  308. Aime J Wichtendahl

    Good job Anonymous. Way to stick it to 'em. Hopefully they''ll think twice before showing up in Connecticut.

  309. Jack Grump Ritchie

    It wouldn't be in their best interest to protest those funerals of those children, BELIEVE ME!

  310. Meg Kloepfer

    The Westboro folks are why we have blood tests before marriage. All that imbreeding has screwed them up. Thanks ANONYMOUS for getting their info in full view of the public. Now we can find them and thwart them.

  311. Leon S Kennedy

    They have a right to hate any one they want, and justly I think americans have the right to shove them in a hole and bury them up to their heads in piss and watch them drown.

  312. Eduard Victor Toma

    GO ANON!

    Awesome work.

    I totally lost it at the "Our website is protected by God" statement.
    Religious people are sad, pathetic little creatures.

  313. Chase Burns

    this just sickens me… the WBC need to be wiped off this earth…

  314. Bubba Yermah

    ANONYMOUS IS A NEW AGE HERO OF A DIFFERENT SORT. I admire their efforts to distract the demented Westboro weirdos.

  315. Heather Durbin

    If I was from CT I'd be right fucking there too. I cannot stand pieces of shit like them. I wonder If they all know they're all headed straight for hell.

  316. Roger Mungummary

    I think that there are ways a community can work this, In Oz we call it sending them to pentridge, sell them nothing, do not buy anything from them, do not use any of their members who are service people. It is not as if they don't think all reasonable Americans are not going to hell. When in reality they are just another cult of would be world rulers. Fred and the Ayatollah same evil, different book.

  317. Abraham Macguiver Achutegui

    Its people like this that give religion a bad name. Anonymous is right in their war against these false Christians. Their hate is clear sign they are not being lead by anything good.

  318. Tanya Turnie

    I've seen this a few times now, so this is what I have to say. I think its pretty reasonable:

    If you spend two seconds sincerely listening to the WBC, you can see that nothing you could say to them will have any reasonable effect on them. Its better to let a group like this fester and fade. Publicity and exposure (of any kind) are their fuel.

    You can't fight hate with hate.

  319. Amber Myers

    We all have a right to free speech but this is a hate group- not a church- it is a cult of only what about 100 people? Damn right everyone wants them gone because they are demented idiots! There are clauses within the amendment of free speech, there are still rules or whatever you want to call it listed in the free speech amendment- guess what this group is not following those clauses- they are using it for harm and they need to have something done to them. I am shocked at what I have read about this so called church and their twisted beliefs of God, it is pathetic, they are pathetic and it is time they are stopped. Even the KKK says this group is horrible! What does that say about this so called church? The KKK- a well known disliked hate group- does not like this WBC at all and disagrees with their actions! Wake up! This so called church needs to be shut down NOW!

  320. Anneliese Gies

    Westboro Babtist Church was protesting in the Omaha area once, and when my brother walked past them, they said that they'd sue him if he got within 6 feet of them. Yeah, like he'd actually want to get that close to those deranged lunatics. They just want money and attention. So immature.

    Protesting at the funerals of a bunch of children? That's low and cheap and messed up on so many levels. Do your thing, Anonymous. Make those idiots pay.

  321. Betty Hernandez

    I completely support ANONYMOUS! Venomous hatred like that coming out of the Westboro Baptist Hell Hole deserves to be eliminated. If this is what it takes to eliminate their kind, I say, "Have at it Anonymous. You have my support!"

  322. Julia Whitmore

    Serves them right. Some people don't understand that there is a difference between freedom to speak and freedom to oppress. When people start to use their privilege as a tool of oppression and hate, it's time to draw the line.

  323. Ash-Lee Rachel

    I support anonymous 100% but picketing and making threats at a funeral is just as bad, don't you think? They need to be stopped but in light of what has happened and in memory of those children and teachers who died, and the families who have to live with what happened…don't you think we need to respect them and stay away from the funerals with our picket signs? Go with candles and signs with kind words for the families, not with words of hate towards some clearly mentally ill people. After all, this whole thing happened because of how a mentally ill person was already (mis)treated.

  324. Richard Smith

    These haters are protected by our Constitution. We may despise them for what they say but we cant deny their rights to do it. The authorities in Newtown will make sure their hatred will be neutralised.

  325. Arline Robinson

    Have the military round these fools up… drop them off in Iran or Mexico or the Congo…

  326. D.w. Skinner

    I can't believe I'm actually saying this…but Anonymous… good luck. You picked a good one to go after.

  327. Jason Rosselot

    I would be happy to give $$ to the defense fund of anyone taking on these religous freaks! freadom of speech does not mean having no respect at all for other people, and more than likely they wont show up like always its a cry for publicity then at the last minute they back out, what losers!

  328. Christopher Alaimo

    HUP ANON! the WBC deserves whatever punishment you can throw at 'em. Have at it, boys.

  329. Laura Bethard

    Um, they aren't infringing upon their first amendment rights unless Anonymous is actually a government agency. Which they can't be, because they are too effective. Anonymous is infringing upon WBC's right to speech in the same way that a lady infringes upon the right to speech of a boor, by throwing a drink in his face.

  330. Jeff Baker

    Among the things that appall me about WBC are all the Christian groups who squeal about anybody saying "Happy Hollidays" but won't lift a finger to condemn WBC. Liberty Alliance (Affiliated with Jerry Fallwell's old groups) has defended WBC's "free speech rights" as other Conservatives stay mum about the Phelps' disregard for our soldier's families. I say "bravo" to Anonymous in this, because WBC has abused their freedom of speech rights. Rights paid for with the lives of the soldiers whose deaths they cheer. Westboro Baptist has got it coming.

  331. Sophie Johnson

    I don't know who anonymous is, but I wish them luck. For what reason would you even picket murdered childrens' funerals for anyway? That just makes me so sick. Go Anonymous, for actually having some morality.

  332. Don Normon

    I normally find anonymous activity's to be sometimes ethically questionable, however in this case; go for it guy's & girls. I find the westboro cult to me morally devoid and a big waste of space.

  333. Colin Campbell

    So two groups who are both scum of the Eart are going after each other. If we are lucky they will destroy each other.

  334. Steven Lougheed-MacKay

    Anonymous all the way. These Westboro skuzbags can just go jump into a molten stream of lead for all I care. go ahead and nuke their website every waking moment Anonymous. these goofs may live in the the southern states of U.S.A for the most part, but they make everyone who lives in N.america look bad. ( is it possible to do a ddos on them permanently?)

  335. Miles Davis

    I'm 16 years old and I have thought about going into the Marines for a long time. I haven't thought about it for the money, I have thought about it because I want to protect the rights that make this country great. If one of my fellow Marines were to die in combat, I would attend his funeral and make sure personally that these animals are nowhere to be found. These soldiers put everything on the line to protect your rights, and sometimes it costs them all they have. And these poor children who were killed in CT, my heart and prayers are with them and their families. GOD is just, GOD would not do this. I will not post hateful messages about people like they do. But I will openly and PROUDLY protest what these animals are doing. Show some respect, the men and women whose funerals you violate are one of a few things keeping this country free. If any Westboro members were to protest any of my fellow Marines funerals, I would defend their honor at the cost of my life if necessary. If I died in the service of my country, I would die with NO regrets.

  336. Samantha Nicole Carbonell

    *I have family on here but whatever.*.
    Definitely on the Anonymous side. Westboro Baptist makes me want to kick their members in the shin. ""? Please. Grow up, you pricks. Calling the Anonymous 'INCOMPETENT'? Then explain to me why they're a huge influence in Today's population. Never underestimate them. They're everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Protesting the freaking FUNERALS OF 20 CHILDREN. You really are sad, pathetic excuses of a human and are a waste of God's gift of life. We are anonymous.We never forget. We never forgive. We are legion. Expect us.

  337. Steven Lougheed-MacKay

    I just wanted to say aswell, that, while we may seem more civilized now a days, Westboro church is a perfect example of just how much more work is needed to bring our society to a truly civilized manner. In my own personal and honest opinion, there is only one way to properly deal with people like westboro and that is to lock them up and lose the key. you cant help those people, and you can try to ignore them, but honestly the world would be better off without them. sadly to accomplish something like this, one would have to resort to their level of tactics and be just as uncivilized. its a cruel joke it is. so until then. please troll the fuck out of them anonymous.

