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Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Sandy Hook Elementary, Praise God For Shooting

Westboro Baptist Church Picket Sandy Hook

Westboro Baptist Church announced via Twitter that they will travel to Newtown, Connecticut to picket the site of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

Westboro’s announcement, made by Margie Phelps and Shirley Phelps-Roper, adds that the church will “sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgement.”

The announcement by the controversial church from Topeka, Kansas comes less than one day after 27 people were killed in a mass murder perpetrated by suspected shooter Adam Lanza. Twenty children lost their lives in the massacre.

The tweets put out by Sandy and Margie were met with several outcries. One user, @GoGetMyCoffee, responded by saying, “You are one of the most disgusting people on Earth,@DearShirley. I wish it was you and your hate group instead of those beautiful children.”

The Examiner notes that Westboro Baptist Church has been banned from picketing at several places, though a Supreme Court ruled that the group is allowed to picket funerals. Despite the ruling, several communities and states have passed the laws that require picketers to remain a certain distance away from the funeral.

Clytemnestra with The Daily Kos writes of the decision by Westboro Baptist Church to picket the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings:

“Before reading that they would be there, I had made a decision that if I found out they were going to be there, I would [be] one of those lining the streets to that the vile Westboro Baptist Church has no place to stand and picket. With cane and folding chair if I have to.”

Along with announcing they would picket the site of the Newtown elementary school shooting, members of the Westboro Baptist Church sent out a series of tweets about the shooting, saying:

It is understandably unthinkable to have a group blame gay marriage for the terrible shootings that took place at Sandy Hook elementary school on Friday. Do you think that the move by Westboro Baptist Church to picket the site of the elementary school shooting and praise God for the deaths of children is worse than the decisions they have made in the past? Should there be a law preventing groups like this from picketing funerals with arguably hateful messages?

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904 Responses to “Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Sandy Hook Elementary, Praise God For Shooting”

  1. Rebekah Crist

    This is SICK! God hates dead babies & fags & soldiers? This church (cult) is heading to Conneticut to protest at the school & children's funerals to praise God. I hope someone kills every last one of these sick f*cks!

  2. Vint Mentalz

    the whole situation is just sad, especially when in a way it hit close to home, i thik just about everyone feels for the victims and they're families, it's also sad that something like what happened is what is bringing some souls together to try and do right things to prevent something so vile from happening again, i also hope now that something this drastic has happened on our soil people will start to see this is happening in so many places outside the u.s. and no one has done anything, it took something being so close at home to hit everyone so hard, i hope people now see that we have to make sure things like this don't happen here just as much as anywhere else, all children are beautiful and innocent whether from here, the mid east, africa and etc., it's truly a mad world.

  3. Rebekah Crist

    It is bad enough that this happened..but for a church to travel & make signs making fun of such a tragic event is DISGUSTING! I swear I can't understand how a parent or relative or friend hasn't murked all these f*ckers yet?! And the National Guard defends them when they protest?! Wtf is that about?

  4. Rebekah Crist

    Ikr?! I swear I can't wrap my head around wtf would possess a "church" to do this? :/ Someone needs to put a stop to massacre style.

  5. Wolff Bachner

    this is the final straw with these psychopathic lunatics. this is way beyond free speech, this is an open attempt to provoke violence by the westboro hater church and they must be stopped. enough already.

  6. Tracy Annette Thrasher

    The cult needs to ne burnt at the stake for all to see,I jabs stood against you before this time its our babies. Dont think we.wont fight ..there are more of us than u

  7. Christine Wolf Kaczynski

    Come to my state of Connecticut and you will be sorry you came! You sick lunatics!

  8. Tracy Annette Thrasher

    Be prepared to kiss your devil Ass goodbye.our babies should have never faced this horror dont know what u are getting yourselfs into burn in hell

  9. Jan Forcier

    Ok these lunatics make me sick. Those children were innocent if they come to Connecticut I say lets run them out of our state.

  10. Adrienne Campbell

    They've got to be kidding. These people are absolutely sick. Disgusted

  11. John McTeague

    can they just arrest the assholes for attempted suicide/5150 behavior?

  12. Meghan Imnottellingyoumymiddlename Berghorn

    I will be there lining the streets to prevent these sick bastards from getting anywhere near that school or near any survivors…unite people!! This is something we can help with….help the people left behind…hope I'm not the only one there…please stand up for these poor victims …

  13. Chase Williams

    Please, please tell me this is a joke.. Because of things in my life I have had a hard time embracing religion… And while I believe everyone should have the right to petition and assembly.. I would personally be interested in putting an end to this protest… Maybe it's because I'm a new parent but this makes me sick

  14. Anthony Quatroni

    Extremely sick and heartless individuals. When and if God ever does judge the human race, I certainly wouldn't want to be in these idiot's shoes.

  15. Shane Turner

    Please all of you in Newtown join hands and form a circle to keep them people away from their funerals. I live 50 miles from these nutjobs and I am sick of them picketing not only people but childrens funerals. Run their asses out of that town. Shirley Phelps is a soulless bitch.

  16. Rebekah Crist

    They've been doing this at dead soldier's funeral's & "fag's" funerals for yrs. They get away wit it coz the gov't protects them! The governor of the state has to approve the national guard to protect them & the governor of Conneticut damn well better not! Let the ppl of the town get justice!!!

  17. Rebekah Crist

    They announced that Ryan Lanza was doing God's work. Basically giving God the blame for the Devil's work. Nobody seems to know about this group but look em up. They're traveling from Kansas to hold signs outside the schools. Even the KKK is putting out reports about how wrong this is!

  18. Priscilla Albano

    I plan on being part of the human wall to keep these dicks back. I've already rallied a bunch of my friends together too.
    Please, does anybody know of any times or dates yet that these jerks are coming?

  19. Pat Fitzhugh

    The Supreme Court is but one of many outdated institutions undermining American culture and throwing our once-great country to the dogs. There needs to be a law enacted at the federal level, prohibiting ANY type of protest or disturbance within seeing or hearing distance of any location where a person(s) is actively grieving or mourning the loss of a loved one. A person's HUMAN right to solitude, and to grieve the loss of loved ones in quiet, peaceful surroundings, is far greater than someone else's "legal" right to protest in a fashion that disturbs the aggrieved mourner. Right to protest? Sure. But let's allow the mourners to grieve in peace and the protesters to protest far enough away so as not to disturb the mourners.

  20. Ross Parker

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this was the picket that gets truly out of hand for the WBC. Their pickets usually attract a good number of angry residents but this is such a delicate time for the residents of this area, heck, the world has been hit by this atrocity. I have a feeling someone's going to hit back at this picket, hard.

  21. Ashley Fox-Hoffman

    These people and this church are nothing but pieces of crap. I hope someone drops a house on them.

  22. Peter Watchorn

    These bastards should be silenced. Their hate-mongering is not free speech. And the sheer tastelessness of it should put them all in jail.

  23. Ron Flatow

    I hope the police see that post and prevent them from getting close cause there will be a Riot.

  24. Pat Fitzhugh

    Well… somebody needs to do SOMETHING. This crap has been going on for years, and it's only getting worse. Our government is on their side, so they are doing everything they can to "milk" that relationship. Our government is supposed to be of the people and by the people, but I don't see where the majority of the people's wishes are being represented and carried out. I can understand the "right" to protest, but I don't think it should be stretched to infinite limits; interfering with a funeral or memorial for lost loved ones is just "too over the top," I believe. It's like freedom of speech. We all have it (although it's eroded away, each day), but it's not an infinite right. Try yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theatre, or saying that you aren't happy with the recent election results or don't like Obama. As many, many recent cases have shown, you'll be arrested and most likely lose your job.

  25. Jay Goldammer

    Folks, the most severe thing you can do to these cretans is to ignore them. They feed on your attention and don't care it is negative. They think they are martyrs when you hate on them. I'm not sure it can be done, but the best thing that could happen would be for a single cameraman to film them at an empty school with no on lookers or people protesting them. Then give the film to a cadre of late night talk show hosts to hold a monologue competition ridiculing them. IMHO

  26. Jay Goldammer

    Folks, the most severe thing you can do to these cretans is to ignore them. They feed on your attention and don't care it is negative. They think they are martyrs when you hate on them. I'm not sure it can be done, but the best thing that could happen would be for a single cameraman to film them at an empty school with no on lookers or people protesting them. Then give the film to a cadre of late night talk show hosts to hold a monologue competition ridiculing them with laughter. IMHO

  27. Marian Diggs

    I will be standing right next to you..these are attention seeking lunatics no better then the gunman and God is weeping that they use Him as excuse.They are brainwashed..saw a DOC on them…sickos!!!

  28. Eugene Burton

    these idiots call themselves christians….you are no christians…you will be going to hell so get used to the heat.

  29. Jerry Pingley

    This is a perfect example of the evil assholes in the world I spoke of earlier.

  30. Gregory Whitcher

    This so called church should tell all its members to pul their bottom lips over their stupid heads and swallow..the people have enough to deal with than complete and utter ignorance,they no nothing about these families if they went to church or not or if they have the smarts to ignore so called "god fearing" people who's god should abandon them for being completely heartless and stupid… the end god keeps score and they will pay for this…curse them and their rediculous rhetoric…….pieces of shit! No lower than that….peices of shark shit….id love for any one of them to come say that shit to any parents face and watch how fast they catch a slap…..morons… the way if anyone disagrees id be glad to humble you!

  31. Nicole LaViolette

    There must be other ways to face this disgrace than with violence. Threats of harm are feeding this group's power. I believe some of the peaceful efforts will be far mores successful in stomping out evil. We would not want the surving children believing hatred fights hatred.

  32. Sarah Webster Harvey

    Wow…just when you think a situation can't get worse and that there has to be a limit to just how terrible people can be, Westboro Baptist Church shows up. How could anyone think that God would send a shooter into an elementary school? This just makes my head hurt…

  33. Christina Mcdermott

    Them crazy people come to lawrence to picket. They should of been the ones..not the kids..sorry people for these bastards coming from the state I live in..i wish there was something I could do. :(

  34. Billy Heddins

    Roadblocks. Human roadblocks. Armed Human roadblocks. Armed with tear gas roadblocks. Armed with tazars roadblocks. Armed with baseball bat's roadblocks. Armed with high pressure water roadblocks. Keep them out of your town. I wish I could help!

  35. Catherine Brumm

    All I really know is that the church doesn't go somewhere before the news media is there and I wonder how long they stay around after the cameras leave…maybe if the news trucks got out of town and let people alone to greive and heal. The WBC wouldn't take the time to go there.

  36. Melissa Maxwell

    They are a bunch of useless idiots. They are usually all talk. They were said to attend two local soldiers funerals and didnt show. I hope to GOD they do not show up. These families are already hurting enough.

  37. Kate Siampanis

    They call themselves Christian but they don't know the meaning of it. Clearly they know nothing of God when one of the Ten Comandments being "Thou shalt not kill".

  38. Kimberly Blye Growden

    I hate to put a damper on your parade but God hates no one!!! He hates the son not the sinner. You people don't know your bible or God. You will have to answer for all your hate!!!!

  39. Brittany Castrop

    Not only use barricaded of stone, water, and flesh, but throw a gay pride parade in there. Sorry bitches, the only sinners here are you. (the wbc, not the lovelies of the LGBT community)

  40. Thomas Grass

    Everyone should show up in Nixon face masks and take down these freaks. I'm sure the police would be able to slow their response enough, so the people would be able to help them out the back. Now it's "Gods" will that some asshole murders little children, they should check Phelps head for the 666 inscription.

  41. Níkolai Westgate

    Any police or guard that would accept the duty of defending this group of neo nazis are just as low and evil as they are.

  42. Joseph Kalscheur

    That's it, there goes my faith in humanity, this church makes me sick.

  43. Angie Miles

    I am so saddened by what happened to this community. I love God with all my heart and am saved and filled with the holy spirit. If these people read the bible they would understand the times we are in. This group of so called Christians turn people away from God! It's just what Satan wants. I hope that people can understand the difference and know that this certainly is not what God intended for his people to be.

  44. Young Jae Son

    These are the idiots that make us Christians look so bad…
    I'd like to apologize for their stupidity.

  45. Bradley Childers

    This tragedy should have not happened. If I was one of the parents that lost their child I would personally not allow them to protest. There is no excuse and reason to kill an innocent child

  46. Randall Banks

    The saddest part beyond the sheer lunacy of the crackpots at the W.B.C (Wacky Batshit Church) is that they have the blessing of the U.S Supreme Court. It's now tougher to blockade them or stand in their way. They have the blessing of the highest court in the land to spew their filth and protest.

    That decision was one of the worst ever by the U.S Supreme Court.

  47. Loren Martin Bruner

    Absolutely disgusting. According to the Phelps family cult everything from a bad case of gas to global warming and everything in between can be attributed to gay marriage. Certainly such an extreme case demonstrates that sometimes common sense has to prevail over blind adherance to a constitutional right that is being exploited by an insane cult. Someone please slap a restraining order against them!

  48. Michael Snook Stout

    The Best way to stop them is to ignore them. The best way to keep them out is to do what happened at my cousin escort to Jefferson Barracks. Citizens blocking every possible way for them to get through nonviolently. By way of outside communities showing up and blocking every road into Pacific, MO. If they say your stopping their right to protest then you just look a them and say we are protesting your group, then who can they sue? Game match set. Check mate.

  49. Cara Ludington Singer

    I wonder if someone could invite the Patriot Guard Riders? They counter protest the WBC when it comes to the veteran's funerals, they have to be invited, though.

  50. Bill Schnefel

    These people must be stopped. If my schedule allows. Let me know when and where, and I'll will try my hardest to join you, I may even be able to get some other parents to join me.

  51. Tina Salvi

    No stay away you have no rights to torment that community.. They have been through enough.. Leave them alone.. And NO God condones murder…

  52. Bart Emry

    Sick monstrosities the morons of that church. Come to where I live and try that shit and you will be in the headlines

  53. Heather Deanda

    People who think that God would hurt innocent children is completely ignorant. I hate stupid people like that "church". I hope they rot n Hell

  54. Cheyenne Huerta

    Regardless of peoples political disagreements, I think everyone agrees that WBC is god awful and needs to be silenced. They're a horrible hate group run by a mentally sick individual… Plain and simple.

  55. Gehngis Kong

    I will be there with the rest of every other Connecticut resident to stop Westboro from coming anywhere near Sandy Hook. I've had much more to say about this on other posts, but I have nothing left to say, I'm purely exhausted trying to wrap my mind around the idea that these people think what they plan to do is righteous. If they believe in "God's" law, then they shouldn't hide behind the country's law by abusing freedom of speech and assembly – these rights were intended to protect people from persecution, NOT to give people the license to harass families who have lost their young children to horrific violence.

  56. Robert Moore

    This is one church that needs to be burned to the ground. If they rebuild it, burn it down, again. Keep doing it until this evil, satanic crowd finally dies off. There is no more vile group of people in this country than these people. The adults pollute the air, water, and soil by their existence. They twist their children into cloned monsters to follow in their footsteps. I wish there was a way to completely isolate the adults from the rest of the world as well as their children who have not yet sunk completely into their evil ways.

  57. Dayna Hicks

    Gay marriage and people, & children who rebel against God has nothing to do with the loss of their lives. There is no reason for Westboro to picket these people who lost their lives. They don't know which people were Christians or not. Irregardless, God did not put judgement on all those children. Westboro is sickening and too bad there isn't someone going insane on them to bust a cap (not a threat, just saying). Would they picket their own people if they had to mourn over their own loved ones if something like that happened to them? Would they want someone come in and tell them how bad they were and deserve it? I don't think so. I wish no harm upon anyone. They just need to think about what they are actually doing. The children and innocent people did not deserve this. I'll be praying for the families of their loss and pray that Westboro won't show up. They need to stop their craziness and actually do something to help a situation instead of hurting people even more.

  58. Lauren Bell

    I have little doubt that these people (I use the term loosely, for to be a person you have to be human and therefore have humanity), have ever picked up a Bible in there day. This is a cult. They drank the koolaid. These members are brainwashing children. They are lower than the lowest lifeforms known in the universe, and possibly yet to be found as well. Let us not give this completely maniacal, sociopathic, unrighteous, ungodly, self-serving, self-righteous group any more news coverage. They are no better than people who do shootings after these type of tragic events to 'one up' one another. If we completely ignore them, maybe they'll go away. If I could make it out to CT, I would stand in front of one of their moving vehicles to stop these…things.

  59. Stephen Joseph Monachello

    Mainly because one of those shooters usually comes from a place like the WBC

  60. Kristin Dawn Marion

    If I could be there they would be praying to their god that they never stepped foot near there before I was done ill be damn let them come here my husband is ex military and I also have a 6 yr old that goes to school and a 3 yr old that will start next yr may these families have peace and not these sick fucks.

  61. Catherine Brumm

    Is there actually a building because they are always out protesting why would they need an actual structure. No don't harm them but go picket there service with signs about god hating ignorant prejudice people

  62. Robert Goupil

    I hope your group chooses to fly and the plane crashes and burns you all to a crisp. The pilots and crew all survive, that will be Gods wraith against your group.

