GH Dr. Obrecht vows revenge on Finn

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Tuesday, July 11 — Obrecht Vows Revenge, Monday ‘GH’ Recap, Valentin Back

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, June 11 show that reactions across town bubble up when word spreads that the WSB released Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). First, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) broke the news to Lulu (Emme Rylan), who is outraged and wants to know how and why this could have happened. It seems the news of Valentin’s release will spread like wildfire across Port Charles.

GH spoilers — Valentin released by the WSB

As Alex (Finola Hughes) predicted, without her testimony, the WSB couldn’t hold Valentin without more evidence. Nina (Michelle Stafford) is thrilled he’s back since she’s been having second thoughts about the divorce. After a chat with Valentin, Nina heads to the PCPD to see her brother Nathan (Ryan Paevey). General Hospital spoilers promise Nathan is very upset that Nina’s criminal hubby is back in town.

Anna (Finola Hughes) chats with Andre (Anthony Montgomery) about their romantic evening the night before. Things get less pleasant once Anna learns that Valentin was released, but she’s torn about this outcome. Anna knows Valentin’s a criminal but also feels responsible for helping Alex to wreck his life, so she’s secretly relieved. However, Anna calls the WSB and demands to know what happened.

Finn gloats over Obrecht at PCPD lock-up

Finn (Michael Easton) goes to see Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) at the PCPD holding cell. Dr. O asks him if she’ll be burned at the stake or drawn and quartered. Obrecht isn’t done with Finn yet since a new GH promo released today shows that she threatens his baby with Hayden (Rebecca Budig). Meanwhile, Hayden is at the Rib with her sister Liz (Rebecca Herbst).

Hayden feels a tug in her stomach and tells Liz it’s the baby. It could be the first kick! Later, Finn joins them but overhears Hayden talking negatively about their future again. General Hospital spoilers fromSheKnows Soaps say Finn keeps to himself after overhearing. It is the second time he’s caught Hayden doubting the pregnancy and their fate. All this happens on Tuesday, July 11.

General Hospital Recap — Monday, July 10

On Monday’s GH, Nina complained as she read Man Landers advice and looked at her wedding rings. Sonny told Carly that the nanny said Josslyn was not home. Joss was with Oscar and realized she was out too late. Her mom called, and Joss let it go to voicemail. Carly panicked, and Sonny calmed her down. Joss thanked Oscar and ran home.

Carly and Sonny left after Sonny gave Olivia a heartfelt congratulation. At the reception, Monica welcomed Olivia to the Q gang and Dillon toasted them as Mr. and Mrs. Edward Quartermaine. Nina walked into the MC bar to get a drink, and Charlotte ran to hug her. Olivia insisted she stay, and Ned and Olivia danced their first danced as husband and wife on Monday’s General Hospital.

Nina remorseful about Valentin

On Monday, GH showed Nina had her wedding rings back on and talked to Charlotte about family. Charlotte told Nina she wanted her papa home so the three of them could be a family again. Dante asked Charlotte to dance, and she agreed. Nina downed her glass of champagne and took off as Kevin arrived late. Kevin told Laura that Spencer was missing.

Kevin told Laura that Spencer texted him about going to get proof of his rightful inheritance. Laura assumed he went to Wyndemere, and the pair left. Olivia threw her bouquet and Kiki caught it, but she tossed it to Charlotte, who was thrilled.

Josslyn lied on Monday’s GH

Joss lied to Carly and said she didn’t get a call or text, blaming her phone. Josslyn said she went for a walk and lost track of time. They argued about Carly’s mistakes with Sonny, and Joss was hyper-critical. Sonny said Josh couldn’t punish Carly for what he did. He said he owed Joss amends then left Avery with Carly and went home for the night. Oscar texted to check on Joss.

Nina went out to Wyndemere and stared at a family photo of her, Charlotte, and Valentin. Nina heard a noise and saw Spencer, who showed her a lockbox he found under Nikolas’ bed. Spencer thought it contained his great granddad’s true will. Kevin and Laura showed up, and Laura chewed him out. Kevin encouraged Laura to let Spencer open the box, and Nina agreed on Monday’s GH.

Spencer’s fate revealed

Spencer opened the box after prying the lock. Inside, he found a document in Greek. Kevin looked it over and said it’s a will with Mikkos’ name on it, but he said it’s the same will that left everything to Valentin. Spencer was furious. Nina told Spencer he could come to Wyndemere anytime he wants and ride the horses. Spencer left with Kevin and Laura.

Back at the wedding, Dante and Olivia had a bonding moment that was very sweet. Michael and Nelle went back to Crimson to return her dress, and he unzipped her, and then they got busy in the Crimson office. Ned carried Olivia over the threshold of their hotel room, and they made love to celebrate their marriage.

Valentin returned on Monday’s General Hospital

Nina walked around the dark mansion and sat alone on the couch. She wondered aloud if Valentin was alive and said she missed him. She stretched out on the couch. At the MetroCourt, Dante got a call that upset him. Spencer pouted on the bridge while Laura and Kevin waited in the car. He tore up the copy of the will and promised to fight Valentin for what’s his.

Lulu showed up, and Dante spoke to her in private. Dante told her it’s bad news. Valentin returned home to Wyndemere and found Nina asleep on the couch. She woke stunned that he was back and stared open-mouthed. That’s what happened on the Monday, July 10 episode of General Hospital.

There are also new GH spoilers about Sam’s impending meningitis diagnosis plus watch for Drew CHeetwood back soon as Milo Giambetti. Watch tomorrow to see these General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, July 11 and tune into ABC every day for the hot GH spoilers for the week of Monday, July 10 through Friday, July 14.

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