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Rupert Murdoch On Gun Control: It’s Time To Ban Automatic Weapons

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It’s time to ban automatic weapons, according to Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of News Corp. and owner of Fox News, said that the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut this week made it clear that it is time to ban automatic weapons in the United States.

Murdoch wrote on Twitter: “Terrible news today. When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons? As in Oz after similar tragedy.”

Murdoch may be urging politicians to ban automatic weapons but several pundits on Fox News have taken the opposite stance. Mike Huckabee recently said that there was no point to change the gun laws in the United States. Huckabee, who blamed the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on a lack of God in the classroom, said that changing the gun laws wouldn’t make America a safer place.

Huckabee said:

“People want to pass new laws… but this is a heart issue, laws don’t change this kind of thing … We ask why there’s violence in our schools, but we’ve systematically removed God from our schools,” Huckabee said. “Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?”

Ann Coulter went a step further to say that America needs to make guns more accessible to deter future shootings. Coulter said that if America had more “concealed-carry laws” then school shootings like the one in Newtown, Conn. would be less likely to happen.

Coulter said:

“Only one policy has ever been shown to deter mass murder: concealed-carry laws … more guns, less mass shootings.”

Critics of Fox News may be surprised to hear Rupert Murdoch advocating for stricter gun control laws but Murdoch has pushed the issue in the past. After the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Murdoch wrote on Twitter:

“We have to do something about gun controls. Police license okay for hunting rifle or pistol for anyone without crim or pscho record. No more.”

Do you think gun control laws need to be changed in America?

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245 Responses to “Rupert Murdoch On Gun Control: It’s Time To Ban Automatic Weapons”

  1. Jim Parker

    MORE gun control Rupert shouts from his armored up limo…with the armed security detail in tow……disarm the sheeple! the peasants are on their own.

  2. Joe Lhotak

    We cant get automatic weapons as it is. There banned already for most people unless you have an FFL class 3. I.E you sell them as a business to law enforcement or military. Stick to what you know Rupert Murdoch. And that's not much.

  3. Charles Steinberger

    The political crazy folks are at it again. First in real life you don't have what they call a second amendment right By the constitution we are allowed to carry the same weapons as the militia and of course there is no legal militia in most parts of the USA therefore no guns allowed because no militia allowed. So you think that argument is crazy. If we returned the law your worthless congress didn't extend(and as of yet not given any good reason) there by giving Joe Lhotak's comment incorrect. And if we closed the gun show loophole and extended our laws to the internet that would be a good start. The other major gun laws I would ban would be concealed weapons if you carry you show it. And you can only buy one gun a month. I realize that would put a burdon on most folks only allowing them 12 new guns-rifles a year. But I guess we all need to sacrifice. One last statement following these guidelines most of the readers would still have guns if they wanted.

  4. Lyle Zerla

    Rupert. Automatic weapons were banned in this country in the 1920's because the politicians were afraid of the WW1 vets that knew how to use them. Maybe you are out of your league on the subject.

  5. Mike Edlin

    Add a comment…Hey Murdoch..automatic weapons have been banned since the 1930"s! get your facts straight before you talk out of your ass!

  6. Paul Holland

    have you ever been to australia. society is very similar to the US but the number of gun related murders is completely different. why? rules about guns are completely different. these people who advocate walking about with guns want a very scary world.

  7. Joe Lhotak

    "So you think that argument is crazy. If we returned the law your worthless congress didn't extend(and as of yet not given any good reason) there by giving Joe Lhotak's comment incorrect". When the "ban" was in effect it didn't stop you from getting semi auto rifles and weapons. All it did was ban the size and configuration of the gun. "extended our laws to the internet that would be a good start"? last time I checked you can only get a fire arm over the I-net through FFL dealers. You cant ship from person to person unless both are FFL holders. Hence you still go through a back ground check even if you purchase over the Inet.

  8. Mark Mitchell

    The idea we will have heavily armed expert marksmen kindergarten teachers is absurd. Its just a cop out instead of discussing actual gun control.

  9. Anonymous

    Automatic weapons are already banned in the U.S. What the hell is Murdoch talking about?

  10. Mark Mitchell

    As long as automatic weapons are readily available, anyone can gt them. Obviously.

  11. Abel Garcia

    I hate to go against such a tax reclusive man as Mr. Murdock but automatic weapons are already baned execpt for the military, police. Since the mafia and other asssorted gangs also have these weapons, it seems logical that more laws won't work unless Mr. Murdock wants to band automatic weapons from the military and assorted police forces. More gun laws won't affect the madia and other assorted gangs.

  12. Anonymous

    With new law criminals will still be able to get them. Gun control with not stop murder.

  13. Mark Mitchell

    Murdock is NOT talking about fully automatic weapons (hold down the trigger and the gun fire a spray of bullets). He means semi-automatic weapons, like he ones used in almost every mass shooting (one shot each time the trigger is pulled, with a large capacity magazine). Everyone here that says automatic weapons are already banned knows this. The pro-gun crowd is the most deceitful political lobby in America. Their "facts" are specious, and their arguments are illogical or downright lies. The choose not to educate, but to obfuscate.

  14. Kurt Cannon

    Gun control has never been tried in the US. If one can buy many guns in Va. and sell them in NY there iw no gun control. The US has more civilain gun deaths in one year than the rest of the world pput together. It's time folks.

  15. Moke Kahalehoe

    There's a brilliant idea, lets put guns in a school that is filled with children… because everyone knows that grown-up can't commit mass murders. Putting guns in schools is one of the dumbest ideas that is being thrown around right now. No weapon of any sort should be kept near children. What happens if you keep a gun in a school with adolescents, and one of the teens decides that day to take the gun and go on a shooting spree???

  16. James King

    Israel has armed teachers the keep full auto weapons with them at all times…… maybe we need to get ahold of and get rid of the liberal nuts.

  17. Chris Box

    Mr Mitchell, a "copout" REALLY? The only person that could have saved those kids WAS AN ARMED TEACHER! It works for the Israelis,it will work here! It wasn't the gun that walked in that school. Blame the problem!

  18. Barbara A Neely

    Don't blame the gun. The fault in this case lies in the family. They knew this son had mental problems, yet they left loaded guns right where he could get his hands on them. And we certainly don't want guns placed in the hands of the school. If they have security guards, maybe them. But they need to be someone that can be counted on. Not someone that is just pulled off the street and told "your HIRED to be our security guard."

  19. Anonymous

    do u realize that rupert is part of the new world order! americans 100 million gun owners with a least 3 per person–, who's going to take them! people kill people, don't blame the tool they decide to use. blame the person, dumb liberals.

  20. Luke Buczek

    I'm a teacher in an elementary school, and that's a TERRIBLE idea. Think about it. A school FULL of small children and you're advocating putting a guns INSIDE? It's MUCH more likely that there would be an accident with the gun than a teacher actually shooting an intruder. I'm a teacher, but I am in NO way qualified to handle a weapon. Train me and buy me a gun you say? Wouldn't that cost a lot of money to do that nation wide in all schools (not even remotely logical)? Isn't that against your fiscally conservative politics? We're short on books and staff and you want to pay for guns and training for ALL of us! Not to mention put a WEAPON in a school full of small children? I'm sorry but that's an absolutely ridiculous idea. The REAL problem is that you all won't compromise. This ISN'T a political issue. This a problem solving exercise. The problem is guns, and the solution ISN'T more guns, or doing nothing. I can't believe nine people even liked Bill Hacksworths original comment. It's absurd. I support gun control, but that doesn't mean I'm advocating a gun ban. I'm saying make the laws for illegal gun possession SO harsh that criminals will think twice before buying and selling them. This will also drive up the black market price (I studied economics in college). Make the process for purchasing a weapon more strict. Only allow police officers and military to posses automatic weapons. If you're a civilian you don't need an automatic weapon. I'm a varsity football coach and an elementary teacher and I'm telling you we DON'T need guns around our children. Some of you people need to open your minds and STOP playing politics. People are dying, and if you're so set in you right wing agenda that you can't compromise and try something that we haven't tried yet you should be ashamed. Again, I'm not advocating a gun ban…I'm advocating change in policies that could be effective. One thing is for sure; Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We can never improve this society if we can't compromise. Liberals and conservative we are all Americans. You can laugh at me or belittle my ideas if you want, but when the first people said the world was round people laughed at them too!