  63. Tracey J. Fisher-Solheim

    I believe the right and left have found a piece of common ground: disgust with these sick "people"

  64. Brandi Black

    This is where our PRESIDENT needs to play a MAJOR roll and use as much military and governmental ppl as possible to keep these monsters from getting anywhere near them funerals instead of making speeches :(

  65. Gilbert Equality O'Connell

    do what the students at texas a&m did when these sick idiots from WBC picketed the funeral of lt. col. roy tisdale, an a&m graduate, earlier this year. google texas a&m maroon wall… show the nation what dignified compassion looks like compared to the lunacy of the WBC raving idiots…

  66. Melody Burch

    If they're defending them, it probably wouldn't be for the group, but to keep right minded civilians from getting thrown in jail because of these sick bastards.

  67. Gilbert Equality O'Connell

    make sure you have thousands or tens of thousands of people wearing purple and holding color balloons to be released at the end of the funeral services… to have legions of people forming a human wall 10 people deep will help shield the families from having to see or hear these WBC idiots…

  68. Anonymous

    Pat I have to disagree with you. But for the Supreme Court the nation would be far worse off that it is today. The Court does not undermine our culture, it simply interprets the Constitution. While I disagree at times with the Court's interpretation, overall, the Court has preserved our Constitution. It would be a terrible shame to do away with the long respected institutions, or the protections of the Constitution itself in response to the evil done by the WBC. Let's not lose sight of what makes our nation unique because of these bad actors. Let's simply form a peaceful human barricade around the mourners, as far away from the mourners as we can. This is the American tradition: citizens helping one another in the face of an atrocity like the WBC intends to perpetrate. I do appreciate your anger and frustration.

  69. Kathleen Usher

    I live in Canada and I am saddened by the loss of all those innocent children and adults especially right before Christmas If I lived anywhere near this town or could afford to fly there I'd be standing hand in hand with you guys to stop this sick group of people…They are just as sick as that jerk that killed them. R.I.P

  70. Drew McGuire

    I'd like to see you sick fucks come to Canada and try that shit, I'd meet you at the border with a shotgun and a pack of pit bulls to rip you limb from limb you sadistic fucktards. I guess all that inbreeding that goes on in your church really took a toll on the one brain cell you have!!

  71. Ashleigh Dringenberg

    This just makes me sick. Physically ill. I don't know HOW a group could possibly be so hateful as to essentially say that those little angels deserved to die. These were children, not one of them older than 10.

  72. Nicky Hish Buresh

    Wow what a way for the devil to glorify his work …. They don't even know they have been tricked and praising the wrong God….

  73. William Ball

    I am Going to bet if they come close to that School, that a lot of the good citizens of Newtown are going to open several cans of whoopass on these sick Bastards!

  74. Nicky Hish Buresh

    Yay I don't think a bunch of Kansas crazies will last long in Connecticut ! If anyone stands behind family it's this state ! So stay home crazy people … You are wasting your time

  75. Lizzy Reiber

    But that's just the point. God doesn't smite anyone. God is pure love and these freaks are the opposite. Lets fight this ugly with light. In the end it will all be made right and I can't wait for that judgement day. These people will be sorry for all the ugly they've put the world through.

  76. Candace Equality Caldwell

    LISTEN TO ME…. I know you all want to smash these sick bastards in the head and shut them up forever but this is how their "church" makes the money to fly all over the country, picketing– they push grieving people into attacking them, and then they sue them. They sue the police for not "protecting" them properly. And they win, over and over. DO NOT LAY A HAND ON THEM. Instead, form a human chain and block their filthy faces from decent people's sight. Be smart, don't play their game. & you, Shirley, and the rest of your sick buddies : on behalf of all of America, FUCK YOU.

  77. Stephanie Rader

    These people need to be ignored and if you were to do something it should be surround them with white sheets so no one can see them. They want you to get angry and they want the media coverage.

  78. Paige Marie Bissett

    Why don't psychos mass murder these disgusting monsters?!?! This makes me sick to my stomach

  79. John Gardner

    Dear all psychopaths: If you're going to go out in a blaze of glory, please kill people like the WBC members. You probably won't even have to off yourself after shooting the cunts…

  80. Sandy Ortutay-Zobel

    i have a feeling if they even try, something will def happen to them

  81. Dean Hulett

    Y'know what'd be a splendid idea? Protest them. Protest everything.

    At the salon getting ya hurr did? Protest.
    At McDolans eating a Big(ot) Mac? Protest.

    Also, candlelight vigils outside their houses. Every. Night.

  82. Nathan Collins

    Pretty sure if someone killed off the WBC, someone, somewhere, would make them a medal.

  83. Daniel Waniel

    I suppose that their organisation use these kind of tragedies as an opportunity to gain media coverage of their disgusting and pitiful plight. Ignore them at all fucking costs (despite of the rage that bubbles inside)

  84. James Walker

    As if I needed any more convincing that the WBC are scum. Jesus Christ, I'm starting to think they're not human.

  85. John Gardner

    Moral of the story: "Don't Fuck Family".

    Learn to appreciate genetic diversity, people! This is what inbreeding does to ya…

  86. Jason Peter Clark

    I'm from ct but am living in fl now, please for me and all the victims, if that human scum pickets Newtown show them what's really good, make them sorry they ever fuckin came to my state.

  87. Jacob Hall

    can someone just kill these scum already theyre just making people more upset I will thank the day this so called god finds a way to get rid of any member of this cult/hate group.

  88. Curt T-berry

    You just simply can't make a law preventing people from protesting, I think its up to good people to stop them in a peacefull manner, form a ring around the site, keep those fuckers from getting close. If they say anything threatening or lay a finger on you, then call the cops on their sorry asses. I wish I could be there to do the opposite of what I suggested though, I'd punch them in the jaw.

  89. Danielle Egnew

    Connecticut, don't you guys let these wackjobs cross your state line! This is insidious and depraved. These people are going to get their own brainwashed children put in harm's way with this hateful, broken rhetoric. I will never understand this kind of Darkness. God must be horrified they walk around and do all this heinous activity in God's name. Shameful, sicking, and absolutely unbelievable. Maybe Shirley and Fred Phelps should just come out of the closet and stop enacting their internalized self-loathing homophobia on everybody else.

  90. Tracy L. Barber

    The Supreme Court should have banned all such protests when the issue was placed before them.
    Hate language from a group that professes to Follow Jesus Christ is incongruent at best. Jesus was Only about Love! Maybe they should read the red letters in their Bible!

  91. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    I think if you come here you will see god execute more justice…ON YOU!

  92. Leon Wilborn

    Let me start out by saying that I have nothing but the utmost contempt and abhorrence for those who mistreat or hurt kids. I read this and could not believe my eyes. Have the WBC no shame or dignity? And these worthless sacks of feces have the unmitigated gall to call themselves people of God! It's one thing to go after adults, but to come for innocent children? This is the most disgusting display of brute savagery I've seen in my life! I don't normally advocate violence, but these sick, depraved cannibals need to be destroyed for this….

  93. Brian Schwaab

    Agree, this is not a church. They actually fit the criteria of a hate group!

  94. Brian Schwaab

    They keep being referred to as a church. The beliefs and actions of these hate mongers exhibit those of a organized hate group. If you look up the definition of "Hate Group" you will find that they are exactly as defined by the FBI and Southern Poverty Law Group!

  95. Katie Ball

    really hope that this doesn't happen. CT and everyone involved have been through enough as it is.

  96. Michael Albert Brady

    if I could drive and had a job.

    i would joyfully come knock some teeth in.
    what happened was horrible.

    and I feel sorry for all of these family.
    WBC is a sick disgrace to all human kind and sadly our goverment DOSE NOT CONSIDER THEM A HATE GROUP.

    but we the citizens of this great country do so fuck those ignorant bible thumping frauds.
    Support your troops support gay & lesbian equal rights for marriage and let this sad excuses for human beings ROT IN HEALL.

    God loves you all.
    accept for me cause I'm Agnostic theism.

  97. Michael Albert Brady

    Vint Mentalz i agree with you but instead of helping out in the middle east or where ever
    Start here at home then once we have helped out our selves help out those other country's in need

  98. Helena Elizabeth

    It's w*nkers like this that give Christianity a bad name. How can you possibly link gay marriage and mass murder?! What has to be going through your mind to justify what happened to those children and teachers?! You self righteous, bigoted bastards! Have you no respect? No shame? I know what you can do with your pickets..

  99. Ernesto Rodriguez

    Sorry mothrfkrs…can hardly wait tell they meet there god and he tells them get out my face all you did was make me and my people and the church look bad…and send there ass strait to hell where satan will be there waiting to Dry Rape there ass

  100. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    I have some information to pass along to all of you. There is a group that will help to protect the funerals of these children and keep these zealot nutcakes from disrupting their funerals and not upset the parents or scare the siblings. They are called the Patriot Guard Riders. The contact for New England Regional Captain is named Rich. Here is his info. Please as many as you can email him and lets keep these nuts from spreading hatred. Rich "Richcop" Keniston.

  101. Rusty Norwood

    don't let these freaks suck you into there game, and think about before you start screaming to have more of our rights taken away.

  102. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    I have some information to pass along to all of you. There is a group that will help to protect the funerals of these children and keep these zealot nutcakes from disrupting their funerals and not upset the parents or scare the siblings. They are called the Patriot Guard Riders. The contact for New England Regional Captain is named Rich. Here is his info. Please as many as you can email him and lets keep these nuts from spreading hatred. Rich "Richcop" Keniston.

  103. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    I have some information to pass along to all of you. There is a group that will help to protect the funerals of these children and keep these zealot nutcakes from disrupting their funerals and not upset the parents or scare the siblings. They are called the Patriot Guard Riders. The contact for New England Regional Captain is named Rich. Here is his info. Please as many as you can email him and lets keep these nuts from spreading hatred. Rich "Richcop" Keniston.

  104. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    I have some information to pass along to all of you. There is a group that will help to protect the funerals of these children and keep these zealot nutcakes from disrupting their funerals and not upset the parents or scare the siblings. They are called the Patriot Guard Riders. The contact for New England Regional Captain is named Rich. Here is his info. Please as many as you can email him and lets keep these nuts from spreading hatred. Rich "Richcop" Keniston.

  105. Helena Elizabeth

    I live on the other side of the world but I would happily come over just to shove their signs downs their throats. I guess they've been out of te spotlight for so long they just have to be in on everything,

  106. BenHo Calrissian

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm hardly shocked by anything they do at this point. No less disgusted, I just know to expect them to be hot on the heals of whatever disaster most recently came along.

  107. Shirley Wooten


  108. Chrissy Inconnecticut

    I have contacted News 8 WTNH and left message on CNN FB page as well. I guarantee you they will be stopped or the parents shielded from their insanity.

  109. Christy Cribbs-Meador

    Thanks to Kenny Wilson for posting this for everyone to see and you are right Dear Asshats pretty much covers it.

  110. Donna Twoey-Mcdaniel

    What do you expect from a bunch of inbreds? Or am I the only who had noticed that most of the members of this "church" have the same last name?

  111. Abraham Augustus Hurley

    To the people in Connecticut, they reserve space where they protest and have to notify the police to come protect them. If all the area near the funeral is taken, they will not be able to be near.

  112. Sto Loc

    they have a first amendment right to be morons. Lets just hope some large biker folks exercise their right to peaceably assemble and stand between these idiots and those grieving families with crossed arms and impassive faces full of contempt.

  113. Chris Richards

    Suggestion: I believe it's been said that in other instances, local citizens formed a human chain around an area where the Westboro lunatics had planned to protest. I would advise the people of Connecticut to do the same. Figure out how far away from the school you want to be keep these unconscionable so-and-so's, then line that perimeter with as many people as you can get. I believe the way it works is they can't actually force anyone to move to break through said perimeter. Perhaps you can also get help from the Patriot Guard Riders, who were formed to protect funerals from WBC protests.

  114. Devon Villacampa

    I'm warning the Phelps family right now, abandon these plans completely. You've done horrible crap like this before, but this is sinking to a new low. If they so much as cross into the East Coast nontheless Connecticut, there's no telling what's going to happen to them this time. These children deserve to rest in peace.

  115. Barry J. Heath

    maybe some one might shoot them…that would be a gift come true.

  116. Heather E. Hagen

    I will come all the way from Long Island New York to protest against these hatemongers! May they rot in hell!

  117. Twenty-three Karat

    Ignore them. Eventually, their cult will die out. But if you let them fill you with hate, they are winning.

  118. Steve Stout

    Makes me sick. Anyone brainwashed enough to believe God is sending people to murder innocent children doesn't deserve the air they breathe.

  119. Kristina Bruce

    Wow… is idiots like that who make the good Christians look bad!!

  120. Kim Seaholm O'Leary

    This is how they earn their paycheck.rns their living by trolling until somebody attacks, and then suing.

    Don't be the plaintiff. If you can't show them what love looks like, at least put on the amused tolerance face.
    Fred Phelps, the founder and patriarch of WBC.
    is a disbarred attorney who was once a staunch supporter of civil rights. After disbarment, he and his family veered hard-right into homophobia and have been dedicated to outrageous and hurtful displays of their twisted religiosity ever since.

    Several of his children are lawyers and never hesitate to challenge any perceived affront legally. They have won great financial victories including attorneys' fees for a case which involved a reversal of a $9M judgment against them over their picketing of a funeral for a soldier killed in Iraq.

    His church is considered a hate group and is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center. Inclusion by the FBI would only be a positive step.

  121. Marie Perkins

    I cannot understand how 20 innocent children and 6 adults are slaughtered by a deranged kid and yet these vile inbred wastes of life continue to live. I know that it is wrong to wish someone to be hurt but these white trash inbreds have gone too far. May Karma visit you in Newtown SCUMBAGS!

  122. Rachel Leigh Kamps

    Wow, could this possibly be more disgusting? These people need to be tortured.

  123. Jamie M. Franklin Dacyczyn

    I feel sorry for THEIR children, who are brainwashed from birth to think the right thing to do is thank god for the deaths of other children. These people are going to get themselves killed someday, and hopefully they don't take their own children down with them.

  124. Jamie M. Franklin Dacyczyn

    I have to agree here. As disgusting as these people are, I will defend EVERYONE"s right to free speech. Once we start censoring some speech, what's the stop us from censoring all speech that we find distasteful?

  125. Jamie M. Franklin Dacyczyn

    The gay marriage link is that because the Bible says its an abomination, they feel that God is punishing America for being tolerant of gay people. So, they thank God for his divine judgement.

  126. Jamie M. Franklin Dacyczyn

    No, they're worshiping the same god, they just take the Bible as literally as its intended.

  127. Lisa Strickland

    someone please give time and dates… our family will drive from Tennessee to stand with you against these idiots.

  128. Shannon Bettencourt

    Stay away they were young children let their parents greive you Bastards. Enjoy your enternal life in f**king Hell that's where your going when you bastards die!

  129. Tom Valia

    these sick bastards need to be stopped, they call themselves human, they are nothing but a bunch of dirty nasty scumbags that no nothing about god, i hope the bus they ride in goes off a cliff…………………

  130. Dave Carney

    You dont see this kind of hate from a true Jesus follower either. Its this type of behavior from the confused that give those of us who truely love Christ a bad name. We were put on this earth to love not judge. I agree btw you dont see this kind of blind hatred by Atheists.

  131. James Ashes Sanner

    A bunch of sick motherf**kers! Come to my area and I will gladly put a boot in your mouth!

  132. Michael Anderson

    Melissa– Actually, there IS a law–but unfortunately, the law is on the Westboro Baptist Church's side–"Free Speech." I know, it sucks! There must be a way to stop this hate group!

  133. Brad Carter

    That is the entire known phone and address list of that so called church. Enjoy

  134. Diane Kristen

    They (WBC) are the most ignorant people in the world, and that's quite an accomplishment given some of the comments I have been reading lately.

  135. Heather White

    when do they plan to protest? today (Sunday)? time to enact God's judgement on these sick, twisted, brainwashed fools.

  136. Leslie Smith

    A gun man needs to meet these cult members out and take them ALL out of this world!!!!!!

  137. Clint Blundon

    Scum. Wish I could be there to exercise my freedom of expression.

  138. James Macomber

    Where are the crazed gunmen when you REALLY need one. Like at a Westboro Church picket…

  139. Nick Dunton

    Death of a child is devestating, I know first hand unfortunately. It takes much soul searching to finally accept the loss. These people need a shoulder to cry on, not salt in the wounds. I hope that the CT police are smart enough to use the patriot act against these soulless morons. This is the definition of a terroristic act. People if your in the area PLEASE do what you can to prevent what you can BUT DO NOT USE FORCE. We do not need more blood on our hands.

  140. Fran Parker

    WOW, I didn't go to church today because I thought some of you twisted bastards would be there, but I feel quite certain that GOD has a special plan for people like you, in the end. Don't bother to bring your jacket, it'll be plenty warm where you're going. Shame on you.