  338. Jake Lucid

    Regardless of religious beliefs…and I'm by no means from a judeo-christian religion- let those who have dead and wounded find solace in the mourning of the dead and burial rights according to custom. And god(s)(esses) watch over the Anonymous hackers. they may have committed a terrible act..but to expose the corruption is a good way to silence it. Thnk you hackers for striking one for the good guys.

  339. Tesha Whitman

    1st amendment is one thing, purposefully going out to gather media attention by picketing the funerals of children with words of hate is another. I refuse to call Westboro a church, they are a hate group. They have a right to freedom of speech, they do not have a right to intrude on people's privacy, and by picketing funerals they are doing just that.

  340. Thomas Lee Brown

    Thanks for reminding me. I'll be sending a donation to Anonymous in the morning along with a request to use the money to inflict any possible damage upon the Westboro Psychotic Church.

  341. Kendra Jassmann

    These dumb nuts were in Aurora, Colorado picketing the movie theater shooting. Our police rocked keeping them under control. I cheer this hacker on

  342. Alex Michaels

    While I abhor violence, except in self-defense, there is one thing all martyrs have in common: they're all dead.

    That being said, just like the Nazis in Illinois, they should have 1st Amendment rights. They shouldn't be killed. They should be ignored by everyone, including the media. The less attention they get, the less lawsuits they can file, the faster they will become irrelevant. Make them feel invisible, don't react, don't even acknowledge them in the slightest.

    Only then will they fade

  343. Josephine Buchanan

    Anonymous you are doing a great job. please post all those dirtbag's addresses, proffessions etc where everyone can get to them. And while you are at it see it you can bring them to financial ruin.
    On another note why is the US Attorney General not looking into the actions of this so called church? After all a hate crime is a hate crime right?

  344. Josephine Buchanan

    Anonymous you are doing a great job. please post all those dirtbag's addresses, proffessions etc where everyone can get to them. And while you are at it see it you can bring them to financial ruin.
    On another note why is the US Attorney General not looking into the actions of this so called church? After all a hate crime is a hate crime right?

  345. Melanie Baugher

    If there was any way I could be there to help form the shield between the families and this wacko group, I would be.

  346. Mary Dattilo

    Isn't that "church" really made up of lawyers and make their money sueing people and hoping people attack them so they can sue? Either way they are pathetic

  347. Anonymous

    Why is it that when I try to see where the personal information is, the page has been taken down? what's going on there?

  348. Chris Bob

    Thank you anonymous. I think I may show up at the funeral service for these children just to protect the families from those satanic westboro church members. They will enjoy a quick fall to hell upon dying.

  349. Rachel F Partridge

    Hell yeah anonymous get em and bring them down got your back all the way.

  350. Ryne Durn

    Go Anonymous, do what you do to them really well… Not to be morbid, but if there was a shooting at their church, would the survivors picket the funerals? They probably would, the sick f****.

  351. Jen Loki Suchil

    In all honesty, I feel Westboro had this coming to them and should have backed down long ago. This just went too far and now they are paying the consequences for their stupidity. God does get retribution in His own way. And if it means that He uses a hacker group to rectify the wrongs of Westboro, then so be it. I am a Christian and I shudder to even think these people believe they are Christians. They are a disgrace to the name of Christ and I pity them. Those innocent people did not deserve to die in Connecticut.

  352. Joseph A. Zuchowski

    The Westboro Baptist church should really read their Bible more carefully for they will see they brought this upon themselves, it says so in the bible "What a man soweth so shall he reap."Gal. 6: 7-8.

  353. John Mrozinski

    Yes! Keep up the good work lets put these ignorant pieces of crap out of business, come to my town and protest! I'm in Cleveland area lets see you come here! I myself am a Vet and you show your asses here its on! These people actually animals need to be erased!

  354. Michael Alvarado

    I think ANONYMOUS should destroy that church, it need to be brought to its knees. people like the people in that church give GOD a bad name. How dare they claim to do anything in the name of they or anyone''s GOD. if there is a god may the almighty send the twisted members of that church strait to they version of hell. I stand with ANONYMOUS on this issues. how dare these people even think of picketing the funeral of children. I bet you they wouldn't picket they own kids funerals.

  355. John Nunyabizzness

    HA, bravo! that's freakin sweet!

    and come on go look up the interview! Tom Araya already said it, "god doesn't hate".

    if anyone saw that movie the mist. these clownshoes remind me of the crazy religious chick. she got killed LOL so they better watch it, THIS is the best way to get back at em I say. GO ANONYMOUS!

  356. Van Duong

    They're protected by the freedom of speech. It sucks that they're doing this, but it's legal because they're hiding behind the law. I think Anonymous is justified.

  357. Sven Armstrong

    Speeking as an individual, it's hard to not side with annonymous and it's also easy to want what WBC does to not be protected under the first ammendment, but if we begin to abridge the rights of people, where does the abridging end? It's a slippery slope. It's simply up to the people to show the WBC for the scum they truely are.

    Still, very few things, including the destruction of Al Quadia, would make me happier than to see WBC removed from America. It's cancers within that are more dangerous than the wolves without.

  358. Sven Armstrong

    Speaking as an individual, it's hard to not side with annonymous and it's also easy to want what WBC does to not be protected under the first ammendment, but if we begin to abridge the rights of people, where does the abridging end? It's a slippery slope. It's simply up to the people to show the WBC for the scum they truely are.

    Still, very few things, including the destruction of Al Quadia, would make me happier than to see WBC removed from America. It's cancers within that are more dangerous than the wolves without.

  359. Spencer DeLemos

    And I say no, because if it were illegal, then one brand of a certain product couldn't say anything bad about another brand in a commercial, which happens all the time. (Oust! and Lysol, Potato chips, even soap and shampoo)

  360. Van Duong

    If the stuff is false, then it's illegal. If the stuff is true and it ruins someone's reputation, then you can't do anything.

  361. Sven Armstrong

    Bradon is referring to slander, not some childish "no mine is better" arguement. As a side not, most of the time in commercials the item is compared to the "leading competative brand" rarely do they use another brand name.

  362. Joseph MacAdam

    Years ago these people staged one of their protests outside a convention center in Cleveland that was holding a memorial service for soldiers form the area killed in Iraq. I went there to confront them. I know their deal is to cause as much grief as possible in hopes someone will lash out so they can sue them, so instead of being confrontational, knowing that's what they want, I tried to ask them sincere questions regarding their motivations. They love to chant "god hates fags", and that anything bad that happens is supposedly god's punishment for tolerating homosexuality. With a video camera on hand, I tried to get them to spell out just what they think it would take to appease him. Sadly, they didn't take the bait and ignored me to shout hate at passing bikers en route to the memorial. Say what you will about the Phelps clan, they're not stupid. The whole family are lawyers, and they know just how far to go in being the most vile and offensive group in the country without breaking any laws. Say gays should be killed like the KKK or Neo-Nazis, and you're classified as a hate group and monitored by the FBI. Say that god is great for killing gays, well, given the attitudes towards homosexuality in this country that just makes you another religious organization. Albeit one that's a lot less subtle.

  363. Angelica Sherman Principato

    lemme get this straight. so they want to picket the funerals and all that because they think that gay people are the reason for the shooting? are they praising the shooting?

  364. Jamilah Al-Rahman

    Very much in favor of Anonymous! If this so called church of God was doing good then they would not be on the radar. Words of hate lead to actions that hurt innocent people which leads to wars and innocent lives suffering and perishing. This church is no church, it's a breeding ground of pure evil. They need to be watched like hawks and treated like the scum they are! Keep protecting us and exposing the truth Anonymous!

  365. Van Duong

    What Anonymous is doing isn't legal, but I'm not disapproving of them on what they did to WBC.

  366. Toph Marson

    Do people picket their church when they have services? Because they should.

  367. Phyllis Cuming Des Jardins

    How is it that Westboro gets freedom of speech but elected officials can be thrown of the government floors they were elected to because someone doesn't like what they are saying? It should be freedom of speech for everyone.

  368. Belle Tadena

    I agree with the "official" statement of Anonymous representative. Hate speech should never be allowed. That kind of discourse and activity lead to hate crimes. I also don't think that talking about murdering members of WBC is an any better response. It is only fueling the hate. I understand the rising frustration but we cannot defeat hate through hate.

  369. Christal Evans

    These people make me sick. I say shut them down completely! Go Anonymous!

