WWE News: JBL Talks Enzo Amore

WWE News: JBL Says Odds Are Against One Popular ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar Making It In The WWE

Enzo Amore might not last much longer in the WWE if WWE Hall of Fame star JBL is right. Last night on the WWE Network series Bring it to the Table, JBL talked about the old Wrestler’s Court, a new version of it, and how it affects wrestlers like Enzo Amore.

The WWE Wrestler’s Court has been spoken of at length by many wrestlers, and JBL actually brought it up last night on Bring it to the Table. Originally, the Wrestler’s Court was a way to punish wrestlers or other WWE employees from perceived wrongs, held by members of the wrestling roster. Undertaker and JBL were the two main proponents of it in the past.

JBL said in an interview earlier this year that the Wrestler’s Court is no longer around. However, it looks like there is another form of it and it concerns wrestlers being kicked out of the locker room or off the bus when their fellow wrestler’s tire of their antics.

The Miz Problem

On Bring it to the Table, JBL explained that there were times that wrestlers just circumvented the need for the Wrestler’s Court. That happened in the case of The Miz. According to JBL, many people said that he was responsible for that but that was just said to further his storyline angle.

Actually, most everyone who knows about that story knows that JBL had nothing to do with it. It was Chris Benoit who kicked The Miz out of the locker room, and the wrestlers would not let him back in. The story was that The Miz was eating chicken over Benoit’s bags, and that was just the last straw when it came to his disrespect of other wrestlers.

WWE News: JBL Talks Enzo Amore
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However, The Miz just kept on doing his job. He would change clothes in the bathrooms or halls and didn’t make a big deal out of it for fear of losing his job. Luckily for Miz, Undertaker eventually invited him back in, and he went on with his career.

According to JBL, this has happened to a number of WWE stars over the years and The Miz was the only one who actually made it in the company. Everyone else ended up out of the WWE sooner rather than later.

WWE News: JBL Talks Enzo Amore
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Enzo Amore

That leads to the most recent example. Roman Reigns recently kicked Enzo Amore off the WWE tour bus because everyone had tired of his attitude. This is what JBL was referring to in this recent talk on Bring it to the Table. JBL then went on to say that the “odds are completely against Enzo.”

That is disappointing. While Enzo Amore is nowhere near as talented as most of the WWE roster in the wrestling department, he might be the best talker in the entire company. When he went through his breakup with former tag team partner Big Cass, he sold it perfectly. When Enzo Amore talks, he ends up with the fans completely on his side.

However, according to both JBL and the backstage rumors following the tour bus incident, Enzo Amore has turned many members of the WWE locker room against him. JBL said that Enzo Amore is “very talented” and he has a “good working relationship with him,” he said there are many problems between Enzo Amore and the “rest of the world.”

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