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Fox News Blames Sandy Hook Shooting On ‘Online Gaming’

Sandy Hook tragedy

Leave it to Fox to have a unique take on a tragedy that has struck the Sandy Hook community. Fox anchor, Megyn Kelly and analyst Keith Ablow decided to talk out what might have made alleged gunman Adam Lanza to commit such a heinous crime.

The Fox anchor had suggested because the men who commit these crimes are young, that it’s easy for them to disconnect from real life. Kelly started off by addressing Ablow, “You mentioned earlier how people lose themselves in online activities, gaming and what have you.”

The analyst remarked to Kelly, “We have to look at their forces that empower people to get knowledge through the internet, but there are some dehumanizing sources that come with that.” He then suggested that social networking sites, such as Facebook are to blame for dehumanizing these killers enough to commit these horrible crimes. “Reality TV is no friend of preventing such things,” Adding, “Facebook is no friend of preventing such things,” said Ablow.

So far the press hasn’t identified the “why” of it all, but we do know that Lanza has a history of mental illness, and his mother, a Kindergarten teacher, was a huge target in the chaotic shooting, that left a Kindergarten classroom dead, with 27 people fatally shot, seven of them adults.

His brother, Ryan, who was originally reported as the gunman, is reportedly cooperating with the police force, and said his younger brother Adam was carrying his ID on him at the time he opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Do you agree with Fox?

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6 Responses to “Fox News Blames Sandy Hook Shooting On ‘Online Gaming’”

  1. Patrick Frye

    The digital wall does allow people to be more hostile without seeing their target face to face. But in general online gaming only can teach the tactics that apply to using a gun, which also applies to simulations like airsoft and paintball.

  2. Alex Judge

    I'm yet to play an online game which teaches the tactics of shooting children, children are rarely even included in games, and in the rare occasion that they are, they are invulnerable to harm. If anything computer games teach a sense of fair-play, that the opponent should have the ability to do what you can do… even if you could learn how to shoot up schools in a game, you'd have to be mentally ill to apply that to a real life situation anyway, meaning the problem is always with the individuals reasoning. For example I love to play Grand Theft Auto, one of my favorite things on that game is annoying the police to get them to chase me, shooting people from a distance and running people over in slow motion, all of which I find hilarious, does that mean I'm going to do that in reality? No, because that's insane. Pixels respawn, people don't.

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