  370. Kimberly Ann Taylor

    There is now a petition to have the WBC classified as a hate group rather than a religious faction, leaving them open to prosecution for their actions, forcing them to pay taxes and putting a big stop to their ability to "rightfully" protest funerals of at least government officials such as the brave men and woman who sacrifice their life to protect our rights. I signed, wiill you?

  371. Anna Estrada

    Now I'm not saying we should kill them (even though they deserve it) but someone should at least burn down their church and take their children away.

  372. Christopher DeMorrow

    BURN THEM ALL. If you read dantes inferno then you will agree they deserve the deepest level of hell for this shit. Do this anonymous!

  373. Garfield T Brown

    (Westboro Baptist Church) I tried to call the cowards. They Pulled the plug on the phone.I think when one of their own dies THey should be reminded by a million protesters their own bull shit. They should be cremated like trash.

  374. Sandrababy Eslinger

    Anonymous can take a can of gasoline and torch their House of Horrors they call a church and they'd have my 100% support. Anonymous now! :)

  375. Ryan Quattro

    People who blame religion or atheism for violence are imbeciles who do not know their history. If you read history you will notice that murder in all its forms has occurred in societies that are religious and societies that are atheistic. The overwhelming motivations for war and murder is power and money. Then there is the irrational hate of groups like the Nazis and the Soviets. To think that you can “solve” the problem of war or injustice by simply eliminating religion is one of the most idiotic ideas ever conjured by man.

    I am not a religious man whatsoever, but even I can see that man, not religion is the problem. I don’t blame Islam for terrorism, I blame the febrile fanaticism of foolish minds. Hate comes from individual’s intellectual and emotional weakness.

  376. Chris Miller

    They're absolutely doing the right thing. We will never beat these Motherfuckers (and I call them that literally) by law. They will always be around. But it is nice to see people fuck with them. Maybe the next mass killing will be at one of their rallies. A good mass killing.

  377. Royallynn Allen

    Bravo Anonymous, and while you are at it please provide more info. i.e. proof to the FCC and the Justice Dept. about the Romney crew's attempt to steal the election!

  378. Jonathan D Hood

    anonymous rocks take them down them and everyone who supports them let them know they are the reason Americans are evil the real Americans support troops.

  379. Norbert Parn

    I'm with anon. Nothing against religion or free speech. but these people really push it. Seems liek their moms didn't teach em that whole "if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything" thing.

  380. Vicki Williams

    I support Anonymous. Any one who goes to funerals to upset loved ones is sick.

  381. Virginia Cook

    I normally would not support cyber crime in any fashion. But WBC is a collective of hate mongers who finally have someone on or above their level to deal with and I have no sympathy for WBC nor ""

  382. Anonymous

    You know what?

    I think if I were the police in that town, I'd bust the lot of them and toss them all in jail, then go as sloooowly as possible in processing them in the name of being thorough… and make sure to apologize profusely when I realized it was all a big misunderstanding and let them out, right after the funerals were over.

  383. Katie Herath

    Westboro Baptist obviously isn't respecting these families, so why should anyone respect them back? Wait. Isn't that in the Bible? Woah! What a concept! Go Anonymous!

  384. Jonathan Berserker Jones

    Fuck these idiots.
    They think that they have hate.
    Damn…. Would love to show one of them what hate really is.
    Don't cross my path mother fuckers you will see the true meaning of evil.

  385. Andre Borges

    Anonymous all the way. I'm pretty sure I speak for most people when I say that the WBC has gone past the limits for protection by the "First Amendment."

  386. Jules Cutler

    GO ANON! You rule. Why couldn't the horrible men shot up that church instead? Then we'd ALL have a Merry Christmas.

  387. Megan Murnane

    this "church" is a disgusting excuse for a church. it's hilarious to hear them preach of God, as they are nowhere NEAR close to Him in any way shape or form. God loves all human beings and would never condone any of the horrible things westboro has done so far and plans to do. the fact that they even involve God in their senseless and demented "preaching" is utterly sickening to me. the people involved in westboro are nothing but brainless insensitive idiots who do not even deserve to be seen as actual human beings. these 'things' all deserve to burn an eternity in hell. I am 100% rooting for anonymous and hope he continues with his attacks. GO ANONYMOUS!

  388. Lynn Hubbard

    I am not a fan of hackers, but I will say GO ANONYMOUS, and remember God Is LOVE, not hate!

  389. Anonymous

    Anonymous can be hella scary, but they keep pointing their scary at assholes who deserve it so I kind of appreciate them. Westburo enrages me like no other and I'd love nothing more then to see them go down.

  390. André Lopes Massa

    Anonymous has my full support. If we cannot trust our own government to abolish this hate group, then Anonymous is the next best option to abolish the WestBoro Baptist Church forever. The first ammendment should not protect groups like these, they are a danger to the rest of us. Expect me to be part of the barricades and GO ANONYMOUS!

  391. Conner Elisabeth Bennett

    Let’s just think for a second. I don’t like the WBC either. I don’t really think anyone likes them– except for, well, the WBC themselves.

    But was it really necessary to release their personal information? This could invite all sorts of attacks on them and put them in a lot of danger.

    I don’t agree with the WBC at all but aren’t you being just as hateful as them if you’re willing to put them in that kind of danger or even wish death upon them?

  392. Heather Biggs

    If I was in CT, I'd be protesting these sickos myself! I don't care how you feel about same-sex marriage, but to do something this low is just wrong! Those families have enough to deal with without some "religious" nutjobs trying to say that their kids died because it was "God's judgement for making same-sex marriage legalized".

    I mean, how would they feel if it was THEIR kids who died?

  393. Patrick McCafferty

    Nobody is saying they can't speak freely about what they believe……they just have to face backlash. Every right carries with it a responsibility…..Just because you exercise a right, doesn't mean you are free from any consequences. You're free to cheat on your girlfriend….doesn't mean she's not going to kick you in the balls when she finds out…..

  394. Lauren Borrero

    Their God sounds more like Satan, if you ask me. I support Anonymous 100% in this case. I'm sorry but those families have enough to deal with and don't need people picketing theit dead children's funerals.

  395. Billy J. Pate III

    Long live ANONYMOUS!!- make them westboro baptist whacko suffer!!-

  396. Christopher Perego

    GO ANONYMOUS! Take down their putrid hate for life and their false god. The real God sheds tears not acts of hate toward people and does so with a heavy heart!

  397. Haydn Stevens

    This church disgusts me. They give Christians a bad name and there logic is highly flawed. They constantly ignore the 9th commandment " Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor" also know as "Love thy neighbor", of which they are doing the exact opposite of. I don't consider them Christians because they beliefs are so different to the standard christian beliefs and because of their horrible actions.

  398. Adam Abramowitz

    ALL churches (church being a catch-all for any religious institution) should be hacked, continuously, non-stop. However, they are the worst of a very bad brand…

  399. Rob Will

    I live in New York, but if I was close to CT I would help build a human wall blocking off the pathetic excuse for a church. But then I would also play uplifting Christian songs over loud speakers so the funeral would not hear yelling between two groups in the back, but rather uplifting peaceful music. But I swear if they come anywhere near my town in NY, I will protest the hell out of them. I will get a group of friends and stand outside wherever they sleep and just yell and scream so they get a taste of what it would be like, even though its only a fraction of what the families they have attacked feel. Why the government doesn't stop them, I don't know. This isn't just free speech, this is just hateful harassing threats that must be stopped.

  400. Paula Atkins

    Too bad Adam didn't go to Westboro church and execute them! Sorry God for saying this, but that is how I feel about those disgusting excuse for humans! They all deserve to die for what they do to victims families!

  401. Boogz Brown

    What good would come out of WBC protesting at these childrens funerals. Its sicking&&heart braking. These people are clearly messed in the head. What's worse is that most of them are lawyers, so they feel untouchable. Someone should put a end to their church, cause no God hates!!!

  402. Pat Dudley

    Help me out here. 26 innocents were killed and yet these zealots are allowed to thrive? A little back asswards if you ask me.

  403. Andrew Brazell

    actually sony shut it down and blamed it on anonymous hacking their financial database in order to instigate this exact response. look it up duuuuuude

  404. Riva Hon

    The first amendment doesn't protect you from others calling you out on your bullshit.

  405. Craig Musselman

    Stop mentioning them and they become irrelevant dont give them media coverage ever.

