Jamie Dornan And Amelia Warner Not Affected By ‘Fifty Shades’ Actor’s Alleged Romance With Dakota Johnson

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner proved there's no trouble in paradise.

Fans have aggressively coupled up Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson after portraying Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele effectively in the Fifty Shades franchise. Talks of the co-stars taking their on-screen romance off-screen have been spreading on the internet like wildfire for quite awhile now. However, there is one big reason why it’s impossible for them to take things to the next level: the Fifty Shades trilogy actor is a married man.

Fans of the erotic novel-turned-movie just can’t seem to separate work from real life. The convincing portrayal of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson of their iconic roles in the Fifty Shades films led fans to believe that the pair may be hooking up behind the actor’s wife, Amelia Warner.

What the fans did not know was that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were already good pals way before they started to film the Fifty Shades franchise. The connection that the viewers saw in the first two installments was actually a result of two friends with great acting skills.

In fact, Dakota Johnson has already slammed these romance rumors that linked her to her Fifty Shades leading man. The actress might already have had enough of all the whispers and speculations about the status of her relationship with Jamie Dornan, so she addressed the issue sarcastically in a recent interview.

“We hate each other, and we’re having an affair, so everybody’s right. How about that?”

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are plain friends and nothing more

Meanwhile, reports revealed that all the Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson romance rumors do not bother Amelia Warner at all. Despite all the allegations that the Fifty Shades Freed actor is cheating on her with his co-star, the 35-year-old English actress is confident that her husband’s heart only belongs to her, so she has no reason to worry about anything.

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner's marriage is 'brilliant'

To prove a point, Jamie Dornan has been bringing his wife to all major red carpet events to remind everyone that there is certainly no trouble in paradise. Although the 35-year-old Irish actor only has his eyes on Amelia Warner, he made sure to do his job by posing with his on-screen leading lady as well. Them being comfortable with one other is enough proof that there is no bad blood going on.

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