Jenelle Evans shows of baby bump at VMA awards

‘Teen Mom 2’ Personalities Jenelle Evans And David Eason Put Pregnancy Rumors To Bed Live On Facebook

The members of the Teen Mom universe cannot go very long without fans speculating someone is pregnant. Unfortunately for MTV personality Jenelle Evans, it would appear as if her head as been on the pregnancy rumor chopping block for a while now.

According to Us Weekly, Jenelle attempted to put the pregnancy rumors to bed yesterday by telling her fans, followers, and even her critics that they “need to chill.” Evans claimed there was no way the pregnancy rumors could be true as she got a Mirena birth control implant immediately after she had baby Ensley.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, her fans and followers aren’t too trusting of her word. After all, several of the Teen Mom 2 personalities aren’t exactly known for telling the truth when it comes to being pregnant. Jenelle and Kailyn being two prime examples. In fact, Jenelle actually lied about being pregnant with her daughter Ensley for the longest time.

As those who follow the MTV series know, 25-year-old Jenelle shares her daughter Ensley with David Eason – who she is currently engaged to. She also has a seven-year-old named Jace and a three-year-old named Kaiser.

When Evans’ attempt to silence the pregnancy rumors by taking to Twitter didn’t seem to work, the MTV personality decided to appear on a Facebook Live video for the Teen Mom fan site Wetpaint in order to put the rumors to bed for good.

According to Wetpaint, Jenelle Evans took a pregnancy test during a Facebook Live video on their Facebook page. In doing so, Jenelle finally put the rumors to bed as the digital pregnancy test confirmed Jenelle and David Eason were not pregnant with another baby.

Jenelle Evans showed off her baby bump during the VMA awards
Jenelle Evans squashes pregnancy rumors [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Before taking the test, Jenelle reassured everyone that if the test revealed she was pregnant it would come as a shock to both her and David. The reasons a pregnancy would have been so surprising is because Evans has been on birth control since she gave birth to her baby Ensley. During the Facebook Live video, Jenelle also revealed that she did not have plans to have any additional kids.

I'm ready to make my life forever with you. ???????????? #SaveTheDate

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According to Jenelle, she and David had talked about him getting a vasectomy or her getting her tubes tied. Evans revealed the two have decided that she will be getting her tubes tied as they do not think a vasectomy is the safer option.

There you have it – Jenelle Evans and David Eason of Teen Mom 2 are not pregnant. For now, the pregnancy rumors have been put to bed. Did you think Jenelle was pregnant? Sound off in the comments down below.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]