  406. Sterling Moore

    So after reading these comments, the only way to take them down is if they incite violence. So just beat the shit out of the fuckers for picketing the deaths of 5 year olds and they get arrested. Seems pretty straightforward…

  407. Loretta Attwood Lee

    What Anonymous does may be illegal but what the Westboro "Baptist Church" does is immoral. Give me illegal over immoral any day.

  408. James Watson

    Anonymous is not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve.

    Oh, and go to hell Westboro Baptists.

  409. Timothy Wilson Jr.

    About time somebody put these Westboro jackasses in their place. To protest at a dead soldiers funeral who died for our country is already asking for a major smackdown.,But to threaten protest for the families of all these poor children. And at their funerals… That's when a nice little prison encampment needs to be set up for these Westboro weasels and full-on castrations underway.

  410. Jonathan Hibberd

    Two epic forces of mass stupidity and hatred, engaged in a battle over who can be the bigger d'bags. In this case, Westboro clearly wins that title. Stopped clocks and all that. It's nice that occasionally Anonymous can use their destructive tendencies for a good purpose. Unfortunately it won't do any good. As long as these attention w**res keep getting attention, they'll keep spreading their hatred.

    Of course, now that the info is public, the families of the victims (and really, every one in America) should take out a restraining order against every member of this cult.

  411. Chris Replogle

    I believe in freedom of speech. But if you spew enough hate loud enough, don't be surprised when you get punched in the mouth.

  412. Dale Moorhouse

    Freedom of speech is one thing, abuse of that freedom is another. Once you cross the line it is hate speech, which authorities should have the right to ban or prosecute the offenders as is the case in Canada. Canadians have the right to free speech, but they also have the right to shut down the lunatics who hide behind an Amendment.

  413. Liam Fox

    Why not use those police officers protecting them for something useful, like guarding a public toilet or protecting the people who are the subject of their attacks. They will have to face the consequences of the hateful words they spout.

  414. Seth Walton

    These people are nothing more than a bunch of attention seeking fools. Hypocrites too. The lady preaches the bible, yet is divorced and disowned her own daughter.

    Regardless, It will be inspiring to see The Freedom fighters and volunteers to rise up and block their protest.

  415. Alan Simmons

    I cannot believe what I have read from a majority of the posts here. Yes, what Westboro Baptist Church does is despicable; however, they are protected by the First Amendment. Their message of hate and intolerance is the same message of the KKK and New Black Panther Party – which is also protected by the First Amendment. Whether we like it or not, the concept of free speech MUST be equally applied to the speech we like AND the speech we find reprehensible.

    Westboro Baptist Church also has the right of peaceful assembly, according to the First Amendment. This must also be an absolute as if we forbid them, then why should we believe our rights to peacefully assemble be protected by law? You cannot have it both ways. You cannot remove the civil rights of a group simply just because we do not like their message.

    It amazes me how many of the comments condemn Westboro Baptist Church for their intolerance, yet they themselves are being intolerant – in some case wishing death and harm to the members of that "church." Disagreeing with their message is one thing; trading intolerance for intolerance is another. By doing so, you are becoming a monster that you accuse them of being.

    Anonymous, which many of you have praised for their ILLEGAL work are actually violating the law. By hacking into a website, they are committing an act of crime – a website is private property that the members of Anonymous does not have a legal (or moral) "right" to access and tamper with the website of Westboro Baptist Church.

    I am NOT siding with Westboro Baptist Church, I side with the United States Constitution – it above all else must be protected so that future generations can enjoy the personal freedoms that ALL Americans hold dear.

  416. Kym Evans

    Well done ANONYMOUS! Too far away to physically be in CT but will be there in spirit supporting and championing the good people keeping those vile, narcissistic hate mongers away from the funerals of those beautiful innocents.

  417. Ed Speanburgh

    Unpopular speech should be protected. but the actions of Westboro extend far beyond speech. When thier actions re-victimize other people. Just as Dove World has done in the past as well. Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp have no remorse for thier actions when people were killed as a direct result. It's hard to believe these people call themselves christians.I applaud Anon. for the simple fact they know the difference between free speech and harmful actions.

  418. John Racine

    Freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from responsibility. Westboro must be held responsible for their hateful speech and more importantly their hateful actions. With great freedom also comes great responsibility. Westboro has failed miserably with that responsibility. They are not Christians in any sense of the word. The Bible says to love each other as Christ loved the Apostles. Westboro does NOT show love, only hate.

  419. Dooner P. Jenkins

    No. Stahp. Don't. I fully support any idiot's right to free speech. That being said, WBC are a bunch of animals and I'm happy to turn a blind eye to the doings of Anon. Just because you can, doesn't mean you ought to. Sometimes 2 wrongs can make a right.

  420. Jeff Paterson

    Please, extinguish with world of these people.. It's sad I know, but these people are just as much terrorists to the heart and soul than those killing people with bombs and missiles. Ironic comment, I know, considering the premise, but I really believe this is one incident we can all turn a blind-eye to and find loop-holes in the law to provide justification. Killing is killing is killing is killing but these people are the most vile creatures I've ever come across. Bless those who haven't been pushed far enough to challenge the laws and morality of their own selves in wiping out these pieces of shit. Bravo, if I ever came across one of them I'd surely be arrested and locked up for life.

  421. Jeff Paterson

    The day the WBC is wiped out permanently by 'any means necessary' is the true day for celebration.. They can hide behind the technicalities of the law and decency of those fighting against them for so long until one of them gets FUBAR. Saddest part is, these people who bring so much hate and pain to those around them will continue doing it until someone does snap on them, then the story will be about how sorry we should feel for the WBC and all this technical BS about them not breaking laws and violence never being the answer. Let's be clear, violence is the only way to stop these trolls of the human spirit. While I appreciate the human walls and these incidents(which the page is down already), these people are playing God in offending people and then using the protection of the law they dance on to protect themselves. Some things go beyond the law… These people need a wake-up call or they're going to continue to terrorize people. It's honestly a hugely complex moral situation, because you can't talk about violence not being the solution, but what is? Why is it anyone associated with traditional non-Christian ties who do fractions of the same things WBC do and are considered terrorists and fought against as terrorists? Why isn't WBC considered terrorists and what's it going to take to shut them down for good?

  422. Gayle Wells

    My thanks go out to you again Anonymous. Please be careful. You've been a bright light for so many that appreciate the transparency you've created instead of seeing the most hideous elements of society protected. Hope you are living your life in balance so you aren't letting the the dregs of the world fill your head too much of the time. WE don't want anything happening to you. p.s. I bet the NRA has lots of interesting stuff on how they would like to continue to keep this world a violent one or what candidates are in their pocket.

  423. Terry Michelle Mason

    I will never understand any human being who thinks that killing innocent children is a good thing. I only hope God really speaks to these people an allows them to see how horribly misguided they are.

  424. Jeff Paterson

    Oh get over yourself. There is a difference between free speech and hate speech. Some things are black and white. Only reason they aren't viewed as terrorists which they are is because their a 'Christian' based organization in the US and there's not enough racists who would insist that they should be. Must feel good knowing you cause so much pain and hurt and the only reason you get away with it is because your church is made up of lawyers who fund your church on suing those most outraged at them. Why are they even around? Are they serving ANY purpose? Your dipping your toe big-time in intolerance yourself by hiding behind your community college instructor elitism(btw since when was community college teacher an expert on anything let alone this?) by saying how 'amazed' you are at the intolerance of those who want an end to these leeches of moral corruption.

    Give your head a shake and maybe sign up for some ethics courses at the college you teach at.

  425. Diane Banning Stanley

    I say, WTG Anonymous! They're nothing but inbred imbeciles and I hope the old man gets a disease that makes his body parts rot off one at a time.

  426. Jan Young

    It's time Westboro gets a taste of their own medicine. I doubt they'll like it.

  427. Allen Hyslop

    YES….. SO DOES OBOMAMA and all his communist muslim friends who hate this country and its foundation

  428. Mark Parisi

    Any war against WBC is a good war and I support Anonymous 100%….keep up the good work!

  429. Gene Wilder

    The single best thing that could be done to ensure that the WBC goes away forever would be to ignore them. They make money from suing people and cities for 1st amendment violations and following assaults upon members of their group. As despicable as this may sound – let them picket, pay them NO attention, do not listen to them, do not engage them, do not write articles about them and in 1-2 years they WILL be gone because the cash they generate from this behavior will have dried up and they will have moved onto other things. There is a reason why almost every member of the Phelps family has a law degree folks!