  141. Robin Everritt

    These people are sick and twisted! It's disgusting what they do!

  142. Heather White

    I'm on their website's 'picket schedule'…..Newtown is not listed, but I'll keep looking.

  143. Victoria Souviney

    They are just gunna go to hell for doing stuff they are doing. Wth did those innocent children do to you? I wish they would come to mass, because they wouldn't last one day. I hope a mass murder happens to their church, how ironic would that be !

  144. Amanda Wakefield

    I have never in my life…is this what religion is all about? Is this what Christianity has come to? How can you claim to be Christians, and come from a place of so much hate? I thought only your God was to judge? Do you not think that your racial slurs of hatred are judgment? An how could you look at yourself in a mirror everyday and proclaim your faith when you plan to picket a place that just lost so many innocent lives? #Thisisdisgusting

  145. Gina Clark

    If someone will let me know when and where, My family will come from Georgia and stand with you all against these sick, twisted people.

  146. Heather Lee

    These people are sick and twisted…innocent children got their lives taken away from them for no reason…all because an idiot wanted to be a known name…these children had should not have been killed…I think these sick people need to be killed.

  147. Charles Edward Brainard

    they are completely unworthy of your attention. When we stop noticing them they will go away.

  148. Robert Piazza

    These sick bastards are only trying to keep their 15 min of fame long passed its time, they should be stoned like the bible manipulating twits that they are, to say these children were punished for gay marriage…..please join us in the 21 St century and crawl back in the sewers of westboro were you belong.

  149. Maria V. Rodriguez

    I am totally disgusted that people can actually feel some type of pleasure out of what happened to those little angels! I don't even have words

  150. Jay Pridham

    This is deplorable…that they spread such disgusting filth in the name of my Jesus breaks my heart…Jesus loves people He doesn't hate anyone…He can't tolerate sin, but He loves everyone so much that He died for them (and us)…Lord Jesus, please open the eyes of these horribly misguided people…

  151. Jeremy Prader

    "Arguably hateful?" How is this in anyway not a blatantly hate fueled message?

  152. Cam Brunner

    The Westboro Baptist Church is not affiliated with any known Baptist convention or associations but is part of Phelps-Chartered Co., the Phelps family’s law firm. This is a family of lawyers using this “god hates you” thing to make money. It is time for this scam and the hate to end. They are NOT what they say they are! THEY ARE NOT A church, THIS IS A HATE GROUP!

  153. Cam Brunner

    Poor sad Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (hate group) has been shown admitting on camera that her oldest son was born out of wedlock. Even with the ever hypocritical Phelps-Roper's loud vocal condemnation, of strangers. But she herself was guilty of the “SIN”. So for her we say! “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication”.

  154. Cam Brunner

    Westboro Baptist Church spreads its hate through picketing in our streets, provoking attacks, with abusive language and flag desecration, attempting to create a confrontation. This is not a church, this is a hate group. This is not about protesting, freedom, or God. They are in it for the money and the press; this is a family law firm. They are not a "church." It is a scam. They go after anything that can get them in the news. This is a family of lawyers using this “god hates you” thing to make money. It is time for this scam and the hate to end.

  155. Jarod Robert

    ^ You do see this kind of hate from a "true Jesus follower". Perhaps you should take another gander at the Crusades. That was a bunch of God / Allah fearing and Jesus fearing people doing much more despicable things on a larger scale.

  156. Tracey Rutledge

    I want to be on the jury of anyone who shoots or kills one of these f*ckers. I don't normally advocate violence, but extremem situations……

  157. Denise Walton-Colston

    What has the world come to when we have such sick insensitive idiots trying to say that GOD would send someone to do this. Hope they face the worst fires of hell when it's their turn!

  158. Diana Evans

    There's a special place in hell for those WBC people to rot. Stay strong Newton, if I could be there, I would. My heart goes out to you.

  159. ChrisAnne Ballard

    You do see this kind of hate from Athiest. Its just PC to hate those that beleive in God.

  160. Karen Rudzitis Pitta

    They are a cult not a church, how disgusting brainwashed thugs. May God strike you stupid creeps dead. A group of sick individuals.What is wrong with you?? I don't think they would be like this if one of their children were killed. You guys may live another day cause its against the law to shoot your sorry selves. Your so called "church" are a group of people that are a waste of space on earth. I will laugh when any of you morons die!!

  161. Beth Morrison Medlin

    YEP, THEY'RE NUT JOBS. The human chain is a great idea and the quickest answer. Right now, the lawmakers of Newtown need to dig into their city ordinance to find a way to stop them legally. Maybe all citys need to consider an ordinance banning any gathering meant to inflame and with a high potential of riot/personal injury. They must, however, use it appropriately. Beware the little ones of Westboro, they may be our next gun toting, bomb planting executioners.

  162. Beth Morrison Medlin

    YEP, THEY'RE NUT JOBS. The human chain is a great idea and the quickest answer. Right now, the lawmakers of Newtown need to dig into their city ordinance to find a way to stop them legally. Maybe all citys need to consider an ordinance banning any gathering meant to inflame and with a high potential of riot/personal injury. They must, however, use it appropriately. Beware the little ones of Westboro, they may be our next gun toting, bomb planting executioners.

  163. Jennifer Rees

    since when does baptist church condone death and killings? seriously..this is freaking sick..these people of connecticut has been through enough..why would you make it worse..i gaurantee you that this will cause war in this state because that's pure torture for these people..don't think for one minute that anyone in this position wouldn't stand up against sick attention seeking people like this..god doesn't teach anything close to that..if you can honestly say that's a baptist church then your full of shit.i grew up in a baptist church and have been to alot and never in my life have I ever heard such bullshit…these people lost their kids, family, friends..why would you make a joke out of this and humiliate these people like that..i hope these people of connecticut stand up and show yall a real ass beating because that is nothing but sick and torture..

  164. Joanne Hasbrouck-clark

    U sick sob. U r the kind of person who would do something like this!!! I dare u to go near those families who r suffering. I hope god puts you in hell on your way up there. May u burn in hell!!!!!

  165. Carrie Stenvik Johnston

    Anonymous has posted WBC's personal and professional information online. Go and tell them how you REALLY feel!

  166. Cari Scanlan Turecki

    Yes, it's the worst they've done yet. However, freedom of speech still needs to be defended and protected. I personally like masses of people rising to block them from protesting.

  167. Ash Ley

    These people are so ignorant. I guarentee a riot will start and hopefully these people get their asses beat!

  168. Gil Segarra

    If I had kids and this happened to me and these people came down to do this to me, I could only imagine what I would be doing to those so called righteous people

  169. Hileia Freybe

    Too bad the shooter didnt take out this church have fun burning in hell!

  170. J Doug Polaski


  171. Jenny Neider

    Absolutely.. These pple should have been aborted at birth just like the gunman ; ( grrr

  172. Tonya K McCullough

    I know very little about this but our world holds little sanctity for life!

  173. Mike N Daisy

    We should all line the sidewalks with rifles and wait for these sorry pieces of shit to show up.

  174. Mike N Daisy

    We should all line the sidewalks with rifles and wait for these sorry pieces of shit to show up.

  175. Janell Stifter

    Adam Lanza should've used 27 bullets somewhere else if you ask me and twenty sets of parents in Newtown. And to have the gull to say they're doing the work if God? I hope I have front row seats for when Fred Phelps and his band of horrible haters meet our maker! & if I don't, I will be there to join the rest of the world in picketing his funeral.

  176. Donna Rutledge

    really?..I thought that God did the heart judging…not their job..that is just sad!!

  177. Nate Julian

    I think these people will be in for more than bargained for if they come here. There are FAR too many people that are hurting and angry and just looking for someone to take it out on.
    So actually…I hope they do come! Maybe a good ass kicking will smarten these idiots up!

  178. Donna Bradshaw

    Unfortunately the people in this church are lost souls. They are far from Christ-like which is the meaning of christian. The simple commmon thread throughout the bible is to love one another. They are nothing more than an attention seeking cult. Shame on the Westboro baptist church and its ignorant followers, and Nazi like leaders.

  179. Tim Stanley

    Those Westboro fucks are outrageous. I'm not a violent person at all, but if I lost my children, and those assholes showed up to picket, I'd shoot every one of those sick fuckers myself.

  180. Kayla Andrews

    I will say that I'm an Atheist, and the one thing that I've always found fascinating is the arguments that theists come up with to support the existence of "God".
    The one thing that really irkes about The Westboro Baptist Church is their logic when it comes to "God's Wrath". His wrath doesn't seem direct, it seems completely random.

    By the way these people talk, God's Wrath seems no more direct than swinging a dead cat in a crowded stadium, and seeing who it hits. Fred Phelps and his "Church" essentially… worship an irate psychopath… I don't believe it's a coincidence that this is the kind of person that we all know Fred Phelps is.

    It wouldn't surprise me if one of these grieving parents pops him in the head when him and his church goes to picket.

  181. Natasha Aleman

    I still had faith in the human race, until I read that article. How can anyone join such hateful cult, and still believe that they are following Christ's teachings? They should do the rest of the world a favor and move to a private island.

  182. Alex Raplee

    The fuck is wrong with these people. I can not believe this church. I would never wish death upon anyone, but someone needs to kill these people off.

  183. Maureen Moore

    I wish I lived in Conn because I would be there also standing in the line to prevent these sick Bastards from getting close. Those were babies that were killed innocent and pure the heroes who did what they could to try and save them. these people were not mean or bad they were heroes and babies.

  184. Cassie Morton-Haerle

    These are the most disgusting people! I'm embarrassed they are from Kansas. I've seen them picket and it brought so many emotions to the forefront.. They do not deserve any of our attentions. The funeral will be for those babies, please don't forget that. Put your blocks up and do not let them get the best of you.

  185. Faith Skrilly Snyder

    I don't know what God they praise…mine isn't so hateful.

  186. William E. Kusnerik

    What a bunch of fricking idiots! We need to pass a law, it's ok for these scum to picket the funerals of soldiers and these poor kids, but it's also legal for the parents of these kids to shoot these goofy fuc@$s!

  187. Scott George

    Really and u call yerself a church more of a cult fuck u guys and yer beleifs.u all shoulda been shot not those poor innocent babies.u will rot in hell for yer actions

  188. Heather White

    I'm reading conflicting reports on this. I saw they are picketing the vigil, Obama's talk, and the funerals. I think I'll take a drive over to Newtown and look for these assholes. If I happen to run over them, whoopsy.

  189. Kayla Andrews

    Everyone agrees with you Tracy, but the problem is that they're protected under the Freedom of Speech. This mean that no laws can be made that stop them from being able to protest, however, inhibiting their ability to protest at that location can be done.

  190. Christian Berney Sanz

    I'd say buy painball guns and spray them w/ multi color / rainbow bullets.

  191. Irene Marquez

    Why do you all keep putting these idiots on the news…that just adds to the infamy…

  192. Jamie Beane

    I think this church will see doom day and will not like the hell they view on there day God don't agree with you westboro

  193. Mark Lysle

    Fred Phelps, Hell is too good a place for you in the afterlife.

    Maybe God will just jettison your worthless idolater ass into outer space instead.

  194. Anthony Baldonado

    These people are sick. I'd be willing to drive from Cali to Connecticut to keep those bastards at the WBC the hell away. These idiots don't care about anything except their own selfish desires.. They should be the ones under quarantine.

  195. Greg Miller

    well I think that would not be a good idea, they are going to get shot. if they disrespect all those who died.

    Goodbye dear friend.
    Written for Sandy Bannon.
    By Greg Miller.

    When tears of joy become tears of pain.
    When sunny days become cloudy and rain.
    It is the pain we feel deep inside.
    Then the pain can no longer hide.

    We shall miss our dear sweet friend.
    Whose life we shared has come to an end.
    Memories are all that remain of their love.
    And they are in the hands of the lord above.

    I know in heaven they will be recieved.
    And the pain we feel will never be relieved.
    In the blink of an eye a tragedy can happen to anyone.
    And we can never undo what's has been done.

    They will now live forever in our heart.
    When we say goodbye we fall apart.
    But for them we must be strong.
    And for them we we must carry on.

    Look fondly on the memories you have shared.
    And they know that for them we really cared.
    It's allright to shed your tears.
    As in our heart they are always near.

    "Goodbye dear friend".
    Category: Poetry
    © copyright Sun Feb 21 19:38:01 UTC 2010 – All Rights Reserved.

  196. Eric Allen

    I'm almost convinced that these people are funded by anti-assembly and anti-free speech individuals and groups. No one in their right mind in the history of our country have assembled on such preposterous grounds. Maybe I'm underestimating human stupidity and hatred but something about these guys stinks.

  197. Anthony Azmitia

    What on earth is wrong with those "Christians"? Picketing at that site is so harsh and judgmentaL! They should be giving out sympathy cards and gifts to the people of Newtown, not waving a bunch of Bible-thumping pick-on-me signs.

  198. Anthony Azmitia

    Anthony Azmitia
    What on earth is wrong with those "Christians"? Picketing at that site is so harsh and judgmentaL! They should be giving out sympathy cards and gifts to the people of Newtown, not waving a bunch of Bible-thumping pick-on-me signs.

  199. Anthony Azmitia

    What on earth is wrong with those "Christians"? Picketing at that site is so harsh and judgmentaL! They should be giving out sympathy cards and consolation gifts to the people of Newtown, not waving a bunch of Bible-thumping pick-on-me signs.

  200. Joe Yannette

    why can't some sicko go into organizations like these for their shooting and kill people who deserve it.

  201. Bom Gil

    Let the Westboro Baptist Church come to Sandy Hook, and let's hope that they too get massacred. If they survive, then it's God's will that their work continues. I doubt it!

  202. Brett Eustace

    If I ever ran into a single one of these stupid hillbillies, all bets would be off..

  203. Ryan Newell

    This is the time for everyone to stand up for one another against the Westboro Cult and not allow them to even cross into the city limits of Newtown…..I hope a few of the east coast MC's will get involved and play interference for the victims and the families of Newtown……

  204. Anthony Azmitia

    Yeah, they're the ones who need to be preached to. Those stinkin' Pharisees! I wish a more caring church would reach that neighborhood, just like my church reached the Hurricane Sandy victims.

  205. Jennifer D. Stockton

    You sick F** Bastards, all those innocant children, teachers, that lost their lives for NO reason what so ever. In my opinion you wack jobs, should have been the one to have lost your lives. I hope you all burn in hell and beyond. Dosen't anyone out there know the meaning of RESPECT ANYMORE? Let those poor families grieve in peace for there loved ones!

  206. Brandon Kyle Richardson

    These people deserved to be torturted. I am not the person to hope death on anybody but I could care less if the people in this group ever take one more breath.

  207. Roger Sisson

    I do not not advocate physical violence under any circumstance other than self defense and I'm not going to follow by saying something like "in this instance, forever…" But my thought is this: to do what the WBC is threatening will put their lives in danger more than ever before.

  208. John Zacharie

    Come on down I feel like handing out a huge ads whopping please be my guest so I can kick the shit out of you all how dare you come to our state and say good glad god did this to you all you no good useless pieces of trash !!!!!!! I will defend our kids til my dying day

  209. Carolyn McCash

    This is so sick and twisted. Look at the faces of those innocent victims whose lives were cut short and tell me God would be blessed at this type of horror. This church and those members who make there way to CT I pray to God you experience hardship on your journey to the state and fear that the devil will turn on you. Would you be picketing if it was one of your children or family members. Gd bless the children and teachers, staff who lost there lives on this terrible day.

  210. Jean Bishop

    How i wish I could go to CN just to beat the crap out of those crazy ass people

  211. Janine Brignola

    I wish I could come and help line the streets, sending love from Nebraska!

  212. Patti Traini

    They have the right to picket, but I have the right to fly up there and join the line of people blocking them from bothering the mourning. It's very sad that so called Christian people don't show respect for the dead and mourning.

  213. Christy O'Neel

    The Hells Angels need to come in & get rid of these assholes & then escort those babies to their final resting place. They're are not a "church" its a cult full of lunatics! Has anyone called their number & listened to their messages? Disgusting! They should all be charged with hate crimes!! Freedom of Speech is one thing but they are way beyond that! Obama himself should shut them down, I thought as American you're supposed to respect your president not make racist hate, some might even say threatening speeches about him. Westboro has to goooo! I hope they all drink some spiked punch on Dec 21st or there church Burns down with all of them inside! It was one thing when they picketed my brother Army's Base but this I can't & wont get over!

  214. Paulie Patterson

    They want to praise their god for this happening? Let's give them real glory…. line them up and shoot them like the dogs they are.

  215. Roy Hunt

    2 Corinthians 4:4 States…"among whom the god of this system of things (satan) has blinded the minds of the unbelievers that the illumination of the glorious good news about Christ who is the image of God might not shine through"…It is satan that does these vile things not the loving God in Heaven…

  216. Leisa Stephens Southern

    I live in Louisiana, and can't afford a plane ticket or I would be there lining the streets with y'all. These children are gifts from God and innocent. The people that picket these funerals are as bad as the evil guy that done it.