  21. John Gifford



  22. Nelson Todd

    Rupert. No automatic weapons were used. The rifle was a semi automatic as were the hand guns. Still not quite sure which he used. Just ban the big clips and magazines. Limit them to 5 rounds instead of 15-20 round clips available for the Bushmaster rifle. Automatic weapons are already illegal to own without a very hard to get Federal license. Ted Nugent has one.

  23. Charlie Wilson

    There are only 20 million people in Australia. There are 300 million people in the United States. There are also a lot more gangs here in the United States. It might be a bit more difficult to enforce stricter gun control in the United States. Take a look at Chicago and Washington DC and then tell me how stricter gun laws would help the United States.

  24. Michael Maston

    Mark Mitchell :The M-60 General Purpose Machinegun is an example of an automatic weapon. Such weapons are already highly restricted. The Bushmaster XM-15 is a semi-automatic ( also known as an auto-loader ) in that one trigger pull fires one round. Automatic weapons fire multiple rounds with one trigger pull. The Bushmaster ( or AR-15 for that matter ) uses the same size cartridge, 5.56 nato ( Remington .223 caliber ) Functionwise, the Bushmaster operates in the same manner as a Ruger 10-22 rifle. Thre Ruger is a semi-automatic as well. Most modern rifles are, even the ones used for hunting.

  25. James Church

    I still don't understand how any stricter gun laws would do any good whatsoever. The US currently has strict Drug laws also but you can find them anywhere you want to, proven by the meth labs you see getting busted on tv every week. These people that are currently breaking the laws aren't going to care about one more offense against them.

  26. Anonymous

    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
    –Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria in On Crimes and Punishment (1764).

  27. Bill Hackworth

    Nobody said that the government should pay for it ….thats part of the problem…..allow teachers who want to be professionally trained and conceal and carry to do so…..not advertise it ……Luke the government can never legislate deadly weapons out of the hands of crazies and criminals(THE BAD GUYS) all the government can do is legislate you into a being a victim……thats why the founding fathers made it a point …….in pioneer days teachers had personal and classroon protection from the bad guys (Indians) to protect the kids and themselves….yes times have changed…but bad guys are still bad guys…..personal protection is the answer in a imperfect world in which we live……….

  28. Becky Clark

    Criminals are not committing these massacres – young men without records are.

  29. Anonymous

    David Bynum wrong David and semi automatic can be converted if you know how

  30. Bill Hackworth

    By the way….banning violent video games, television and have judeo christian values reinforce daily in schools would be more effective……..

  31. Michael Quattro

    Well, he's really in touch with things. Automatic weapons are banned for citizens as are many high capavcity pistol and rifle magazines in many states.
    There is hardly ever a uni-factorial solution to a multi-factorial issue. And when wil the entertainment industry accept that large share of the reponsibility for spewing out the huge volume of shooter video games and the highly violent, weapons-toting hero worship that masquerades as "cinema"?
    Perhaps there should be a 21-year old requirement to view some of this crap and the parents warned to shield their kids from it. I've seen many underage kids in these movies and games laughing at the liberal slaughter portrayed. just imagine the impact on people with some degree of mental illness, diagnosed or not! It's too easy to just blame the gun. let's see some real dialogues on all the causes.

  32. Jeff Veith

    Mark Mitchell I grew up in a time when we drove to school with hunting rifles and shotguns in the trunks of our cars or gun racks in the parking lot. Nobody looked twice at them. School shootings did not happen then. You may wish to rethink your perspective. In those days, they didn't happen, because as soon as someone opened fire, there would be 100 kids running out to the parking lot to take the shooter down. It just didn't happen, because there was too great of a deterent. Now people know that schools, etc are gun free zones, so they have no fear in carrying out the devil's work there. Get a clue.

  33. James Waterhouse

    This POS wanted to kill, he went to the store to buy a gun and he didnt succeed because the GUN LAW IN PLACE made him wait! Do you people stop and listen to yourselves, people exploit weakness "Gun-Free places" are only for law abiding citizens, thus making people that follow the law, victims. Locks only keep honest people honest, the POS kid broke through the glass cause the door was locked. Colorado movie theater had a weapon ban in the movie theater as well. Due to you bleeding heart hippies there is no cross referencing on mental illness due to HIPPA laws, and not being able to discuss "mental disease" when you apply to purchase a firearm!- That is insane, and while I support the right to bear arms, i do favor certain regulation changes, but you really are crazy to think that passing another law will magically end gun violence. The Brady Campaign ranks Connecticut #5 for best gun control laws in the USA, so yea pass some more laws they work well. Theres more guns in the world then people. Guns dont wake up in the morning get dressed, and go people. Now to the article Nobody can walk into a store and buy an automatic firearm anywhere in the USA legally. The ATF heavily regulates automatic weapons, look it up before you speak.

  34. Tim Yearian

    I'am glad mr murdoch is for gun control more big name people should and need to to get on board everyone but that dumb a– ann coulter.
    i'am glad mr murdoch is on board with gun control many more big name people and celbs should too.

  35. David Linch

    Actually, the news media is partially to blame for these sorts of things. Rupert Murdoch makes money every time somebody bleeds because it is the front page story. If the news didn't turn these psycopaths into celebrates, then there would be less reason for them to do this.

  36. Danilo Salvatera

    Founding fathers not so smart after all. "Right to bear arms" , worst constitutional amendment in history. NRA primary motive is profit from gun sales. Gun victims? sorry, children, you are collateral damage!

  37. Rick Street

    Mark Mitchell After the 1984 Mercaz HaRav massacre, Israelis trained and armed volunteers, teachers and teachers aides.Then placed the in their schools.No more school shootings.america needs to do the same.When seconds count the police are minutes away.

  38. Rick Street

    Rupert get a clue pal and learn about the National Firearms Act of 1934. Under the original Act, NFA "firearms" were machine guns, short-barreled rifles (SBR), short-barreled shotguns (SBS), any other weapons (AOW or concealable weapons other than pistol or revolver) and silencers for any type of firearm NFA or non-NFA. Minimum barrel length was soon amended to 16 inches for rimfire rifles and by 1960 had been amended to 16 inches for centerfire rifles as well. In recent years several SBRs, Winchester and Marlin "trapper" rifles made before 1934 with 14 or 15 inch barrels, were removed from the NFA (Title II), although they are still subject to Gun Control Act of 1968 (Title I).

  39. Anonymous

    Murdoch, Fox News, the Conservatives and the NRA have brought us all the killings… and the conservatives do not want to pay for emergency response or services…

  40. Robert Oliver Jr.


  41. Leonard Hollar

    One of the first things I read about this tragedy was from a Democrat member of Congress. He said something like: Machine guns, or automatic weapons should be banned.
    To him, and Mr. Murdock I say: There were no machine guns or automatic weapons involved you idiots.

    This is just another demonstration of how a large number of Democrats wish the re-institute the old Jim Crow laws, but this time they want to disarm the entire population, not just Blacks.
    Unfortunately, there are enough Blacks out there who simply don't understand what the Democrats _really_ stand for that they keep listening to their lies and continue to vote Democrat at the polls.

  42. Joe Wright

    Moke: How did the "no weapons around kids", work out for Sandy Hook ?????