  430. Jill Sapp Conner

    I'm really starting to like anonymous! Perhaps if these westboro bastards have protesters at their homes and !businesses, they'll back down

  431. Lianne Marie Poisson

    Honestly, WBC feeds on publicity. Ignoring them is the best way to make them go away. They enjoy the outrage they cause.

  432. Shari Wilson Sullivan

    I'm sorry, but I believe Freedom of Speech trumps all in this country. What this church does is wrong and vile but what if your right to speak out against this church was illegal because it was "hate speech"? What if our right to speak out against dangerous radical Muslims (already in our country) was taken away because it was deemed as "hate speech"? In the U.S. they are already trying to shut up people for speaking the truth about this religion and they are using "hate speech" as an excuse to take away our freedom to speak out against them.

  433. Veronica Scoggins

    I am sure it would get violent in short term if they show up at the funerals. A little bit of lynching by an angry grieving town may not be too far or undeserved. I know if it was my kid's funeral and they showed up my family and friends would not be contained. Just sayin'.

  434. Jeff Paterson

    Allen Hyslop I think it's safe to say those links on those pages probably are rounded up from maybe 3-4 sites that all say the same thing, but hey if he's found to be a terrorist on such a level as WBC then yes, anyone in a similar position should be. But your hateful comment from the beginning took away all your credibility in calling Obama a muslim, has nothing to do with this so STFU

  435. Anonymous

    Go Anonymous go! We need more people like Anonymous to standup to the real villains in life.

  436. Kim Leuenberger

    Someone needs to get rid of these people already! Waste of space of human beings. Let these babies RIP for god's sake!

  437. Owen Marshal

    A big point everyone seems to miss here is this: God does tell us quite clearly in the bible that homosexuality is an abomination and practitioners should be stoned

  438. Owen Marshal

    … To death. As much as I hate these morons ( and religion) – are they wrongfully interpreting that disgusting book called the bible?

  439. Chris Car-Freek Bradshaw

    Brilliant! Out everyone of them so people know their true identities and can exercise their right to refuse them service wherever they may go. I would say they need to "disappear" but violence solves nothing…but…that could be considered "God's will" right?

  440. Wuffle Spring

    WBC members are disgusting excuses for human beings. Waste of flesh, waste of air, waste of space. I support Anonymous fully in this.

  441. Nick Longacre

    I can't believe the multitude of God fearing people who would wish to "take out members" of WBC. What needs to be done is to have a restraining order against them keeping them 1000 yards away from any funeral and have the cops there to inforce it. If they disobey the order put them in jail and fine them $100.000 each for violating the order and the peace. Freedom of Speach is our God given right but you don't clime on a plane and shout Ala' is Great and not expect to get knock on your ass.

  442. Kip Klingman

    I usually do not support vigilante tactics, however, in this case I cannot disregard that I am moved by Anonymous' interest in the hate group of the Westboro Baptist Church. I have attended Baptist churches throughout my life and have neve.
    r seen nor heard of so much hate spewed from the church as I have seen and heard from the Westboro Baptist Church. Thank you Anonymous for bringing more attention to this hate group the Westboro Church.

  443. Todd N Cliff

    Hey Anonymous, I'd gladly donate money to help you destroy any internet presence these low-lives have…

  444. Ron Christian

    This "church" is not trying to promote some screwed-up interpretation of religion. It's a business plan. The "church" consists primarily of two families, most of whom are lawyers. They make millions a year on nuisance lawsuits from people responding to or trying to prevent their demonstrations. It's not about free speech, it's about making money.

  445. Kip Klingman

    I usually do not support vigilante tactics, however, in this case I cannot disregard that I am moved by Anonymous' interest in the hate group of the Westboro Baptist Church. I have attended Baptist churches throughout my life and have never seen nor heard of so much hate spewed from the church as I have seen and heard from the Westboro Baptist Church. Thank you Anonymous for bringing more attention to this hate group the Westboro Church.

  446. Melinda Nowak

    If anonymous can rid the world of the filth that is WBC, than I say let them do it. The idea of them protesting in Newtown makes me physically ill :( The last thing these families need is more violence, but I am afraid if WBC shows up, it may come to it this time….

  447. Barbara Ruark

    This church is crazy and is in no way making God happy with their mean hearts!

  448. Joan Satex

    Sometimes I really wish everyone in this nation did NOT have the freedom of speech! This group is SO hateful I can't understand how they can, in their wildest dreams, call themselves Christians! I HATE that they call themselves 'baptist' because they are NOT! Jesus had to deal with 99% of the world against Him and He still never did or said anything but LOVE to them in return. THAT is what Christians do!

  449. Alaina Leatham

    Go get them Anonymous+ hacker buddies! Harass them day and night. See how they enjoy it. Bunch of worst "human" beings trying to use Gods name as a shield for their insanity. Wish they would take a sip of some ~*magic*~ punch and do us all a favor…

  450. David Chamberlain

    Anonymous it looks like they recovered from the hack way too quick. Would of loved to seen some of this info. But my thumbs are up for it keep up the good work.

  451. Eli Charles

    Freedom of speech means the government can't stop you from speaking. It doesn't mean you can't get called out for being a massive dick by your fellow citizens. Once again anonymous gets my kudos.

  452. Aron Ashmead

    Normally I would support rights to free speech but these guys have crossed the line so many times.. something should be done, and since the law protects the haters and hate spreaders.. I think this is the only option left to the people to find justice.. I don't condone beating the crap out of them as much as I would like to, but keeping them as quite as possible seems to be the only option left..

    Why is this not considered a hate crime?

  453. Penney Wedbetter

    looks like westboro is fuckboro……..these incompetent idiots who spew garbage…..maybe we should all save our garbage and throw it on the steps of thier houses now that we know where they work.

  454. Brandy Kay

    I hope the next mass shooting massacre to happen is on the Westboro church and all its members…BASTARDS! Babies were murdered…God loves all children..

  455. Erin Knell

    Clearly they just need something to focus on close to home. I think we need to turn up at their homes and places of work and CONSTANTLY protest their existence. My sign is ready to go, just point me in the right direction.

  456. Scott Murphy

    These people are NOT Christians because TRUE Christians would not act this way. They are false Christians in every way, shape and form of the word. On their day of Reckoning they will have to stand before God and give an accounting of their lives and I think all of them will ibe in for a VERY BIG SHOCK.

  457. Judith Reed

    I applaud the hackers for bringing truth to light. These people are using a church name to hide political agendas. They are not a church. They are a political party that should be taxed and Mister Phelps should be in jail for inciting possible riots at sacred times and places of others, who do not belong to their false society. Suing being their famous past time, using the law as their shield to violate the rights of others. Kudos to these hackers. The only reason the Constitution was brought up is to protect the guilty. Isn't it about time we protect the innocent!

  458. Amberlynn Faith Brescia

    Your freedom of speech is one thing, the church can go around all they want spouting their ignorant bullshit, we'll just ignore them like always. Actually acting and going to PICKET THE FUNERAL OF 20 DEAD KIDS, tormenting their families who have to lower the casket into the ground, knowing that their precious baby was shot right between the eyes? That is unacceptable. Anonymous did a good thing.

  459. Betty Sherlin Schueler

    There are limits to freedom of speech as we all learned as children. Westboro has spit on the First Amendment so now Anonymous has every right to give it right back to them.

  460. Susie Martin

    Sorry. Was trying to post way to go anonymous iPhone took over. The town of newtown are in such pain right now and these creatures want to picket the funerals? What in the world is wrong w these so called people.

  461. Kimberlea Haynes

    This WBC is just a cult and have nothing to do with God. I may not be a Christian but I know this is not a Christian group. Haters like these should be exposed for who they are and they have shown us all their true colors and I believe they are evil. I praise anonymous for what they are doing and I hope people start showing up in front of these people's homes and protesting them and their SATAN WORSHIP! I hope anyong that is a member of this cults rots in HELL!

  462. Denese Bloomfield

    Go Anonymus. I must say I respect you hackers for taking a stand for justice and fairness. I support you all the way. I don't usually support hacking but in this case I HAVE to make the exception. May God continue to bless all of you.

