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27 Dead In Newtown School Shooting, Official Confirms [Updated]

newport shooting deaths

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is still a breaking story, but new reports have revealed some tragic bits of information about the rampage and its aftermath — including multiple reports that young children at the school are among the dead.

[UPDATE, 12:58 pm] Police confirm 18 of 27 killed were children.

The Newtown school shooting was first reported on Twitter and in breaking news places at around 10 am Eastern Standard Time, but little information was available about the situation. The Associated Press has just confirmed 27 people — among them some students, a school principal, and a school psychiatrist — were killed in the rampage.

Newtown school officials were at first reticent to confirm the shooting occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, but reports began to circulate that at least one person, believed to be the shooter, had died.

Now new updates to the information available on the Connecticut school shooting indicate that children are among those that have been killed during the incident, likely the reason school officials were hesitant to confirm the situation publicly before all parents were contacted.

Other reports state that the gunman in the Newtown school shooting — who is said to be among the dead and remains in a classroom at the school — was a father to one of the school’s students. New York City blog Gothamist has pulled together some sources on the Newtown tragedy, stating that the principal and school psychologist are among the dead.

The total number of deaths remain unclear, but one tweet citing sources on the scene in Newtown suggests a very large number of casualties:

Officials on the scene confirm the death toll of 27 in Newtown, but it is not clear how many of those killed were children.

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49 Responses to “27 Dead In Newtown School Shooting, Official Confirms [Updated]”

  1. Moezzy M Dustino

    The unimaginable pain the parents are feeling, the thought of losing your child in a place that is meant to be safe.
    This breaks my heart.
    To those parents and family members out there… I am so so so so sorry.

  2. Crystal Cline

    That's just horrible my thoughts and prayers go out to all the familys of the children that's just sad. It scares me that something like this has happened in an elementary school. I have a 7 year old and couldn't imagine this happening at her school. Makes me want to home school her.

  3. Samantha Karlson-Simon

    I am at a lost for words. This is so sad and I will pray for the families of all these children. It just makes me want to cry that there are people out there that could do this.

  4. Natalie Aumack

    its sad when we are fighting wars in other countries and you believe you are fighting for a purpose when your own family is not safe in your own country AMERICA! my heart goes out to all the survivors and to the victims families.

  5. Shelia Toledo

    This is absolutely horrific.My heart goes out to all the families that have lost loved ones today.But please don't let this tragedy take our away rights to own guns.The man who did this was obviously very disturbed.

  6. Eva Doinme Nelson

    I'm speechless! This world is so satanic ppl need to get they life
    Rip to all my prayers are up
    God please help us all I know u looking down on us and is very disappointed and when u get fed up I coming back and it won't be pretty I just ask that u spare the ones with a good heart that caught up in this world of sin you know who deserves to be saved and punished I'm just praying that when its my time to go its it's peaceful

  7. Jennifer Redd Tolson

    WTH!!!!!! My prayers go out to ALL the families! Its truly a sad day when people take innocent lives!

  8. Christine Stepien

    My prayers go out to the families that lost children and others. How can anyone be so sick to do that. I have a 10 year old son and it just scares me to send him to school now just thinking that something like this could happen here.

  9. Gerry Blalock

    Sooo sooo sad, and outrageous that a person can kill so many innocent children and adults! What is happening to this world we live in? Home schooling should be done from now on. Too many copycat insane people. We're all going to be living in a bubble before you know it !! A person can't go anywhere without wondering if they or their loved ones will make it home.

  10. Shirley Denise Rohrbacher Gott

    This is so tragic. My heart goes out to those left behind. I can't imagine if this had happened at my children's schools. Absolutely horrific.

  11. Kayla Griffin

    they just needto start putting barb wired fences around each school in the wrld and a gun alarm to let them know ahead of time that the childen r in danger.

  12. Karina Martinez

    One day we will no longer be a part of this evil disgusting world. Life can be so beautiful and then turn ugly in a matter of seconds. I just hope that when its my time that I take with me my loved ones. So selfish I didnt know but I cant see it any other way. This world will never be the same. There are too many influences to change now. With the war… Of course others might feel its ok to kill.

  13. Anna Daga

    My heart goes out to all the families. I can't even bare to imagine the thought of my kids being in that school. That is just horrible!

  14. Stephanie M McCollum

    my prays go out to the familys of the ones killed and the ones survivors. may god be with them all and help them though thi.s god has a nice place for those kids who died today in that horrible thing.

  15. Crimson Darsham

    Things like this really make you think twice on sending your children to school. It's very sad. Schools are supposed to be a safe place for our children to go. My heart aches for all the families many prayers for you all.

  16. Jennifer Hall

    Guns need to be no more like seriously its all about shootings now a days they just need to get rid of them my child is three what's it gonna be like when she goes to school my heart go out to all the families that lost kids or brother sister aunt uncle or mother father grandpa grandma before Christmas this is just crazy rip to all that lost there life today….

  17. Nichole Engemann

    This is so tragic! I dont even know what to think.. all I keep picturing are kids scared and not knowing what to so! :( prayers go out to the families, school staff, students etc that have/had to go through this horrible tragity!

  18. Liv Bowers

    I can't understand y people do such horrible things.But, y children? They r so innocent.They did'nt not ask to be born.Y r our children being punished for what adults do.It's such a shame.May god be with those families and friends through this time.

  19. Denise Ann Linderman

    wow I'm speechless this is just so wrong and scary my heart goes out to the familys and the survivors I have 2 little ones myself in school makes u think of how u can send em to school thinkin there safe and have the worst nightmare happen.

  20. Ioka Tavita H Tasi

    I pray that the love of God will cover their broken heartache, of those who lost their children's soo Sadd!! May God give you guys comforters strength love nd peace!! This is what happened when you Parent's" don't do ur jobs. Teach ur children's haas they grown up.. So they will know what's right nd what's wrong hello parents!! Wake up nd smell the coffee!! Cuz ur own children's will hurt uuu:-(uuu :-( Bless them Lord!!

  21. Ann Viola

    I agree with u…I had the news on this afternoon and was so upset….I then went to work and all I thought of was those children and parents…a few months ago these kids were anxious to start school….my thoughts are with these parents, grandparents and other relatives….

  22. Pame Asa Sewing Dryden

    As a mom of two and preg. With my 3rd this make me sick, my pressure when up when I read this sad bloody new… Was a coward….

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