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DJs Moved To Safehouses After Receiving Death Threats Over Royal Prank Nurse Suicide

2day FM radio hosts

The radio DJs involved in the Kate Middleton nurse prank have been moved to safehouses in light of numerous death threats sent their way, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

2day FM radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian have been moved to safehouses with 24 hour security by the Australian broadcaster that employs them, after fears for their safety arose. The DJs made a prank call to the hospital where Duchess Kate Middleton was being treated for extreme morning sickness that led to the apparent suicide of nurse Jacintha Saldanha.

Nurse Saldanha was found dead two days after the two DJs called London’s King Edward VII hospital posing as the Queen and Prince Charles. They tricked Saldanha into putting them through to a hospital official who gave them private information regarding Middleton’s condition, reports The Christian Post.

The nurse was reportedly devastated when she found out that the call was a prank, and committed suicide.

The DJs were moved to safehouses after death threats started pouring in, many of them particularly directed at Christian. One abusive letter said that there are “bullets out there with your name on it,” and threatening the DJ with a shotgun attack.

Police are investigating the threats, and are monitoring social media for other abusive attacks on the DJs. Security specialists are saying that the DJs could be in safehouses under constant guard for months, as the continuing investigation in the UK could anger yet more people.

The DJs have expressed their sorrow and regret over the ill-fated prank. Though it was in bad taste, there’s no way they could have known that their hoax would lead to such tragic ends, and there is no evidence that they targeted Jacintha Saldanha.

We’ve asked before, but we want to know: Do you think that the 2day FM radio DJs behind the royal prank are responsible for Nurse Saldanha’s apparent suicide?

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14 Responses to “DJs Moved To Safehouses After Receiving Death Threats Over Royal Prank Nurse Suicide”

  1. Bernardicus Brunet

    They are not only responsible for this nurses death, but I am sure we could find a connection to the crash in UK and Australian house prices as well. Perhaps we should reopen the Kennedy's assassination investigations.
    Also, my Ikea catalogue seems to have gone missing…

    Seriously, they have apologized for what was a silly and innocuous joke (The type that I like.) involving very public figures. They have now lost their jobs and have been threatened by (insert your word for insane here) persons.
    And why? After all, they were doing there job, and doing it well.

    If that nurse committed suicide as a result of this joke, then either she had other serious mental issues, or someone at the hospital over reacted to the incident and made life unbearable for her. That is where the focus of the media should be.

  2. Lindsay Elder

    It's that lack of thought on the part of the DJ's that makes their actions that much worse. They showed no consideration for how their stupid move would effect those on the other end of the phone. How it would make the British public feel and how that would divert back onto those involved. There is a difference between can and should and this is a perfect example of that. You can phone and make a fool out of someonen on live radio, but should you phone and make a fool out of someone on live radio. Morals were never the stong point with reporters, DJ's, most people in the entertainment business really.

  3. Louise Sikora-Krekic

    Not directly but they should have known better. Nurse Saldanha is from a culture where shame is a reason for suicide. They immitated Queens's voice to get personal info and that is a crime in itself. What were they thinking, what they did is same as lying and they should be punished. We should thing what we do before we do it so we don't have to apologize.

  4. Louise Sikora-Krekic

    They were lying to the stuff of a vey well known hospital in London and who the hell do they think they are? That is downright irresponsible behavior from two adults. We are talking about royals here, and as you know anything that happens around royals is more iffy than stuff that happens around ordinary people. Those two DJs are nasty, how did they even come up with that idea, they are really stupid.

  5. Louise Sikora-Krekic

    They betrayed their Queen and I don't see anything good coming from this.

  6. Karen Dufault Gillott

    Leave to poor DJ`s alone for god sake. The only difference between the royalty you speak of and any old Joe blow is the ridiculous amount of money they have. This is indeed how people are divided into important or not (so sad). Anyway getting back to the topic at hand, we are talking morning sickness not a life threatening illness and if the nurse decided she would take her own life then that was her choice and a selfish one at that. You cant alway put the blame on someone the DJ`s where doing the job they were hired to do and if people cant handle the shock jock radio stations then don't bloody listen to them. If there is any blame to be put then think of what all you people are putting the DJ`s through having them feared for their lives and forced away from their families. And before anyone comments on their own thought of what they deserve maybe you should stop and put yourself in that position and think of the families that have to suffer because of the publics negative comments towards these two people.

  7. Cheryl Blais

    I agree with you Karen ! Djs and radio stations pull pranks all the time and for the most part we all have a good laugh its really unfortunate that the fun turned to disaster ! My heart goes out to the family of the nurse as well as the families of the djs They are now away from there own families trying to stay safe and they are the ones that have to have to live with this guilt for the rest of there lives So tragic but I am not sure that pointing a finger@ the djs is the answer

  8. Anonymous

    Its bullying, some can handle it , others cant. maybe people will start to understand there are consequenses to their thoughtless actions.

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