  463. Davian Alley

    To answer that last question "How do you feel about the war between Anonymous and the Westboro Baptist Church? Do you think Anonymous is doing a good deed by hacking the Church’s website or should everyone respect their First Amendment rights and just try to ignore them?" I say "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." Evil doesn't just disappear just because you ignore it, one must fight evil. The hackers are just fighting the best way they know how.

  464. Andi Wilson

    From my understanding of God and the bible, sin is sin, regardless of how we feel about it or measure it. Stealing M&M's is as bad as other sins, according to my understanding of God and His commandments. Hating a certain group is no better than hate itself. We are taught not to hate and yet the church hates. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

  465. Tissa Black

    Sheesh Ive never heard of the anonymous group but I think I love them now! GO ANONYMOUS! if you hack me just make me rich! LOL

  466. Elisha Gilliland

    I think Anonymous should keep going. These westboro idiots are devil worshippers and full of hate. They deserve everything Anonymous is doing

  467. Jack M Barber

    Like anonymous but hate people walking thru your yard…Humm Americans.

  468. Hetty Mattice

    I say way to go anonymous…. its about time something was done about this poor excuse for a cult another step closer to shuting them up….thank you anonymous thank you very much…….fight the good fight……

  469. Terry Allen Fox

    I'm a REAL Christian, the people at the Westboro Baptist Church are NOT. My Bible tells us to love everybody, INCLUDING our enemies. The Westboro Church preach the word of hate and NOT the Word of God. I'm rooting for Anonymous to show these whackos they can't get away with their hate filled protest. These people at this so called Church will all be going to hell, because of their hatefulness and because they are also teaching their children to hate.

  470. S.d. Houston

    In all honesty, if you read the Bible, God is swift to pass out judgement on those who are against him. Just because Jesus was a peaceful person does not mean God is. People seem to forget about the cities he destroyed and the followers he commanded to slaughter others in his name. HOWEVER, If he wanted to kill a large number of people, it would be a city, not just a school full of children. I'm not generally a big supporter of Anonymous, as such a collective certainly draws in the more unsavory types who use the movement to just do what they want and hack others 'just because they said something mean'. But in cases like this, I'm in full support!

  471. Bobbi Perrin

    Go Anonymous, destroy and dismantle this bigoted, violence loving, hate spewing cult. Free speech is one thing, however WBC is an abusive group that distorts the teachings of Christ. I find absolutely NO love in t heir message and the first two commandments given by Jesus are EVERYTHING about love. It is freaks like the WBC that turn people away from Christianity because of their overpowering hatred and stupid fear mongering. WBC abuses victims of violent crimes and our soldiers who died in the defense of our country. They should not be allowed to spew their hatred while proclaiming free speech. Their speech is "HATE SPEECH" and as such incites violence and takes joy in violence. I also think that any family of any soldier who died in duty should file a civil class action lawsuit citing undue distress and emotional damage was caused by WBC picketers. Sue those b*ast*rds for every f'ing penny they have, bankrupt that hatred spewing cult of the insane.

  472. Tony Lewis

    I agree with Anonymous. Just like the soldier that died several months ago here in my home town, a so called "christian community" gathered to protest against Gay rights. WTF? Honestly? 2,000+ bikers and other supporters showed up at this marines funeral in support, creating a Human wall to protect the family against these protesters. Quite honestly, religion has been twisted around and smashed from what it once was.

  473. Carolynn Bjorkman

    Whatever it takes to put Westboro out of commission. No doubt these misguided, insensitive, warped, blind people will find some means to irritate others. I thought harassment and hate crimes were illegal. Westboro falls under both, IMO.

  474. Meghan White Rodriguez

    The westboro baptist church needs to open up thier bibles and do a little reading. Job 34:10 says far be it from the true god to act unjustly and the almighty to act wickedly. I feel sorry gor them really there lives are spent being so angry and not getting to feel gods holy spirit. Anyone who is a true christian would know that god doesn't cause things like this to happen. Satan is the ruler of this system and that is why terrible things happen. WBC are a bunch of media hounds they don't care about god or jesus, they care sbout fame and power.

  475. Christine Liebeg

    What do I feel? I feel Anonymous is doing what the majority of us would LIKE to do, but we lack the skills to do so… And this business of following the law and respecting others' speech (even if it's pure stupidity) tends to get in the way of stoning hate-filled idiots in the first place. Thank you Anonymous, I applaud you!

  476. Darren Jones

    As a Christian I uniformly denounce Westboro and their message. I can not understand how a "church" can so blatantly ignore both the spirit and the letter of the law of the Bible because they can't wrap their head the duality of God's love and justice. As a software developer and all around geek, I can think of few better uses for the power of Anonymous than to help bring humility to someone who could use it.

  477. Mary Ann Sawant

    The only men of the bible that count were Jesus and his followers. The old testament has many hate groups and many men hoping to bring judgement by the lord for their stupid beliefs. In other words they were sell proclaimed God fearing men with absolutly no wisdom inside their tiny brains. Heck, they did not even consider that they had a brain in their head, so their thoughts were believed to have come from God Himself. Take Adam and Eve as an example, talking to a serpent. Yea Right!

  478. Karen Ricci

    As long as they are getting attention they will continue to be a pain in Americas a$$. I say ignore them and hopefully they will go away, If they don't then………..kick their butts.

  479. Jennifer Carter

    I wish that if those idiots show up in Newton at those funerals they could be arrested, but everyone has the right to free speech…even jerks like them…I reallybelieve that one day they will stand in front if their God in judgment and there aint nothing that is gonna save them an express ticket to hell…. UNTIL then anonymous you have my full support!

  480. Eric Azure

    Anybody with hacking skills can claim to be anonymous and people will eat that shit right up. It's laughable that people still refer to them as such.

    That said, the only reason the Westboro Baptist Church still does this stuff is because you idiots in the media keep reporting it. So good job!

  481. Anonymous

    I say form a group surround their vehicles at about 15 feet link arms and if they touch someone arrest them for battery!

  482. Geoff St G

    Frankly, the only reason why these hate mongers and religious zealots who can't find it in them selves to NOT marry their uncle, is because media spends so much time covering their bullshit. We give them more fuel, more antagonism, more reason to take it to one unreasonable level. Ignore the dumbshits and they will loose their hunger for the conflict when we walk past them and continue our conversations without bothering to even look or acknowledge their existance.

    That being said, someone call the Hell's Angels. They've showed up to act as security for soldiers funerals when these fucknuts plan on showing up and I'm sure they'd have some place in the woods they would like to show them.

  483. Cara Taran Petricca

    Anonymous! I have a list ! When you're done with the inbred baptist douchebags can you hook a girl up??? It's all for good and not evil.. Lets see: Monsanto, the Kardashians ( oh sorry , that just a personal loathing)……

  484. Changeling Pineapple

    Go and silent someone, there would be always someone to rise up and take the persons place and speak out. ALSO GOD DOESN'T KNOW COMPUTERS JACKASSES! HE ALWAYS NEEDS HIS SON TO HELP HIM! Burned!

  485. Keith E Fehr

    Westboro will not show up it is just part of their game. They post stuff, they get publicity, everyone gets on high alert and just a few if any show up. Also can people stop referring to them as a church they aren't.

  486. Veronica Beshara

    Funny thing aha I'm listening to 'thunderstruck' by acdc, and at the moment I read 'has been hacked' the singer of the song said 'you been, THUNDERSTRUCK!'

  487. Karen DeLucia Riccio

    Anonymous 100%. Last I heard WBC was coming to CT this Wednesday for the principal's funeral.

  488. Kurt Schreiber

    Anonymous you have my permission to take care of the Westboro Baptist Church using any means necessary, take their website off the web for good. I would join you in your noble and justifiable quest if I knew anything about hacking.

  489. Kurt Schreiber

    Anonymous I think we can agree that society has called on you to take care of the Westboro Baptist Church using any means necessary, take their website off the web for good. I would join you in your noble and justifiable quest if I knew anything about hacking.

  490. David Bruce James

    These justice merchants have been around for a while. More often than not they tale on causes that others have wimped out on. I have heard of a couple of occassions that they have reached a bit too far but never as far as their adversaries. They may even come up with a viable answer to the legal possession of firearms. After that I am sure that creating an understanding between men and women will be an easy toss.