  43. Raymond L Vaughn

    Let's clarify something. They were not automatic weapons but semi-automatic firearms, legally bought, with background checks. The error here is in the gunowner, apparently not securing the guns properly to prevent unauthorized persons from using them. This is tragic and horrible but on the same line as someone stealing your car keys and running through a crowd at an open air festival. And Bushmaster is a name brand, not a type of automatic firearm. They don't make automatic rifles, only semiautomatic firearms as do about 80 other manufacturers. Currently, automatic weapon and suppressor ownership requires a special license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, granted only after a complete background check including mental health records cross-checked with State Police records. True automatic weapons are super expensive ($10,000 plus) and out of the reach of most gunowners and HAVE to be transferred through an FFL. The shape of a firearm, a clone gun, does not make it a full auto weapon, it just looks like a military weapon but does not have the capability of one. Furthermore, all State laws require your guns to be locked in a safe or have active gun locks applied.Period. The State of Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. No law works if people choose to ignore them. No one has access to my firearms but me and my lawyer in a sealed will. Even my ammo, archery equipment and airguns are in safes, under lock and key, to protect my grandchildren from their own curiousity.

  44. Michael S Tarsi

    Murdoch! THEY ARE NOT AUTOMATIC WEAPONS! Semi-Automatic……… man get it right. And Coulter is right more armed people=less gun violence.

  45. Joe Wright

    Becky Clark These young mendo have records, but they are medical in nature. The last few mass killers, have been nuts that have slipped thru the cracks. Blame the Dr's ,that won't report these young men (late teens to early 20's). That is the time frame when males start to show mental problems.

  46. Joe Wright

    Paul, check your facts !! Asustralia, and England have a soaring crime rate, due to gun control. Fact check before you yack. Kurt, don't throw in remarks that are not needed.

  47. Joe Wright

    Charles S. please explaine why "liberal Jews, are so anti gun. Do you need Hitler or Stalin to "splain" it to you again ?

  48. Joe Wright

    Kurt, Conn., has strict gun control laws, they are # 5 on the Brady Bunch hit parade. How well did they work out?

  49. Joe Wright

    Mark Mitchell, nice reply, I'm sure your parents are proud, and happy to see your education was'nt wasted.

  50. Jack Stringer

    Linda Visman Wrong. Negroes are responsible for a disproportionate number of murders in the US. Throw in the so-called Hispanics and you have another source of gun violence. If you take white-on- white gun murders in the US the numbers are not that different from Australia.

  51. Anonymous

    How about tighter security at schools? This never happened when people learned to respect school. Nowadays, too many learn too little and hold the schools responsible for personal failures.

  52. Anonymous

    This isn't about guns – that's a cop out. The gun violence is a symptom of our inability to educate people and to make people respectful of each other. As long as we reward people for bad behavior (like not working or not getting educated is rewarded with a government check) we'll continue to have problems.

  53. Jack Stringer

    But you cannot tell them that. They are too ignorant to understand the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic weapon. You know for sure that they have never handled a firearm of any kind. Probably because they didn't have a daddy and played with dolls,

  54. Raymond L Vaughn

    Our hearts go out to the people of Sandy Hook. Crimes against these children, any children anywhere, suburban and urban, are atrocious and warrant full and complete prosecution and penalties. Heinous acts against defenseless kids deserves the most severe punishment allowed by the courts and the community. If you outlaw guns, only criminals who don't obey the law anyway will have them. In that case, where are my Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I am no longer a citizen but a victim in my own home. People own guns that work for them. I know individuals, including seniors and returning vets of our 10 year plus Sand Box Wars who can only handle certain configurations or types of firearms due to amputations from roadside bombs but understand the need for protecting themselves and family since criminals and nuts only prey on the vulnerable and unprotected of our society. Unless we are all going to get our own private policeman, things happen too fast in this day and age to assume you don't need protection, regardless of where you live, work or get your education. Yet we have to clarify something. Rupert Murdoch is one of the many misinformed. They were not automatic weapons but semi-automatic firearms, legally bought, with background checks. The error here, is in the gunowner, apparently not securing their guns properly to prevent unauthorized persons from using them. This is tragic and horrible but on the same line as someone stealing your car keys and running through a crowd at an open air festival. My parents and grandparents had firearms, we knew it but knew better than to touch them. Not so today since movies and video games glorify them and make them appear preferred for conflict resolution and playthings, not tools for hunting/competition. Shooting is an NCAA and an Olympic Summer and Winter Games sport around the globe, though most don't know it or acknowledge it. It's foolish to spend big money on something and be too cheap to buy good locks or a sound safe and permit your guns to be used against you or anyone else. We need to obey the law and use common sense. Lock them up! And Bushmaster is a name brand, like RCA or Ford, not a type of automatic firearm. They don't make automatic rifles, only semiautomatic firearms as do about 50 other manufacturers. Currently, automatic weapon and suppressor ownership requires you to pay for a special license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, granted only after a complete BATF/FBI background check including mental health records cross-checked with State Police records to determine if any prior criminal or domestic abuse problems exist. True, real automatic weapons are super expensive ($10,000 plus) and out of the reach of most gunowners and HAVE to be transferred through an FFL, a Federal Firearms Licensee. The shape of a firearm, a clone gun, does not make it a full auto weapon, it just looks like a military weapon but does not have the capability of one. Furthermore, all State laws require your guns to be locked in a safe or have active gun locks applied. Hiding your guns under the mattress or in a shoe box in a closet is not a proper or legal or sane procedure for safekeeping. Period. I say again Period. The State of Connecticut has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. No law works if people choose to ignore them by improper storage. No one has access to my firearms but me and my lawyer in a sealed will. Even my ammo, archery equipment and airguns are in safes, under lock and key, to protect my grandchildren from their own curiousity or fits of anger.

  55. Anonymous

    Linda Visman

    Unfortunately, the Department of justice disagrees with your assertion see: It shows that 56.4% of all gun homicide in the US are committed by blacks despite the fact that blacks are about 11% of the US population. That's not a statement about race – that's a statement about poverty and drugs. It's not about guns at all.

  56. Donald Steel

    I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but teach teachers the use of weapons. with the bad guy knowing that the teachers are not defenseless, and the teachers not having to lock themselves and their children in a closet just waiting for the bad guy to come in and shoot them I think that the bad guy would think twice and see that schools are not easy pickings like they are now. I'm sure that any of those teachers and administrators in Newtown all wished that they had had some type of defense. Just like in football, the best defense is a good offense.

  57. Mark Vidales

    Only if your body guards are banned from them to protect your dumbass!

  58. Anonymous

    More guns less crime, law abiding citizens need to be able to carry a conceal firearm if so desire, look at Arizona.

  59. Sam Spencer

    Mr. Murdoch, fully automatic weapons ARE illegal already, the weapons in Connecticut were not fully automatic. Semi-automatic weapons are commonly sold all over the world and thoughnot as menacing looking as an AK-47, there plenty of fifle models that employ clips, providing for a multiple firing capability.

  60. Catz Davis

    Murdock wants gun control so you wont shoot him or his associates while they tap your phone lines. It wont be long before other criminals support 'gun control'…just so that YOU don't have anything appropriate to defend yourself, family, kids, and property with. In my opinion, the problem/this problem, is a direct result of govt disarming americans and turning over 'personal protection', to the flipping police…who are out writing traffic tickets! Petty. God forbid should they see you without a seat belt. Adults need not speak anymore because nobody is going to listen. Parents having to jump on school buses to defend their children against bullies. Gangs that control certain neighborhoods. Folks that need a weapon just to go to the grocery store. Unlike Murdock, we don't live in a pampered, armed, gated community. I don't know if 5 or 6 armed teachers could have stopped this fellow in CT before he got to the kids…but I sure would have like, to have seen, 5 or 6 of those big guns taking him down before he got to the kids. But even then, ya just cant fix crazy when it snaps.

  61. Donald Steel

    Moke Kahalehoe There is a thing called a gun safe that can be mounted on or in a wall that could be installed and federally funded. Then you always have the chance that the teacher would go off on someone which is not out of the scope of possibilities but then there would be other teachers to intervene if that happened. Its not a perfect idea, but then this isn't a perfect world! Then there is the possibility of having a gun safe that could only be activated by two or more teachers from different locations like a fail safe lock. If you think taking away our guns is the answer then you know nothing about war and peace. It is a war out there and until you stand up to the bullies they will continue to strike fear in everyone's mind. I don't fear them because I carry, and after being in law enforcement for the past ten years and recently retiring, I have seen the people on the street that have no business walking the streets but because of the laws they are sane just enough to keep them out. That is part of the problem out there.

