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Discovery’s ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Is ‘Shark Week’ But With Zombies [Trailer]

Documentary on the Zombie Apocalypse

Capitalizing on the culture’s obsession with all things zombie-related, the Discovery Channel has been working on a Christmas present for zombie-fanatics: A Shark Week-esque docu-series aptly titled Zombie Apocalypse set to air next week.

EW reports that the special will examine the possibility of a Walking Dead-style invasion of undead zombies, and introduces four individuals from various backgrounds who are preparing themselves for hell on earth, just in case.

Among the quartet are a mother who is fortifying her home to thwart an attack and teaching her children how to kill zombies, as well as the founder of the Kansas “Anti-Zombie Militia” who has a secret base stocked with everything one might need for a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Apocalypse will also feature interviews with medical, biological, and scientific experts who will weigh in on the possibility of such a pandemic.

“The most likely ideology for a zombie pandemic would be a viral outbreak, a mutated contagion most likely a virus,” says Dr. Steven Scholzman of Harvard Medical School.

“Viruses are fascinating organisms and would be very effective at changing us into something approaching the zombies … They use our DNA they rely on us to spread themselves, so it fits right into the model of zombie pandemic.”


But the only way to really explain Discovery’s Zombie Apocalypse before it airs is to show you what it will be like. Below you’ll see the trailer embedded, via The Hollywood Reporter. Count that as my early Christmas present to you.

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2 Responses to “Discovery’s ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Is ‘Shark Week’ But With Zombies [Trailer]”

  1. Anonymous

    The deal is,
    in the Prepper reality, the "zombies" are us.
    The non-preppers.
    That's who the guns and ammo and bunkers are for.

  2. Anonymous

    And the Discovery Channel ought to catch on and be ashamed of itself.
    The NRA has been hiding for days.
    Pro-gun GOP lawmakers all were no-shows when invited to the Sunday Shows last weekend.
    But Discovery shamelessly continues to show Doomsday Bunkers and Zombie Apocalypse.
    The mom was a prepper.
    Everyone who isn't a Prepper is a potential zombie.

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