BB19 Sunday Live Feed spoilers

‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feed Spoilers: Jason Acts Sketchy, Mark Panics About Battle Back, And Cody Sulks

Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers reveal the house is in turmoil as they prepare for the power of veto meeting on Monday, July 10. Jason Dent is being a little too friendly with Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson and makes the other players uncomfortable. Mark Jansen panics after he overhearing Cody talking about a Battle Back competition. Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Cody and Jessica stay secluded as they wait for him to be put on the block.

Jason Acts Sketchy

According to Online Big Brother, Jason spent most of the day hanging out with Jessica and Cody. He claimed they were talking about the possibility of Big Brother bringing back the Battle Back competition.

Big Brother 19 spoilers suggest that Jason wanted to stay friendly with Cody in case he comes back as part of a BB19 twist. Jason claimed that he didn’t want Cody angry with him and targeted him right off the bat. By the look on Paul Abrahamian’s face, you could tell that he isn’t sure if he buys Jason’s story.

Mark Worries About The Battle Back Competition

Flashback to 2:30 p.m., Mark panics at the thought of Cody returning to the BB19 game. Paul tries to defuse the situation by saying that Big Brother doesn’t always do a Battle Back twist, so it’s possible that once Cody is out of the house, he won’t get a chance to come back. Even so, Elena Davies and Mark seem anxious about Cody coming back into the house after turning on him to evict Jillian Park last week.

Elena and Mark has a good reason to worry about Cody coming back too. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Cody told Jessica that if he comes back, he will come back to target Christmas Abbott and Elena. He disclosed that he has no interest in starting a war with Paul by targeting him.

Cody Sulks With Jessica

Ever since Paul won the head of household competition on Thursday night, Cody has been sulking with his better half Jessica. They barely speak to anyone else and have secluded themselves in the have-not room. If he wanted to stay this week, cutting all communication from the rest of the house was probably not the way to go.

The veto plan so far seems to be to remove Josh Martinez from the block, naming Cody as the replacement nominee, and sending him out of the Big Brother house on Thursday. There are still four days until the live eviction, so the plan could change before then.

Big Brother 19 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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