  62. Catz Davis

    I don't think that this is a 'gun law' issue whatsover. The event is tragic to say the least. But clearly, it seems the shooter was a victim of something else. Killed his mom at home, then went to the school. Yes, I am curious as to the spin the media will put on this.

  63. Anonymous

    The guns should have been properly secured….they were registered to the mother….there in lies the problem. There should have been no way for him to gain access to the weapons.

  64. Ryan Davis

    Hey Murdock, why don't you make it so your journalists don't make these people famous when they do these types of atrocities? That's the real driving force behind these maniacs. They know that they'll go down in history instead of being a nothing for the rest of their pathetic life. The media has these childrens blood on their hands. Murder is already illegal, I'm quite sure a gun law won't stop a mad man when he plans on taking his own life anyway.

  65. Anonymous

    When I was a United States Army Airborne Ranger, we had GUN CONTROL! No weapons or ammunition were allowed in private quarters. All weapons were locked in the armory, no ammo in barracks at all. I think similar laws should be passed for our citizens…here is more:

  66. Danny Holland

    If anyone trys taking my guns away they better have one..they'll need it Personally I think its time people realize If everyone had guns. people would be hell of alot less likely to rob a bank if the granny behind em's going to cap there ass.

  67. Beverly Jones

    Rupert Murdoch? Too funny, the same libs that bash FOXNews now want to align themselves with this old fossil? Please Australia take the old fart back.

  68. Anonymous

    Murdock needs to talk about something that he has some knowledge of. None of the weapons were fully automatic. You cannot own them without a class III federal license. I wish all of the teachers had been armed. If someone had set off a fire extinguisher at the guy he would not have been able to see and the powder will have choked him. A good offense always wins. We need barriers that can be activated in the halls to shut down these folks from getting to our kids. Cheap to do compared to the live we have lost. I speak from knowledge. I have stepped in several times in my life and kept people from being killed. I was well armed each time. The people I saved would not be here if I had not acted.

  69. Anonymous

    Mark Mitchell if you go around unarmed, you may be be a victim one day. If you are unarmed you have NO chance but with a weapon you may survive. I have taught may people the basics for their protection. Good luck hope evil does not show up where you are because you willbe seriously injured or dead.

  70. Gary Sarge Roland

    Go back to your homeland Rupert! You phone hack a murder child's cellphone, bring false hope to her parents so you and you boy James could make MONEY. You amoral beast.

  71. Beverly Jones

    We have no problem with armed guards in public buildings (court houses, Social Security office etc..) protecting adults, but do have a problem with armed guards protecting our children? What's up with that?

  72. Mike Cobb

    Let's leave Gun Control to the people who know something about guns… and that does not include Rupert Murdoch!

    Random thoughts:

    (1) The greatest mass murder in US History… September 11, 2001; New York City: Almost 3000 dead. Weapon used… airplanes. Killers were religious fanatics. It could be argued that such fanaticism that drives one to commit suicide is a form of mental illness.

    (2) The 2nd greatest mass murder in US History… April 19, 1995; OklahomaCity, OK: 168 dead, 450 wounded. Weapon used… a rental truck full of fertilizer. The killer was captured the next day with a gun in his possession. Why didn't he use his gun to commit the crime? Because he knew he could kill a lot more people with the fertilizer. He was officially determined to be psychologically unstable by the US Army and discharged.

    Moral: In both cases, firearms were not used to commit the crime.

    More random thoughts:

    (1) Newtown, CT… Dec 15, 2012: Twenty-six dead. Shooter is recognized by the entire town as being a mental case. Shooter is under legal age required to legally purchase a handgun. He steals his mothers firearms and makes her his first victim.

    (2) Virginia Tech University… Apr 16, 2007: Thirty-two dead, seven wounded. Shooter was mental case.

    (3) Aurora Theater, Colorado… Jul 20, 2012: Twelve dead, fifty-eight wounded. Shooter was mental case.

    Are we seeing a pattern here? None of these three tragedies would have occurred if the shooter had been in a mental institution where they belonged.

    The Virginia Tech shooting did result in a more serious attempt to prevent mentally ill persons from gaining access to firearms. Quoting from Wikipedia: The massacre prompted the state of Virginia to close legal loopholes that had previously allowed Cho, an individual adjudicated as mentally unsound, to purchase handguns without detection by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). It also led to passage of the first major federal gun control measure in more than 13 years. The law strengthening the NICS was signed by President George W. Bush on January 5, 2008.

  73. Randy Hays

    Of course he wants this debate! It sells newspapers. The root of this problem is the media sensationalizing it and publicizing the killers names. If the killers got no publicity, they wouldn't do it. They would kill themselves in their own bedrooms.

  74. Charles Morris

    Dear Mr. Murdock, Automatic weapons have been banned in the USA for a long time now. I think what you meant to say is that you want to ban semi-automatic weapons. Well you are just as ignorant and misinformed as about half of the people in america when it comes to gun control. Politicians, tree huggers, save the whale activists and candy ass fags need to stick to the things that they actually know about, which is little or nothing at all that really matters.

  75. Cindi Catwalk Sprock

    Steve Watchamacallit Cudd AGREED! I don't need an automatic!

  76. Anonymous

    This world has become full of selfish, greedy, lazy, angry people who feel they can do whatever they want, when they want, and to who ever they want. There is no more love and respect for life, no more love and respect for one another. Everybody likes to blame everyone but themselves. Those of you posting about how simple it is to just take another person's life, gunman or not, has clearly no respect for life at all. I worry about my children's safety every day, but I don't go out and arm my self to the teeth. Instead, I teach my children to have respect and love for others so as to be considerate of them to keep the peace. I teach them to have self-discipline so as to refrain from doing and saying things that could potentially put their lives in danger. Above all this, I teach my children to have faith in God and to always say a prayer every morning. I can't watch over them every minute of their lives, but He can. I pray this world, because it is not just America, realizes soon how much we need God back in our everyday lives.

  77. Anonymous

    My heart and prayers go out to all that have suffered and were taken. I am not able to fathom what this person thought – or any of the others in the last several years to cause such tragedy.

    I don't own a gun, but have been qualified to use many types. I understand the lethal nature of them. however, Ban guns for law-abiding citizens who do not go around and shoot children will only put your freedoms and life in danger. There is a black market out there that is more than willing to supply drug lords, maniacs, and other criminals. Remember this guy could not legally buy a gun…he took his mom's and killed her too. So the law prevented him from buying them, but nothing to keep them out of his hands.

    So how about putting cops or trained security officials on campus at all schools. Its a fact that police presence deters would be assailants and criminals (such as drug dealers).

    I would be happy to pay an extra in tax if we could put more police in the areas that will protect the ones we love rather than on the roads giving out tickets.

    Check bags at the front door, stop all coming to the school with out first being verified first. Guess what they do that with most of the government buildings in DC. And they don't seem to have this problem there.

    If you want to feel safe with your kids at school, use some common sense and put the authorities and laws into the proper place. Stop them at the door and have a good surveillance system in place to find the criminals and wackos before the get close.

  78. Joshua Kaufman

    All Israelis have to go through military service. I'm not for banning guns, but we should make sure lunatics cannot get their hands on them. Besides, the 2nd amendment was put into the constitution to allow citizens to rise up against a badly-behaving gov't – which due to military advances is almost the most impossible thing one can think of. Imagine armed rednecks against an Apache gunship or a tank. Hilarious!

  79. James Compton

    It's semi-automatic weapons. And if there were a law banning guns of any kind in a home with documented mentally unstable people living there, this wouldn't have happened.

  80. Joshua Kaufman

    Lester, that is such a stupid argument. I'm not for banning guns, but to make such a mindless and mentally devoid argument you must have some kind of problem with basic logic. Cars were created to move people from one place to another. Plugged in toasters that can be tossed into an occupied bathtub were created to make toast. Guns are designed with only one purpose – to punch a hole through a human being, thereby causing death.

