Eleanor Tomlinson plays Demelza in Poldark.

‘Poldark’ Season 3 Surprise: Co-Stars Eleanor Tomlinson & Harry Richardson Spotted Kissing – Are They Dating?

Poldark Season 3 stars Eleanor Tomlinson and Harry Richardson have been spotted kissing and hugging openly in London. The flirty PDA sparked rumors that the two might be dating despite playing brother and sister in the British-America drama series.

For sure, this will dishearten most Poldark fans who continue to root for Tomlinson and Aidan Turner. The pair plays husband and wife in the drama, and viewers want them to end up together in real life. They were also romantically linked in the past, but it proved to be false as Tomlinson was dating another guy at that time.

In any case, Harry and Eleanor were first spotted at the Foodies Festival in Blackheath, London, the past weekend. They looked so cozy at the VIP section and appeared to be so touchy while they partied.

Onlookers shared that at one point, Harry was gently massaging Eleanor’s back, and it even looked as if he was cuddling her arm.

“They were very touchy-feely and didn’t seem to mind if anyone saw them together,” Mirror quoted a witness as saying.

Others recounted that Eleanor Tomlinson and Harry were not alone. The pair attended the festival with some friends, but the two of them stayed stuck to each other the whole time.

Fans of ‘Poldark’ want Eleanor Tomlinson to end up with on-screen husband Aidan Turner, but she appeared to be in love with another co-star, Harry Richardson. [Image by BBC One]

In addition to the festival, the couple was also seen along the streets of Wimbledon Village last week. They caught the attention of many people since they were openly kissing and cuddling as they strolled and shopped.

Richardson also pulled Tomlinson closer by her dress and the latter stole a kiss at one point. To picture how close the two were, their public display of affection even made one passerby shout, “get a room!”

Mail Online published some of the photos showing the Poldark Season 3 stars’ PDA-filled moment. The photos said it all – Tomlinson and Richardson cannot hide their feelings and did not care if people were watching them. The actors obviously want everyone to know that they are dating!

Eleanor Tomlinson and Harry are siblings –Drake and Demelza- in the BBC One hit drama. The latter is one of the newest cast additions in Season 3, while the former has been on the show since Season 1. Moreover, the 25-year-old actress just broke up with her boyfriend Ben Atkinson, a stuntman who is also working in Poldark.

[Featured Image by Mammoth Screen Productions]