  217. Eric Bowman

    I bet all the members of Westboro Baptist Church are closet homosexuals having trouble dealing with their latent homosexual attractions to each other.

  218. Irene Flores

    A church to think this was the will of God! Disgusting! They're going to get the ass beating of their lives if they dare go! Innocent children, should not be used as example to any twisted ideas you sick mother effers have! You are adding to the pain and sorrow these families and parents are going through! Leave them be!

  219. Denys Allen

    I thought this was an Onion article at first. I am so horrified at what this "church" is doing.

  220. Thierry Paquet

    How dare they? How can they believe their own bullshit so much? How dare they condemn in the name of God? That's just stupid to a point I can't even believe it! They're the kind of people that would've Crucified Jesus. So blind to the main point. You need to love, and that's more important anything. Why the hell would you prevent two guys from getting married anyway? Where is the bad in that? else what they'll be deprived of true love anyway, which only gives more place for evil to fill their hearts.And what was the link with gay marriage, can anyone explain this to me? It was a rampage in a school where most students aren't very conscious about sexuality. I beg of you my friends, my brothers, anyone who is capable of going at the funerals or around, protect this moment. Protect the peace of the dead and those who loved them. But please, if you can, do it peacefully.

    From Quebec, I wish you guys the best of luck, and all my love and prayers go to the kids and their families. Whatever your religion, gender, sexual orientation, you are in my heart.

    Sorry if my English ain't very good, it's not my first language but I try my best.

    Thierry Paquet

  221. Josh Detloff

    When are these funerals? I will be there to help stop these sorry excuses for human beings.

  222. Ronald Horvath

    I'm from Ohio and I think that these people that want to come and picket in front of a school where people and children lost their lives and thank God for his judgement is repulsive !!!! What the hell happen to people that they think this is the right thing to do!! From Ohio with our deepest condolences I am sorry you have to put up with these types of assholes!!!

  223. April Drews

    Why would anyone disturb a funeral? Especially a children's funeral? No child of god would so this. This is a shame. This makes me irratated and I'm just 15 and it makes me sick. These people are not following god. They have no right to do this. This is what the devil would want. Nothing but evil. If I could go to Connecticut I would but I'm all the way in tx . But if I were there I would beat them with the bible. I am a child of god. But they, they are devils. Those children should be able to rest in peace without stupid people like them interrupting . But now Jesus and god hold the kids hands in heavenly peace. Rip all the children who passed on to the man upstairs.

  224. Kerri Tang

    To you Margie~what does these murders of innocent children and adults have to do with your views on gays? Please explain how one has anything to do with another. You people are sick and totally disrespectful. But, you know what Margie? God will forgive you. How lucky is that, you disgust me.

  225. Sarah Beeson

    So I guess by their standards Washington State is soon to be next..cuz you know.. we legalized marijuana and made gay marriage legal… WE are in TROUBLE! JK.. LOL :P.. They are REDICULOUS….SO full of hate.. its disgusting.

  226. Trevor Nadeau

    I wish I lived there because I would so help get these sicko's out of the state , but for those that are there you should form a picket line around these sickos. Completely surround with sign depicting our feelings about them.

  227. Hugo Bertacchi

    Le plus ridicule c'est que pour une secte aussi petite (moins de 50 membres!), ils ont eu une place vraiment importante dans les médias au cours des dernières années. C'est pour ça qu'ils font exprès d'être systématiquement over the top. Any publicity is good publicity!

  228. Sara Östman

    If I wasn't living in Sweden, I'd be there on the frontline too. Religious scum don't deserve to be heard. An by far not on the place of mourning, that place is to be a place of thought, peace, remembrance and quietude!

  229. Jordan's Liquors

    What terrible evil people. Thanks to all those nearby that will be there to ensure the families can mourn peacefully! I know they will turn out in force. These idiots will get theres someday I am sure.

  230. Tony Natola

    I wonder why the Gun toting Psychos don't go psycho on aholes like the westboro POS scum, its always some innocents that get killed. WTF is wrong with the world – the town needs to keep these F**Ks as far away as possible from the funerals. If I lived nearby id be out there protecting the families from this shit! WTF! I'm so pissed right now.

  231. Kevin Nicht

    I'm so booking a flight to meet these assholes at the state line and deliver some of God's justice…. Sick bastards, all of them.

  232. Sherri Gray

    These kooks are all inbreds. I believe it is the inbred mind that holds this hate. They came to my state to picket a childs funeral last year. BIG MISTAKE. While they were picketing, "someone" slashed all of their tires. When they tried to find help in the town, they couldn't. They were forced to drive out of town on their rims.

  233. Brian Dodd

    What about the possibility that these vile people set this shooting up? Maybe they found a troubled youth to carry out their dirty work?

  234. Julia Lay

    Those people do not truly follow Christ. I don't know who they worship..

  235. Kelly Newell

    When will our government recognize what these ppl are doing is wrong on so many levels?? What is this country becoming?? I hope after they "picket" this tragedy someone will take ACTION. I have no idea what bible they read but the one I know God preaches love. Love thy neighbor…thou shall not say My name in vein…these sick people have no idea their impact on the victims family..if only the tables were turned. Christine I agree come to my city of New Orleans and they might not make it out!!!

  236. Bradley Collins

    God doesn't like ugly! We all need to start praying heavy on this. We can't do anything without God. These people from the church will have to stand before God and it isn't going to be good. We should have never lost all of our precious children and wonderful teachers. God is moving. Would everybody please pray and pray. May God give these families peace during such a time of tragedy.

  237. Kelli Albert

    This woman is crazyyyy! I wished I didn't live so far away cuz I sure would be there to help stop them! God did NOT send that physco there, if he did then the man wouldn't be burning in hell right now! And the soldiers they talking about was fighting for there freedom! You should be praising them not putting them down! Them were children that didn't deserve this. Let them have a nice, peaceful funeral like the deserve! And I wouldn't call WBC a church either cuz that's not what a church does! I think the one in charge definetly needs to take a few trips to a real alter!

  238. Shona Coleson

    Someone should get one of their kids n just be sat quietly but in plain view, with a gun ( not loaded ) to his/her head and see if they get a reaction.

  239. John DeBoe

    Those people (won't call them Christians or a church) need to get a life and leave folk alone!!!!

  240. Raquel Corona

    Pleeeeease DON'T come to Connecticut with foolishness!!!!! Geeezzzzzz

  241. Kelly Kennedy Stadler

    New laws should be in place. When the constitution was written, nobody could have foreseen such hate from a "religious group"….society has changed and so should laws against extremists like this. Terrible.

  242. Stephen Keene-Elliott

    I presume that if someone shoots their kids, they'd be praising god for that too? The good news is at least when they die, they'll have an eternity in hell…

  243. Tiffany Newell Wigley

    Horrible people. The post I posted earlier really applies to these idiots. Too bad you can't just ignore them and they go away :/

  244. Dona Schick

    These people are the worst this world has to offer and have no right to call themselves Christian's or in any way connected with God. Shame on all of them. It is the hate of groups like this that cause so much violence in this world. I am very much surprised that someone has not gone after these evil people. They do not know God, respect life or in anyway show Gods love to any one. And some day it will catch them all.

  245. Michael O'Rourke

    "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:36-39.

    "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:34-35.

  246. Olivia Tamkee

    As a your neighbors to the North, our prayers go out to you.

    I hope you canl rally together, and unify to protect the survivors and families. They deserve peaceful funerals to lay them to rest.

  247. Anonymous

    We here in Newtown have seen enough violence. No more. Although we are all angry at the atrocities of this "organization that shall not be named", we are not going to give them the attention they crave. Let them picket and scream out in the cold rain, alone, so that God may turn his deaf ear.

  248. Seth Newell

    Its worth a shot. At least everywhere they go they would have the FBI breathing down their neck, and would also lose their tax exempt status which quite possibly could cripple them. At least thats my understanding of it.

    On a side note, Anonymous released everybody involved with WBC's personal information yesterday. Names, addresses, phone numbers, where they work…

  249. Samuel Eugene McClard II

    The Westboro Baptist idiots are at it again. Call the Patriot Riders. This is truly a mindfuck at its greatest. a CIVILIAN FUNERAL? I guess they're not getting enough media attention in their opinion.

  250. John Ferguson

    Unbelievable!!! Fuck You Fred Phelps!!! Sorry for my language but enough is enough!

  251. Lawrence Mintz

    The Newtown Fire Department should set up their fire trucks where ever those sickos set up their demonstration, use fire hoses on them, then the police department should tar and feather them.

  252. Chris Nixon

    With so much hurt in the people of Newtown's Hearts I feel sorry for anyone who wants to go in to their territory and Protest picket or basicly instigate them…I know if I had just lost my child and someone wanted to come make a mockery of it someone would be leaving on a stretcher! I feel a bad riot coming on….If you know what's best for you you would just leave well enough alone and mind your own business!

  253. Yvonne Stoll

    A good Christian would not say things like this. God doesn't hate anyone. I have a father and step-mother (who I don't have a relationship with anymore because of this) in South Carolina who go to Baton Rouge, LA to Jimmy Swaggarts church and this is the kind of stuff they preach. They told me that Hurricane Katrina happened because there was a gay/lesbian convention in the region at the time. It's just pure sickness! I can't believe that people are actually going to do this to the people of Newtown, CT. Haven't they been through enough? How would they feel if we went down there and picketed them when one of their loved ones died and said it was "God's Judgement"….they wouldn't like it either. These prejudice, red-state jerks have to be stopped and I have no problem driving up to CT to help form a human barrier so these people can have their children's funerals in peace. They have to be stopped.

  254. Samuel Eugene McClard II

    I used to think that idiots like this are better off ignored, because they WANT attention from the media so they can spread their message OVER the media. The KKK, Neo-Nazis, etc. I wonder what they would do if no one gave them any more attention and just wholly ignored them? Naah, they're too stupid to take the hint.

  255. Rebecca Long

    John WTF??? R u kidding me i am so shocked at this crap i cannot even wrap my head around it. This guy wow what an idiot. What does one have to do with other?

  256. Lawrence Mintz

    These vile cancerous cretins should be banned from congregating away other than the Florida Everglades where the alligators would be able to dine on their rotten hearts.

  257. Ken LaMaster

    If I was the Attorney General of Connecticut I would arrest them all and charge them with acts of terrorism under the Patriot Act. I may lose the battle but they would remain in jail until all these children are laid to rest.

  258. Brad Gesler

    But they have a constitutional right Ray!?!? F*** that!!! We ought wait for them to arrive, note their cars & quietly vandalize them while they're picketing… then when they call AAA or something… don't show up. Long walk back to Westboro Assholes

  259. Rebecca Long

    Exactly i cant find a share button but i sure want this story heard ridiculous

  260. Ellen Pham

    I'm sorry to say this and I know that not all christians are like this, but it truly is a shame for there to be christians like this in the world. Fucking ignorant asses. Shit. If your God is so great, why didn't he cure your narrow-minded asses from stupidity? Retards.

  261. Richard James

    This is what gives true Christians a bad name. These people are NOT Christians. They are the same church, in fact, that organize all those protests at military funerals, "thanking God" for dead soldiers. The word "Misguided" doesn't even begin to touch this group's ignorance and blasphemy. I would suspect they are in fact Atheists attempting to get everyone pissed off at Christians.

    It would not be the first time this group was drowned out by counter-protests. At the military funerals, the Patriot Guard Riders drown them out through their para-military organization of bikers lining the funeral procession, holding flags and singing hymns. The Westboro Baptist Church will attempt anything to get their fame, and thrive on the shock factor of what they say and do.

  262. Steve Parkes

    We have a law in the UK that would get these sick nutters arrested for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace – but they would need police protection anyway because we'd rip them to pieces. So sorry for the children and their families.

  263. Rosie Wilder

    The Supreme Court needs to rescind their decision, NOW. How can this possibly be legal? Why is some sick person's constitutional right to hate more important than a victim's right to mourn in peace? This country has some screwed up priorities. It's time for some major nation wide changes, because right now, the wrong people are receiving the most protection.

  264. Jennifer Rose Hilton

    I'm so confused.. I am Christian & I don't understand why they are picketing funerals & by the school where the innocent lives where lost. sure I disagree with gay marriage however I also believe it wrong for them to judge & what the heck does that have to do with the children who lost their lives. I think these people forget Gods biggest commandment to Love unconditionally this would include enemies & those we disagree with. So wrong.. let the families grieve in peace.

  265. Dawn Bennett

    As a Born again Christian I find the actions and beliefs of this church reprehensible! Our Lord was in no way responsible for the deaths of those precious babes. The actions of this Church in no way stand for the compassion and Love our Lord teaches. Please do not lump all believers with the likes of this group. Our hearts are broken and our prayers are for the strength and comfort of your community and the families of those who lost their lives in this horrible event.

  266. Delicia Dawn Kouzeva

    This group is NOT Baptist , they should not be allowed to use this denominational title. This group is a cult that should not be associated with any Christians, we do not condone or want to be associated with this type of hatred.

  267. Tammy Kay Adams

    you ignorant people cant truly believe that god wanted 20 innocent children to die I say any one who tries to picket a childs funeral with a message like this should be shot. why would you even think of doing something like that these parents are in enough pain without stupid people making it worse Yes there should be a law against it and anyone who breaks it should be taken to prison and thrown in with the biggest bubba in the place.

  268. Cindy Williams Schaefer

    Oh my word I have no words to describe how horribly p'd off I am

  269. Darlene Stewart

    What is wrong with some of the people in that community?! I just read there was also a bomb threat at a church near the elementary school.

  270. Anthony Azmitia

    All I have to say to the people of Westboro Baptist Church is "SHAME ON YOU!" Don't even think of going to Newtown to wave your hateful picket signs in front of that school. God will bring judgment on YOU. He DOESN'T hate the homosexuals or the Jewish, like you modern-day Pharisees think He does. In fact, He LOVES them, too! God loves the Jewish nation. It's HIS chosen people! You all better not mess with Israel. How can you "Christians" tell these lies about our loving God? You're even worse than some other "churches" that had make me feel like an outsider. You hypocrites!

  271. Lou Ann Warren

    They have nothing in their hearts but hate. This is bullying and hate at it's worst. The courts need to determine this to be a hate crime and deal with these sick people accordingly. It's the same as the KKK was. Sick and twisted.

  272. Dustin Ursillo

    These people made it their mission to plant hatred into grieving hearts. Don't let them succeed.

  273. Marie Hansen

    I want to stand next to peter when these people get judged…. Those babies did nothing to anyone of them or the world and did not deserve what has happened… They all need to have their head examined…. It is them we need to worry about…

  274. Seth Harrison

    Sick and twisted cult followers unwilling to follow the Word of God but deem it right to portray Him as a uncaring sadistic lunatic.

  275. Lawrence Mintz

    Westboro Baptist Church is a synonym for vile cancerous bacteria floating in a sea of it's own disgusting diarrhea.

  276. Burns Bradshaw

    Ok, ive tried to ignore this ( been off TV for months ) but really assholes? Are you really too stupid to realize that jesus fuckin hates you ? Thats why you were born an inbred, ignorant, hateful ugly sumbitch. Im sure plenty of folks will be making the drive up there to smack the shit out of you assholes, so I know you are gonna get whats coming to you. Good luck up there, ya fuckin pricks.

  277. Rhonda Ronnie Hearell

    WTF does gay marriage have to do with the violence that was perpetrated at that school and on so many innocent lives? These are not true Christians by any definition of the word!

  278. Julie Scott-albro

    I have Faith in the state of CT and our country that these sick sorry bastards won't be welcomed nor even get close, run them out of town, just as they do most towns. Refuse service. No gas no food etc..God Bless the Families involved!!

  279. Rachel F Partridge

    I'm in Indiana and will be more than happy to drive the 12+ hours to help and make sure these disgusting people cannot picket the school they deserve to die not innocent children who still had a good life in front of them. We all need to come together to stop this Ludacris church from continuing their stupidity and ignorance.

  280. Rick Widener

    All you sick bastards should be shot! I would gladly shoot one of you sicko's for every child in that school. God bless those little angel's.

  281. Mya Laroux

    There is nothing Godly about these people, they are sick! I am a true beliver in Christ, and if you know the Bible youd better beleive this is not what Jesus would do!

  282. Randy Henrichson

    sick freaks! its groups like this that cause so much of the hate and sorrow that we are experincing. there IS no place for them on God's earth. God bless the child.

  283. Deanna Carroll

    THAT is horrible. They've lost their minds!!!! I think they're missing a few important facts about God.

  284. Aelfrieda Wessex

    @ Dave carney,you are quite right, Dave. God is Love, we who truly follow him deplore and detest such terrible actions. How can they dream of making the terrible pain of the people whose children have been killed even worse?