  81. Cliff Wagner

    this is one of america's sadist moments that we have experienced and ofcourse the libs want to kneejerk and pass another gun law.[typical] there are 340 million people in the u.s. and one thing is for certain, 2 days ago 339999999 people in the u.s. did not pick up a gun they stole from their mother, shoot her in the face, then go to a gradeschool full of children and open up on them.where was the school resource officer? if I'm the top cop even in a one horse town, during school hours you station an officer at the school then patrol the streets after the kids go home.I'd much rather miss a criminal in town and know my kids were safe.[ read bezlan russia] this caan happen even in a country that has no citizens with guns, but don't take our rightto defend ourselves because some socialworker didn't do their job. if boener brings new gun legislation to the floor, he should loose his speakership and I can promise this will be the end of the republican party, hell it could be the start of a cvil war, no one I know will give up their guns without a fight.obama should think long and hard before he suspends our constitutional rights, people have had enough, check gun sales in the last 2 days.please pray for the families and our country.

  82. Kenneth Wayne Workman

    Before you start calling for the laws to be changed, you should first know what the law is now. Automatic weapons are not legally owned without first obtaining an ATF license that requires an extensive background check. So Mr. Murdoch already has his wish. My question is, where were the Newtown police? How long did it take from them to respond to the 911 call. Remember, liberal sheeple, When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. In this case it appears they were organizing the SWAT response team into a coordinated multi-entry, "by the book" takedown of the monster who killed all those kids, in only what 30 minutes?

  83. Clifford Wise

    I cant believe that people think that guns are the answer to the problem when 20 kids just got killed? Also to bring Black people and wash, dc in it is cracy.

  84. Gregory Smuk

    1. No automatic weapon was used at the school. The murdering pig used two pistols to commit this…. crime doesn't quite cover what he did.
    2. Guns did not kill those babies, Adam Lanza did.
    3. The only people who are affected and abide by gun laws are people who are law abiding. Criminals and psycopaths don't follow the law. Its too easy to get a weapon on the streets. Laws won't solve the problem, it would only be like prohibition in the 20's. Didn't work then, won't work now.

    Look, lets address the real problem here, security measures in the schools, not banning weapons for law abiding citizens. I don't own a gun, but I do believe in the 2nd amendment right to carry and own one if you want to. Firearms have been in this country since its inception, this garbage has only been going on for around 20 years. Let's find out what the real problem is instead of a knee jerk reaction.

  85. Bob Booth

    As a retired deputy, my county usually had 2 deputies to cover 900 square miles, seems like whenever an incident happened, I was as much as 20-30 miles away. When people would ask me about my slowness, I check with dispatch and they once gave me a time of 12 min. To go approx. 20 mi. I would advise the people if they feared for their lives they needed a gun.

  86. Gregory Smuk

    Here's a better fix. Go and buy some simple security cameras for the schools, put real security doors with electronic bolt style locks and reinforced glass in the doors, and station 1 or two cops in a hardened safe room monitoring the cameras during school hours. Make sure they have radio communication with the local police station, and make sure they are body armored and are armed enough to stop an incursion by maniacs.
    Is this going to stop the problem. Nothing can stop someone with evil intentions, but it might slow them down so the kids can get to safety, or at least cause them to think twice before something like this happens again.

  87. Alan Naylor

    Crowded Mall 1 bad shooter wanting to harm everyone pulls gun starts shooting20 good guys pull guns nearest one sees the real shooter and takes action No 2 one sees him and he also takes action and shoots the the one nearest too him the 18 behind hear the pops but d ont know what's going on women and childen are screaming and running the remaining 18 all have a gun in their hand guess what happens next HUCKERBY CROWLY HANNITY CULTER the police move in see the mellie and shoot everyone with a gun you must all be nuts.

  88. Alan Naylor

    Crowded Mall 1 bad shooter wanting to harm everyone pulls gun starts shooting20 good guys pull guns nearest one sees the real shooter and takes action No 2 one sees him and he also takes action and shoots the the one nearest too him the 18 behind hear the pops but d ont know what's going on women and childen are screaming and running the remaining 18 all have a gun in their hand guess what happens next HUCKERBY CROWLY HANNITY CULTER the police move in see the mellie and shoot everyone with a gun you must all be nuts.

  89. Mary Sumnicht

    There is no need for anyone to have automatic weapons much less be able to get them. If you hunt, you can use the same guns as people have done for years! If your a parent , don't keep them in your house. Instead of building a sauna build a special room to hold your hunting guns. We need to start protecting our children period.

  90. Anonymous

    David Bynum not but these are semi automatic weapons, bought at any walmart in the usa

  91. Anonymous

    these are not automatic weapons, but, semi automatic, available at any walmart in the usa

  92. Anonymous

    fully agree mark mitchell, auto vs semi, no place for either in society, designed to kill in war

  93. Anonymous

    Steve Watchamacallit Cudd Because nothing screams "stable environment" like a school filled with teachers with guns. What happens when a teacher goes crazy and kills their class? What happens in middle and high school where you have highly emotional teenagers with potential gun access? How about in elementary school when a kindergartner finds a gun and accidentally kills them self? This isn't a problem with an easy solution like "more guns" or "more gun control"; it's a complex issue that needs far more thought, more analysis, and more then three words in the solution.

  94. David Babin

    Trust me when I tell you this…Being in martial arts most of my life, iv'e come across hundreds of children with the skill set to 'Dis-Arm' a person in a split second and shove this handgun up your butt in a heart beat. Don't go thinking this is such a good idea having a gun in every class room is going to solve your problem…IT WONT.. Im with you on the conceal carry…really i am…putting handguns in the school system is not the answer.. Is that really what you want,,some nervous teacher.. accidently popping a shot off into one of your loved ones…I didn't think so. or getting it taken away and used on you ..and the children respectively… Get a grip people…Start Profiling.. even if its your own child..

  95. Hunter Smith

    I challenge you to try to get an automatic weapon. They aren't readily available and I'm not aware of an instance where a legal one was even used in a crime. The shooter in the school massacre didn't use such a weapon.

  96. Anonymous

    Semi auto and full auto are 2 diff things, much of the time lumped together, to suit the writer. Full auto are machine guns- They are supposed to be banded. Capone , anyone? Lots of them around. This was a semi auto. Guns that were sent to idexico, semi or full still did the job!

  97. Gregory White

    We don't need any gun control laws. What we need is for gun owners to be more responsible and keep their guns locked up and secured when not using them.

  98. Bryce L. Angel

    Murdoch isn't even an American. His opinion doesn't count. Fuzzy foreigners have no say in US politics.

    Moke, I think it very interesting that you wouldn't want an adult of sound mind and fully trained in carrying a fire arm to have one concealed on their person. It isn't like they would just lay it on the office counter and say hey little Billy, would you hand me my gun? There might be an intruder today. Get real. If there was staff at the school that were fully trained then maybe this A-hole wouldn't have gotten as far as he did.

  99. Chante Leanaí Dé Coley

    The main issue is that we can't get help for people who threaten to kill others. I have a friend whose brother is bipolar. He has threatened to kill her and her husband several times. The doctors say nothing can be done.

  100. Mark Teepell

    How are they turning this guy into a "celebrates". They are reporting a story, its their job. Maybe you should try to get one after you learn the english laguage :)

  101. Anonymous

    Automatic weapons have already been banned by the Machine Gun Act. Murdoch doesn't know what he's talking about.

  102. Mark Teepell

    So whats the answer, just give up to the status quo?
    Come on people we're smart enough to figure out something better than what we have. Guns for teachers and then what? Target practice during study hall?

  103. Mark Teepell

    I honestly don't think most people have the stones (especially Granny's) to start shooting/killing people even the ones that own guns. Folks are more likely to hurt themselves or loved ones.

  104. John Schwartz

    paul society in australia is nothing like here. so your intitial statement is factually incorrect. we here in the united states are a violent society with lots of gangs and drugs . you think its a very scary world when people walk around with guns but you are a direct beneficiary of the fact that good citisens around you are already armed even though you are unaware of the fact.

