'Emirates Airlines Pours Drinks Back Into Bottles' Video Gets 1.3M Views On Streamable

‘Emirates Airlines Pours Drinks Back Into Bottles’ Video Gets 1.3M Views On Streamable

Emirates Airlines is famous for luxurious flights that feature Jennifer Aniston taking a shower aboard a flight, or famous YouTuber Casey Neistat enjoying his $21,000 first class seat aboard an Emirates plane, as reported by the Inquisitr. Perhaps that’s why the below video, titled “Emirates Airlines Pours Drinks Back into Bottles,” has already received 1.3 million views on Streamable and counting.

As reported by Yahoo News, it was Evgeny Kayumov who captured the action seen in the video as he appeared to sit in the business class of an Emirates Airlines flight. A female flight attendant could be seen pouring champagne from a flute glass into a champagne bottle. The immediate assumption by many people who viewed the video that Kayumov took while panning across the Emirates cabin was that the flight attendant may have been pouring leftover drinks from glasses that had already been served to Emirates passengers back into the champagne bottle, perhaps to be served on later Emirates flights to additional passengers. That thought is causing outrage.

However, according to Heavy, Kayumov — whose Instagram account is private and has removed the following video — sought to clear up what the Emirates flight attendant was doing when caught on film pouring alcohol back into a bottle.

Kayumov initially wrote in Russian in the description of his video asking Emirates directly why the flight attendant did not pour out the champagne that had not been consumed.

“@Emirates, accidentally got into the frame, did not even notice at first… Dump the bottle of champagne not drunk???? Or this is the norm?”

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The Emirates video received plenty of attention on Instagram, with about 12,000 views and a wide range of comments. Some social media users noted that the Emirates flight attendant may have simply poured too much champagne from a fresh bottle into a glass that had not been used yet and was just adjusting how much she’d poured into the glass.

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Others suggested that the Emirates flight attendant might have poured too many glasses of champagne and discovered no Emirates passengers wanted the fresh glass of champagne and, therefore, poured back the liquor that hadn’t been touched.

Others noted that the flight attendant on the now-viral Emirates flight might have been saving the champagne for herself.

The video from the Streamable website can be seen below.

Whereas some social media users are assuming that the flight attendant poured used champagne back into a bottle, others are looking to Emirates Airlines to make a statement and clear up any confusion.

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