  285. LauraAnn Stainsby

    I think they have gone too far!! They call themselves Christians..but they are sooo far removed from Christianity and the true meaning of the faith!! Westboro Baptist is filled with soulless ,heartless people who picket places of tragedy just for media attention!! Disgusting

  286. Tina Martin

    This is not freedom of speech! This is pure hate! These pathetic loons should be immediately arrested and taken to jail if they step one foot onto anywhere near (hearing distance or eye sight distance) these mourning families! What they are about to commit is a hate crime! We have laws against that! What happened in that school is unimaginable and hearts and spirits are broken! I pray to God over and over that these families find strength and Guidance through Our God that they can find peace in knowing that there loved ones are with him. My heart is ripped as everyone else's…I cannot imagine how these families are feeling at this moment. STAY AWAY YOU PATHETIC LUNATICS! or pay the price!

  287. Laurie Lewitt Breiter

    Talk about people suffereing from mental illness, these are people with no consciences, souls or humanity, they are sub-human, calling them animals is too good for them and an insult to animals…

  288. Deirdre Cohan

    God didnt want this. It was the devil inside this young man. God has those precious angels now. You people at the church think God wanted this. Leave the poor people of Newton alone

  289. Amy Hughett

    this is a bunch of bullshit. I dont care what affiliation it is, but those people DID NOT deserve to die. I dont believe that is the work of GOD. Thats just pure evil. Plain & simple.

  290. Valerie Sheldon Ferrero

    You have no business being in Connecticut! Your presence there would only add to what is already an excruciating painful and heartbreaking tragedy for an entire town and country in mourning for their babies. SHAME ON YOU! HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHURCH! YOU ARE A PATHETIC BLOOD SUCKING HATE MONGERING CULT! Stay in Kansas! You are not welcome in Connecticut or anywhere else!

  291. Erika Winkles Camacho

    I wish I could see a picture of the looks on those lunatics faces the day they die when they realize God will not let them through the gates. Their kind of church meets in hell at the end of their journey.

  292. Ian Lovdahl

    They're really asking for it.
    Look, if my child was murdered in this school, and an insane WBC picketer was celebrating my child's death, they'd be screwed.

  293. Christopher Clark

    The sad thing is our terrible government allows this scum and others like them to do this. This isn't free speech is a hate crime. I would like to Waterboard each and every one of them.

  294. Mari Ivette Lopez

    Picketing children's funerals or the place they were brutally killed is a hate crime & hate crimes are illegal!!!!!!!!!! Families have lost their babies shame on those who don't sympathize due to the hate in their hearts.

  295. Lorie Faron

    This should not be allowed to happen period!! Let the families say there last goodbyes in peace. These sick people need to be stopped!!!

  296. Dave Mackey

    FUCK those sick freaks…….they will get theirs in the end…..I would go to jail to prove a point with them….beat them til they're sleepin

  297. Cámeron Alex Kirkpatrick

    So sick, I cant even get my head around this :( My prayers go out to the families of those poor children and staff at the school. Innocent people never deserve to die especially not children. RIP.

  298. Amanda Glaze

    They are sick excuses for Christians…Isn't it love thy neighbor? Or "Love the person, hate the sin"? Or am I completely wrong?

  299. Carolyn Garlick

    Too sick for words to describe! May the Higher Power that I believe in prevent any further unconscionable acts an leave the community of Newtown to grieve and heal. Wrapping loving arms around you, Newtown.

  300. Johnny Bailey

    soundz like the SOUTHERN rebels need to make a visit to a picket line.

  301. Jean Smith


  302. Heather Philbrick

    I am in Florida and if I had the means to I would be standing next to all of the other citizens protecting these angels from the monsters they fear! How could they be so ignorant and stupid these are children they are the reason things like this happen! I hope anyone who can travel there will and baracade these MONSTERS!

  303. Tony Pirozzi

    hopefully the Patriot Guard will be there to block these stupid fools, leave the family and the children alone dammit.

  304. Valerie Sheldon Ferrero

    Probably for publicity. They get off on causing more pain to people. Some people are so desperate for notoriety they will do anything including invading the privacy of people in mourning.

  305. Brian M Jackson

    OMG! This nauseates me! I know it's wrong to ever wish bad on people! But, if KARMA bites them in the butt I know it'll be we'll deserved.

  306. Tiffany D'Andrea

    These are the most repulsive non-Christian people! I hope their God shoots them all and then we can picket their funerals saying God shot them! Horrible, horrible people!

  307. Jennifer Bryant

    I am a Christian and I have never ever seen such craziness as the Westboro Baptist Church….they are true looneys

  308. Peter de Schweinitz

    My guess is that many of these people from Westboro are the types of people who need therapy. To throw hate at them will only create in the long run more killers and terrorists. Love them, as hard as it to do, and say "no" to their anti-Christian behavior. Strong love.

  309. Michelle Wray

    I wish I could beat they mother fucker ass.sorry ass excuse for a reason to use god for their sinful ways.they all will burn in hell for they ways .this is not of god,and pls excuse my mouth ,I'm extremly pissed about this ,and the fact that anyone has any gull to do some dumb shit…I'm out.

  310. Charles William Shockley

    Moments like these in a country full of zealots makes me proud to be an atheist. No one deserves a death unless they rape or murder innocent people.

  311. Marlene Efird

    Those were innocent little children!, They never had a chance to vote for anything , They are not the ones that voted for Gay marriage you stupid stupid lunatics! How dare you call yourselves Christains! You don't understand the meaning of the word.The hearts of those poor parents are breaking and you want to picket the funerals of little children? I would be so afraid if I were in your shoes!

  312. Jennifer Bryant

    I hope there is something or someone there to block this group from entering the Newtown area of CT, these families of these beautiful angels don't need this group and their sick pickets to add to there stress…please God don't let this happen….

  313. Carol Nagy

    What a bunch of sick people…. Sounds to me like we need a human wall to protect those families! These people are perverted in their docterine and I hope God reaks his vengance on them for what they do!

  314. Pamela Muse

    I can't believe I live in a county where people could possibly believe that my God would punish, children for the things that are wrong in the world. My God is all about love and doesn't punish innocent kids for the sins of the world . These people need to go back to the Bible and read. My prayers are with the families of the victims and may God bless your souls and ease some of your pain. Please don't let these quacks from this so called church even have a second of your time. Your time is
    needed more for praying. God bless

  315. Patty Gross

    If I had the money to get there I would. I would give these idiots a piece of my mind. If they believe in God like they say they do. How can they say that he wanted this. The God that I believe in would never want something like this to happen. Now the Devil on the other hand maybe…

  316. Devy Rayne

    one can only hope that the American people let those sicko's no where near that school :-(

  317. Susan Hoffses Fulton

    What in the hell is wrong with these DISCUSTING people out there???? SERIOUSLY a church?? Just cant imagine that a church would praise what that sick bastard did to those poor innocent children and adults……makes me sick

  318. Shirley Carr

    What sick bastard's these scum are! I PRAY! to God that some low life scumball lunitic takes all there asses out while they are there! Now that would be glorified justice……

  319. Helena Robinson

    they call themselves religious people? Disgusting they should be ashamed!!!!

  320. Steve Shipman

    why? what is their purpose to do this? what is the "message" theyre trying to get across by protesting this? I can understand the message they try to put out there about protesting soldiers funerals, though I don't agree in the slightest, atleast it makes sense….but this doesn't make sense at all…who are they protesting and why?

  321. Evelyn Hidalgo

    I'd like to eliminate all the assault rifles on their vile asses!

  322. John Walker

    This is not a church, they call themselves one but they are pure evil. Connecticut defend this holly ground against these Pscho's.

  323. David S. Dick

    If someone shoots the Westboro Baptist Church people, will they picket their own funeral?

  324. Kathy Kirsch

    These people don't worship the one true day God I do because their is no way that he would send a shooter too massacre 20 innocent kids and 6 inspiring teachers. They worship satan who is masking himself in those people. I just pray that they soon figure it out and repent before someone harms them in the manner they praise now. May my true God flatten their tires preventing them from going.

  325. Amanda Lemons

    Sick nasty horrible people. How can any person claim to know God and think He would want praise or send a monster to hurt those babies and the dedicated brave adults who lost their lives. While I can not even fathom how or why God did not stop this from happening I know he would never have anything to do with such evil.

  326. Norah Constancio

    Next mass murder should be these fucks.. that might make me a bad person but oh well. I'm tired of hearing about these assholes. I hope one of the parents own a gun. Id show them first hand how the wrath of a mother could be compared to a god..

  327. Trish Atchison

    I hope that if they make it that far that somebody stops them. What in the hell kind of a church is this?? If I had the money, I would go to Sandy Hook myself and do whatever I could do to stop this. Such a travisty! And they call themselves a church? I call them lunatics! Sounds like another mind controlling maniac cult to me.

  328. Russ Humphrey

    I will drive all night and day to be there to smash the signs and hopefully a few kneecaps of these sick warped assholes..their type of insanity is the same as the monster who did this terrible thing…

  329. Jen Allison

    I hope someone goes up there and shoots the members of that evil satanic filled Westboro Baptist church…. They praise one of many false God's… NOT the one true God! These people need to be stopped. I hope all families involved with the 600 kids that go there (those that lost and survivors) all press charges and sue these people for harassment… for they are many and these idiots are just a handful.

  330. Claude Simos

    It's an organized hate group. They make big bucks on lawsuits and then they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year flying around to protests and funerals. The same primitive, reptilian brain stem humanoids that thank their god for 9/11 and say their god hates Jews and "fags". Take the $$ out of the equation and they will melt away like slugs.

  331. Diana Branson

    These people from reading their site are as sick as the shooter himself. They are evil and must be stopped. There is a time for free speech and this isn't it.

  332. Darci Mackey

    It would be SO tragic that while trying to travel to CT their church BURNT to the ground!!! LoL jus sayin sick ..sick ..Bastards others they obviously DON'T know God!! It is not for them to judge anyone only God can judge!! And these were innocent children!! This is NOT a church, they are but Wolves hiding (behind the name Baptist) in sheep's clothing!! In the name of Jesus we REBUKE THE EVIL to step foot in CT!!!

  333. Cathy Wilson

    This Baptist Church is sinning by passing judgment themselves and not doing as Christ commanded….'Love thine enemies…' and 'Love thy neighbor…'

  334. Marc Kerns

    What bothers me is I am looking at their website, as I intend to send them a VERY strongly worded message. If you go to their website in Internet Explorer, look at the tab next to their name is an icon. The icon is an upside down American Flag.

  335. Scott Adams

    This is not something that requires a law to prevent. This is something that a community should band together to prevent. Some thins should be left out of the hands of law-makers (Who have a habit of swatting flies with bricks when trying to fix society) and be left in the hands of sensible and somber people.

  336. Jake Clark

    There needs to be a mass ass whippin' of suchmagnitude vs those motherfcukers

  337. Gary Love

    I'm going to go burn their church down hope somebody's there to prevent me. Then I will praise God

  338. Roger Woolwine

    These people are truly deceived they think this is of God it is NOT!! people this is not what true Christ followers do we pray4 & love one another not spread hate

  339. Lndsy Murphy

    U aLL are no more than a sick cult wtf is wrong with u. I don't know which Bible ur reading but it's no where close to mine. I sincerely hope u go to hell if u go and picket this school where so innocent and beautiful ppl and children were murdered… u all are just as bad as the shooter…. and where did gay marriage even com in to this ya bunch of cult retards

  340. Kellee Lynn Webb

    If I had a way to get there, I would go to CT and make sure these vile people had nowhere to stand and picket. This is outrageous and unchristian. This shooting was horrible and the fact they feel the need to picket the site of where so many beautiful children and there teachers were shot is appalling! They need to remove their heads from their asses, get a life and stop pushing hate on everyone. This was NOT God's work, it was the work of a mentally unstable psychopath; and they need to learn the difference!

  341. Amanda Buchanan Forsting

    These people disgust me and make me feel sick to my stomach!!! Noone should EVER HAVE to die; God says clearly in the bible He wants ALL to be saved and live.

  342. Ladi Di

    Are you serious?!!!! It's people like this that are causing so many people to turn from the church. To the people at Westboro Baptist Church, I have no idea what bible you are reading but this is complete ignorance! You need to get it together because you are making the church look bad!

  343. Sue Jones

    I am so outraged that anyone would have the nerve to picket & day it was God's judgement. God would never be pleased with such horrific behavior. Let these people grieve the loss of their children in peace! Stay away!

  344. Kelsi Lauren Wray

    These people have nothing to do with God! They do NOT act Christ Lake and it makes me sick they SAY they're doing this in God's name! God Bless those children and their families. they are in my prayers!

  345. Louie Benitez

    A charter bus company needs to step up and park their charter buses bumper to bumper DIECRTLY in front of where these asshats will be picketing! At least 20 buses, so they can't walk around them or be seen.

  346. Donna Williams

    I cannot believe these sick so called "Christians" are allowed to do this! This makes me sick!

  347. Sheila Daigneault

    Please, people and government officials of Connecticut, do not let these horrific people anywhere near those poor families. Bring in the National Guard if need be, but keep them out of the town. Let them protest somewhere else and hopefully the media will totally ignore them.

  348. Peggy Replogle

    The only type of people who have so much hate within themselves also have black blood running through their veins; they are the Wetsboro Baptist Church of SATAN'S spawn! Just drink the fircken cool-aide all ready and do us all a favor. Stay away from L.B. CA. because you will surely be crucified, and not in the name of God. You are a disgrace to God and come judgement day; you better put your head between your knees and kiss your rotten asses goodby! You will burn in hell…

  349. Karen Bergmann

    I'm not sure why this church focuses on gay marriage. God hates ALL sin. They should picket themselves because they are sinners too, just as we all are. "For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."

  350. Lori Wright

    You know Tam, some people just were not born with common sense. They just don't get it. Until it happens to them. You know, stupid is as stupid does. Karma loves those peoples!!

  351. Kevin Jones

    These people are not Christian, and giving them press is just not worth our time. Guarantee you they won't show up and if they do, there will be violence. They are just a bunch of prejudicial, uneducated idiots. Why any news source gives them an ounce of press is beyond my comprehension.

  352. Melissa Ann Grimes

    Just curious, how do they know those families taught their children to "rebel against God" and accepting same sex marriage? Just because CT accepts it doesn't mean all it's residents do.

  353. Angela Nelson

    This is sad and disgusting. They don't even realize they are following the devil in disguise. Jesus Christ and God would never inspire people to be so heartless, cruel, and hateful. They'll figure it out when they die.

  354. Lori Wright

    I just read that article, are they really for real? So people really do those kinds of things? That is very sick!

  355. Lori Wright

    I just read that article, are they really for real? So people really do those kinds of things? That is very sick!

  356. Niki Wilson Clark

    This makes my stomach turn. How could anyone hate a group of people so much that they'd use this tragedy to try and spread their hate?

  357. Kelley Knox VanHorn

    Sick and hateful. Our God is a loving God and there is no way he condones your hatred. You will account for your ugly words and actions one day.

  358. Ann Atwood McMenamin

    Please Westboro Baptist Church stay out of my state, and do disgrace the families with your hateful pickets. You are a group of hateful, judgemental degenerates who feed on misery.

  359. Jessica Benoskie

    The fact that these people could even put it on that level is disgusting. There is a special place in Hell just for them. I truly look forward to the day they're on God's doorstep, and he shows his shame in them!

  360. Haydee Espinoza

    Screw these stupid fucken idiots!!!!! They make me sick!! Come to san diego and pull that shit and I promise an ass whoopin like u fucken morons have never faced before!!! Let these families grieve and let them find their place. No morons are necessary!!!!

  361. Justin Morgan

    I just heard about this, these people are so fucked if they try picketing… Somebody got all the members addresses and put it up on a public forum. Road trip soon?

  362. Jessica Wolftongue

    What sick bastards. They have pushed a lot of boundaries already but this it's too much! These children did not deserve to die nor will I ever believe that this was "God's" choice. They were just little kids, how dare you! You'll get your punishment for doing things like this come judgement day and boy is he gonna come down hard on you for your evil, stupid ideas you've done in his name

  363. Tink Zomby

    If any person out there (as awful as they are) are thinking they need to go on a shooting rampage to gain a celeberty status, then please by ALL MEANS go to Westboro Babptist Church.

  364. Christina Bridgford

    I would like to see a group of gay and lesbians turn the area around the church into a make out spot. If they feel the need to shove their beliefs into everyone else’s faces why not protest in right back in a fun way?

  365. Amy Tanner

    They are nothing but a hate group trying to gain attention when tragedy strikes. Babies were killed! These people have NO respect! I hope that everyone in that town force you out just as quick as you arrive to picket! These people are not of GOD!

  366. Chiquilla Adele

    Wouldn't be surprised if one of the westboro church people were involved or would ever be involved in a school shooting

  367. Suzanne Smith Sauls

    storming heavens gates with prayers of hedge of protection, to protect those who have lost loved ones from the folks who actually think like the above article.

  368. Kandy Varner

    Bring your butts to the South and we will give you a BIG warm welcoming.Anyone who has kills any child deserves to burn in hell.It has nothing to do with being gay or not.And DAMN sure don't blame Christ on this.Just remember you will be the ones to face me on judgement day.So may God have mercy on your souls!