  491. Shaolin Dynasty

    Westboro is just as bad as the other quacks in this world. Like Pat Robertson and Rob Larson. Who believe this world is dominated by demons. I know alot of Christians personally who wouldn't even lift a finger for these jack asses. I guess Westboro is trying to live up to the so called witch hunters from the 1400's. Hello, times have changed, we are no longer in the dark ages.

  492. Michele Perry

    Oh Please….Kick these sick fucks asses! The WBC are brain dead disgusting vermin! They are all about hate and make me want to puke! Anonymous…you're my new hero!

  493. Sandra Kuzma

    They are probably funded by the evil government… Would not put it past them…

  494. Joy D. Griffith

    "How do you feel about the war between Anonymous and the Westboro Baptist Church? Do you think Anonymous is doing a good deed by hacking the Church’s website" YAY, Anonymous! Wonderful, Great. Please, by all means keep your work and effort strong. Thank you for what you do. It would be the most horrible crime to have Phelps anywhere near the Sandy Hook Elementary School or the town or the people in the town. Thank you, Anonymous…I thank you from my heart!

  495. Gabriel Strasburg

    I don't understand why people keep letting them do this. Show up with some baseball bats and smash their faces in. No more westboro "church", problem solved.
    Come to my area and try that crap and there will be blood.

  496. Sydney Latimer

    God should look into computer tech classes at Santa Monica Community college to better protect hate groups' websites! I think you can work remotely from home (which is not REALLY a problem, because God is supposedly everywhere). And only $24 a credit…that's if he's considered a California resident…That should save him a little $$ around the holidays, because I know that due to the world's economic climate, that bastard Santa will want extra gas money this year…

  497. Ernest Lee

    So the question is — do I think we should pick and choose who gets rights and who doesn't? No. It's very easy to think otherwise, until you're the one being targeted. Granted, WBC are almost falling into my 'evil' category without mass murdering people, they still deserves rights.

    The fact that people, adults even, support this is a little scary. Can't help but shudder at the thought should I ever cross enough people there are 'sane' individuals who would fully support stripping any dignity I have as a human away. Just like that. Maybe they'd be better off North Korea. But then THEY'D be oppressed, and that would be terrible. Oppression is only for some people, apparently.

    Actually I hope the lot of them; the WBC and the internet mobs, fall off the face of the earth.

  498. Ashley Sanford

    Apparently Anonymous is a very good hacker hopefully he does what he says, trolls, harass them on their jobs, and makes their lives living hell. They need a serious dose of their own medicine BADLY!

  499. Melanie Kimpton-Horn

    That is AWESOME! For the most part, I support all of our constitutional rights, including the right to free speech, however, in the case of WBC, it is taken too far. They go beyond free speech and into the territory of abuse and bullying and I think that they should have to pay for that, in whatever way Karma decides to give it to them. Protesting the funeral of a soldier or police officer is bad enough, but to protest the funeral of innocent children? That is against anything I have ever been taught that God stands for.

  500. Steve Koehler

    I've been racking my brain to figure what I as an individual could do to stop WBC from further ruining the lives of these families. Kudos to Anonymous for taking this action. I don't condone hacking, but I'm relieved someone took effective actions….

  501. Selma Foote

    Groups like WBC are a big part of why I will not deal with an organized religion. The God my parents taught me about loves everyone, no matter of race, creed or sexual orientation. The God my parents taught me about would never ordain the desecration of a holy right like a burial. God is about love, patience, and humanity…. and these things have nothing to do with hate spewing cultist like the WBC.

  502. Joe Aubin


  503. Evan Anderson

    WBC has their right to their opinion (even when it is hateful ignorant and stupid), but are there laws against emotional distress and torment? I don't think there are, but if there were every single member of the congregation would be in jail and I would laugh. I'd like to hack the members of the WBC with an ax, but I'll to settle for anonymous. GO anonymous! Hacking can hurt people, but the WBC deserved it. They're like cyber-vigilantes!

  504. Maggie Schlabach

    Anonymous has become my heroes for fighting back against this horrible and cruel cult that calls themselves Christians. Thank you Anonymous. You have my support and gratitude.

  505. Heather Hallett

    I wish I could go and protect the families from this attack. I hope those who can, will. Anonymous I think, should be unrelentless in their efforts to shut these people up. Their level of hate doesn't belong anywhere in this world. Just as Neandertal does not belong with Cro Magnon (unsure of my spelling, sorry!) westboro does not belong with the modern U.S.

  506. Sarah Skogland

    I say that the parents of those sweet babies call on the motorcyle Patriots- I cannot remember their actual name but they are Vets who come to funerals of Vets when Westboro is there and rev their bikes so they cannot be heard- and have them come to each one of the funerals. Then they should set up LARGE LOUDSPEAKERS blasting "Hit the Road Jack. I am a Christian and find these people disgusting. Let's stop giving them ANY AIR TIME!

  507. Jeanette Chamberlain Engle

    Go Anonymous! Show them what its like to be emotionally raped, like they're doing to the families of the victims.

  508. Britt Burton

    I don't think many people get it. Westboro Baptist Church is NOTHING other than a money making scheme by some sick bastards. Their 'goal' is to get beaten up, so then they can sue you! That is their sole goal. NOTHING ELSE. Their message is intended to be as inflamatory as possible. It is all about the money.

  509. Jessi Biscamp

    … Instead on someone going into a school and shooting it up, why not go into the church while they were all there and do the same? These lower than dirt assholes deserve it a hell of a lot more than those babies did. I won't be surprised though if one of those fathers don't snap and start killing because of their idiocy. Don't mess with a grieving parent, especially if it has something to do with their deceased child. These people make me sick and put me in a very violent mood.

  510. Tracy Becker-Hills

    ANONYMOUS….do your thang! Those stupid, ignorant, idiotic people need a taste of their own medicine. One day, someone close to them will pass away. Sadly I say someone needs to friggin' torment them in their time of grief so they know what the hell it feels like. Leave those families alone! How can anyone think innocent children were not welcomed into heaven. Leave the families alone! Thanks Anonymous for doing us all a favor and putting their business all out in the street. I can't even call them retarded cause retarded people have more damn sense then that stupid "church". Damn they really piss me off.

  511. Debbie Tegenkamp

    we should start a movement to picket each and every service, function or meeting that the westboro baptist church has and shout so loud that they here theirselves think This must be a devil church.

  512. Doug Scott

    solution is pretty simple, Westboro wants publicity. Why not just ignore them completely, do not publicize their actions, do not mention their name in the media, make it so the only way they get in the media is when they shut down. If the majority of the media in north america would just agree to not cover anything that involves that group, there would be nothing for that group to protest anymore.

  513. Ralph John Quisenberry

    I can only hope that their evil dies out soon. I wish I could go to the funerals if only to show my contempt for their satanic church.

  514. David Dunn

    Westboro Baptist Church’s belifs are a First Amendment protected right.

    Westboro's opinion about gays isn't too far removed from that of Justice Scalia, who regards same-sex marriage as a moral disapprobation. Both base their religious opinion on their interpretation of Genesis Chapter 3.

    That a Supreme Court justice holds a similar view is more disconcerting since it amounts to his proclaiming that government can take a side regarding a religious opinion–in this case fundamental Christianity.

    The right of same-sex persons to marry is a First Amendment "soul liberty" right as Williams called it. Williams wrote: The government of the civill Magistrate extendeth no further then over the bodies and goods of their subjects, not over their soules."

    Justice Scalia should recuse himself from having a vote on any same-sex marriage issue since he has clearly and publicly made his religious opinion known and is willing to use government to impose that opinion on others.

    That the Westboro Baptist Church would harass mourners at the funerals of children is a wanton disregard of Christianity's teaching on judging others. The bible records that Peter told a Roman Centurion, Cornelius that God had shown him that God doesn't think anyone is unclean or unfit and that Jesus is the one God has chosen to judge the living and the dead. (Acts 10:28, 42) That excludes Westboro Baptist Church.

  515. Jen Knight

    Hack away. While I do believe in freedom of speech, I also believe in consequences for our words and actions. When a group is this filedl with hate and malice, there will be retaliation. They should be happy it's only a hack and not something worse.

  516. Shawnel George

    >implying Anonymous are actually *Rouge Heroes*.
    Your all late.
    Props though

  517. Brad Phelan

    There's some ideology 4ya Fred Phelps.. u human pig.. go hard anon

  518. Dale Hensley

    Hell yea Rock on Anonymous , do your best to shut this hate group down.

