Taylor Swift Reportedly Linked To Bieber’s Reason For ‘Longest Break’ Of Career: Is Hot Model Helping?

Justin Bieber reportedly was inspired by Taylor Swift to take the longest break of his career.

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have not exactly earned a reputation as best friends forever (BFFs), with Swift reportedly not a big fan of Bieber’s on-again, off-again romance with Selena Gomez. However, amid the speculation about what led to Justin’s bombshell announcement that he is canceling the rest of his Purpose World Tour, a new report claims that Taylor is linked to the surprise decision. Moreover, there also are rumors that a hot model is helping Bieber enjoy what reportedly will become the “longest break” of his career.

Bieber had more than 150 concerts scheduled on his worldwide Purpose tour, and an insider told Hollywood Life about the alleged real reason for his sudden cancellation of the remaining 14 dates. As a result of that cancellation, Justin reportedly is looking forward to what will rank as the “longest break” in his career. Moreover, the source also revealed the singer who allegedly inspired Justin to press the pause button on his career and shake off the stress.

After having started his around-the-world concert tour in March of 2016, Bieber did take a few breaks. However, the source shared that those breaks just weren’t enough.

“[Justin Bieber] was biting off more than he could chew and was over it and decided to cancel the rest of the tour because he’s nearly exhausted.”

Initially, Justin had a scheduled return to his tour on July 29 in Dallas. Bieber was looking at playing in enormous venues full of screaming fans, such as Pasadena’s Rose Bowl near Los Angeles, along with huge football stadiums that attract popular teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and New England Patriots. And the resulting stress from playing those venues allegedly just seemed like too much for Justin, according to the insider.

Justin Bieber provided fans with multiple performances around the world before cancelling the rest of his Purpose World Tour.

For a role model as to what to do about his allegedly exhausted state, Bieber reportedly looked to Taylor Swift, said the source, who noted that although Justin and Taylor aren’t close friends, he does admire Swift.

“He might not be friends with Taylor Swift, but he admires how she can just disappear and give herself time,” explained the insider.

Consequently, Bieber reportedly has decided to follow Taylor’s example by stepping away from the spotlight to focus on himself, said the source.

“He needs a break and is looking to take the longest break of his career.”

Justin recently enjoyed some free time after his shows in London earlier this month, and the resulting freedom from those never-ending work commitments reportedly helped him. Now, with Swift as his role model, Bieber reportedly wants more “me time,” according to the insider.

As for what Taylor’s life decisions offer regarding a hint of what Justin will do next, Swift infamously has not released an album since 2014’s 1989. After finishing her own world tour in December 2015, Taylor performed at an October 2016 concert in Austin, TX; teamed up to perform a January 2017 duet with Zayn Malik, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever,” and played what she said would be her only concert of 2017 on the eve of Super Bowl 51 in early February.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have a famously strong friendship, but Justin Bieber went over to Team Kanye West during a recent social media battle.

However, can Bieber achieve his alleged goal of following Swift’s example? While Justin constantly is followed by fans and paparazzi, Swift has succeeded in evading photographers. And while Bieber and Taylor reportedly aren’t best friends, the source revealed that he does envy her.

“Justin envies [Taylor Swift’s] quiet and drama-free break from her professional life.”

So might Swift might step up and mentor Bieber about how to achieve his alleged goal to follow her lead and take a professional break, even forming a platonic friendship?

Taylor swift what up

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Taylor was reportedly furious when Justin sided with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian rather than herself and Selena Gomez in the battle over Kanye’s lyrics that mentioned Swift.

Bieber even appeared to mock Swift on social media as he joined Team Kanye, as the Inquisitr noted.

Although it doesn’t seem likely that Taylor and Justin will form a fast friendship (unless she feels so flattered by his alleged decision to use her as his career break role model that she mends their relationship), it also isn’t likely that he’ll be feeling lonely. While Bieber reportedly is taking his cues from Swift as far as a break from his music career is concerned, he seems to have discovered a new woman to stay by his side in this new phase of his life, based on his Instagram.

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Over the weekend, Justin was seen enjoying a hike in Los Angeles with a gorgeous model identified by Page Six as Audreyana Michelle. The brunette beauty stayed clothed for their hike, but Bieber decided to take off his shirt, flaunting his tattoos along with his Calvin Klein undies.

Michelle is 5-foot-6, and she works with Freedom Models LA, The Agency Arizona, NEXT Models Miami, Premier Models London, Nu Talent Agency and Luber Roklin. The specifics on her new romance with Justin are not yet known.

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