  369. Tony Pirozzi

    they pulled this stunt a few years ago when those Amish Children were murdered and they had one of their members on Hannity & Colmes which you can check out on Youtube, like I was saying I hope the Patriot Guard Motorcycle group will be there to block them

  370. Steve Drinkwater

    Who are these idiots!
    Are they related to David Koresh
    Related to Hitler?
    Related to Obummer?
    Related to Kim Un Sue from North Korea?
    What ignorant ass holes
    I would expect the CT state police to arrest them for criminal trespassing
    Do not let them in, the are a cult sent from the devil himself

  371. Paul Hazen Fausnight

    These idiots (morons is too complimentary an appelation) are NOT A CHURCH, nor are they "Baptist"! They are certainly not Christian! What they are is a sick mockery of Christianity, an insinuation of Satan himself to mock Christ and Christianity in an attempt to sully the Name which is above all names. The Devil wants people to look at such fanatic lunatics and think, "Oh, if that is what Christianity is all about, I want nothing to do with it." Don't be fooled by this satanic ploy. This group is about the Devil at work, not about Christianity at all. They have no part with Jesus Christ!

  372. Matt Sloboda

    I hope all of the members of this church's children die a horrible death. As a matter of fact, I will pray for it every night. Just so their kids don't have to suffer the pain of being raised by these assholes….Lets start right now… Dear God, please take the lives of all the children born from a the members of the Westboro Catholic Church. And please do it quickly, as we would like to see an end to the suffering of those poor children with their terrible parents.
    I will say this prayer every night.

  373. Gary Tortomasi

    these people need to burn in hell just because u have the freedom of expeseion , does not mean u should exprsee themsles in a deplorible way.

  374. Joe Ferro

    Should there be a law preventing groups like this from picketing funerals with arguably hateful messages? <— If YOU have to ask a Stupid question like that? You're as Scewed in The Head as they are!

  375. Joe Ferro

    BRING IT ON! Come to Newtown.. I dare you! We'll CRUSH you like the CRAP you are!

  376. Cynthia Diane Lloyd

    I knew these people were bigots and hate mongers, but this is LOW! For CHRIST'S SAKE, 18 children died two days ago. You sick, self-righteous, fundamentalists are just a CURSE upon GOD'S name! You say you speak His name and His word. I call bullshit on it! IDGAF if you want to curse me and say I'm going to Hell, because I know that I will not! Westboro Baptist Church is full of nothing but sick people and their breeding sick children!

  377. Jeanne Undem

    What is wrong with these crazy people How do church and I say that lightly do crap like this. I doubt Jesus died for people to act like this.

  378. Darryl Sever

    Here is something to think about, there is a law that states that you can be locked up if you are a DANGER TO UR SELF OR OTHERS, THEY FIT IT DOWN TO A T, lock them up under the backer act, they are truly LUNATICS.

  379. Shelly Ann Bersad

    I think that if they are so adamant about spreading their message, they shouldn't be allowed to do it in public because of the emotional uproar that it will cause. People will be so angry, someone is going to get hurt. Having the word "church" in their title, is a cover up for a hate group, their only right should be the right to gather in private. No one wants to hear their garbage ideals.

  380. Billy Edwards

    I can't imagine them making it out safe if I had a child there they would never make it out alive.

  381. Leslie Cole

    In a time like this I could not hold any of those family members or friends responsible if they took their anger/hurt out on that cult. I cannot stand it when that hate group is referred to as a church.

  382. Angel Clark

    They are what true Christians often refer to as FALSE CHRISTIANS and are wrong on MANY levels. The BIG reason is this wass NOT a part of God's plan, but instead it was SATAN'S Evil plan. "Adam" didn't have "God's love" in his heart went he killed those sweet lil Angels, he had SATAN in his heart. The only one burning in hell is ADAM those INNOCENT Babies and thier HEROS who fought to protect them are walking at the right hand of Christ and the Father.

  383. Logan Ruth

    So when I go stick one of those people in the face with a metal baseball bat I guess that's my way of executing Gods judgement.

  384. Josh Mulkey

    These soulless bastards do the unthinkable on a daily basis. I truly hope that they are struck down hate they promote! with, the same type

  385. Kathy Wyatt


  386. Daniel A. Umbert

    Sounds like Customer Service is currently working on that problem

  387. Marcelino Velazquez

    It sucks because I'm gay and stuff like this makes me mad, and a little guilty. Those kids have nothing to do with any of that. The hypocracy of these people, they have so many problems with this nation, yet they still live here. who I really feel sorry for though is their children. they will suffer the consequences of their parents actions. Its just pisses me off the attention they love to get over stuff like this. I think they should just be kicked out of this country since they hate it so much. see how well they do in other nations.

  388. James Cicchetti

    Matt i think you are funny and a great friend. Please remove your comments. Nobody should mention death to any children no matter what assholes might be raising them. I beg you!

  389. Romen Haglund

    I know this a the land of the free but some people do not deserve the freedoms they have and should be kicked out. Why don't we chase soulless fucks out of the U.S! I honestly hope anyone that may come across these people do whatever nasty thing they can to insult them.

  390. Clarence Moore

    You Westboror sadistic so called christians are a disapoitment to God. I pray that as many of the motorcycle clubs that protect our soldiers funerals are there to help you meet the pavement/ Oops they just fell down and hurt their face.

  391. Ashley Lynne Ouellette

    I'm not the kind of person to say who is and is not a christian but I will say that this organization, I will NOT call them a church because to me they put all true Christians to shame with their sick beliefs. I wish they would wake up and see the hateful lies that spews from their mouths.

  392. Athena Yates

    Wow if thats not the most pathetic group of sick individuals. They need Jesus more than anybody. Thats just sad. Go to Hell and burn!

  393. Heather Phillips

    they better never come to my state of West Virginia cause we don't tolerate people like these scum bags and when tragedies like this happen we take it to heart and we try to help in anyway we can, I hope these scums ever come here to picket for something cause they will be sent back real fast and they won't like the way they get sent back.

  394. Deb Briese

    I am a Baptist and the church I attend would NEVER do what this church is doing! Please don't judge all Baptists as haters.

  395. Thomas Sattal

    I don't think they ever been in New England… Let alone CT… They have not a clue

  396. Hope Tindall

    Yes, I believe there should be laws against groups expressing their hateful, ungodly messages at funerals, or sites of such tragedies as that which occurred at Sandy Hook.

  397. Cynthia Boschke Cardinale

    These are not Christians because a follower of Christ would never celebrate the slaughter of little children. Tese are

  398. Holly Wood

    If these horrible demons hate America and the troops so much why don't they get put in the front line and be shot point blank in the forehead and spare the little innocent children who are being brainwashed?

  399. Tye Beach

    Haha you inbred idiots, do you think "God" likes it when you stick your penis in your siblings? Your views are ridiculous, get an education, "God" might like that!

  400. Tracy Lyke-Gieler

    This is terrible. I cannot believe they call themselves Christian. I .a Christian and do Not associate used with them. They are radicals.

  401. Nancy Parsons

    This is the same Church that protests when soldiers who die in the War are buried. These people call themselves Christains but show absolutely no Christain love for other people. They make me sick to my stomach.

  402. Mary Kibler Hansen

    Instead of interpreting the Bible to fit your agenda, try reading it! Start with an easy lessen… Love thy neighbor as thy self! Thou shall not kill!

  403. Brenda Lancaster

    There have been a lot of comments regarding the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at these funerals. I just wanted to let you all know that I am a PATRIOT GUARD RIDER in Florida and I assure you this situation has already been addressed. I personally emailed the Connecticut State Captain Gregg Barratt, and he replied…"Thank you for your note we are aware of the situation I was on scene for 4 hours today should we be requested to deal with the situation we are ready to respond thanks for your note God Bless"! I can ASSURE all of you concerned with this, that the PGR will NEVER allow any of those protesters any where near these families as they lay their loved ones to rest! GOD BLESS THE FAMILIES OF NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT!

  404. Beth Harris

    I am disgusted with this church for what they r doing! Shame on Westboro Baptist church!!!!!!

  405. Cynthia Collup

    I think people should gather evertime Westboro does and throw dog poop at them. Make them eat a little of it, too.

  406. Lacey Garner

    If I could come to Connecticut I would be there to join in love to shield the school from these crazies!!

  407. Kelly Brewer Walton

    anyone who reads this and is from Connecticut, Please go stop these sick and twisted bastards. These families are suffering enough and right before Christmas no less. It's going to take a miracle to get them through this and they need our help. If I wasn't in California I would go myself but I cant afford the airfare. obviously no violence is neccesary, just stand in their way and don't let them anywhere near these families. Since this is already all over the internet I would pray that the local police will hold them off. Anyone with the gall to do this to these people has no business running a church. And they think God ordered this? We need to check the mental health of these people too.

  408. Terrica Mccloud

    this is the time for every church and religious organization to stand up and discredit this so called church. they are going against the very bible they claim to follow: with love and kindness have I drawn you. god does not wish that any man should perish. that is what the bible says not that god "punishes" children by allowing people to murder them. instead it says that children are a blessing and allow them to be raised in the way they should go and that the child's heart is the heart of heaven. they claim to be christian and following the ways of god but how can they be acting like this? they are greatly misled.

  409. Steve Greenland

    This so called church cares about only one thing,money.they make their money by suing municipalities that don't allow them to protest and picket.I would call them Irish Travellers or gypsies but that would be insulting to the Irish travelers and Gypsies .the members of the Westboro Baptist Church are totally morally bankrupt ,and by no means should be granted a non profit status as a ministry .

  410. Elizabeth Lofton Hobbs

    Westboro none of us is without sin. What you are planning is just as evil as the shooting! You are not showing the love that Christ has for you.
    Matt 7:2-5 "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite* , first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

  411. Sue Pipes

    This group came to an town in the next county when 4 cheerleaders were killed…. This churck sent their women folk. Only 2 of their men were there and they all really stayed their distance….. They are more talk than action.

  412. Shannon Skiles Frost

    This makes me sick to my stomach. We live in the greatest country but the right of free speech is going way to far now. I pray to god that they don't mar that school or the families……..

  413. Rita Marie Jacque

    I never believe in wishing death to anyone but these are not humans these "people" are truly the devil himself and GOD will deal with them or one othe the many parents in CT!

  414. Larry Martin

    I hope all of you so called church goers die in a fire, you are disposable human beings and if you go to Connecticut I pray that the people of that state excersize their legal right to own guns

  415. Laci Storz

    Seriously! Honestly I feel this organization is just looking for attention, when the media stops given them publicity they might back off on their methods. Any church organization “true or not” knows this and will defend themselves with, “more free publicity for us”, Keep it coming. They in their hearts feel they are doing what is right and they want the world to know. What is really sad is not what we see as outright sinless and uncaring. They have to lie their heads on their pillows everynight … believing themselves are going to hell, because they didn't do enough picketing for the day.

  416. Laci Storz

    You ALWAYS preach to the congregation what you believe about yourself 😉

  417. Taylor Williamson

    This is disgusting! This makes me sick, depressed, and extremely angry. How dare they praise God for the shooting. Hating and prostesting at children's and soldier's funerals, all happy for death. What the hell?
    If God sent the shooting to this church, that would be a blessing…. Westboro Bapitst Church are disgusting people full of hate. I don't know how people can be so hatred. Look at the little boy in the picture. He's being raised with hate. That makes me want to cry. We don't need hate in the world. We need more love.

  418. Paul Short

    come to my state and try that crap. us country boys will send you back home in body bags. you come around here westboro and you will know you ain't in kansas anymore. your church and you teachings are the lowest form of praising GOD I have ever seen. like I said come on down to WV Mr Smith and Mr Wesson would like to get to know you. scumbags

  419. Autumn Burian

    This makes me absolutely SICK to my stomach to read! Sandy Hook Elementary School was not the glory of Gods work! It was the work of a disturbed young man who unfortunately has freewill and decided to take the lives of adults and children.

  420. Duff Ex Machina

    When will a decision be made to deem the actions of these heartless, demonic pricks as hate crimes? God, if we use the N word, or F word its a federal disaster, but they are allowed to do this? Its almost Christmas. How sick.

  421. Natasha Chapman

    I can not believe these people! God was notresponslible for this Satan was! This was pure evil and our lord is far from that! May god have mercy n your souls cause you are goign to need it the day pf your judgements! I can guarantee with all the hate in your hearts you will never see the light!

  422. Alex Safronov

    Conneticut, or Newton should set up a "construction site" barrier at least a mile from the school, that way only legal residents and guests are allowed to pass through. This way everything is legal and no one gets hurt and will take the wind out of their sails……

  423. Diana Blair Revell

    The best thing we can possibly do is to give them NO press.

  424. Jeffrey Pierceall

    These people are simple minded and thrive on hate. If any if them understood who their "God" is, they would understand that they are going against everything he has tried to teach. Not only should the church be labeled a hate group, they should be labeled terrorists.

  425. Linda Dienno Howald

    The Westboro church members threatened to come and stand in front of the main gate at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC last year. Did they come? Yes all THREE of them. They stayes about an hour then left. These people are cowards and are the children of Satan. They talk alot about nothing!

  426. Cindy Boyd Bartko

    I hope they know what they're in for if they're stupid enough to show up!

  427. Last Kings

    I guess the Westboro Baptist Church is a pure example of what Mind Fucking does to a person.
    This is just sickening!
    WBC makes Americans look bad.

  428. Amber Sellers

    No wonder people commit suicied not because they want to escape but because they want no part in this horrible life. This makes me not want to have kids. To not have the wonderful feeling of having a child because of these sick ignorent untolerable people in this world!

  429. Lynnette Newcomb Raupfer

    Outraged! What gives them the right? What God are they worshiping?

  430. Stacy Zlotkin

    These people are IDIOTS. My hatred towards them are getting stronger each day.

  431. Ryan Nunyafukinbuisness

    You'd have to come get me, because this type of shit is unacceptable. Why cant CIA dismantle these cocksuckers secretly…the one black op id support from them.

  432. Iman Oldgeek

    In certain areas of this nation you can make a statement such as "Arabs are all terrorists" or "Blacks are all on welfare" and be arrested and jailed for hate crimes. Where are all the PC protesters when these misguided and hateful holyrollers spew their trash at the scenes of tragedies? Those children were innocents, and the shooting was not a judgment from God. It was the act of a deranged, sociopathic individual (probably a supporter of this so-called 'church').

    The WBC should be banned from demonstrating and the church should have it's tax-exempt status revoked. And if there is a ruling body for Baptist churches, they need to clamp down on these disgusting examples of what religious brainwashing can do.

  433. Roman Stepanov

    I dont know bro, its the freedom of speech. But this disgusting f… attempt or act does not fit into the freedom of speech. This is pure …. I have no words, like I said, jail would be worth it.

  434. Lisa McCombs

    A group called.."Bikers against child abuse" which is a large orginization with chapters across the U.S. have already pledged that they will be there to do whatever it takes to keep these dispicable scumbags at bay… these people don't mess around and their love for children and dedication is unwavering and they will stop at nothing to prevent this cult from disrespect the Newtown community and those mourning the loss of their children and loved ones… much respect for BACA

  435. Last Kings

    PLus its sad how some of you gang up on that guy Jarod for having an opinion.
    You don't have to turn this into a pissing match by trying to blame atheist for bad things.
    Really, why does it matter? The guy had an opinion…So WHAT? just move on.

    It does you no good pointing the finger at someone becuase of what they believe. I havemy own opinions about Chrisitanity but I keep them to myself as of now. Plus, it would be no different ig you were livng in a contry were Islam etc was the dominant faith.

    Now back to the subject.
    The WBC is a disgrace and this sickens me!
    Religious or not…anybdoy with any decency can see the bullshit in what they stand for. They make Americans look bad.

  436. Amber Schafer

    Off with their heads? They aren't any use to those monsters anyway, lets do the world a forever favor. Anyone in CT up for a human wall?

  437. Last Kings

    Lol Wow, its sad how some of you gang up on that guy Jarod for having an opinion.
    You don't have to turn this into a pissing match by trying to blame atheist for bad things.
    Really, why does it matter? The guy had an opinion…So WHAT? just move on.

    It does you no good pointing the finger at someone becuase of what they believe. I have my own opinions about Chrisitanity but I keep them to myself as of now. Plus, it would be no different if you were living in a country were Islam etc was the dominant faith.

    Now back to the subject.
    The WBC is a disgrace and this sickens me!
    Religious or not…anybody with any decency can see the bullshit in what they stand for. They make Americans look bad.

  438. Lisa McCombs

    Correction… BAAK… Bikers against Abused Children… sorry I confused the name of this great group of Brothers and Sisters…. much love to you all….

  439. Kris Nelson

    if I find out when these pricks are supposed to be there and I have a few days off ill drive the 14 hours there to help stop the psychos.