  105. Mark Teepell

    Most of these gun owners/advocates spout about the 2nd amendment but amendments can be changed (see prohibition) This amendment was enacted because at the time we relied on militia to help fight against the British soldiers (and others). We have s omething now called an organized miltitary now (including National Guard). That amendment has outlived its usefulness.

  106. John Schwartz

    Charlie Wilson yes its just a little easier to control everything . how well is the drug war going and how well did prohibition work.

  107. Everitt Sliger

    Automatic weapons are already banned–the gunman had semi-automatic weapons–we need to ban certian video games to causes this behavior.

  108. Anonymous

    Booze was banned during Prohibition, and the U.S. was awash with booze just the same. Drugs are banned today, and they are available everywhere, even in elementary schools. What makes anyone think that a ban on guns would work better than a ban on booze or drugs? Besides, in 2010 a mad slasher in China killed 20 children and wounded 50 in an elementary school. Are we going to ban knives, too? Let's concentrate on the killers and the crazies, instead. This Lanza kid was defined as a time bomb, diagnosed with autism, and pulled out of school. When he was in school he hung out with the Goths and the weirdos, dressed in black, carried a black briefcase instead of a backpack (as all other kids do). He was a loner, addicted to videogames and without social skills. If there were a database for people like him and a prohibition on anyone having guns in the residence where they live (the way it's done with convicted felons), such tragedies would become rare. But in this country the liberals and the ACLU would have fits if such a database were developed. It's easier to ban inanimate objects and dprive millions of their constitutional rights, rather than addressing the real problem–which is a people problem, not a gun problem.

  109. Janice Bausch

    Again and again guns don't kill people. people kill people. Why can't people remember that back in the 1950 and 1960 this kind of thing didn't happen, there was more church and prayer in our nation. The violence of rap music viedo games and movies has just gotten out of hand. Another problem is parents raising childern believeing everything is all about them never hereing the word no and not spending time with their childern..

  110. Stacey Geller

    Yes there are laws in place, but they are not enforced. These rifles are sold at gun shows, etc. Every American absolutely has the right to arm themselves, for safety or hunting. I don't, however, see a need for any person to have assault rifles of any sort. I think there does need to have someone armed in all our schools. If the principle (who was the first one to encounter the assailant) in Conn. had been armed, chances are those children would be alive today.

    I also believe every city in America should have gun "buy back" programs, make it voluntary. Expecially on "assault rifles".

  111. Anonymous

    He lives in Britain..which since the school shooting that broke the last of gun ownership in the UK…has more crime now than before the ban…He also failed to realize that the guns used are not "automatic weapons"…people kill people..

  112. Mark Teepell

    Only 20 years? Do some homework. Charles Whitman killed 16 people at the University of Texas in 1966 and I'm sure there were more before then.

  113. Anonymous

    Lets ban drugs, gangs, murder, rape & CROOKED GOVERMENT WORKERS. But first lets read the 2nd Amendment.

  114. Mark Teepell

    I wonder how many people who say they need semi-auto weapons for personal protection ever had to put someone down to protect themselves or their families? I don't think it happemns often because if it did the NRA and FOX news would make sure you heard about it.

  115. Mark Teepell

    I'll say it again. In 1966 Charles Whitman used a collection of rifles to kill 16 people at the University of texa in Austin. Stop saying this didn't happen in the "good old days" We just didn't hear about all the details immediately like we do today.

  116. Michael Arnold

    WRONG! An armed police officer in the school would have protected them. We have armed deputies in every county courthouse in the country, we can't have armed local or state police in every school? We protect judges and lawyers but not kids?

  117. Ed Hargrove

    maby murdock should worry about what his news group has done to people in england.maby it would be a good idea to hire retired armed police officers to guard our kids at school.

  118. Mark Teepell

    Neither Dem (Nancy P.) or Rep (John B. ) have mentioned anyting regarding initioated new gun control laws. You and and your gun-toting friends here are extremely paranoid ( aso defensive, angry etc..)over nothing but comments by pundits. Who cares what they say, they don't count

  119. Anonymous

    If there were no guns there would be no deaths from guns. End of story. The logic is inarguable.

  120. Anonymous

    Don't think that you are not hearing from its members on the comments…you are.

  121. Charles Schieffer

    As long as the borders remain as unsecure as they are anyone can get any gun they want, so taking responsible owners guns away just opens up the oppurtunity for criminals to flourish. Welcome back the Mob, Cartels in the US and a rich expansion in organized crime. If they have nothing to fear, what stops them?

  122. Stacey Geller

    OMG Moke, I didn't say leave it out on the desk where anyone could pick it up. That's just ludicrous! I'm saying the nuts and evil people in this world can't be the only ones that are armed. If you don't think the adults in your childs' school are smart enough to keep it out of the students hands, you might think about changing schools.

  123. Ed King

    It's a bad title. Assault rifles that can be modified to be automatic are the issue. No reason to own one unless it's a non functioning antique. Any weapon that can carry a large, easy to change magazine has no place in our society unless it's in the hands of the Military or Police.

  124. Anonymous

    Would anyone ever take advice from a liar, criminal, propagandist, and traitor to America and the constitution? Only those that are employed by him in the propaganda business would.

  125. Don Nickels

    @ Bill The type of people, mostly women, who go into Elementary School teaching are about as far from your Clint Eastwood type as it gets… they may date or marry that type of phooney macho but as far as being a gun totting mamma, forget it… they are usually the motherly type who would sooner throw thier bodies in the way of flying lead as the children fled. Or was your elementaary school a Marine Basic Training Camp

  126. Giovanni Spatazza

    You're right…They won't stop criminals from obtaining guns..They don't care about the laws. It certainly won't stop murder, just make it easier for criminals to commit it. @ Mark Mitchell… Automatic weapons aren't readily available, even your average military soldier only uses an M16 or MP4 Assault rifle, which only has 3 round burst, not fully auto. These are semi-auto weapons that were used in these tragedies that preceded today. Do your research before you make a bold statement about automatic weapons being readily available. No matter how much gun control you have, criminals will always continue to commit crimes and by having more gun control laws prohibiting citizens to protect themselves from bodily harm or even death will only make it easier for a criminal to commit a heinous and violent crime. Think before you speak…

  127. Stretch McCoy

    Sounds like your reaching into your gun case, and taking out anyone who doesn't vote for your candidate, James. And you wonder whats wrong with this country?

  128. Giovanni Spatazza

    @ Michael Maston.. Wish more people took the time to research facts and understand the different types of firearms (like you)… Thanks for the short version of the list.

  129. Anonymous

    Guns aren't to blame. The real problem is the media who blows these things up and makes anti-heroes of the killers. And us as society for not getting help to to this kid before this tragic incident. It's also time to look at our education system itself. We can't keep letting bullies and misguided children have the run of the place.

  130. Kenneth Bland

    You can not buy an Automatic Firearm without a license that is issued and controlled by the FBI. The look alike military style weapons sold are semi-automatic. I like well made firearms but have no use for a military style rifle. If it makes you feel macho then join the military and they will send you to a place that you can enjoy shooting them, the only down side is that the people you are shooting at can shoot back. The school shooter was a coward who did not have the nerve to approach someone, other than the teachers who had no means to defend themselves, who could shoot back.

