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Man Slashes 22 Children With Knife In China


A man has reportedly slashed 22 children with a knife at an elementary school in central China on Friday, according to Reuters.

The suspect, 36-year-old villager Min Yingjun, waited for the children outside of the school’s gate. Although details regarding the attack are few and far between at the moment, police said the attacker used a knife to wound over 20 students.

Voice of America explains none of the children sustained life-threatening injuries during the counter with the knife-wielding assailant. The ages of those involved in the attack are currently unknown.

Authorities said the man involved in the slashing was later apprehended by police. The suspect didn’t offer up any reasons for attacking the children outside of their school.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 20 children were killed and at least 50 were wounded in a series of peculiar attacks on children in China. Since the country’s gun laws are strict, most of the incidents involved someone wielding a knife.

In March of 2010, an unemployed doctor reportedly broke into a school near Nanping. During the attack, the man killed eight children with a knife. Another incident that year involved a man who assaulted 28 students, two teachers, and a security guard at a kindergarten in eastern China.

Last August, another unstable individual entered a school in Nanchang and stabbed two children.

Many of the individuals involved in these crimes are either recently unemployed or somehow feel they aren’t included in China’s economic growth. As a result, these individuals tend to lash out at society by attacking children.

Officials are now calling for more laws to protect the nation’s youth from copycat assailants. Some believe the recent attacks indicate the Chinese medical system is presently unable to properly diagnose mental and emotional disorders.

What do you think is causing men to attack small children with knives in China?

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8 Responses to “Man Slashes 22 Children With Knife In China”

  1. Bryan Strouphauer

    So is this where we blame guns? Simple logic right if it wasn't for guns he wouldn't have gone to the school to slash so many innocent kids. What's the solution? I wish we had one!

  2. Elizabeth S Hall

    It is the automatic guns that have NO place in the hands of everyday people. Yes, people can get hurt many ways, but the death toll would be higher if this nut in China had a AUTOMATIC WEAPON! Tell me why they should not be banned? I am not talking about all guns. I will never understand why we fight over this. Yes, crazy people do it, but we have too many crazy people out there that get a hold of a gun that can kill so many so fast.

  3. Rose Miltenberger

    it's not the guns, it's the ones who use them, and guns are not the only thing people use to commit crimes, but hell lets just blame guns for all the problems instead of what the real problem is, how society is now a days and how kids are raised or should I say not raised……………

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