Throwback photo of Blac Chyna before she became famous surfaced online.

Throwback Photo Of Rob Kardashian’s Ex Chyna Before She Was Famous Emerges Online

A throwback photo of Blac Chyna before she became famous has surfaced on Twitter, and many can’t believe that the woman in the photo is the same person they’ve been used to seeing, according to the Mirror.

In the photo, Rob Kardashian’s 29-year-old ex-fiancee is seen in a hairdressing salon, as evidenced by the row of salon chairs and hair styling implements in the background. Hair straight, with barely any makeup on, and wearing what appears to be a working uniform designed with a blue and grey motif, Blac Chyna looks like a hardworking and courteous salon worker ready to be of service to any one who walks through the door.

The Blac Chyna of old, referred to as Angela Renee White, provides a stark contrast to what we’re used to seeing from her these days. Lately, Chyna has taken to wearing bright green and rainbow colored outfits, often matching them with a silver platinum wig. Of course, it goes without saying that Blac is beautiful either way.

“Angela before she became Blac Chyna, she even had a normal job,” a certain @NandyMlomo captioned the throwback photo. Going by the user’s Twitter profile, which reveals her to be a fashion blogger, one can presume that she was a former colleague of Chyna.

Still, people can’t help themselves from pointing out their preference, with some remarks bordering on slut-shaming territory. Majority of those who chanced upon Blac Chyna’s throwback photo remarked that she looked more beautiful without the “cosmetic surgery” and full-on makeup.

One follower wrote, “Oh my God. She was actually once normal in her life.”

“She was so sexy,” commented another.

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Blac Chyna has recently won a restraining order against ex-fiance Rob Kardashian after he posted explicit photos of her on his social media accounts. The row between the former couple started when Rob accused Chyna of sending him a video of herself kissing another man in their own bed. Chyna also hit back, claiming in her social media accounts that Kardashian physically assaulted her.

While Rob told his family that he regrets leaking Chyna’s nude photos online, he is now faced with the possibility of being charged with a crime, as revenge porn is considered illegal in California. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn act could cause him to lose custody of daughter Dream — that is, if Chyna takes the necessary legal procedures.

Presently, Rob Kardashian is honoring the restraining order imposed against him, as he and Blac Chyna haven’t been in close proximity to each other since their nasty online feud.

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