  131. Scott Booth

    1) Automatic weapons are already banned without a Class 3 FFL license. The guns used in the shooting were all legally owned and registered (to the mother) SEMI-automatic weapons, meaning you have to pull the trigger for each round to discharge. Automatic weapons like the select-fire units in the military will fire as long as the trigger is depressed or until the magazine is emptied.
    2) Rupert Murdoch was born an Australian citizen, not American. He has no idea what the 2nd Amendment is, what freedoms Americans have, and he has no appreciation for being a CITIZEN rather than a SUBJECT of a commonwealth. He became an American not because of the rights and liberties we enjoy, but because of our tax breaks compared to the incredibly restrictive and expensive UK and Australian systems.
    3) No law, other than an outright ban on all firearms (which would be ridiculous), would have stopped the shooter from stealing his mother's LEGALLY OWNED weapons after killing her and using them in the murders. The weapon used was a standard Bushmaster.223 hunting rifle, not an "assault" weapon (technically an assault weapon is a militarized rifle with select or automatic fire capability, and despite the similar looks and appearance to an M-16, the Bushmaster is a simple Semi-auto rifle just like a 30-30 or 30-06 deer rifle!).
    4) Countries without rights to own weapons do not have a zero murder rate, no matter what liberals want to tell people. Folks have been killing each other for years without guns. If it wasn't a gun, he could have used gas, or a knife/sword, or an axe, or a simple bomb made from household products made from blueprints easily found on the internet. It isn't about the method or the weapon, it's about the sick individual performing the act.

  132. Don Sieger

    Joshua Kaufman Unless the Army and Marines side with the people…it could happen…

  133. Peter Bilbao García

    Mark Mitchell "heavily armed expert markmen kindergarten teacher"???? where did this come from? "Actual Gun Control"? what exactly does that mean?

  134. Anonymous

    sptsfan56 -Where in the article does it say "semi" automatic weapons?

  135. Neon Leon

    It's rather sad that Rupert Murdoch is confused about the type of weapon used at Sandy Hook Elementary. It was not an automatic weapon, but that is the type of weapon for which Murdoch is seeking a ban. The weapon used at Sandy Hook was a semi-automatic type. Semi-automatic rifles fire one bullet for each trigger pull; automatic rifles fire bullets one after another when the trigger is pulled, until the trigger is released or the gun runs out of ammunition.
    Automatic weapons are already severely restricted by the National Firearms Act of 1934. It is not easy to get an automatic weapon and they are not cheap. In contrast, semi-automatic weapons are relatively easy to obtain and considerably less expensive.
    Of course, anyone who thinks it's "easy" to buy a gun has probably never purchased one. A prospective buy has to fill out form 4473 correctly, completely, and accurately. Then, the Federally licensed gun dealer has to call the FBI to gain clearance to release the gun to the buyer. The FBI may tell the dealer to "proceed," "delay," or "deny." The buyer is not required to furnish his/her Social Security Number on form 4473, but choosing to not furnish the SSN may result in a delay, or possibly a denial.
    Does this mean that semi-auto weapons (the kind which fire one bullet per trigger pull) are cheap and easy to obtain? Hardly. Does this mean we should require more roadblocks on the path to purchasing a gun? Not unless you believe that those intending to commit murder will be deterred by paperwork. Lanza, the killer in Sandy Hook, Connecticut stole his mother's gun before using it to kill her. Then he took the gun to the school where he commited more mayhem. What new gun law would have prevented that?
    Some people say that the 2nd Amendment is antiquated, and not in tune with modern society. I wonder how they feel about the 1st Amendment? Should Rupert Murdoch have to fill out a Federal form before exercising his freedom of speech? What about before exercising one's freedom to worship God?
    We have more than enough laws on the books already. What is needed to make school children safer in schools, to make shoppers safer in shopping malls, to make everyone safer everywhere is to outlaw evil. Let's make evil illegal. The murder of 26 children and teachers was evil, regardless of the type of weapon used. Evil is the problem, not guns, not access to them, not the lack of laws.
    Evil. When this society can find a way to eliminate that, then we will live safer lives. Until then, evil will run wild all across this once great nation as it is doing today.

  136. Anonymous

    guns DO NOT kill people! people kill people! if guns kill people then forks will make you fat! I am so sick of people saying that guns kill people.

  137. Anonymous

    I would like to see things from murdochs point of view , but I cant get my head that far up my ass!

  138. Don Sieger

    Mark Teepell Hey man why don't you go home and teach english, who cares that he uses all caps???????? It is his preference, just like yours is being an @$$hole trying to generate points for your libtard friends! You are trying to make a case for all gun owners being angry and unresonable. Go home and play your video games dickwad….

  139. Anonymous

    Already illegal dude! Get the facts. You mean SEMI autos, so say that.

  140. Lawrence Ruff

    The National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Hughes Amendment in 1986 have all placed limits on how automatic guns can be bought and sold, but did not make it illegal to possess them entirely.

    Purchasing one requires submitting fingerprints and photographs to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, going through an FBI criminal background check, and paying a $200 tax, among other requirements. Only automatic weapons manufactured and registered with the federal government before 1986 can be bought, owned and sold.

  141. Anonymous

    Moke Kahalehoe what a moron you are !!no weapon should be kept around kids ? w t f ? you have never heard or locks or a gun safe ? a lot of teachers have their ccw but laws prevent them from carrying at school.

  142. Don Sieger

    You are the person that's not so smart, you don't even realize that the ownership of guns is to change a government that has been encroaching on individual liberties bordering on tyranny. You probably even voted for a government that fits the description….

  143. Skylar Cahanin

    sptsfan56 apparently sptsfan56 doesnt know the diffrence between semi automatic and automatic. semi's can fire only one round at a time per trigger pull automatics if you pull the trigger it fires multiple rounds or if the trigger is continued to be depressed will continue to fire. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  144. Anonymous

    Murdoch needs to be banned, as corrupt as he is, he has caused more damage than we will know anytime soon.

  145. Skylar Cahanin

    sptsfan56 i am happy for your agreement with the idiot above but if you are ever in the situation where you will need a gun to protect yourself which i have been in and i served my country also you will be singin a diffent tune. who will you rely on the police by the time they show up it will already be over with. average police response time in america 6 minutes average point and shoot time for a conceald weapon carrier or someone with a pistol 5 to 10 seconds you do the math how many poeple could be saved in 5 or 10 seconds versus 6 minutes when it is already over and done?

  146. Gary Hartman

    I am apalled by people commenting who obviously are so unfamiliar with guns and gun facts. First, automatic weapons are not buyable except under Federal Firearms License, these are not the weapons used. Semiautomatic is the common.22 rifle style, and handguns are that (semiautomatic) or revolvers.
    Next, gun laws…. for example in Chicago are very strict as it is, yet Chicago has about 40 or more murders in a weekend.
    Places with concealed weapons permits, which carry a stringent FBI background check, allow people to carry concealed; in those schools it should be REQUIRED to have several teachers trained and licensed to carry… any person intending to harm would face several trained and armed teachers…. the teachers aren't helpless dunces as is implied in some of your letters, they acted courageously in this incident. A 20 year old sick punk is not an invincible opponent as we are brainwashed to accept. A portion of teachers in every school should be carrying and undergo some training, usually this is part of any concealed course.
    If you make it a law that no honest citizen can carry or have a semi automatic firearm, you only make it obvious to the criminals…."They are all helpless now!"
    Meanwhile weird anti-depressant or attention deficit drugs are being fed to these kids like candy… as they view violent video games because their parents aren't paying attention… and beyond that movies, sick horror, the list of bad influences is endless…. it isn't guns, it is the brainwashing, drugs and moral sickness that we allow into our society.

  147. Don Sieger

    Are you talking about our president again??? Leave him out of this…

  148. Anonymous

    Automatic weapons have been banned since 1986. Idiot doesn't know what he's talking about.

  149. Len Armstrong

    It's semantics….yes, there is a difference between "semi" and "fully" automatic weapons…but the press and the Feds use the generic term 'automatic' for any weapon that will automatically re-chamber a round after every shot…which is a misnomer, since 'automatic' is equated to a 'machine gun' by anyone who has any knowledge of firearms.

  150. Lawrence Ruff

    1) Fully Automatic Weapons are not illegal to own or possess in the U.S

    A 1994 federal law, under President Clinton, banned assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. The law didn't significantly reduce the use of assault weapons in violent crimes due to loop holes that allowed the purchase and ownership of guns and magazines manufactured before 1986. The law was allowed to expire during the Bush administration in 2004.

    2) The Gun Control issue is really about the high capacity magazines for semi-automatic weapons.