  440. Anne Marie Tobias

    Go get a couple dozen hand crank fire extinguishers. Take rotten eggs and boil them up with rotten cabbage. Add a little brown mud and golden tempera paint. Blend it up. Load the extinguishers. When the Phelps clan deboards their plane, spray'em good. Tell them its pig sewage. Kind of like they are. Figure since its boiled, its nontoxic, just really nasty. Let them know if they come to town, they'll be getting a lot worse. Oh, and their free speech is intact, they can say anything they like as they leave.

  441. Samantha Kelly

    Sure wish I could get there and line the roads to block these poor mooring parents from such vial people.. And they call themselves Christians? Seriously you folks need mental help and it sounds to me like you are a follower of satan and not God.. When you stand before God on judgement day.. God have mercy on your sick pathetic souls..God wrap your arms around all the ones grieving and please be with them in the days and months to come.. My prayers are with you.. Samantha Kelly, Mississippi

  442. Rasel Hall

    These people are the sick, inconciderate none passianate they are the ones who should not be on this earth.

  443. Ryan Nunyafukinbuisness

    You should know that there are many vets who feel the exact same way.I am sorry, but im not as nice….I'd be stabbing motherfuckers. these asshole deserve every amount of pain imaginable in reality for infinite span of time.

  444. Jennifer Holtman

    My God does not take the lives of children and my God loves all and for those of us that need punishment they will get it when there day comes these children did nothing wrong what happend to them is unthinkable but God has a plan for all of them. As for these crazy @#$^%#@*&^^ that want to thank there God for what happend I belive one day they will meet there maker and they are not going to like what they find.

  445. Pam Johnson

    "Arguably hateful messages"? Even WBC itself admits that its messages are hateful. The only distinction to be drawn between our view of their messages and their view is that they consider the hate to be a good thing.

  446. Larry Melvin

    You are some sick sons a kitchen . Let them babies rest in peace and let the families say there good byes .you all are sorry excuse claiming you are gods people

  447. Aliye Engy Espinosa

    Please post when they coming so a nation can rally together against them

  448. Lynnette Newcomb Raupfer

    I would travel from Arizona all the way CT just to block their protest

  449. Michelle Zacche

    I'd love to see all of the members reactions when they arrive in Hell one day.

  450. Chad Anderson

    Bunch of pathetic brainwashed, thoughtless, zealots. The important thing is to ignore them. Love will conquer hate. If we ignore them we take away their "power"

  451. Steve McIntosh

    These people are mental cases and it's unbelievable that the supreme court ruled they could picket funerals…this is not how true baptists believe or behave! Yes the bible says homosexuality is wrong but as Christians we are suppose try and turn them to God..these people are evil!

  452. Lynn Platt

    These people picket anything that is decent. They started out just in Topeka. Now they go everywhere and bring shame to our state. I was involved in a march against domestic violence in Topeka, they picketed us. If anyone is interested, Hobby Lobby donates to these people financially. I no longer shop at Hobby Lobby.

  453. Robb Sell

    I hope every officer, firefighter, Biker SOLDIER, business owner, mother, father, Grandparents get you pieces of shit and beat the living hell out of you assholes. THIS COMING FROM A RETIRED SOLDIER. Burn in hell westbooro assholes!

  454. Joan Cook

    Funerals should be considered a private event and anyone interfering with one should be arrested. Hard to believe these folks consider themselves christians.

  455. Jeremy Andrews

    I fail to understand what this has to do with homosexuality or soldiers. None of the kids were old enough to really have a sexual identity nor be soldiers…
    In any case, I'm not sure "free speech" was really mean to cover this type of hate speech. Protesters should be banned from all funerals; it's just not an appropriate place or time to protest for any reason.

  456. Robb Sell

    I PROMISE YOU If I did they would be no more. Hatefull group of Phyco's

  457. Candy KissesDesigns

    How dare u….god is about luv & tolerence. how can u go 2 ppl who in pain ova their loss & kick em while they are down. U SHOULD B PRAYIN 4 THOSE PPL NOT JUDGIN THEM! JUDGING PPL IS GODS JOB & HE DOES NOT NEED A JURY!

  458. Joe Francia

    WBC has always disgusted me, but this is too far. If these guys want to see an angry and all-powerful entity, let's show them one.

  459. Derrick Burton

    We reffer to groups of religious fenatics, from other countries, as terroist. These people need the same treatment. The laws protecting freedom of speech and religious persicution have been blurred and set forth a platform for people that are truely off in the head and hide bludgen society with their beliefs. Believe what you may but don't smear the name of innocent children in the name of your cause.

  460. Jeff Klinsky

    don't worry they are being taken care of as we speak. westboro will fall, rest assured.

  461. TJ Traci Smith

    The Westboro Baptist Church will get their judgement come Judgement Day. God will be shaking his finger at them all before He sends them all straight into the fiery pits of hell.

  462. Heather Hyden

    They should be shipped off to a country that would give them something to talk about.. See how they enjoy not having the freedom of speech… Or rights to protection…

  463. Tami Sheffler

    No one needs to ban these pigs from speaking their mind. The American people will "convince" Westboro that they should just crawl back under a rock. I traveled 2 hours to attend a soldiers funeral where these animals were supposed to protest….had the spineless pigs showed up, there was a "welcoming committee" ready.

  464. Deb Leavy

    I Can't believe these people 27 Inniocent kids lost their lives and they have the gall to do things like this! Let me ask them this question where would they still be doing what they are doing if it was their child that was killed? Please people have some respect and sympathy for the familes of the dead who have to instead of buing christmas presents for thier children now have to buy them coffins. My prayers go out to those familes.

  465. Rob Nichols

    This cant be for real? Seriously? They are going to picket at a school where this horrible crime was committed and do it in the name of God? This group is the reason why people walk away from the church in the first place… because of their ridiculous and sick beliefs. They ought to really read their bibles, if they did, they would see how wrong they are. They are judging people & matters where they have no right to judge. This is horrible what has happened to these children and teachers and their families and loved ones. They have done nothing to deserve this and the families left behind in this tragedy have to face these idiots now? I swear, if I was up there in CT I would stand face to face with these idiots and tell them all how damn sick they really are! God is a loving God, compassionate, forgiving and merciful. These people are not acting in the image of God at all, in fact, they are acting the complete opposite. There ought to be something legally that can be done to stop these people. But you know what, they are going to be judged by the almighty for their actions! My heart just goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy, they do not need this on top of it all!

  466. Genevieve Human-Waldron

    Instead of hateful signs though they should be shown love signs forgiving them. It seems they need more love than hate. They want the anger and I wonder if compassion and mercy is what they should get. Just a after thought.

  467. Chris Inness

    This is an absolute disgrace.. I hope that the community gets out in force to prevent these people from even entering the block.

  468. Travis Davis

    Hopefully their bus with catch fire on the way to Connecticut and nobody within earshot will have the urge or desire to urinate.

  469. Suzan Johnson

    Hobby Lobby not only donates to these people Fred Phelps is a silent partner of Hobby Lobby. I had a friend that worked for them and told me that 5 years ago. I have not shopped them since that day.

  470. Terri Ozment

    army wtf published these peoples address, phone, email and everything yesterday and then took it off the internet before I could coppy it down… sick fucks…

  471. Curtis William Perdue

    I don't think it should be illegal for them to utilize their right to freedom of speech…I just think it should be legal for us to beat the sh*t out of them when they do.

  472. Brad Bradster

    Westboro, don't do what you plan to do at Newport. These are wee little children. Just don't do it. You read these comments, I'm sure. To the Police who will be reading these comments (they have to do it folks) the Nuremberg Principle applies. Turn a blind eye and let the warriors of this world deal with Westboro. The last man who assaulted a Westboro member in Fayetteville was a combat medic… he got charged and then charge was thrown out. They are losing. Its up to you as Police to judge what is right and wrong here… its on the street, if you do not turn a blind eye to the actions of those defending the memories of the little ones, you are as guilty as Westboro guys. Lastly, and without pretention, come to Australia Westboro…. protest one of my Brother in Arms funerals. You will receive an education that you will not believe. With my deepest condolences and respect to all those impacted by this terrible tragedy.

  473. Marie Martin

    This needs to stop, and we need to stop giving the church attention.. This is about the kids, lets not forget that.. Once the press listens to us, and they stop giving the idiots the attention they want so badly, then they will get tired of it.. I just wish I had a bomb, and could fly, I would bomb the church and everyone in it.

  474. James Brandon Loyd

    wow westboro ummm are y'all reading the same bible I am because mine says God love everybody especially them innocent baby's that are now dancing with God westboro y'all are some kind of stupid maybe y'all need to read the holy bible and not what ever that book y'all are reading

  475. Cristel Carrell

    This makes my heart hurt and sick to my stomach… God spreads love not hate so how dare these lunatics do this! I pray that one day they will face God's wrath for their evil doings, and I pray for the family members who are suffering from this tragic event, may God be with them during this sad time.

  476. Trumpy Keith

    every time i hear the name Westboro..i suddenly feel the stongest urge to jump on a plan,,buy myself some serious hardware and do some serious damage to those brain dead lowlife bunch of crackers..their exploits just become more and more vile and evil everyday

  477. Keri Riffle

    If I have to, drive the whole way from MD just to support their unwelcome invite.

  478. Kay Proctor

    Wish I lived in Connecticut, or the US in general, so I can stop these delusional shits.

  479. Natalie Silipena

    These are the kind of people who commit these kind of crimes. Attention whores!! They will do anything to get their 15 min of fame. Weirdos!!!!

  480. Suzanne Reuter Accashian

    It is this behavior that is abhorrent to God. How could anyone let alone one who claims to walk with Christ think of judging anyone. These were innocent babies who have gone straight into the arms of Jesus. My prayer is that a wall of angels will block these people form the view of anyone so that only the Love of God will be known in this horrific event.

  481. David McShane

    I grew up as the son of a protestant minister in Topeka Kansas, and my father was known for his kindness, and great sense of humanity. There is no way that he would have ever done anything but criticize these completely idiotic, and ungodly people. And I as his son, am highly tempted to return just to beat Phelps' ass myself. Only problem is…I'm now happily content living in Europe, and have no desire ever, to return to the fucked up place of my birth. I think it's about time the Fed quit being pussies and prosecuted the leaders of this church under hate-crimes law.

  482. Anonymous

    If the media ignored the westboro idiots, and they weren't getting all the free publicity, they would soon stop.

  483. Jessica Grenon Hannon

    Everyone In Newtown CT make a human wall so they cant get through.I heard it has worked before at keeping them out.That is disgusting..let them grieve in peace.Those poor poor people have been through enough:(

  484. Tana Kaz

    Id gladly give up my free speech law if it stops wack jobs like these cultists, I cant believe the law wont stop them, we really are screwed if this kind of stuff is allowed, this type of group is often where shooters grow from.

  485. Nathan Weyer

    Just remember.. outrage is their business. WBC has created a rather profitable legal business based off doing outrageous things, getting local townships to ban them, and then suing for violations of their rights. They are being as shocking as possible in order to bait locals into doing something that can result in large legal judgments against them. If people stopped failing for this game, they would likely die away.

  486. Gayle Wells

    Look at that young boy's expression. A picture paints a 1000 words. What will his future be in a country obsessed with guns? So sad.

  487. Anonymous

    This is 100% bs. The kids have gone through enough. Picketing should be 100% illegal. How would they like us to come to one of their funerals or disasters to protest their life? What they are doing is just as much of a sin as anything else. Point one finger, three fingers will be pointed back at you.

  488. Patricia Crawford

    I am from Ohio and ify fiance and I could we would come help protect the children and their families from these ignorant excuses of people. These are times where survivors and families need support, not be humiliated by these dumb assess.

  489. Anonymous

    oh and another thing….I bet they all would be singing a different tune if "GOD "sent the shooter to them and their families.

  490. Billy Lambeth

    God is love not hate. These people who claim to follow God are from the same DNA that killed those beautiful children, teachers, Mother and principal. God loves ALL people. He weeps for his children. These people have the heart of Satan not God! I live in California, I think the idea about running them out of town is a good one.

  491. Brian Podosek

    This is awful and not Christianity, Christians are never taught to do this. I am a follower of Christ and I do not support what this "church" is doing. How could they do this? I ask everyone to not take this as their view of Christians because these people are extremists and should not be representing the name of Jesus in this way. They are extremists just like there are atheist extremists on the other side.

  492. Martin Burns

    Annnnd, now they have everyone talking about them. This is _exactly_ the reaction they're looking for. The best way to deal with a bully? Ignore them. If they can't get a rise out of us – as they're clearly doing now – they can't win. I'm sure there are several members of their organization reading this and any other thread they're mentioned in with glee. I say we go old-school Bible on them, and do a shunning. No more commentary.

  493. Michael Shen

    There is actually a law " Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring For Camp Lejuene Families Act of 2012" that specifically target these people and preventing them from picketing funerals of dead soldiers. It's sad that we are in a situation where these laws are even necessary. These are first graders filled with innocence and life, and no God nor religion would deem this right. Their blatant abuse of Freedom of Speech should be noted and action need to be taken. If they do picket the funerals of these children, that would be a new low, even for them. My heart and condolences goes out to these families. They have suffered enough, without these ignorant people crashing the funerals.

  494. JoAnn Ferraiuolo

    Leave the people of Connecticut alone……they sent their children to school….where they believed they were safe. Let them grieve and keep your mouths shut for once. Yes, we are guaranteed free speech under the constitution but there is a time and place for everything. There are two kinds of class…….low and not low. These people of Connecticut have demonstrated the highest form of class. Leave them alone!

  495. Sophie Voillot

    Interesting claim that Westboro Baptist Church is a scam.

    "Whether he (Fred Phelps) believes his posters or not is irrelevant.
    He's using this as a moneymaking scheme.
    Lay one finger on him, do one thing that violates him, and he will sue you, and more importantly, the city, the police department, the US Military, and any private property owner he happens to be standing on to make money off of it."

  496. Charles Craig Davis

    These people need taken out. Someone out there has a bullet for each one of them.

  497. Stephanie McHugh

    Again, does anyone have Actual Info on schedule? I need date and time. I will happily spend a spell in jail, but I dunno where they are going to be and when….

  498. Dawn Wentlandt

    Please tell me that a sniper unit will be on hand to drop them where they stand. They are no church, they are a cult.

  499. Amy Theriault Venable

    I have nvr heard of Baptists, especially a Baptist church group, being so cruel with the words they wrote. I believe in God and would love for God to be brought back to the schools and my son attends a public school – Does that mean Our family is to be blamed because the State took God out of it, our family should be punished and deserve for our son to possibly be murdered! No one is to blame but the shooter. No I don't think the school should be picketed – nothing like rubbing salt in a sore wound. God did not ask for this to happen either, it was not a punishment – as God is a forgiver, not a punisher! God be with the Families that lost loved ones.

  500. Tara Rickard

    Ok, I have SO had it with this world. BABIES died last week, children that did not have a choice in this world. I read about gun control, racial controversy, praising God for murders and picketing funerals. Where are the stories about how these parents will deal with this tragedy? Where is the outreach to the children who survived this horrific ordeal? Where is the support for the teachers in this school? Again our country deals with tragedy by the hands of our own people. You want to blame someone? Let's blame ourselves for brushing off our common sense, morals and values. You don't need government regulation, civil rights or the church to know that we have become lazy. We allow our children to bully others, we allow the schools to teach about one race more than another, we give "free speech" to obviously mentally ill people who cannot control their sickness. We medicate, incarcerate, give rights to lunatics, allow abuse of our own government system, give power to money hungry politicians, keep secrets, make the rich richer and the poor poorer, send food and money to other countries in need when there is a need on our own soil, we give illegal aliens refuge with rights, housing and money then they kill our people or live better than the hard working Americans, etc, etc, etc. When does this country start taking care of their own? Why are there homeless people on the streets when our government and/or special needs groups are sending food, money, water to the rest of the world? IT NEEDS TO STOP! So this country needs to come together, come together as human beings with no regard to politics, race, sexual preference or religion. My heart hurts for the children and teachers that lost their lives last week and my heart hurts even more for the mess it left behind.

  501. Al Vadnais

    As a retired soldier, I fully support the free exercise of the rights that I spent my life defending (yes, even the rights for these dipsticks). However, using the horror of this incident to spread hatred and bring attention to yourself at the expence of the victims. That's just plain wrong. I support the free exercise of rights, not the abuse of those rights.

  502. Joan Diamond

    How would these haters feel if it was one of their children or family members. Those digusting people and their digusting people should be thrown in jail for their terrible comments.

  503. Al Vadnais

    These people are indeed sick and insane, not to mention just plain stupid. That being said, do not fall into the trap of anger and hatred that they inspire. Instead, take them as what they are, an example of how not to be.

  504. Marcus Allsup

    What is equally disturbing is the silence from other Baptist churches. Where there should be condemnation, all we hear is crickets…

  505. Dallas Coffield

    These people are not Christians. There is nothing Christian about the hate and vile that spews from them. They are the worst kind of media loving, attention needy, pariahs.

