Blac Chyna warns Ferrari

Blac Chyna And Lawyer Send Side Piece Ferrari Warning Letter

Yesterday morning, Blac Chyna and her defense attorney Lisa Bloom went to Good Morning America to discuss her recent issue with ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian and how the naked photos he posted of her has affected her negatively.

Chyna decided to take legal action by suing Rob and was also granted a temporary restraining order against him as well.

Chyna’s lawyer says that “revenge porn” is a form of domestic abuse and hopes the law will take serious action as a consequence. In 38 states, plus D.C., “revenge porn” is indeed a crime.

So for Chyna, she’s taking it upon herself to fire a warning shot in advance to her side piece Ferrari through her attorney in a legal letter that was obtained by TMZ.

“Posting online or distributing photos of Ms. White’s intimate body parts is a crime punishable by fines and jail time.”

Last week, Ferrari and his relationship with Chyna became unclear when he took back several pieces of jewelry that he had purchased for his former boo that was reportedly worth more than $100,000.

Ferrari also was asked a few days ago by TMZ about his relationship with Chyna but was adamant to answer anything regarding Chyna, but he did say that “Rob was a good guy.”

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Chyna and Ferrari’s relationship was put on blast after Rob revealed an Instagram post of Ferrari laying in the same bed that Rob pays for in the home they shared. Ferrari than later himself posted a picture of himself laying in bed with Chyna.

Rob then, of course, famously went on to post a bunch of nudes of the mother of his child. He went on to unleash a heavy Instagram rant about his ex as well by revealing a lot of dirt that she’s done in their relationship.

Ferrari is warned by Chyna
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Rapper T.I. recently traded shots with Rob in Chyna’s defense. That eventually led to Rob leaking information about T.I. paying Chyna to have a threesome with him and his wife Tiny.

All of the turmoil has obviously overwhelmed Chyna and has seemed to cause her to feel like her only reliable defense going forward is leaving things in the hands of the law.

So sending the warning letter to her side piece Ferrari is her attempt at preventing further turmoil from happening in the near future.

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