    According to Christopher Koper who studied the ban for the Department Of Justice:

    The magazine ban was the most effective part of the law.From 1994 to 2004, high-capacity magazines were used with other weapons not banned under the law, such as handguns and hunting rifles, making them a widespread lethal tool in criminal hands. Though assault weapons were used in about 1% of violent crimes, high-capacity magazines showed up in about 25%. There is no viable civilian use for large-round magazines. "It's rare that anyone has to fire 33 rounds in self-defense," he says. "The harm to society from the distribution of high-capacity magazines far outweighs any inconvenience caused to gun owners."

  151. Andrew Roskelley

    What about having trained police officers stationed in school buildings on a permanent basis? I am sure an officer of the law could have had a positive impact on the situation.

  152. David Horton

    Huckabee needs to shut up! Our constitution guarantees us separation of church and state. If God is omnipresent, God was surely in that school weeping for the death of innocents. If we have free will, God has to step back and allow the bad along with the good.

  153. Anonymous

    Many have died for the rights you possess as an American citizen.
    The Second Amendment is the only one that is still claiming lives to enjoy. Humanity has proven there are just some technologies that we are too primitive as a society to be trusted with. No one should be surprised as there are so many industries in the world that put profits before the actual health of the consumer.

  154. Nickolas Aguirre

    Civilians can not obtain automatic weapons without certain tax stamps and proper liscense. #Murdochneedstofactcheck.

  155. Gregory Kraft

    Just take a lesson Australia learned from banning guns, their violent crime rate blew up to over 600%! now imagine your town with an added climb in crime like that…sound good?

  156. Tim Ford

    Mr Rupert Murdoch. You only need to do research. Violent crime has increased in Australia since the gun ban. Illegal weapons are shipped to the criminals on a daily basis. China has a gun ban. Just so happens 20 children in China were stabbed or slashed by 1 man the same day as the Ct shooting.

  157. Tim Ford

    It is a common fantasy that gun bans make society safer. In 2002 — five years after enacting its gun ban — the Australian Bureau of Criminology acknowledged there is no correlation between gun control and the use of firearms in violent crime. In fact, the percent of murders committed with a firearm was the highest it had ever been in 2006 (16.3 percent), says the D.C. Examiner.

  158. Raja Solomon

    What a dumb idea. The criminal has to kill one more person (the armed teacher) before goes for mass killing. Gun control will not decrease the crime, the offender will get the gun anyway. The change of heart is the only solution. Put God back in the school and in the public life as well.

    Food for thought: NRA also has to be blaimed who says "guns don't kill, people kill people". Then why people use guns to kill, why not spoon or sauser? People and guns together kill people. Gun is lethal.

  159. Tim Ford

    Almost every one of these mass murders have been in a location where the HONEST LAW ABIDING CITIZEN can not carry a weapon. Even if a citizen had shot and killed any of those shooters and stopped them from killing even 1 or 2 innocent people. That citizen would more than likely be prosecuted for murder because they carried a weapon into an area where they were banned.

  160. Anonymous

    This, all day long. Sadly though, it appears as if the mob already has its pitch-forks out.

    Rabble Rabble Rabble!

  161. Clark McEntire

    MR Rupert missed informed about the ownership of iautomatic firearms (1) your state must allow ownership (2)you must pass a NFC (3) pass a background check from your local SHERIFF (4) APPLY to the ATF and if approved then you pay the ATF a $200.00 tax stamp for each firearm (5) must buy from a class III FIRMS DEALER AND THAT's JUST TO START.

  162. Joe Clark

    Hey stupid. It isn't an automatic weapon. You need a Class III BATFE license to purchase, possess, or use an automatic weapon. Get your facts straight before you open your mouth. You're as bad as your news reporting. You don't seem to understand that these shooters go to places where firearms are banned, as if they really give a fuck about the law. They know that nobody is going to be shooting back at them until the police arrive minutes later. Stick to yellow journalism, Mr. Murdoch, it's what you do best.

  163. Nick Nadhob

    hanging dual citizen zionist jew traitors is not anti-semitic. got rope?

  164. Gregory Kraft

    Hey Dumbass, as it stands, only those certified and registered with automatics can get them kegally, try stronger sentencing guidelines on violent crime convictions and stronger regulation on who can get Concealed Weapons Permits. Just ask Australia what happens when you start banning weapons, their crime rate, especially violent crimes jumped over 600% !

  165. John W. Harris

    Auto-matic weapons are already banned unless you have a special permit from the ATF.What these anti-gun people really want to ban is your everyday firearm such as my 30-30.Its NOT an automatic its a lever action.To those who don't know this means watch any John Wayne western like El Dorado.The rifle he uses is a lever action.You must manually eject the spent casing and reload it by using the lower lever.

  166. Stephen Pope

    I just hope to make it harder for them to kill so many so quickly. I want to see a headline like " Man lost feeling in his arms and could not continue after choking the life out of his first victim, saving untold number of lives."

  167. Richard Hanford

    Armed and trained teachers could have stop this crazied idiot. Crazies and crooks are going to get guns know matter what type they are. If more citizens were armed like in other countries this probably would not have happened to the degree it did. Stop the bull gun control crap and go buy a gun and learn how to use it. The government wants to take our guns so we can't defend ourself when we need to and so the government can control us. Rurert and Obama are communist and people in communist countries can't defend themself from the government that controls them. Wake up people and control yourself.

  168. Jim McCarthy

    Ann Coulter with a gun….keep me away from her….I doubt she would have the courage that the principal of Sandy Hook school had… is time to get serious about the easy access to these high powered automatic weapons….their only purpose is to kill…..

  169. Brian Thielen

    With over 10 million automobile accidents and more than 30,000 people dying every year on the roads in America, have you notice that nobody is racing to the microphones screaming that we must ban cars. This shameless exploitation of the deaths of the innocents is driven by an ideology that seeks to deny Americans their 2nd Amendment right to "self- defense." The next time a sick or evil person deliberately drives his car through a crowd intending to kill as many as possible, listen to the silence of those whose cause really is not to speak against the death of the innocents, but only to speak against the guns.

  170. Anonymous

    Automatic weapons were banned (for general public anyway) since 1934. If you are going to speak about a subject at least have some level of education about that subject if not stay off the soap box.

  171. Robert Johnson

    Everyone is using the term "automatic" weapons when they should be saying semi-automatic. Fully-automatic weapons are not readily available. Take the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and only the criminals will have guns.

  172. Lydell Dauster Jr

    r. Murdock in misinformed. No one can own an automatic weapon in the USA without paying a very large fee and undergoing a very stringent background check. Even then they might not get the permit. He is wrong.

  173. Victorie Belle

    Here is what we need to do to stop mass shootings in schools. Build police stations NEXT TO or even INSIDE schools. I am not talking about lightly armed security. I am talking about fully-equipped Police stations with dozens of armed and active staff. Any school/district that cannot support a Police station should leave education to a larger school district, and give the families that live too far from schools the option for HOME SCHOOLING or Online Charter schools. Here is you solution.

  174. Sally Khan

    I fully agree with Rupert Murdoch we need to have some type of gun control in our county. as far as Huckabee goes he's comments was really stupid those kids in Sandy Hook elementary didn't shoot themselves an outsider came in and shot those innocent kids and for Huckabee to say that lack of god in the classroom had something to do with it is the most stupid and thoughtless and an irresponsible comments he could ever make. would he be able to say that to the parents of those innocent little kids that lost their lives? and as for Ann Coulter she needs a reality check we have too many guns on the streets that is why we have so many shootings in schools, at the malls and even at the movie theater and too many innocent people are getting injured and or killed because of way too many guns out there. maybe if one of Ann Coulter's family or friend were shot to death than she would be singing a different tune.

  175. Daniel Cooper

    Send a shock wave to Dianne Feinstein and the extreme left. Sign the petition to repeal Senate Bill SBX211. When the entire Los Angeles Superior Court Judges face felony charges for accepting money that was NOT authorized by law. That should put them back on their heels for a while.
    Google SBX211 and sign the petition. COMPLETE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLACKOUT, tell others to sign.

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