  519. Shannan Brooks

    As much as I hate the WBC, and their way of thinking. As much as I hate what they do and how they act, it's their freedom of speech. Given only to them, ironically, by the people whose funerals they protest. I love Anonymous for going after them. I do. But they're adding fuel to a dangerous fire and it's only going to escalate. If you want to cheer them on, go for it. I'm not going to stop you. I think Anonymous is absolutely amazing at what they do. But if you truly want to stop these idiots, sometimes the best thing you can do is let them collapse in on themselves.

  520. Anonymous

    let the judgment be in gods hand………………we will do what we feel right from our heart….go on anonymous.

  521. Betty Busby

    Who knows but that Anonymous was called just for this purpose, as in Esther. I'm sure God can use them to stop the Phelps group. Let's See Fred Phelps try to sue God. How he can stand to look in the mirror, beyond me.

  522. Vic Balboa

    White and Blackhat hackers alike joining forces against these retards! Priceless!!!

  523. Kristie Smith Ratashak

    GO ANONYMOUS :) right on man, this is awesome and I hope he can make everything public lol and for everyone who stops them from picketing high five to you man these guys need to be stopped.

  524. Craig N Sher Jones

    These people are nothing but inbread, ocult loving , hate spewing, non chirstian, ignorant excuses for human beings…PERIOD! Team Anonymous!

  525. Amanda Pirone

    I feel like Anonymous is very Batman-esque. People hate them for their hacking, illegal activities…but root for them when they come to the rescue of the helpless, when they protect people. They do things ordinary citizens cannot do. In these past few days they have lawfully united The People against the corrupt who have twisted our laws in their favor for their protection. I’ve signed the petition. Go Anonymous.

  526. Bea Bosio

    I think what they are doing is great. Hate is not a Constitutional Right, nor it should ever be protected or assimilated into any kind of Legal Guarantee. Go Anonymous!

  527. Daniel Cheney

    Way to go ANONYMOUS!! with your obvious hacking skills you should help those of us who know to expose the Illuminati and their SATANIC (seriously) New World Order. PLEASE ANONYMOUS, the people need to know that almost everything they believe to be true is a lie covering up the BIGGEST conspiracy that will EVER be. THEY can and will destroy the majority of us if we dont band together and take them out.
    The first step of the Better New World Order is to inform the masses that we are being manipulated by a literal evil organisation known as the Illuminati. They are using black magic and subliminal messaging to control the way we think and act. They are responsible for the connecticut school shooting and many others to gain power for their lord (SATAN) and

  528. Daniel Cheney

    And to gain the support of the american people for extremely restrictive gun laws. They dont want us to band together once the truth is known by all. We are very well armed civilians and they know that. We could be a hell of a force to be reckoned with if we choose to be. Some people like myself have already made that choice. Help us show the world what the Illuminati are doing to hinder our growth as human beings. We are capable of so much more. They have taken the power away from us. Its time we take it back. PLEASE HELP ANONYMOUS!!!!

  529. Shaun Jeffrey

    Lol, these goobers will rot in the Hell they think gays, children, and soldiers go…If Satan even did exist, I'm sure he would reserve a spot in the deepest and most horrific part of Hell for lowlife people like the Westboro Baptist Church.

  530. Barbara Jean Brown

    sorry bunch of people in that church..must be devil worshippers……….

  531. Lydia Smith

    I do not support WBC. their hatred is NOT how real Christians behave. however, hate begets hate. all they want is publicity. take that away, and what do they have?

  532. Ben Mallett

    While I do respect their right to say hateful things. I also respect my right to refuse any of them my business. Take note store owners, it is your right as a private owner to refuse to service any of these Westboro fanatics, no not because of their religion, because they are awful people and should be ashamed of themselves, and thank you anonymous while your actions are an invasion of their privacy I will make use of it and refuse the services of any of the people listed, because I definatly don't want any of their business. I wouldn't care if I was going out of business or even bankrupt I wouldn't permit them purchase from my store.

  533. Paul Meyers

    I thought these assbags were busy attacking israel? Stupid ass shit. Fuck Westboro and fuck them too. be much cooler if it wasnt such a fad to be "anonymous" while proclaiming such to everyone. Dumbasses

  534. Rob Sudars

    Hack, hack and hack. Expose these hateful un-Americans. They call themselves christians, they are the devil, full of hate.

  535. Cathy Coffey

    The church needs a protest of its own to handle.A Huge Gay Pride parade in there yard might do the trick. Sounds like a nice place to gather and get to know the church folks.

  536. Sunshine Kline

    They are NOT following the Bible. Yes, the bible says that God sees homosexuality as a sin. God does not hate us snners, he hates the sin. Just as when your child (if u have one) does something horrible, u hate the sin/behavior. You dont hate your child. If they were really followi.g the bible they would not be protesting hate and casting judgment. Matthew chapter 7:1-4. Judge not. That ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3 And why beholdest thou the mote that that is in thy brothers eye, but considerest nor the beam that is in thine own eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brothers eye. Doesnt seem to me they are following the bible by a long shot

  537. Sunshine Kline

    I could give you several scriptures that prove God does not desire their hateful protests. If u truely study Gods word you would clearly see they are not following Gods word or his will. I pray that they will somehow realize they are doing the exact opposite. May God have mercy on their souls because they will surely need it…

  538. Susan Littleton

    I love Anonymous. Dear Anonymous, please save us from Obama! ~ Love, Susan Littleton.

  539. Oidhche Mhath

    You know, this is the first comment box I've ever seen that didn't have everyone bitching at each other. Everyone, EVERYONE, hates these assholes. Solidarity over collectively hating the, arguably, most embarrassing group formed in our county in the last 50 years, it's a start.

  540. Lisa Nickerson

    Giving them attention is just giving them what they want. Attacking them gives them fodder to say "Look we are martyrs for our belief." Instead as a nation, no as a global community, we need to tell them we won't stand for them and that what they are doing is wrong and that we are praying for their souls when they meet the True God.

  541. Jessica Matthews

    I must say, Anonymous while they do hack governmental sites and whatnot, do have the morals to make sure that Westboro does NOT get away with picketing at children's funerals. As with Bree, my God loves everyone!

  542. Gary D Leigh

    Please don't stop "Anonymous". They are the scum of humanity and need to be humiliated, harassed, exposed. No 2nd Amendment protection to this harmful, damaging, dangerous activity. They are revolting, disgusting and need to be taken care of.

  543. Aimee Beth Sandell

    As much as I would love to see the hate fueled people and buildings they congregate in go up in flames, I honestly think the best thing to do is just to ignore them. I am not relgious by any means, but I feel that if we really do have a higher power they would all be sent to Hell anyway.
    And as much as I don't care for Anonymous and thier illegal activities, I kind of enjoyed reading what they did. No family should have to be hassled and hated when mourning the loss of thier child or loved ones.
    And one thing I was taught recently after a heated debate between friends: feeding fuel to any fire is how wars start…look at Isreal and other fighting countries. Ignoring these so-called "Baptists" are the best option. They will get thier wrath when thier life ends.

  544. John Powell

    Saying what they want is one thing. Let them spout their hate. Most others recognize what they say as such any way. Physically intruding is something else altogether. This is where the line should be drawn. As for Anonymous hacking WBCs website I am rather torn. Yes, WBC is getting back some of their own. On the other hand, is it right for Anonymous to lower themselves to the level of WBC to make the point?

  545. Anonymous

    Remember remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.

  546. Sam Brereton

    Instead of hacking, why don't they hack the DNS accounts and get the domains terminated?

  547. Sarah Howard

    For God so LOVED the world. I don't know where they get their ideas about God, but it certainly isn't from my Bibles. Yes, I have more than one version of it and no where does it say that we should hate people or cause them pain. Judge not so you won't be judged for however you judge someone, you will be judged. I have to say that Anonymous is clearly God's judgement on this sad excuse of a 'church.'

  548. Sam Brereton

    Simply hack into the domain's control panel, and get it terminated. Some hosts will do it on the spot, others will wait until the expiry date. Other than that, they can change the contact information, get the domain transferred to another registrar, basically taking ownership of it.

  549. Daniel Jezioranski

    Haters gonna hate I am a Christian and I denounce these fools as heretics and there religion is not Christian but a doctrine of hate they are they reason why christianity has a bad name they should open their damn bibles and read where christ says do not judge. They are a joke I hope one day they get into serious trouble.

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