  506. Ann Elida Hodgkins

    is this phelps for real? when are people going to stand up to them? this isn't freedom of speach, this is just pure hatred. what kind of God are they lovin? and to teach this kind of hatred to your children? I want to puke. sure would love to come face to face with THIS group..they're the KKK only they include all races.

  507. Carleene Ratliff

    these people are not a church they are hateful cult GOD will punish them. they are the ones going to hell. I wish I could be there to help protect those families from them.

  508. Sonny Read

    I think that you are all a bunch of opportunistic pussies.The westboro church has the courage to get in the middle of what they believe in, despite your threats.They are the at the forefront of testing the patience of those who say they believe in the first amendment.Your attempts at silencing them is evidence that you cherrypick your belief in freedom of speech….shame the fuck on you.Your level of outrage at the given picket site and the media sensitivity and its newness are irrelevent, it`s you punk…making threats when your belief in amendment one is tested.You are all fair weather friends to the bill of rights.

  509. Sonny Read

    The actions of Anon putting up their PERSONAL details is evidence of what a double standard you fucking hypocrites live by…you have no deep down honour.

  510. Kathy Baker Elvin

    If one person in that office had a gun he / she could have taken the shooter out!! The school nurse who was locked in a closet with another office worker for 4 hours could have taken him out before he killed those babies. Now he's famous WTF, this hs got to stop!

  511. Jo-Lea Mullen Makries

    would they be so "happy" if the shooter had come to their group and killed their children. I think there should be a law against such disrespect. These families are suffering and do not need this added to what they are going through.

  512. April D. Bunting

    Where are the truckers about now? It would be kinda hard for them to get there if their dumb assed vans were trapped in a convoy. Kansas isn't particularly close to Connecticut. Gotta use lots of Interstate!

  513. Jo-Lea Mullen Makries

    you misunderstood, i there should be some law that prohibits them being so blatantly disrespectful to the families that lost their small children. I understand we live in a country with freedom of speech and that should never be taken away however in cases like this there should be something set in place that keeps them from getting to close to the school or the victims families

  514. Valerie Davis

    Westboro needs to go back where they belong….Right to hell….Piece of crap what if it was their children oh that's right they don't care….

  515. J Renee Hunter

    But also think would we have the same reaction if it was this group or would we be thinking "great some one got rid of them".

  516. J Renee Hunter

    The Coast Guard office in Topeka has been dealing with this group for over 20 years that I know as their favorite target are military personnel since they represent the government they so hate.

  517. Jo-Lea Mullen Makries

    I would not be glad for this to happen to anyone, I don't care if these people are stupid and crazy, noone deserves this, especially innocent children

  518. Sonny Read

    What you think someone "deserves" should be irrelevent to what what you believe should be legal.

  519. Sarah Campbell

    These are the kind of heartless people who embarrass real Christians. If I could go protect the mourning families from them, I most definitely would! God would never condone such awful behavior, about any group! Just read your bible, Westboro Baptist Church, you will find that He loved even the prostitutes! So grow up! >:(

  520. Corinne Whitley

    Embarrassed doesn't even describe how I feel about this article. One of God's greatest attributes is LOVE. He loves all things, all people. He is crying too, not only for the children that joined Him in Heaven, but for the shooter too. I can't even begin to imagine the pain that guy must have been in, to go so crazy. These Christians do in fact need to read their Bible, and I completely agree with you on everything you said up above. Ridiculous.

  521. Shelby Dawn Gay

    Holy fuck I hope someone mass shoots these sick mother fuckers. There is not limit to the hate my heart holds for these people. They are the only ones I've ever come across that I can not empathize with in any way.

  522. Melissa Lewis Hartings

    what a sick and fucked up church.I hope they all get shot and die slowly and painfully, I want to carry a sign and protest at all thier funerals.Depraved inhuman sickos.

  523. Monica Harrison

    These people have no morals, or values. They are looking at religion completely wrong. It just makes me sick that anyone could ever act like this and think its normal and right. Get the hell out of this country.

  524. Alyssa Bourg

    This is way out of line. My marriage to my partner had or will never have anything to do with a phsyco murdering innocent children. 20 children at that. And 40 parents will never see those beautiful faces again. How's is that gods work? These people clearly need to have the fear of god because they will be first on his list.

  525. Adrian Anderson

    Condolences to the people of CT. Secondly, if they ever came to my home after such a tragedy they wouldn't be leaving except in body bags.

  526. Lysandra Vickers

    Stupid ignorant people that twist things. Those little kids had nothing to do with there version of the bible. They were only elementary kids with a whole life ahead of them, now their parents are left grieving because of a psycho. God had nothing to do with the deaths of these little children. So don't get it twisted. I respect baptists. But this group has fallen to a new low.

  527. Destiny Nichole Kilpatrick

    For a CHURCH of all things to do something like that makes me sick to my stomach! THose children and adults were innocent and what did they have to do with gay marriages and stuff like that? I mean really?

  528. Paul Lindsay


  529. Gina Lee

    These people are sick individuals. My condolences to the whole state on your loss of innocent lives.

  530. Donna Robbins Whitt

    Love they neighbor as thyself. God is love……don't try to hide behind God showing hatred toward your fellow man!

  531. Jessyanne Aumick

    I agree as all of you that them protesting the funerals is wrong, but all of you who say you wish that they were the victims are also wrong. Wishing something like that on anyone, no matter how sick and twisted they are is no better than what they are doing. The fact is this is a tragedy, no one can go back in time and change it, and its not fair to the families that this terrible act happens the day of their son/daughters funerals but really. Stand your ground to keep them back for the sake of the mourning, but also remember this is a time for peace on earth and good will towards men. Love thy neighbor and pray for those who persecute you. Don't wish for them to be harmed, hope that they are in an accident, or threaten to do things to them that would make you no better than the shooter in the eyes of the lord.Show them what real Christianity is, show them they are wrong, but do it in a way that shows you are the better person.

  532. Samantha Pietarinen

    God says to love our neighbors and our enemies; he is the one to judge not us. This is wrong and the devil has disguised himself with this group of people. Yes everything happens for a reason but the families need support not another situation to harm them in their lives. God will have his day of judgement. Despite anything that is stated in the bible we are not the judges, only God can judge and he is a loving and forgiving God. He understands that we humans make mistakes which is why Jesus was sent to us, to save us for our sins. We don't have to like everyone's actions in life but we do have to love everyone that walks this earth; I hope God reaches this group as He is intended to reach the people of this earth.

  533. Keegan Shepherd

    Ah westboro… I wouldn't expect any more of you. Hopefully people will picket your funerals after you get killed for picketing Sandy Hook

  534. Trent Galbraith

    Hate in any form is, by its definition anti-Christ, so is this what they meant in Revelation? These people need a collective punch in the throat. For shame. Love thy neighbor, despise their rhetoric. Can't spell "mad dogs" without dogma.

  535. Robin Calabrese

    A school with innocent children inside gets shot up yet these retards are still standing.I hope that community comes together to stand their ground against these idiots, let those little angels rest in peace and that town needs to heal, they need to stay out of Newtown!

  536. Ellen Reeves

    All of you people stand together for these hetherns. That is disgusting & it makes me sick for people to call themselves christians to want to do such a thing. These families are going thru a horrible time & this so called church is making it worse.May these families stay strong & keep their faith in God.

  537. Chris Howard

    you have to be fucking kidding me hopefully there is one more shooting in america

  538. Jeremy Eertmoed

    I tell you what all this is beyond sick they will be juged in the end,,,,,, and all else aside GOD loves everyone however he can not or I should say will not mess with free will this act was on the shooters head not GODS I pray fer my children on a daily basis I can not even PHATHOM how these familys feel but none of us and I MEAN NONE OF US should turn our backs on GOD very any reason….. with that said all I can say is these people not only don't believe in GOD they are also truly truly MENTALY UNSTABLE so was the assumed gunman so in away this church is drawn to the evil because they to are evil GOD bless the familys who had to live through that you are in my heart and prayers.

  539. Brian McDaniel

    Gods word is divine but its not this churches place to execute judgment and are a pitiful lot to think they should. Don't just take part of what God has told us and forget the part about the mote in our owneye. Come on people Whatkinda hell you trying to raise?

  540. Jess Bedsaul

    These people are crazy and should burn in hell it's such a sad tragedy and you want to say it was Gods work you all will be beat if you protest

  541. April D. Bunting

    You know, this isn't a freedom of speech or right to picket or anything. It's hate. It's bullying and no different from a hate /bullying crime just to make someone else feel bad. This isn't a right to practice your religion any way you like. I'm sure there is some savvy Attorney Firm ala Erin Brockovich to do something about them.

  542. Robert Borrell

    They better understand, people.from all parts.of.the country.will be coming to stop these dirt bags. There will be a massive violent riot and most likely some deaths.

  543. Jennifer Brooks

    How do these innocent people have anything to do with Gay marriage? People like the ones at Westboro Baptist are the reason I don't go to church. Hypocrites! Doesn't the bible say "Love thy neighbor" I don't think it says hate anyone because they are gay or don't believe what you believe. All you are doing is spreading your HATE to your kids. Why not teach tolerance and respect.

  544. Chris G. Briggs

    As an RCA (Reformed Church) Elder and pastoral assistant, their godless, evil acts disgust me. Their "judgement theology" is EVIL. I live in Michigan or I'd be there to stand with you. Remember, turn your backs to them and do not respond to anything they say or do. If all Americans, all victims, all Christians ignore them TOTALLY, they have no power. God blesses the little children. He does not use them as sacrifices. "I desire mercy, not sacrifice".

  545. Karen Roughton Bacino

    If someone walked into the Westboro Baptist Church and massacred half the congregation, would the other half picket and praise God for those killings? Where and with whom does their judgment end?

  546. Michelle Paul

    If they dare show their faces here in Utah at Emilie's funeral, then they're going to regret it. Hopefully, they're just going to bypass us, so good luck to you people in Connecticut. We're with you in spirit.

  547. Lora White

    can any one give me information on any organised counter protest planned for the funeral tomorrow in woodbury. please I would like to help but I can not drive the two hours there with out knowing I will even get near the funeral.

  548. Rose Belflower

    I, personally, am not a fan of Twitter. But, I would make a Twitter account just to be yet another voice telling these warped religious extremists that they have no place to pour so much hate in this world and they are not spreading God's message in the least bit. What is wrong with you that you feel you should condemn children? I feel like they represent everything that's corrupt in this world and I'm deeply shamed to share the same country as them.

  549. Sara Gwinn

    I wish I could be in CT just to help people block these assholes from any more damage, I'm sorry CT children where killed cause god is punishing ct for allowing gay marriage? R U FUCKING FOR REAL, iv read, watch and learn alot about the westboro baptist church and there are NO church there a cult and a hate group…..Fuck these People.

  550. Joe Leach

    To make it clear to the non-believers, God hates sin. No way around it. These people are not motivated by God in any way. They are motivated by a single man who needs to get on his knees and ask God for forgiveness for what he has done against people and against the Kingdom of God. Real Christians love all people, but not there sins. Christians do not promote hate or chaos. God Bless Everyone. And have a Blessed Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the seaon.

  551. Janette Hamilton

    OMG! I thought I had seen the height of crazy with the shooting of these poor children but this takes the cake! It is unbelievable that these people could even think of bringing their BS to Sandy Hook Elementary in the wake of these shootings! Whatever reason this shooter thought he had for killing these people I can assure you that it was not prompted by gay marriage! The idea is ridiculous! This was not GOD, God did not killed these children, they were killed by a lunatic, and apparently it knocked something loose because now it seems the lunatics are taking over the asylum!

  552. Jessica Shenk

    Really? Westboror is not a church they r a cult this is sickening!

  553. Andrew Reeves

    This is a CULT, no Church of GOD or Christ, read revelations, many of these kinda fools will appear at the end, and poof, here THEY are, take heed folks of maniacs in "YOUR neighborhood. Because God and Christ are Love not mean spirited like these near sighted FOOLS! No I'm not Judging anyone! Just know a Farce when I see one, granny taught me this and she was right being from old school 1900 lol..Had to throw that in as a WARNING about Cults like these, and Jim Jones and such..

  554. Elena Gargano

    can someone get a paintball gun and paintball their signs. At least their filthy words won't show?

  555. Rachel Mary

    I think I Shud be against the law for them to picket at funerals, how heartless cud these ppl get? These 26 families are mourning over the death of their beautiful children and these ignorant group wants to picket at the funeral saying it's gods work? I wud prob shoot them and say its God work

  556. Austin Collins

    And people put down the Catholic Church? These are not followers of Christ. Protesting is how they started against Catholic Church, and now their protests show us that they have been in error since they leftbthentrue church. These are NOT Christians this is truly satan's work. Get behind me satan is what the town in Newtown should be proclaiming, God does not ever will evil! Only satanists behave this way.

  557. Melissa Swaney

    Matthew 7.1: "Judge not, lest yes be judged." On Judgement Day, they will meet their Maker, and only He will decide if He will let them into Heaven. In my opinion this church should not be allowed to picket at these childrens' and adults' funeral. The Police, State Representative, President, and others should out of respect for these childrens' and adults' families prevent this from happening. However, understanding how the First Ammendment reads they are free to do so. All I can say is that someone, perhaps the disgruntled parent, or family member, of a child who perished in this massacre, will possibly take matters into his/her own hands, using their Second Ammendment rights to off member(s) of this church. My prayers go out to the children and adults families and all whose lifes they've touched, and hope they may find comfort in each other and in God.

  558. Melissa Swaney

    And to get children involved in this picketing is horrific. I'm wondering how the church would feel if one, or some, or all, of the children in their congregation were murdered. I assume they would put down their signs. Unfortunately these children will be looked down upon and teased at their schools for being a part of this travesty. Obviously these parents didn't use common sense, or think of their children and the effects on them before getting them involved. Why bring Soldiers who have given their lifes to protect them and gay/gay marriages to blame for this? Obviously there were problems at home, as well as with the Father he had not communicated with for 2 years. It sickens my stomach to use this as an excuse to kill innocent children and adults to satisfy their selfish and unfounded beliefs.

  559. Carrie Davis Segura

    I wish I lived there. I hope you guys kick the living shit out if these bastards. They do not work for God they work for the devil. I am so pissed. please please somebody stop them from even stepping foot in that town.

  560. Donnette Webster

    I wonder if God would be interested in executing his judgement on a church full of hate and a preacher who has led them that way?

  561. Shane Lewis

    In almost every place they go citizens attempt to block them and it works to an extent. Kinda like puttting ant poison on an ant mound. They just move. If you squash them or burn them they don't move. Maybe a few homeade hand grenades or a few submachine guns would help. I would vote the killer of these attention whores innocent if I were a juror especiallly if it were done at a soldiers funeral. Like it or not it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see these folks' brains splattered over their picket signs or a few Colombian neck ties would do.

  562. Tia Woods

    There should be a law….sick muthafuckas!!! Thas jus wrong for them to be able to do this nonsense! Come on…really? Funerals?

  563. Jack Mills

    It makes me so discusted that these hethens would talk down about other peoples tragedy. if my child was one of the unlucky ones and I hear ppl talking bout it serves her right… well god will have to forgive me for what I am gonna do to them.. just saying

  564. Tom Kohls

    these people have been doing this under 1st amendment protection since the 80's…they go to funerals of gay men and women and announce gods judgement(like we don't all die)none of their rhetioric makes sense, but they choose times of grief and sorror to spread their hate in gods name. they look forward to hearing of these horrors and then construe the event to fit their brand of christian hatred…they have a special hatred for gay people but anyone that does not think and feel as they do are potential victims…some of the signs they carry are so hate filled and troublesome I won't repeat them here, they are that awful. they feel totally justified and many have grown up in the church and know of no other way to think. and with the popularity of home schooling for many religious fanatics the poor kids never see the real world…it is very sad…all we can do is try to ignor them and real christians can try to spread a message of love and tollerance to disipate the hate. there is a documentary on netflix about them called"FALL FROM GRACE"…the sting of hatred that gay people have felt all their lives spreads outwords with this group. I don't know if it helps for others to expierience what this kind of hate they we feel often, feels like;but I do know that it is wrong no matter who it is directed toward…

  565. Kenneth Barten

    Jeseus was a Rabbi…
    Does this mean they hate the big J-man and everything he stands for as well?
    Or do they just hate themselves and hate for the sake of hating?

  566. Brian Reese

    Mr. Phelps will be in good company someday soon burnin in hell and gettin it up the wazzooo. Freedom of speech is one thing but this is beyond freedom of speech it's a hate crime .

  567. Pamil Sidhu-Lein

    In the name of Jesus Christ, I banish all imposters of the Lord or false believers, just like Jesus said.. I know in my heart Jesus is real, but I also know God would never live among or endorse such cruelty by anyone. When the Rapture comes, they will remain on earth, revealing their TRUE nature.
    Go to He11 and stay there.

    God Bless the innocent souls at Sandy Hook. I do not think disarming OTHER people is the solution, but at this time let at least Peace settle down without wild animals roaming around the victims.

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